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"An industrial capitalist society that does not recognize ecological limits but only perpetual economic expansion and has the profit motive as driver, will eventually consume and destroy itself."

"But we will all be taken down with it."

David Orton

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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

ftang: first i have to care. i don't.

mike/tigre: my thought? poor ending but neither disney nor mushy. simply refusing to follow any rules for a standard ending in which the plot is resloved. ending the plot is not the same as resolving it. see also "deus ex machina." maybe a bit too literal in this case.

everyone else: i got a job. i think i'm going to quit school. apologies to merrill krabill.

Website of the Day

No! It's not eric kanagy.

Monday, April 28, 2003

"owwww" says Julia
"shes a bright one" we all comment.
Still pulling out the prickers
next day:
drive drive drive drive drive drive drive drive drive drive drink drive drive drive drive drive

dear tigre

i feel like the ending did betray the plot. the easy solution of the nice witch was completely a cop-out and way too easy. the first time we meet the character she is protrayed as evil like her sister. then the next time she is like a grandmother. and the whole scroll thing was entirely unexplaned and dropped!
the other fabrication was the love story. there were no hints at the relationship of haku and sen as being romantic. until the end, to make things more mushy.
if melodrama is standard fare in anime, then i'll criticize anime in general.
also The Hours is a very good film. no critique, love mike

Dear Mike,
I beg to differ with your analysis of "Sprilited Away" mainly because I didn't feel that way about the ending. In retrospect, I guess you're right, the end is a bit easy, but on the other hand the director doesn't let go of the plot -- there are still "rules" to go by and subplots that aren't entirely revealed. And the melodrama is standard fare in anime, hardly a disney-fication. In the end, I go back to my original point, I didn't notice it, for me the ending flowed.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

broken links...eric!

harumph. someone, who i will not name in this paragraph, needs to get his act together and fix his "marriage page". this particular person is on his second design, yet the links STILL don't work. kudos on the second design--now get some content.

gratefully yours--fath

PS is dan eash still a) alive b) on campus c) wanting to sell his guitar to me? i have heard squat from him this year.

in goshen

things are going wonderfully in goshen. we're in the process of cleaning the house. (a middle finger to the punk shoupers who left us to do the cleaning). we also watched spirited away, which is a great film, highly recommended. it is a japanese anime film. by the same director as princess monoke. very interesting story spiced with wild imagination. except the last ten minutes, where the film went disney with flat characters and empty emotional highs. but despite the ending the film was worth it. also, happy b-day to julia. oi oi. don't get drunk and run into a cactus. aight cya later

Local (Area Network) Culture

Yeah, I know I'm posting again, but I just wanted to let you all know that my Paul paper is not only done but it is also on the web, and it got me a 29/30. Thanks to all who helped me through those troubling Pauline times, all four weeks of them.
While you're admiring stuff, definitely check out Tasara's Mabel Manning book, illustrated by Schrocks and kicking all around general ass. They collaged the pictures, then scanned and re-collaged them digitally. Plus, an inspiring story to boot. Masterpiece.
Can somebody in Goshen, like Eric Meyer, make links to this stuff off the homepage? 'Cause it's golden, man, pure internet gold. Thanks a lot. Sleep well in New Mexico, or wherever everybody is, and enjoy the sunshine.

Saturday, April 26, 2003

we're alive!
after one grueling night sleeping on a tarp in the middle of a rest stop median, we're alive and well in Albacrqueoifmfslkdsfkjl, NM!

Familiar facesDaniel in the lion's den...

Man, I love family. So here we are in Scottdale (a big thanks to Tasara, Erin, Julia and Katie for helping me pack & move) where Rebecca and I got Oma out of the hospital. She's still very weak, though, and tired, but it was great to visit with her. Then Peter & Rachel came for supper with little Daniel, who is indeed the cutest baby ever (the link is to the photos I took of him tonight) and whom we all enjoyed holding. Yes, life is good. ALSO: Got A's this semester. Alright (insert Derek high-five here) part-timing! Hey, you'ins have a good break now, y'hear? (this is Western PA), and a heppy May Term to y'all, too. See you in September (but I'll keep posting pictures).

sasha miguel

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Ross, with the powers given to me by being a blog administrator, I changed the caller's name from "kate" to "meg" in your blog to help keep the accuracy of our site at an optimal levl.

note: levl

Well, it's a big step and I feel a little timid doing this, but I wanted to come out of the closet and let you all know that I am officially a blogger. It all started because I was working at switchboard and was on and was reading the events of the day when Meg called and I just happened to be reading about the Admissions open house in Olive Wise [sic] Hall and said "Campus Oliv - operator." Thanks Kate for the invitation. Thought: My room is awfully white.


Wednesday, April 23, 2003

who needs may term

when SARS has entered my neighborhood!



*ftangftangbiscuitbarrel is the official nickename of joel ryan fath. one night, while imbibing beverages after killer days of editing and producing mVision, john leigh announced to the gathered horde that joel's name henceforth shall be "ftangftangbiscuitbarrel" and so it was. joel prefers the shorted versions: ftang** or ftangftang.

**ftang, to be pronounced correctly, ought to be accompanied with a high falling tone***, similar to a whine.

***high falling tone? ask a chinese SSTer.

Oh you guys.......
so theres a little sentimentalismisticness for you all.

and you should all know that Vicente Fox has switched from boots to orthepedic shoes.....this could have a profound impact on the world as we know it.

welcome all, and keep on bloggin'
silly julia, you can blog all summer long! and probably in AZ too! yay. it's nice to know that you haven't been comepetely rejecting our warm (and oh-so-sought-after) invitation to join our blog, but have at least been an "amused observer."

i found my soulmate too
after a little searching of the site myself, i think i found my soulmate too! I really see potential here, everything i've always wanted and more baby.

so i've finally found the courage to overcome my role as amused observer and have now become a fully participatory member in the shoup house blog! too bad i only have 2 day to participate in the fun. (Hurrah for ARIZONA, the solution to all my problems!) is this going to be operational through the summer?

True Love?

So I voted for Joel, and then I got pitifully interested in these people and ended up finding my freaking soulmate. Of course, there's nothing I can do about it, but it is kind of exciting nonetheless.

Way to call Rumsfeld on that one. I'm thinking there should be a "never forget" campaign to ensure that the Bush admin. doesn't just wash over all the f-cked up policies and tactics and motivations they had for this war, just because they've "won" it now and have brought liberation and "democracy" to Iraq. As if they really gave a fuck.

So tired

"I want to stop. Please let me sleep," I pray to the gods.
"No," they reply, "study for your three f*cking exams!"

Famous Directors, MF!

Hey Meg & Eric, when are we going to be able to watch your award-winning movies on the web? Also, what were the prizes? Inquiring minds want to know...
Rock the Quicktime!

Poetic Justice?

Today I injured the Shoup.
Bad, bad hurt.
I weep at the tragedy;
complicit in the wrecking.

Damn, damn, I'm sorry.


Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Good Friends

Rumsfeld and President Hussein meet in Baghdad, December, 1983. For real, guy.
courtesy of Steven Baum.

click me!!

Monday, April 21, 2003

The Honorable M. Shank

Mike! If you need a clarinet, baritone sax, tin whistle, bamboo flute, bass drum, howler, or rythym guitar* in your recital next spring--count me in!

*--list represents a graceful degradation of my skill on each succesive instrument.


Living up to the name

So Maria Yoder wants all of our "poems, short stories, satires, commentaries," etc. for The Mendicant, which she is producing with Tim Shenk this year. Never having actually seen a copy of the publication--which is produced at the end of every year by senior English majors for their friends (or so it seems)--I really don't know for what exactly they're looking, but "what have you, we want it," she says. If you've got something, mail it to mariajy, timis or

Oh, and she'd like to have "it" (whatever it is) by this Thursday 'cause Tim is going to London for May. Cheers.


I am now officially a composition major and no longer a guitar performance major. Look for an all M. Shank recital next spring.

"In War We Trust hopes to provide information about the problems of war, give opinions of how to better live lives without violent conflict, and provide a forum where people can discuss such subject matters as peace and war."
By the way, Joel, you're right to be worried about SARS' economic effects. Check this out for more.
One final link... here. It's not what it seems.

Sunday, April 20, 2003

BBC "China, Hong Kong and neighbouring Singapore have taken drastic action to contain the Sars virus, which has now claimed at least 204 lives worldwide." If you want more info about the SARS epidemic, check out the above link to today's BBC news article. Three nights ago I was walking around one of the night markets hunting for oranges and durian. A vendor approached me, and with a big smile on her face, asked if I was a tourist. In retrospect I ought to have said that I was, but did not and experienced the pained look of a woman suffering from economic hardship. Tourism in much of East and South East Asia has collapsed. While the media talks about the spread of the virus and rising death toll, take a moment to remember those whose lives are indirectly affected by the virus. --fath

A new meaning to 'homesick'

Yeah, Brick is looking pretty good. Still need one more person, though, to round it out. Man, it's strange to think that it's all going to be over so soon. A bit scary, too, although not as scary as this. I mean, I'm still looking forward to going home, but... well, goodness.

random things:
• language and culture are important;
• so are dawnces;
• so is Katie O'Hara being home!

a dawnce with a frisbee and goodbye

tigre, i think you're doing a fabulous job at advertising for the dawnce. hope there is a splendid variety of pj's. oh and way to go with frisbee last night. are you on a may term intramural team yet (will you even be here?)? be on tim naf's and mine if you will :) we won't be trying to win, just to have a good time running around "after a peice of plastic." well you're grand at running around and you look like you're having a good

oh for ANY shoupers and foas who like running around do join us for may term...mike, etc.

and just in case i don't get to formally say it to each of you who are going (far) away for may term, may your experiences be phenomenal. miss you much.
very sincerely, lauren

Saturday, April 19, 2003

I'm bored, fairly bored. Is that better or worse than studying for my exam? I guess better because I'm not studying yet.
Also, in case anyone hasn't heard, there's a Dawnce (a 'dance' at 'dawn') this coming Monday at Rubber House. Stop in any time from 6am-10am (but it'll be better at 6). Tell your friends, bring your honey (ah, ha!) and your dancing slippers. Maybe bring some extraneous food-stuffs to supplement the Free Waffles and Pancakes and Possibly Oatmeal, or Eggs, or Both, but Definitely Some Orange Juice that will be provided.
I tried to send invitations but I did that kind of late and kind of unusually and through campus mail so I'm not sure that everyone knows, so tell the people you see to come to the Dawnce, because it will be good, but only if you're there.

not only is my dad visiting, but he brought out a car too! a mazda something-or-other, woohoo!

Friday, April 18, 2003

So, is Meg's dad visiting or has she simply taken to dating older men in the library?

Thursday, April 17, 2003


no just in general where are the streets?? also what's up with pictures, it says pictures from the yoder's but i see none and where are the movies?

112...git yer b--ze on

left to go.

mike mike mike

1. Filmed two weekends ago by Martha and Chuck when they went out to visit him and we thought we were still in the running. Really, this is a birthday present to him from Martha and me.
2.Indeed, it will be on the big screen tonight, and on the DVD.
3.As for the write-in idea: not possible, since elections are online and over.
4. Sorry 'bout The Streets; they so should have been on there. But dig the funky track by DJ Stix (formerly of the Dub Pistols). Kickin'!

See y'all tonight.

when when when

Dyck, when was this filmed? And will this be shown at the short film festival (i want to go to the festival) tonight? i'm serious about a write in campaign for you and beachy. plus where are the streets!!!!! oye!


Of course you all should go to the Short Film Fest tonight. But for a preview of what will be there, sneak your browsers over to Beachy for President and have a peek.

what do you think?

War on Iraq Article Database
I was recently asked to pull together the many articles I have been collecting since the early days of the conflict in Iraq. They are now available at this address:

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Check out this link.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

digame! whoa, so here i am in da kong and there you are in da shoup. today i ate some tofu and grapevine soup followed by an ice cream cone at seven eleven (2.50HK$). i'll let you do the conversions--ahem, check out your former other page. this is how you say fried rice in Catonese "chow fan"--chow being "fried" and fan being "rice". congradulations to you weiss! perhaps i'll try to come visit you this fall in DC. i do not have SARS. hey mike! send me a note sometime soon, eh! jesse. happy birthday! sorry about the delay, i was in Indonesia.

Missing a bricker

so eicher is now out of brick and were are again down to five. so all you cool people out there who don't have a place to live next year and want to live off campus, wanna live with us?

Monday, April 14, 2003


congrats weiss, gwu is in dc right? that'll be awesome. you can hit the ghana cafe all the time and drink flag. i won't be able to help you celebrate tonight as my life is a mess and because duane stolsfus doesn't like my writing enough. HOW MUCH IS THE FISH? jed and i were working on the avant-garde show and the stuff is coming together, it should be really good. also emily rodgers coffee house should be really good (short and sweet) so y'all should come to that too.

Happy birthday Katie O! I celebrated your birthday by getting myself accepted to George Washington University Law School! I also jumped up and down a lot, at one point with Charletta Erb.

Everyone: please come and help to continue the acceptance celebration at the Pub tonight starting as soon as I get out of big band practice and bike over there (about 10:15).

Hey shoupers, (do you guys read this?)
I left early for virginia and didn't get to say goodbye. now that i'm in h'burg i realize that i might not see some of you for quite some time. So i wish you all luck with the end of the semester, and that you all have crazy ass may terms. I'll be back to goshen in may to take intro into lit. crit.
-Kate, I still have your coat. It's in room 236 on miller 2. If you want it you can go ask the ra, keri, to unlock it for you. sorry about that babe.
-Katie Ho, thanks so much for taking care of all the shit and the 4 dollars. there are two cigars that will make their way to you someday.....
Shoup House, I Love You!!!!

I hope you have a lovely, parasite-free twenty-first birthday!!! Yay!!!
I'm facing north (cause that's where i think you are) right now and sending lots of birthday love up the east coast to you.
Love you!

birthdays birthdays birthdays

happy b-day to katie oh!!

Sunday, April 13, 2003

Missing: one pair of ladimir ear rings (my mothers birthday gift) If found in small manilla envolope please contact, thanks guys I'm desperate.

heavy hand

must all peace plays be heavy handed? or poorly written. shouper eric meyer's short dialogue proves otherwise (although maybe it's not a peace play, whatever a peace play is) the only problem was its brevity. derek did a great job in the bad play he was in, Aria da Capo. Eric meyer pointed out that the play is really two plays that shouldn't have been put together. (A play about covering up violence, and a play about the start of violence). Foas Robin and Alburn did a great job in a fluffy play that has no serious consequence. So shmeh and I didn't see the last play because I was already tired of one-act shmehs. COME TO THE AVANT GARDE SHOW though! APRIL 18 and 19 8:00 PM!! CREATIVE ENTERPRISE CENTER!!

Friday, April 11, 2003

Failure to Eat Ethiopian Food

Today Katie and Jessica (SST person) and I went to Ligonier to get Ethiopian food. And guess what? Because there were already two (2) giant groups there (one of which was Frances Miller's birthday party) they were out of Ethiopian food! Cocksucker! So we ate at Memories of China which, Celeste, was good thank you very much. And the food was actually spicy enough for a change.

Thanks, Kate.

jesse's mom gave birth to him 22 years ago today, congrats to all involved

Thursday, April 10, 2003

So I'm back....which is apparently the second most exciting thing, next to the arrival of Weiss's motorcycle.
Don't worry Weiss, I know the emotional ties you have with your bike. I'm actually kind of honored.
ok so what now? I think I'll go home, so I don't bring other down, and fly into Arizona, hope thats ok. This whole reassimulation thing insn't fun, but most of you have experienced it, which is good to know.

Oh and Weiss, I'm pretty sure that marriage is not a prerequisite to children.

Okay, Sasha, the baby is cute. Pretty normal until I got to the section of shots that your grandmother took. That face!
Yet one more thing convincing me that I have to get married.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

A fun thing to know:

Sodexho is a French company. Oh the things you learn studying international bond markets!

Also, I gave my presentation on South Africa today. I know so much about South Africa my ass hurts. But the presentation was fun. Lots of hand-waving. My parents were there.

And the most important news of all: my motorcycle is here!

Also, I am so excited about Katie's return!


"this was..." This was what, Meg? Oy!
Also: Is little Daniel not the cutest thing ever? Look at him, he is so cute. Can't wait to see (as the Ghana Café man puts it) the "little imp."

the appropriate times should now appear, but only untill indiana doesn't switch back from daylight savings, stupid state. also, for a while java script errors were coming up, i think i fixed that too, stupid java.

I finally joining your blog. Are you happy now? Can you sleep at night again?

I just got back from D.C. which was a little disappointing, because I wanted to spend some quality time with my Mom (she thinks I'm going to die or be horribly maimed in Colombia). But all she could talk about was people who are discriminating against the French because they vetoed the U.S. war, and why their stupidity is funny. All this "freedom fries" bs I find so ridiculous I can't even laugh at it.

4:05, batteries not included

I wonder if Doctor SST likes orzo. I know I sure do. Did you know that it is the only pasta that should break the pasta to sause rule: "the longer the pasta, the thinner the sause." Orzo should also have very thin sause, just like spaghetti noodles. Spelling schmelling.

Also, in case anyone is interested: I crunched some of my webmail inbox numbers this evening (precisely 3:50 am) and found out that on average I get over 50 emails per week... yep, and about 3% of that is spam, what a crazy world we live in.

Also, in case anyone is interested, I have discovered several audio tracks of nickelodeon theme songs burried within the far reaches of my computer. The collection includes but is not limited to: Clarissa Explains It All, Hey Dude, Wild And Crazy Kids, and Double Dare. Email me if you want any of these. Please realize that they are in high demand and I will be recieving a lot of emails related to this so it may take me a few weeks to get back to you with the file. Thank you for your patience.

Also, in case anyone is interested, this was

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

y'all should feel really guilty

so one shouper came to the jazz concert, eric meyer (and zero foass). so eric gets a star as big as my ass, and the rest y'all get a big boot in the ass. shame... shame


8 p.m., orzo i've heard

dr sst

does anyone know when the dr people are supposed to get in??


Today in lab I practised sleeping 75 seconds at a time. I was proctoring the Human A&P practical after pulling the 3:15-7:45am shift at the kick-ass Hymn Sing, so when their time was up at the station I'd have to shout "Switch" (and there's no way to do that nicely, I've tried), but I was so tired from the singing that I kept falling alseep in between shouts. Anyway, it went well. Here's to responsibility! Also: isn't the verb "proctoring" like, the best verb ever?

just say no

i still love you, weiss.

anyway: I am now absolutely convinced that school is not a healthy way to learn. how can academic monastary be a healthy place to spend your time? school kill's.
this kind of life is unbalanced and unhealthy. it's also more addictive and delusional than marijuana which is illegal (though you wouldn't know it).
derek and sasha know what's up. and it isn't full time classes.

i think i'll drop out over may term and get a job. I have some people to call - look for me next month and i may be an electrician or a plumber or both.

i'll still love you. even then.

sasha says: i used to be high on life, but i built up an imunity.

fuck school. it's time for some life mother fucker.

Monday, April 07, 2003

Transfer, anybody?

Good thing we don't go to *that* school...


I woke up this morning knowing that I would hear from a law school today. Checking my mail after chapel and not finding anything of value did not discourage me; I felt something would arrive.

And it did! New York University thinks they're too good for me, which is probably true. No matter, I didn't really want to go there anyway. Hah. Take that New York University. No, that's not a tear. No, I'm not crying. No...

You! You're fifth ranked by U.S. News and World Reports and that just makes you think you can walk all over my feelings!

Daylight Savings

The time on the Blogger is now correct! Our clocks don't change, but now "The Simpsons" is on an hour earlier!

Yay wedding!
Go look at cute pictures of Allie and Joel at
Not to be confused with the less cute and less related to me people of

stupid homework pt.4
Why I hate my life, Reason #1:
It's 4:30 on monday morning and I'm surfing the net rather than working on my bloody presentation due this morning at 9. I don't on the other hand regret getting my shoup on with E to the M. But still, I'm in a situation that isn't really pleasant, and is only going to get worse (as I have to model for two hours, two very tiring hours) this afternoon. The kicker though, and what brings all the anger back onto myself, is that I do it to myself. And it does hurt, it really does.

(note: This entry was written by robin wenger's life-is-horrible-entry-generator. Please kill me now.)

stupid homework pt.3

Uh, Derek, you do know that tomorrow is Monday, right? I know you had a wild weekend and maybe don't remember everything about it, but it still happened. But yeah, an overall "poop" on homework.

New strategy: spend lots of time correcting other people's homework, thus feeling productive and getting paid, instead of working on your own! Works like a charm. Variation: spend lots of time creating homework for other people to do. Still feel productive but a bit more hole-ish (oy oy Mike!).

Really, on the whole (oy!) I'd have to say that my little cousin's baby put it best when he spat out some blood and screamed "Waagh," because really, that sums it up right there.
UPDATE: I see from the webpage that Meyer's home! My ass is getting itself over to Shoup as we speak. Ciao.

stupid homework pt. 2

So, umm, yeah. It looks like I thought that my war, peace and nonresistance paper was due next Monday, but no, it looks like it's actually due tomorrow and I haven't done one thing for it yet. Poop on homework.

Sunday, April 06, 2003


tuesday at eight everyone should come to my jazz concert! if yer late it doesn't matter cause the best song is the last

stupid homework

yes, it is another sunday evening and i have again not done my stupid homework, and by stupid homework i don't mean homework that i just don't want to do, but homework that is actually catered to stupid people. the assignment: create twenty textures out of white paper.
I could indulge this assignment by taking time to explain what this means more, but you're not stupid. i am. 30 minutes of my life were wasted watching a demonstration on exactly what this assignment could entail.

I guess it doesn't bother me

I've just been letting everything pass me by recently, not that it matters. I can't be bothered with anything lately. It's not important. Not much on my mind today. I just don't have anything to say right now, but such is life.

Current Mood: :-| blase

(Note: this entry was written by Lore Fitzgerald Sjöberg's The Apathetic Online Journal Entry Generator. It's alright, I guess.)

Hey Eric Meyer,

Where are you at, boy?

Cuz, you're not here.

The Weekend

Spent most of Friday evening at an airport, waiting for people that never came. Spent the rest of it craving and then making fried plantains. Also, got $6.36 by cashing in a Snapple bottle full of pennies.

Star of India is a decent Indian restaurant. It's on West Edison in Mishawaka and worth the drive. As good as Lancaster's Taj Mahal, though the staff seem equally dubious of my claims that I really do want my food very hot.

Helped load Celeste's things onto the van and now she's in DC and I'm trying to come up with something to say about John D. Roth's spiffy little book.

But after leaving Celeste and now I had a series of strange events at Prude, beginning with arriving to see Amanda Friesen vomit over the railing and ending with spiriting Katie Yoder (who, the rumor had it, was vomiting earlier that evening) away from a weird tall guy with glasses. And when I got home I sat on the couch and ate leftovers. Then two people came home, one of whom does not live at the house. But you know I always love sleepovers.

Saturday, April 05, 2003

raising arizona

so raising arizona was freakin hilarious, featuring such gems of lines as "maybe it's utah" and "well, no, unless round is funny." and we got free stuff! i got a t-shirt. yah!

Friday, April 04, 2003

Protest Photos

For all you Shoupers/FOAS who rocked Chicago two weeks ago, you were not alone. This photo page from the Al-Jazeera website gives an idea of what's going on in the world. And these were only for the month of March!

PS: I especially like the "Dumb and Dumber" ad starring Bush and Blair. Scroll down for it.

Thursday, April 03, 2003


It looks like I was wrong, "Raising Arizona" tonight is free (although you still may want to bring money for pop/corn). We may want to leave pretty soon after 10 now, just because a lot of people may want to see a free movie and we want good seats. So far I have heard from Eric Kanagy, Alisa, Kate, Meg, Jesse, Mike, Landon, Sasha, Alex Miller, Sarah Phend and a nest of other people. Hopefully we can figure this vehicle situation out. (Some people might get back a little later from St. John's Passion as well, so one car may have to leave a little later.) WARNING! This feature film is rated PG-13. You might want to get your parents' permission before viewing such material.

yo I haven't seen raising arizona. I wanna go. oh and is anyone going to the protest in Chicago on saturday?

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

i notice that there is no countdown for me, but i'm not hurt....

the best of

arguably: raising arizona is the coen brothers best work overall. no, they never have made a bad movie, but this one is perfect. up there with fargo. watch it. god i love that chase scene...

i'm coming home soon and that rocks.
i'm sipping a wine and getting my blog on and that rocks too.
but coming home rocks more.
up there with raising arizona.
you bet.

better than a pilsner (or so i hear).

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Protest Records

Thurston Moore and Chris Habib's new site, , offers free MP3's and stencils "to express LOVE + LIBERTY in the face of greed, sexism, racism, hate-crime and war."

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