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"An industrial capitalist society that does not recognize ecological limits but only perpetual economic expansion and has the profit motive as driver, will eventually consume and destroy itself."

"But we will all be taken down with it."

David Orton

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Saturday, June 28, 2003

Dearest Glasses,
You are missed. If, perchance, you should happen to read this blog, I am asking you to please return home to my face. Again, you are missed. O^O (reproduction of glasses. status: useless)

My Message to the Middle-School Girls of the World

Please stop the following activities:

  • Trying to flirt with me (badly because you lack experience)
  • Making eyes at me
  • Looking at me, not realizing I can see you from behind my mirrored sunglasses

Ok, it is flattering, but I'd honestly rather have the attention of a small, furry, dog. Good grief, I'm leaving your town in a few minutes, your state in a few hours, and your life in a few seconds. So leave me alone to fill up my tank with 87 octane in peace.

In good news, Rebecca Allen will be around in Seattle for me to hang out with.

Friday, June 27, 2003

too much testosterone...or can there ever be too much? what? attractive? what?

you've changed

maybe all i need is a shot in the arm
something in my veins bloodier than blood

ruminations of a week: i hate court.
my peers, lawyers, insurance companies, and judges all suck
i know lots of about mini blinds
writing fake godspeed pieces is fun

the winter comes from russia. we should outlaw it. we should move to the equator. shelter and place. so dumb, a big black thing with ... around the edges. the uptown? oh... wouldn't that been cool?? are you experienced? it isn't horrible. yes it is. it's not bad. why do you want to go see it? it'll be fun. yeah, it'll be fun. something glowing from inside.

where's robin. i feel like i should write something but... whine whine whine whine, says oscar. rrrrr. osca rrrrrr. rrrrr fake fake fake fake fake smack cack cak k k k took my baby away. second bag free. everything's free now, at least that's what they say fire works, fireworks, fire cracker slint not really some other s. in our newspapers coming out of the words. the bigger the word the harder it fights. the "the"s are like ants but goodness scatalogical could whoop yer ass yer yer yer yr yr yr expressway to yr skull. sonic youth equals neil young equals pearl jam doesn't equal nirvana which equals grohl i mean queens of stone age, wha? what? on pitchfork's top of the year? what? maybe not i don't remember but come on missy e and eminem, commerical rap? ughh.......

uh ho hu hu hugh. seven

what the hell? "I found myself looking at the carpet (pitch black, of course) and wondering how long it would be before Schumacher and Yao threw up their hands in horror and headed for the door." why is this on the blog?! I don't understand

dude! check out the G5.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Yes, an update... depending on who shows up we will play soccer or frisbee or volleyball or tennis or what-have-you. So, come.

Monday, June 23, 2003


Hey hey! I'm posting from a library in Dubois, Wyoming, a hideous tourist trap if anyone ever saw one. My father and I are staying in a hotel tonight. We need to dry out our tents and such. The place offers weekly rates and I feel happier there than at the NO VACANCY place next door with all the ring-wing stickers on the fridge in the office. Our room smells like smoke, but I don't ask for much for $45.

Today was the first day that we actually rode through mountains. "I deserve this!" I screamed into my helmet, having ridden 2300 miles so far and being glad to finally see what I came for. Mike, I would feel bad for you not being here, but you will be here soon enough.

What is left to be desired is the weather. It's cold and rainy and probably will be until we're in eastern Oregon. My father is dead set on seeing Yellowstone, though, so we'll probably motor through there tomorrow.

Also, they take their road construction seriously here in Wyoming. We spent a long, nervous time today riding over packed mud that used to be a road before folks in orange vests tore it right up off the ground. Good grief.

So I hope you guys are all having fun. Keep it real and maybe I'll see you when we come on back through.

or the rem song

seconding robin, come out and play soccer/frisbee and tell your friends!!

oh, oh, oh,
Holy fucking shit.

holy shiznit i'm blogging!
it's summer. that's all.
oh, and everything else.

Le fleurdelisé, symbole national du Québec... The fleur de lys flag, national symbol of Québec. If you don't like it, you can always move to Cuba.
Hey hey hey

Salut les amis. Ok, so I am not yet dead, just flowing along in the river of life surrounding Mount Real. I am sorry for not posting in a while, it's been hectic, and I promise I will write back to Landon. "Well, you might ask, what are you doing with your sorry self these days, Sasha?" The answer, of course, is "I'm really not sure." I've been hanging around, fixing up the house, seeing movies, plays and concerts (it's like 'Arts in London,' but in Montréal!) and generally being with the family. Now I am trying to get $1 000 together to get a stage to rock the Saint-Jean Baptiste Festival, happening tomorrow all across the fine nation (er, province). [For those lacking the French Touch, check out the Anglo explanation.]

So yeah, then in July it's Calculus II at McGill and hopefully more of a job. Canoeing in August with Tom (my dad)! Alright! Hope Amanda Lind's raft is holding up, as well as the Brickers and former Shoupers. I miss you all terribly, and look foward to the fall with great anticipation.

Love ya,
sasha miguel

Let's all not forget, tomorrow is Tuesday, which means soccer/frisbee at 5:30, possibly followed by tubbing.


blog is slow
at work, sometimes i feel low
but if only i could hear low
on the radio
(either the band or the david bowie album
it doesn't matter)

go go go!!

Saturday, June 21, 2003

I've watched one with sound, and one without sound. I need ...
Nevermind. I'm bored.

Friday, June 20, 2003

I have now officially watched all 77 of strongbad's emails. I need a job.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

so, maybe frisbee or soccer today. and then directly to the hot tub (so come prepared).
At 5?

FYI: The picture of the praying bunny is now gone off of the blog. I was contacted by the owners of the image, they informed me that posting the image was stealing and that I had 24 hours to take it down. I wan't strongly attached to the image, but it will be missed. It has been replaced by Super-Ultra-Hand-Drawn-Bunny!

observation: the telephone cord in the brick house kitchen is long enough to allow simultaneous job hunting and tetris playing. SCORE!

The Producers! Brick House! Tonight!

strawberry fields

this is the position i was in for the first three hours of this morning:

picking stawberries! yum.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

I came. I saw. I shouted, "Is anyone home?" I looked in the refrigerator which was very sad. Brick is empty. I posted to the blog and headed downtown to buy postcards.

Am I in town? Yes I am. I'll be around tonight, leaving early tomorrow morning to make it to Iowa by nightfall. Maybe I'll catch some of you after dinner?

Tuesday, June 17, 2003


who is home star runner? a US cartoon? i'm confused. nice page though. --fathster

No, B = Blickenstaff.
Now, I'm a fan of both frisbee and soccer. There's a chance we could get Tim N. and Carl M. to play as well as one or both of the Leichty boys. If it comes to a vote, I side with soccer. It doesn't get played a lot, and it's a fun game. It's as fun as frisbee, just different. And vice versa. I'm thinking 5pm. I'm also thinking people will let us know what they want. Word.

marvin B = marvin bartel? and: yes, soccer!

Marvin B. recital tonight at 8. $3. Who's in?
Also, what about frisbee/soccer? I know you kids love that stuff.

he's talking about me. Everything is about me. Well, only the part about drinks. It was a good drink too, until I tried to add dark rum. That was not good.
On another note, I'd be very interested in some sunny afternoon frisbee or soccer, perhaps on the kmy lawn. Anyone else?
The library had no air conditioning since Friday, it was awful today, very stuffy. It'll probably be like that tomorrow. C'est la morte.

i could really use a back rub right about other news, i don't recommend certain activities in public in foreign nations--they lead to buying shoe shine boys "pizzas" with "corn" and "ham". i also don't recommend allowing a certain person to mix drinks for you without knowing the results. nor do i recommend weddings the night before a big travel day. kate, we need to talk about the web site.

Monday, June 16, 2003

Momu handpainted every frame of this film.

¡Tengo uno!

Sunday, June 15, 2003

yo, yo, yo. Does anyone have a yo-yo?

Friday, June 13, 2003

Lots of Money

Ok, so it's going to be about $3000 for both the front and the back ends of my car. I really didn't think it would be near that much, but sometimes things don't work out the way you wish they would. Insurance will pick up the back end and $2000 of the front end. My parents will pick up $500 of the front end because they have that kind of money. Hopefully they'll loan me the other $500 until I get loans in. And I will be able to use my loans to pay back my parents because I'll have cheap digs at Harvard House (1315 Harvard St. NW). I think that's how it'll work out.

In further sad news, the motorcycle trip will not involve sleeping in Goshen in either direction, just dropping in on folks around noon on June 18 and July 17. Sorry. I'll see you all at Eric's wedding I trust.

In good news, my parents will buy me chaps as a graduation gift. That's right, ass-less leather pants. Just what I always wanted. And I almost cut my toungue licking an envelope. You all know the story about the lady who cut her toungue that way, don't you?

a funny thing happened on the way to the forum
read: a funny thing happend on the way home from not going to work today

i got tired of listening to myself think, and noticed some cows tromping around in knee high grass across the road from me, so I stoped to listen. Confused by this, all forty of the cows head turned and stared at me blankly. This was the most uncomfortable I've felt in a long time, with the exception of a run-in I had with a townie in the Pub bathroom last monday, involving a blue sock. Okay, i lied, there was no blue sock. Okay, there was no towny, only the blue sock. Anyway, I felt uncomfortable, so i got back on my bike and started riding, i guess i sturck the cows fancy, because i soon found my self being accompanied by an enterage of 30 some cows down CR 18. wheee. the end.
okay, so it was funny to me.

I'm going to hadley?s wedding today, sara will be there, yay! (note: unintentional rhyming makes me happy); people outside the computer lab in funny colored robes emerged from tents this morning (note: mysterious addition of emergency vehicles to the scene); wal-mart's satisfaction guaranteed returns policy is a good substitute for a washing machine, observe: ?hi, I bought this shirt a week ago and wore it for the first time today (ignore the food stains) and this button broke off (substitute different defective parts each week), can I exchange it for a new (id est: clean) one??

Thursday, June 12, 2003

yay! canoe trip! my dad might be bringing another boat up, so we have the potential to have 3 boats going this time!

It's so long since I was here, there's so much. I could go through and make all the responses I had and then you could scroll up and down trying to put it all together but that's, A: ridiculous, and B: to much work for this late at night. I'm going to feel awful tomorrow. I really wish it were the weekend. Suffice it to say, I was really amused by Weiss's quip about CPR and dying nearby him -- I'll be sure to.
Also, for the record, we didn't dump a lot of bottles into the pond because I was good enough to try and rescue them, and a lot of them floated. I did lose my glasses, but upon daylit reflection I don't actually remember the machete being in the canoe. I suspect it's still on the island. You know what that means.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

congrats weiss! where abouts is harvard house (in dc)

and just when i thought shoup had nothing more to offer me
I finally got the right sized (schwinn specific) 26 inch tires yesterday after four wrong tires, and months of waiting. Everything was back in place except for the nut and bolt to hold the coaster brake in place, for which i had substituted a mangled spoke. as i was riding by shoup, wondering how long the spoke would hold up, a vision of a nut and bolt lying somewhere on the shoup porch flashed through my head. and there it was, sitting in the middle of the porch, a toad*.

by the by, i seem to have lost feeling in the middle and index finger of my right hand for the time being, so you can stop asking me to tie you shoes. additionally, dealing cards was a bitch last night, and typing is no picnic either

*for clarity sake, the toad in the first story is an anti-anthropomorphocation of the nut and bolt

Harvard House!

Big news! I have been invited to live in Harvard House with Tim Godshall and a bunch of other late-20s Mennonite-diaspora kinds of people. I am very excited because this will be pretty cheap (under $500 a month rent, utilities, and group food), pretty fun, three blocks from a metro, and has a garage for my bike. This was totally my number one choice and I'm thrilled.

In other news, I am done working at Friendship until after the motorcycle trip. I'm leaving on Monday. I'll post from the road as I can. I'll be through Goshen probably around July 16. I'll call Dam Green or other places to let you know my progress.

meg shirt

personally i don't like the 3/4 sleeve, baseball jersey look. i'd prefer a regular t-shirt. a line drawing could be nice. i think the current design is great too. maybe post them both??

i know dyck is in treal, but where are his posts?

Tuesday, June 10, 2003


do you mean you want it to be a regular t-shirt? I think that's a good idea because it will bring down the costs. the red sleeve were supposed to be 3/4 sleeve, someone said they wanted a 3/4 sleeve t-shirt, so I made it that way. Another idea for the shirt is a computer line drawing of shoup house, it looks pretty nice, do you like that idea better.

Sasha is in Montreal.

Monday, June 09, 2003


like the shirts, but maybe get rid of the red shoulders, and switch the front and the back?? also where in the world is sasha, he hasn't posted since london.


Bob Evans?

Said I: "oh, I don't work today! what do I do with all this time? I know, I'll redo the shoup page!" *

* Translation: Small changes have been made to the shoup page. Email me if you have any news or events.
july 4th barbeques, trips to the beach/dunes, concerts...

ok, since the pub isn't open on sunday nights, who is up for a little pick up soccer every sunday afternoon/night? anyone, anyone? please...

related to that:
rock climbing? anyone, anyone? please...

...weiss, I don't think CPR training teaches you how to bring people back to life... just a thought


Who was approved to loan an enormous quantity of cash from AccessGroup, a front for a major Cleveland bank? Oh yes, it was me. $17,830. That's on top of $18,500 in federal loans and $8,000 in grants. Oh yes. And to think I was happy yesterday when my aunt gave me $20 as a graduation gift. How silly that seems now...

And I'm getting CPR training tomorrow. So feel free to keel over and die around me anytime starting Wednesday.

phys plant break time

phys plant break time
phys plant break time
is almost done
actually already done.
i don't want to work
i don't want to work
life sucks, life sucks

(sing to tune of frere jacques)

Saturday, June 07, 2003

And Sarah Rose Clune has been seen for the last time for years and years. She's going to Germany, then Bangalore. I don't know when I'll see her. If the thing works out with Anke, she'll live in Germany, I suppose. I'll drop in to see her on my way to Africa when I go there as I hope to. But it's weird. I tell her everything, and now, she's gone.

Friday, June 06, 2003

oh eric, I wanted to reserve for your wedding, and then, all of the sudden, it was June 6. And I had not.
Why the rest of you ask, is she posting this instead of sending a personal email. Well, I figure that since you are all my friends, then several of you are probably similar to me, and therefore forgotten to reserve as well. So, think of this as a reminder. And Eric, I will send out the reservation and you can deny or accept me as you please.

Anyone else think the U.S. Postal Service is getting a little fishy? So a while ago, I sent something to my parents' in ohio, an address, mind you, that I also claimed as my own for over 6 years. Thus I feel I have the authority to say with confidence that it exists. YET, just yesterday I got the letter back with a little yellow hostile sticker on it, disagreeing with me! Could my parents have moved without TELLING me? Could this be a cruel joke by some bored (disturbed?) postal worker? I'm willing to accept any conspiracy theories that all you ex-shoupers and FOAS come up with.

Bob Evans

Bob Evans: Where the young and educated work alongside the dramaticized (yes, that's a word) lives of the ever-willing-to-self-disclose goshenites who have worked there since they were legally allowed…damn tests, I'm going to go study.

;and Robin, I'm just waiting quietly for your next post, heh heh, then I really will whip out my admin status, (evil laugh)

Thursday, June 05, 2003

My Job, My Car, My Life

So the battered little car made it to DC and back without too much trouble. State Farm wants to talk to me. The big question is whether when Stephanie hit me did she knock me harder into April's car? Because if she did then Stephanie's insurance company is responsible for some of the damage to the back of April's car and the front of mine.

I was only one minute late to work after driving straight from DC, which I was proud of. Does my job pay reasonably well? Yes. Is it mostly very easy and slow-paced? Yes. Does it occasionally involve dealing with human feces? Well, yes...

And tomorrow I go to Binghamton for the wedding of the brother of an old friend. It's really just an excuse to see her. While I'm on the motorcycle trip she'll be leaving for Europe, then India. I likely won't see her again for years and years, if ever.

Yay, Texas

Fellow ex-Shoupers and FOAex-S! I'm having a great time in San Antonio. The last two days I helped a youth group build access ramps for disabled people. And today I took a little trip to Mexico. It was neat. Then I met a cool Food Not Bombs guy named Apollo. I think I'll be helping out with them for the summer. Tomorrow I'll be moving into the house I'll be staying at. With swimming pool, dog, and very specific instructions on home maintenance. I'll post more later yo. I hope you all are enjoying the summer. I'm sure Phys. Plant is a blast.


Wednesday, June 04, 2003

i just found out that the rumor i heard that vita house had caregivers for next year, isn't true. matt and steve will move to kauffman house (on college ave. near farmbureau credit union) at the end of june. they have caregivers through july, but after that.... nadie.

isn't there anyone who wants to live with two great men in a *free* house with *free* laundry facilities and lots of *free* food???? please call leroy willems (533-9720 ext.2) if you have any interest at all.

oh, and by the way, i'm still looking for a job. but did find a really fun place to get weaving lessons! hmmm.... earn money.... spend money.... ah well.

i'm at work - not too bad
moving furniture, it's heavy
but kinda fun, cause it's a puzzle
2 hours and 45 minutes
then lunch, but already i'm freakin hungry
(there were no pretzels)
hmm... this post is completely uninteresting,
oh well

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

from the fraker
i shouldbe at work right now.
i'm not, i'm pooped.
it's not sunny out.
perhaps i'llmakea deal with the sun.
i ran this morning.
i raq this morning too.
bad joke.
julia too,


still pooped.

i should go to work

and katie o way way way far over to the left (if facing north) or right (if facing south).................sad, and alone, and email-less, and at this point desperate enough to be just this pathetic.
1. TTV
2. yes, content.
7. thats the other
9. no not here, though rumor is... oh nevermind
10. what?

yes, the beach.
and welcome back to whom it warrants

Monday, June 02, 2003

Wait, Meg?! You don't have admin access.

Oooh, admin access. that's it, I'm changing all your names to "tigre's bitch"

robin is making dinner
lauren is sitting next to me
julia left
ross left
david left
kate left
tim is still here
me too

Smurfs are Satan! and other important lessons...

In fact, so are the Backstreet Boys, Dungeons & Dragons and music that does not say "God" or "Jesus" every other word!

Tips for Teens: I know we're not teenagers anymore, but the lessons learned from this website are important to remember, no matter how old one is:


Nice This is Spinal Tap reference, Eric! Oh and Eric, Pheobe and Lisa finally got back to me and they want to know if sometime this week would work for us to eat dinner over at their place. And to those of you who are annoyed that I used the blogger for my own personal message: You're a war-mongering assface!!

I am driving to work and "Holiday" is exactly the song I want to hear when all of a sudden that silver car is stopped and waiting to turn and it's the rain and I can't stop and I can't move into the other lane because another car is there and I can't stop and bang and then BANG and I'm getting out of my car, shaking and confused. "Hi," I saw to the Korean woman who just got out of the silver car. I tell her my name. "Hi," she says. "Insurance?" "Yes." The white woman who finished up the collision does not leave her car but shakes my hand through the window. And I'm realizing how fortunate it is that I'm not black when the white cop shows up and treats me nicely. He calls me by my first name. Later when I am still shaking but less he lets me know that he knew my name because I was still wearing a nametag on my jacket.

In a few hours when I have mostly calmed down I look over the car again. The damage to the front should run in the middle hundreds. The damage to the back will probably be more towards two thousand, but that's not my problem to pay for.

What if I didn't have the levels of class privilege that I do? I would have to give up on the motorcycle trip. But I do have class privilege and my father will loan me any amount of money needed to fix the car because he is so excited about the trip.


we need to go to the beach, and sooner than august...the dunes don't cut it. some goshen folks need to hookup with some east coast folks sometime soon and head out to atlantic city or the like. desperatly seeking salt water! any ideas on dates so that work scheduales can be planned accordingly. I woke up way to early this morning...damn jet lag.
p.s. I'm back in the states (just a few days ahead of schedual) and sitting in the computer lab...only two mac computers...all alone, only wierd working ITS folks here with me...need to email. what happened to the mac lab?


-fathster joel fathster

Sunday, June 01, 2003


  1. Friendship Community.
  2. As you should have learned in second grade, infer it from context.
  3. I could always ask for things to be a little better, but generally, yes.
  4. Kaufman, I presume.
  5. As you might've noticed I feel that we are all best served if I use this as an email bulletin board to keep you notified of important slash amusing events in my life, but I am pleased whenever anyone else posts for whatever reason.
  6. People who like rules for their own sake.
  7. 77 degrees Farenheit, 54 percent humidity, wind at 9 mph from the south. Population over 13 million. GDP per capita $3,700.
  8. Two parents, one sister, and a cat with a big bushy tail who doesn't quite understand who I am.
  9. None really. Some male peers from church, I guess. Actually, I haven't done any "friend-related" things at all in Lancaster so far and probably won't for a depressingly long while.
  10. If you're like me, to waste time and maintain a sense of connection to other folks from Goshen, you know, the people your parents always told you would be your friends for life. I'm counting on it.
  11. Possibly in June, possibly in July. Almost certainly at your wedding.

To feel out of touch, try living in the hills of akron, carless and alone
Listening to meloncholy........ or infinite sadness. Could never tell the two apart.
My middle school rage has left me and I feel nothing like a rat in a cage.
But I can appreciate trying to reclaim it, and feeling pure jealousy towards those who never lost it.

eriic--where are you? i've emailed you but have not seen you in days? why? are you married yet? i feel out of touch?

1. where do you work?
2. how can i tell which katie is which?
3. content?
4. sean? (glad you could make it)
5. does this really fit the definition of an as it were "blog" or is this more of an email bulletin posting board for a distinct group of shoup-related persons to keep in touch?
6. who cares?
7. how's guatemala?
8. who are you living with?
9. guy friends?
10. why am i doing this?
11. when will i see you again?

this blog entry goes to eleven. i hope you care.

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