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"An industrial capitalist society that does not recognize ecological limits but only perpetual economic expansion and has the profit motive as driver, will eventually consume and destroy itself."

"But we will all be taken down with it."

David Orton

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Monday, March 31, 2003

it's like the Onion, only it's on
it's the giant chee-to story

I've officially gotten my Brick on!

My final answer is "yes." It looks like this summer is going to rock with a cool group of people living in Brick House and a cool group of people living in Rubber House. So, if any other current Shoupers and/or Foas want to hang out this summer, feel free to come get your Brick on with us or stop by the other house and get your Rubber on. Peace out!

Baby Boy

Daniel! A healthy 7lbs14oz baby boy! My aunt Ruth is a grandmother! Oh, happy day!

Now this is just funny

Chicks and Rubber
so i had two chicks eating out of my crotch this evening, later one pooped on me

Sunday, March 30, 2003

Re: chicks and clipart

6 chicks at once? They must have been really light, too...
As for the clipart (that is indeed what it is), it was a tough choice between not having an illustration of the hope new life brings into the world and having some random baby (who is probably/hopefully not related to me) smiling up at us from the blog. I settled on the shadow/baby thing as a representation of the hope without being a real baby. So really, it's only a temporary placeholder until I get a real picture. Which, hopefully, will be soon and will come with a name!

Dude, Sasha, clipart?!?!
i'm just saying, it looks an awful lot like clip art you've got up there

Picking up chicks!

Yesterday, Eric Kanagy went out and picked up 6 chicks! They were really cheap.

Circle of lifeMary Oyer rules!

Dude, Mary Oyer should prove to be way interesting. Once she taught our History of Christianity in Africa class and just up and started talking. After an hour of fascinating--if not totally coherent--ramblings about African religion and music she confided to us that her notes for the lecture were, as she said, "circular," at which we all duly chuckled until she pulled a paper with all her ideas written in a circle. "See, she said, I just kind of started in the middle. I don't like Western linearity." Now there's an awesome woman.
Speaking of which, my cousin's wife Rachel is in labour! As we speak! Yay childbirth! Best part is that my grandmother gets to live to become a great-grandmother, and we all get to have that feeling that really, in the face of strife and war and death, life does go on, and that, as long as good people like my Peter & Rachel keep having kids, there is yet hope for this world.

me me me!!!

I want to go to the Flaming Lips show! Also, yeah for Alburn! Good choice Derek and company. Ahhh I'm sicker than a dead donkey. But I love Ligeti. "I do shun major triads." Now that's my kind of guy. But I hate Mag Feat. Although Mary Oyer will probably prove to be interesting.

Alburn is in the house!

The group living in the "Hub" next year can celebrate. We have found a sixth person for our group...and he is Binklicious! Also, wooden shutters are never one's friends. Do not be fooled, but run away screaming!

flaming lips show?

I'm going. email me if you are.

7:30 pm, May 3rd at the Riviera in Chicago.
The best $24 you'll ever spend.

Current shows: "Further excursions into multitainment, with crashing sounds and intense blasts of light." They will likely play Radiohead's Knives Out.

Check their wonderful website for their full last album and a history of what their shows are like.

Saturday, March 29, 2003

brick this summer

brick house is looking for people to stay in it over the summer. is anyone interested? schrocks, when will you know for sure if you are staying? derek are you still interested? robin? ross? i talked to my sister and she basically said "assume that we [current brickers] won't be living here over the summer." so we need to find people!

how to post a picture

in order to "post" pictures, as in up load them to the server that this blog is being stored on, we have to subscribe to "Blog*Spot Plus," and that means giving them money, fortunately, we here at are cheap, and tend to "work it" when ever we get the chance

here's how to "work it":

1. the picture that you want to post must be somewhere on the web already. i.e. your own personal web page, on, or where ever.

2. blogger accepts hyper text markup language, so type in <img src="">

3. same thing applies for adding links, just do what you would if you were writing in html

* just a note, if ever anyone wants to see how anyone did anything on the blog, while you're logged in, click "enter safe mode" and it will show the html versions of the blogs. this applies to anything on the web if you are curious how someone did something, there is always an option in web browsers to view the source code, this is usually a great resource for copying and pasting code.

best of luck!

how do i post a picture?
how do i post a picure?

in which eric says "yes" and meg finds it hard to believe

Friday, March 28, 2003

eric, did you really think of "lake woe-be-gone" all by yourself? or did you get that from NPR


but you're still my hero, and I'm comming home soon.

both of which, I must say, are exciting.

ice is like jello

the ice trays need to be washed out better because ice now tastes like jello. yeah i think katie was the one doing the jello making with some foas. so if you need to tell foas to do it, it'd be nice.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Quick note

Weiss, sorry to hear about the bad things this week. I'm in a break from Health Care Ethics where we have been discussing death & dying for, like, ever, which has made me think of my grandmother a lot. Hope I get to see her before she goes... Boy, bad things suck.

But: soon we will be funking up prospectives!

And: Celeste is alive! As are you!

Also: Eric gets his dialogue performed!

And: Robin becomes a tiger!

We do what we can.

Also, it's Kathleen Hanna, not Hann.

Bad things that have happened this week:
1. Celeste gets cut open by doctors.
2. Did badly on Money & Banking test.
3. Rejected from Cornell Law School.
4. Still haven't gotten my money back from bailing out John.

Good things that have happened this week:
1. Credit card bill contained no surprises.
2. Did well on Intro to Economic Development test.
3. Got paid for Hour After.
4. John says he has my money and will give it to me soon.

Also, I need to call my parents.

and who is tigre?

GC is producing my postwar dialogue in the evening of one acts. It's their own fault. I hope it works. It'll be the first thing of my own i'll ever see on stage. pray for me or something.

i want to make NWP an official not-for-proffit organization that can actually some day pay it's employees. don yost is giving me advice. thank you to mike shank and derek bontreger of shoup house who, along with ben friesen and others, have saved NWP from certain doom. you guys rock. let's start talking about the future... pray for me or something.

we are in tech now for A&C. I have nothing to do so I watch the lighting guys work. I have actually spent a good chunk of the last couple days helping them hang and gel lights for the show. it was a blast.

that's the news from lake woe-be-gone (i just thought of that). I'll see you all in a week and a half. you are all my heroes. you wear leotards and capes. i love you.

except for tigre.

who is tigre?

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Le Tigre is an indie rock band including former Bikini Kill riot grrrl Kathleen Hann. They're known for their strong political, feminist lyrics.... Or did you mean the person posting on the Shoup blog?

and who's tigre?

I was just looking at some old blogs and I found a phone message for me from 10 days ago. I don't know... maybe the blogger isn't the best place for phone messages. Leaving a note on someone's door, or a voice mail message, or to be really creative, you could wait til you saw the person and then tell them. Great ideas. Later~ ho

how to add some cheap color to your thoughts:
<font color="red">R</font>
<font color="orange">A</font>
<font color="yellow">I</font>
<font color="green">N</font>
<font color="blue">B</font>
<font color="navy">O</font>
<font color="purple">W</font>


You should bring back some (or a lot) of those newspaper things back to the states!

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Stars? Eric?

Okay, now to clear Eric's name. Eric said to add a couple of stars to the star chart, not the b v l chart. I believe those two stars on the b v l chart were a mistake. (Correct me if I'm wrong, Eric.)

Here's something from Kristi for all you crazy people.

A GC social work student has initiated a confidential support group for students struggling with mental illness. Prof. Carol Jarvis will work with the group. If you know any student who may have interest in the support group, have them email

Get your mental illness on

Oh Mountains (an update)

Tommorow I take off to hike Pico Duarte for three days.
It is the highest mountain in the Carribean and east of the Mississippi.
I go with a highschool group led by the husband of Julia Alverez.

The papers here show pictures of the war the U.S. never would.

speaking of missing hearts....
has anyone seen my copy of the script, I don't remember what it's called, but it's a play and it is muy importante that I find it and its accompanying if you find it....yeah....

Get your Doonesbury on

get your Doonesbury on

Monday, March 24, 2003


hey kristi's coming and the house looks like, well... so everyone should take care of their, well you know. before wednesday so do it on tuesday yo. otherwise i'll kick the umm.... i think you understand.

Hey everybody, especially cooks. Kristi's coming this Wed. for meal. Get the list to katie Ho or Christina now now.

Well, I'm still looking for my heart, but I don't think it's the one you found.
p.s. Have you seen a soul laying around?

I found your heart!

So, is anyone missing their heart? If so, I've found it! Yeah...I really don't know where that third heart came from on the chart. Whosever it is could have it back because it certainly doesn't belong to me. Just thought I'd clear my name! :)

Bowling for Oscars

Oh man, I am so clever! Anyway... If you haven't yet heard, "Bowling for Colombine" won the best documentary Oscar at this year's Academy Awards. That's not the best news, though. If you happened to miss it, then you also missed one of the best acceptance speeches that I have ever heard. First of all, Michael Moore had all of the other nominees for that category join him onstage and he said: "We live in the time where we have fictitious election results that elect a fictitious president. We live in a time where we have a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons whether it's the fiction of duct tape or the fiction of orange alerts. We are against this war, Mr. Bush. Shame on you, Mr. Bush. Shame on you." Definitely one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen on TV. If you ever have an opportunity to see this footage (online, maybe?) you should watch it. (Adrian Brody won best actor for "The Pianist" and his speech went like this: "It fills me with great joy but I'm also filled with a lot of sadness tonight because I'm accepting an award at such a strange time and my experiences in making this film made me very aware of the sadness and the dehumanization of people at times of war and whether you believe in God or Allah may he watch over you and let's pray for a peaceful and swift resolution." Also, "Chicago" won for best picture.)

Sunday, March 23, 2003


dude, where isn't the gossip?

and who's tigre?

and where did my hat go? Damn hat.

i have started working with the techies here, hanging lights for the show, which has been a lot of fun and not officialy part of the internship. today I'm heading out to a pickup frisbee game that i just found out about. it should fall under the same catagory.

Hey, and I'm trying to get them to perform my dialogue in the one-act festival. sounds like i have a chance, but i don't want to count all my horses in one basket while my boat's in mid streem. so, i'm off. love you. thank you for shutting down chigago - you're my hero.

and i don't really even have a hat.

Saturday, March 22, 2003

oh bush
this is so sweet

Dude, where's the gossip?

Oh mountains
Oh, mountains...

hey, speaking of great things, how about a huge thank you to CPT!!!

so happy to read about shoup's support of and enthusiasm for earth week! hoorah for the earth, may its populatiry live on.

another great event" hazel wolf environmental film festival on wed, thur, and fri. these films look kickASS. topics like cluster bombs, orangutan culture SUV tagging, bioengineered tomatoes world takeover and MORE. get descriptions of the like 10 films at (i don't know how to do a fancy link "here.").

Q for the funkers: is oedipus funk still playing for the sundaes on mondays thing? i think because of the weather forcast for showers in the daytime and early evening, we've decided to have it at 10pm inside--either in the gameroom or NC 17. the later would maybe hold more people and be a happier place, but i have to check on availability. sorry we can't rig it for outdoors. that would have been ideal, plus very inspirational for all the artists. i'll get back with you tonight on which one!

even if you're not a funker you're invited to share poetry, stories, any kind of reflection on the earth or your connection to it at this event. free ice cream sundaies complements of CAC (yeah paul steury's wife is michelle the CAC godess). other people lined up to share a song or poem are hallie pritts, nayla, emily rodgers, rachel eisenstat, you're very own Christina Cruz!! but its an open mic for spontaneous sharing too. so come and listen, eat, and maybe get up at the mic for public earth lovin.

thanks for reading this long blog entry. you're great.

Oh, Katie Oh

Our wonderful sst shouper has an update on the sst web page describing some of her service activities. It looks like she is having a wonderful time. And I am very jealous. (oh... mountains...)

further updates

1) John arrived home last night around 1:30, after being released with $100 dollar bond, and a court date, he was charged with reckless conduct.
2) Weiss's alternator is broken
3) there is no three, it just doesn't make much sense to have a list, if there aren't at least three things
4) I just thought of something to add
5) some of us are going to hang around here and go to the rally, while the rest of us head home so we can get some work done, yay!

Friday, March 21, 2003

Update from Rosanna and Kate

All of us are out except John. Celeste and Nathaniel are going to the jail right now to wait for him. They're demanding bond and not releasing him. This is very ironic as he least of any of us was interested in getting arrested and hung back in the crowd. Nathaniel, Alburn and I were released this morning with no charges. We regrouped and went to the 5:00 protest today while Weiss and Paul waited at the jail all day for John. The protest tonight went very peaceably (the way last night's would've had the police not felt the need to arrest arbitrarily). We're staying at the CPT house here (some of the CPTers were actually arrested today at the 8:00 a.m. protest blocking the federal building). Celeste, Kate, Meg, Weiss, Paul and Sarah were also at this morning's protest but decided not to end rosanna, begin kate "get arrested" when were were offered the option of either protesting, or getting arrested. Following the protest we gathered at the CPT office, rounding up our beloved, fellow GCers, and were glad to see almost all of thier faces at long last. As of now, every one but Rosanna and I are at the jail, holding vigil for john, and the CPTers, as well as other men stilll waiting to be let out. so stay tuned for further update, Rosanna and I will keep an eye on the cookies, making sure no cookie monster comes by the CPT office, cheerio! kate

actually, to add to Rosanna's coment about the action this morning, involving CPT, I believe all of the CPTers directly involved in the action were arrested, and some, if not all, are still being held, please keep them in your thoughts. and e-mail us some toothbrushes, i forgot mine, thanks

While we wait for people to come home, this seems like an interesting idea.


What has happened to our people? The people who followed their consciences to Chicago, the people who got arrested, the people whom we love? I want my Paul Horst and Schrocks back!


update: Paul, Alburn, Nate, Rosanna and John were arrested last night. Plowshares will pay for the bail. Where are the others?

ResponsesI am just so cool
In response to invitation to rubber next year:
I would if I could, really, and I'm even female (its good to know there are positive aspects to this)

In response to random voice in head:
I don't want to eat fucking lunch with the fucking president (said with whiney voice)

In response to......
I want a star on the star chart.

honesty, please

i do not know for sure, but i have a feeling that some in the house are fibbing slightly on the "l" portion of their daily devotions. come on. cough it up. you are quick to admit the "b".

thank you,
Eric A. Meyer
Artistic Director, Shoup Productions

i'll say

where would we be without a production coordinator? we obviously don't pay that man enough. give him a nice big star (on either chart).

and can we have GNN on our list of links? I think that would be grand.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

This is what I do:

Dear Customer,
Thank you for your missive dated March 20 in which you wrote:
    dear sir,
    the pitchfork media link is wrong (htpp?).
    thank you,
    jesse b. miller

We are glad that you are taking part in We trust that you enjoy getting your Shoup on as much as we do! As you know, we are relentlessly devoted to quality. The link you have mentioned has been fixed, and we apologize greatly for the inconvenience this must have caused you. In compensation, we are pleased to offer you direct access to our premium content section, located in the middle section of the fridge right next to the leftover pap. It is the big white hummus container with the yellow star on it. Enjoy, and Keep on Shoupin'™!

Sasha M Dyck
Production Coordinator, Shoup Productions

no no no. the kind of stars that go on the star chart, but a couple liquid devotions for the b v l. i am still in leviticus...

thanks for the link, kate, and the clarification, mike.


first off, here's some space to be sad about the war

and second... eric are talking about stars for the b v l chart? like stars stars?? or star chart stars.

I knew it, sasha
eric, here. I just finished Ecclesiastes last night.

make babies not bombs

thank you derek. i must say, it might be the war or it might be that i have been away for too long, but i am really starting to miss people, and the love is starting to flow. i love you guys. i don't know where i would be without shoup house. i love my fiance. i love eric k, jossiah g, dan e, and many other wonderful people out there. i love hearing about speciall shoup love (something which seems to run in a particular family) and about extra-shoupal love. i am also jealous and protective. to all you foas out there who get to sleep with my house while i am away: i know where you live. don't fuck with my house. i'll take your ass of the people i love list like that (snaps fingers, throws salt over left shoulder, spins around and winks three times). and sasha: i'm ashamed of you.

i'm proud of landon. let that be a lesson to the rest of you.

good god i miss you all. (oh and where on the web is the b vs. l chart?) chalk me up a couple b's will you? and give me a star or two.

maybe: you should give me a star every time you think about me. unless it's a bad thought and then give me a frowny face. (this way when i get home i'll know conclusively weather you love me or not).

culture for service,

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

yeah, it was me

well, it was

to Ho and Jesus: thanks for supper--it was delicious! It was the best combination of pap, lentils, pumpkin, and salad that I've ever had.

Also, pick up a copy of this week's Mennonite Weekly Review and browse through to find my article inside on the fourth or sixth page (somewhere in there).

to all who were at the columbia thing this evening
it was sasha who farted

Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

So, tonight we had our house meal, which turned out to be very good. Then, I thought, I should go up to the public library to get some more books about Dorothy Day for my War, Peace and Nonresistance paper. But my car was in use, so I thought I'd use Meg's bike instead. I left people playing on the computer, doing dishes, doing homework, etc. I ride up to the library, get a couple books and promptly return to my beloved Shoup House (the whole trip took no more than 20 minutes). ... Just to find that everyone had disappeared!!! (Dun, dun, dun!) I swear there were like 10 others here before I left! It was kind of creepy, I went knocking on everyone's bedroom door and, so far, nobody has answered (except for that damn squirrel in the Schrocks' room!). Where did everyone go? Will they ever return? What happened? Stay tuned! So anyway, here I sit. Alone. I did notice that a bike or two were missing. I may cry. I haven't decided yet.

i just saw hallie pritts driving a big john deer tractor around the kulp fountain. it was beautiful.
i wish. i wish. more than anything. i wish. i wish the fountain was full. i wish.


Eric, you're just so willing to give the love out these days, that I thought I'd reciprocate: We love you too. (Well, I shouldn't really speak for the rest of the shoupers, but at least I love you, Man.) I tried out for the one-acts today and I think I'll find out tomorrow if I made them. So, we'll see how that goes. I talked Alex Miller into auditioning (I called him up at WGCS when I recognized his voice on the radio). And Alburn also ended up auditioning. Peace out.

Getting dressed in the dark

Too bad it took me until halfway through Spanish Conversation and Culture this morning for me to realize that I was wearing my T-shirt inside-out.


movies etc.

wag the dog is great. and relevant. deffinately worth your time. it even has that one guy and william h. macey.

speeking of will, he's in "happy texas" with that other guy. it's funny and intriguing - falling somewhat down the shoup house line of pathetic charater humor. worth the watch as well.

yes, it is a short play. you can pass it along if you like, that would be grand if they would actually do it. thanks meg. while your at it, is there any way you could put that story generator on line - i need some ideas. or just give it a couple clicks and give me the options.

peace to all.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

eric,, I'm assuming what you wrote is a short play? Interesting, maybe I could suggest it to brian falcon as an addition to the is a peace play, you know.

Musical Thoughts

but first some response to eric. i suggest bolding a headline for your blogs. and the dialogue works better. i like the part about the beer at nine'o clock and the part about being out of milk.
Anti Pop Consortium :
Their piece "Your World is Flat" is the best rapping I've ever heard. Here's the chorus "your world is flat/ Hah hah, you fell off/ Hoping the laws of gravity will bring you back to earth/ If not, OK, your words fall lighter than air/ So float away and disappear into a black hole sun" so this isn't the best example but i can't find the lyrics on the net. but they rap smoothly over the wordiest shit ever.
Jim O'Rourke :
"Get A Room" The song's about a guy dying and choosing someone to spend the last hour. It features O'Rourke's usual excellent orchestral production. But what gets me about this is the lyrics. "and you won't get much older... to share your last hour, you sure picked a winner." just this vague yearning painted.
Streets :
"Has it come to this?" So the streets are the un-official party music of shoup house. The question is are the streets novelty? Here's some white british guy rapping about birds and geezers. Yes it's funny. But it's also good. The beats are excellent and he turns some good rhymes as well.
Wilco :
"Jesus, etc." and "pot kettle black" so if the streets are shoup's party music wilco is shoup's unofficial lounge/depressing music. nothing has been played in the living room more this semester. so despite the playing i've found that these two tracks still retain their power over anything else on the album.
Interpol :
"Say hello to the angels" If anyone told you that interpol is just a rip-off of joy division this track proves them wrong (as well as other tracks, but particuarly this one). their lush production still resides but so does a strong punk/garage rock revival influence as well as toward the end of the song hardcore. good song. good band
hmm... maybe i write too much on this thing.

i made some changes. i think this holds together better.

b gets up, pours a bowl of cereal, goes to the fridge for milk but there is none. b instead pulls out a beer, sits on the couch and begins watching tv.

a: (waking up) uh...
b: (watching tv) morning.
a: what's the uh...?
b: roadrunner. nine o'clock.
a: oh. roadrunner?
b: saturday.
a: nine o'clock, saturday?
b: yeah.
a: i thought we had a, uh...
b: it was canceled.
a: when?
b: nuclear fallout.
a: oh. right. ok. (going back to sleep)
b: and we're out of milk.


what do you think?

Extra Time

Yo, I just killed my Horn in F playing test now I got a few minutes for the excrutiating Mag Feat class. Then it's all about the studying for Music History test of the year. So I'ms about to have Kate buy me some foods in the frakah cause there ain't no food in shoup cause somes peoples ain't doing theyse jobs. later with something more intellegent

thank god for places like shoup house where people are overall nice people and where people in general dont kill other people. thank god for all you people. i love you.

without you this world would suck.

Monday, March 17, 2003

krs-one sings on rem's radio song.

it's about radio songs.

krs-one sings on it.

good to hear from you, landon.

i haven't exactly done my share of writing either, but i'm perfectly willing to blame it all on you. after all, you're the one with the scholarship.


Yes, Landon! Way to rock the Oswin George and David N. Gerber Scholarship in Mennonite Studies! We are all very happy for you. Someday you will make us all very proud ("and I was once his roommate"). Funny thing about the Gerber scholarship is the story of the two guys in whose honour it was established. I quote from the website:

"George attended both Goshen College Academy and Goshen College, graduating in 1937 with majors in history and Bible. David grew up a generation earlier and did not have the opportunity to attend college. Instead he became a blacksmith and was, according to John, "a colorful character." Because of his unorthodox behavior, David wasn't fully accepted into the church."

Well, maybe that speaks for itself. All I'm saying is he's my roomie, and if he gets to be George, I'm happy to be his David.

Thoughts about the Last Emperor

There was once a time when I was infatuated with Rage Against the Machine. In order to satisfy my Rage needs I Napstered their rare and collaborative tracks, and I happened upon a track with Zach De La Rocha, KRS-One, and the Last Emperor (entitled C.I.A.). Even though the Last Emperor was the one with absolutely no name recognition battling against one of the most revered rappers, and one of the most popular rockers he shined above Zach and KRS.

His mad flow flew across his clever wordplay managing to be incredibly legato and smooth and have excellent enunciation.

I looked him up at the time, but couldn't find anything about him at the time. I looked for him again and found some of his music on soulseek (my current napster) but his style had changed. He rapped hard losing his incredible fast flow. Now he just sounds generic.

So here's the word: check out his track with Zack and KRS-One, but remain skeptical about anything else.

Revision of Review

Meg pointed out to me the other day that she thought that the music in Into the Woods was creative compared to other musicals. I can't argue, as I'm not incredibly versed in musicals. However, I would revise the critique to say that the music wasn't creative. I thought it borrowed heavily from pop music and other musicals. To a point of losing musical interest.

Katie HO!!!!!

sarah can't make a home visit today as she is home sick

Well, I've finally blogged in. Sorry it took so long, especially to Eric since I've been a lazy fuck of a friend and not e-mailed him yet. My mother is way over the top and I deserved that comment.

The only new news for me is that I was awarded the Oswin and David Gerber Scholarship in Mennonite Studies by the GC history dep't for next year. Also, I filled out an NCAA tournament sheet, as most Shoupas are avid sports fans, I'm sure you all care that I picked Kentucky to win.


the funny thing about this.
this blog thing.
the funny thing is that nobody responds to anybody.
or not really.

like me.
see, I'm not responding to anybody.

tell me more about the show, mike - i enjoy getting your critiques.
i must say, derek, that was profound.
i haven't heard from landon yet.
or paul.
or christina.
or katie.
or many other people, for that matter.

while i love you all, i think your mothers are a bit over the top.

i met people who play "katan" (as they call it)
they call themselves "gamers"
i play "katan"
maybe i'm a "gamer"

i thought i was only a "gamer" 'cause sometimes i "game" in the true mideval sense.

i think i'll game with them.
in their sense.
as a "gamer" who plays "katan."

i'm game.

Short Review of Into the Woods

Goshen College's performance of Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods was an overall success. However, the production was marred by a few things.

The main problem with the musical is the musical itself. The production goes on an hour too many. And as I was thinking about it, most of what I'd cut were the songs. After the first half of the first act the songs lost their appeal. And lets face it the music is standard musical fare. Sondheim is doing nothing unique or exciting. The songs don't even break new narrative ground. Towards the end I'd grimace as I felt the enslaught of another song. (I would however, like to express appreciation for the song Agony.)

The story is interesting and post-modern but it's appeal and novelty leave after the first hour. The first act is overdone and the introduction shows too much leaving the rest of the first half uninteresting. Then the ending battles tricky ground between a didactic ending as the fairy tales setup and a realistic ending as post-modernism demands.

The performances and work of those involved in the musical were great. Of particular notice are Ben Friesen as the sexual overtoned wolf, Olivia Roth as Little Red Riding Hood, Tom Kelly as the narrator and old man, and Rehanna as the witch.

The set follows well in the footsteps of the ambitious Mill on the Floss with another ambitious layout. The trees provide a very nice forest. The orchestra also performed very well.

So, a big shmeh. You should go to support your community and see it for the many hilarious moments.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

It's know.

Umm, so I've never really posted anything on here before because I could never think of anything significant to say. It looks like I still don't have anything significant to say. I just wanted to post something and confirm my existence. So, um...yeah. Nice weather we've been having lately. And stuff.

some dialogue from another world gone mad:

a: (waking up) uh...
b: (watching tv) morning.
a: what's the uh...?
b: roadrunner. nine o'clock.
a: oh. roadrunner?
b: saturday.
a: nine o'clock, saturday?
b: yeah.
a: i thought we had a, uh...
b: it was canceled.
a: when?
b: nuclear fallout.
a: oh. right. ok. (goes back to sleep)

Saturday, March 15, 2003

I'm so cliche!

Finally, the shoup blog; one more internet activity to waste my precious, schooling time.
I'm working my internship in the library right now, and I'd like to retract previous statements that working on the radio is the easiest job.
Hey, thanks for inviting me to your blog. Sorry I can't make the picnic tonight. What a day though. So fresh and so clean, clean. Maybe I'll try to swing by the park.
Also, this is perfect since I can let everyone know without actually having to talk to anyone: Rubber House needs people, all sorts. No, actually, only cool people [so tell your foas]. What I mean is, I'm looking for housemates for next year. It's currently I and Joel Nofziger, and Tim N (with a "maybe not"). We'd like to make it a co-ed group too, so special invitation to the ladies.

Makin' with the freak freak in a world gone mad.

yeah, it was kinda like that Yeah, and then it was all over, except it wasn't at all. On the upside tip, our house has never looked cleaner.
And the music was kicking (
But couldn't we have spared the couch? I mean, really now, couch ain't never hurt nobody. Though now it gets to enjoy this blazing spring sunshine.
Oh yeah, reminds me: general invitation to a picnic supper at Shanklin Park tonight. Meet in the kitchen at 5pm with food and a bike. Whoo-ha.

Police, inferiority, and orange juice

So, I had a little talking to with a police man last night. In a funny way it reminded me of sitting in front of res hall. People all putting power trips on other people. It bothers me not because I might get in trouble, that would suck, but shmeh. It's just feeling dehumanized, powerless, etc. At least in res hall I got to talk back.

And orange juice my wonderful savior. Only a dollar at the brew! Maybe I'll be back later

get your own damn shoup on

with all due respect, i would be a fine bit happier if you would all just get your own damn shoup on and stop harassing me about mine.

thank you,
george w. bush

Friday, March 14, 2003

just a note, in case anything was unclear

Dancing is permitted at Goshen College as long as established guidelines are observed. These guidelines are available from the student-activities office.
this information can be found at

Shout out to Shoup

Word up Shoupers and fellow FOASers. Hope the armpit of America is treating all of you kindly. This is Ben reporting in from our nation's capital, where many a distinguished Shouper crashed a week ago. I was honored to be once again in the company of such fine people and to join them in mooching off of both Schrock parents and touring the city’s monumentalized phalluses, built to compensate for the string of short white penises that have come through the White House, and to symbolize our tireless efforts to dick over the rest of the world. Let's see, what have I to say to Shoupers and friends? To Celeste, Peta says hi, or she would have if she’d have known I’d be in touch with you. The same goes for Eric (and Lindsy) from Roxy. To Meg, congrats for securing a grant for the Nicanet speaker coming in April. Kathy loves you for it. Dean Johnson probably also deserves some lovin’ for it. To Derek, I must give my sincere thanks and all-around props for warding off one vomit-inducing administrator’s power-mongering attempts to deprive us of a house next year, accomplished by valiantly construing a vow of everlasting sobriety that I never took, in a heartfelt conversation that we never had, all while simultaneously battling his own pounding hangover. Way to rise to the challenge and stick it to the proverbial man, D-Bo. You’ve come a long way since that cup of apple cider. Well, now I’m off to do my own share of man-sticking as a cog in the small organizational machine that’s putting on the large-ass demo scheduled to go down in front of the presidential palace this weekend. You kids keep it really real out there.

Hugs and ass grabs,

Teacher/student bonding at its best...

how to bold your head, in general:

go to Scott's Barbershop downtown and listen to them make fun of French people
keep quiet while the clippers are close to your ears
rise, smile and pay ("yes, and they say the weather's just going to get better")
drown your sorrows--and pancakes--in maple syrup at Olympia's Candy Kitchen while plotting eventual world domination

Hallie, Tool and Us:

Like ohmigod I am so totally glad it's like the weekend! So, us guys are going to have like totally the best time! Yeah!

how to bold your subject head:

put the text you want to bold between a <b> and a </b>
same goes if you want to put something in italics (replace the "b" with an "i")
same goes for underlining, only with a "u"

yes, so here it is.

(oh, Cleopatra is most certainly dead, as are Iras, Charmian, Enobarbus, Eros and Antony)

so it goes.

(shakespeare shmakespeare, i could write that.)

and Dolabella wont be making that mistake again.

I wish I had something to say, don't you? My grandfather is Al Meyer. Ring a bell?

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Recalcitant Recalculations

After some more number-crunching--due to the site being spread out like the manure it is all over the server--it has been determined that by getting our shoup on so dang much we are now responsible for over 3.45% of our dear college's web traffic.
Also: this blog, like a Platonic (but not 'platonic' by a long shot) body politic, rules.

LA Guitar Quartet, my feelings on

I saw LAGQ on Tuesday: shmeh. Their encore summed it up, they took Pachabel's cannon and did variations in different styles: smooth jazz, lite funk, flamenco, bluegrass, heavy metal, virtuoso... Yes it was funny, but I realized this was tongue in cheek. They liked this; the dumbed down styles, like tiny polished rocks, very generic. Their techinique is very impressive (their ensemble was okay) but their repetoire is very middle of the road. They also tend towards empty emotionalism and superficiality. But hey, it was worth the no dollars I paid, cause I ushered. (also andrew york sucks)

yo', celeste is now the first official foas to be invited to join our oh so special blogspot, so if you're a foas, just dying to get a word in, e-mail, and we'll add you to our list.
...or e-mail me, it'll probably be faster.

Hey, Kristi Glick-Shank wants to know if anyone is graduating this May. I didn't think so but I could be wrong. Tell me if I am.


Why I don't live at Shoup House, but I so wish I did

As I wander around campus day after day, sleepless and suspecting that everyone around me is a spy, it is with great amusement that people often tell me to "ask your housemates this ..." or "bring your housemates to come my party ..." Never do I stop to wonder what housemates to whom they are referring, though I live only with one other individual in a dorm room. I know. They have fallen into my trap. They think I live at Shoup House.

And there are many times when I wish I did live with in that bastion of "smeh" and "what?" on campus. Had I wandered into at five a.m. this morning to Shoup House instead of my dorm room, y'all would have been awake.

Shoup House, you're my inspiration.

With undying devotion, Celeste, who does not live at Shoup House, but eats your food and drives your cars anyway.

so I registered for this blog, therefore feeling that I should post something...ok, I'm done

hey Meyer, good to see you. yeah, just hit post&publish and it'll show up. as for it calling you dyck, that you should be so lucky to have my name...

reminds me of the MCC lady last night who went on and on about their "commitment to Christ" and the "filters" they have to "screen" service applicants.
I mean really, do they know who I am? or my grandfather, at least? felt like saying "yeah, well Peter Dyck gave me his copy of the New Testament, does that count?"
goodness, blogging is fun.

so, when you're done, don't forget to hit the yellow "publish button"

as far as I can tell, post throws what you wrote on to the frame below but post & post and publish should stick it up on shoup.blogspot, only as far as i can tell it it doesn't, so when you're done writing, click "publish"

what does publish do, cause i just did it?

and why is it calling me sasha dyck when i'm not.

well, not any more...


hey hey all.
so here it is, a blog.
today i went to rehearsal.
yesterday i went to rehearsal.
tomorrow, i think i'll go for a walk - to rehearsal.
today antony killed himself
yesterday antony whipped dollabella
tomorrow cleopatra will kill herself.
so it goes.*

I realized that shakespears tragedies** can all be boiled down to the same basic moral.
don't tell your lover that you killed yourself.
just don't do it.
it never turns out the way you want it to.
it's a bloody mess, and i dont want to clean it up.

(that's what i do. that's part of what i do. i clean up after rehearsal.)

i love you, you are my own dear shoup house.
good night.


*kurt vonnegut
**blatant generalization, but it holds true for A&C and R&J

holy shit, we have a blog!

maybe this is a good time to talk about acceptable content on our house blog...

yes, Derek, I am looking at you.

but seriously, let's not be inhibited just 'cause our grandparents might read this, just write what you feel.


so, here are some links: and

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Welcome to the Shoup House Blog spot

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