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"An industrial capitalist society that does not recognize ecological limits but only perpetual economic expansion and has the profit motive as driver, will eventually consume and destroy itself."

"But we will all be taken down with it."

David Orton

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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Robin, you should make sure to drop by Conestoga if you're in Lancaster. I'm working 8-3 and the guys would love to see you, too. It'd mean a lot to me if you could drop in.

I went to court today and the cop (Witmer) was really nice, the kind of guy your mother would want you to marry. Stephanie Olmstead claimed that she had not in fact been following me, rather that an SUV swerved to avoid me and all of a sudden there I was and bang, she hit me so the following too close charge shouldn't stick. Witmer said that if I didn't care, he'd be fine with dropping the charges but if I wanted to prosecute they would run it through and she'd get a guily. I figured that it's not going to change a dime out of my pocket, so I said forget it. And then when I got home my sister wanted me to explain music theory to her. No one has ever asked me that before. +snif+

I brushed my teeth today.

Yes, love is in the air whether you like it or not. Thus, I have been acting a bit odd lately, with more than my usual share of melancholy. It's all good though. Most of it.
I've also learned that what I've been missing has been those late, late nights. The ones where I stay up until 4 and then bike home -- the air is rich and flavorful and it feels like love. I had forgotten what love feels like. I want more of it now. But...
I'll be in Lancaster (the "stir" as I've taken to calling it) on Sat. but only for a few hours and then it's off to VA for the three whole days of this summer that I'm going to be with my family. I don't think I've been home since the beginning of May. Or maybe it was the end. No, probably the beginning. The point stands, regardless.
This play (Mefausto) has been keeping me busy. Look for the posters, they'll be out soon.
Maybe I will get to go home after all.
But that's a different story.

Boy, I sure hope I get the chance to visit you in DC. I imagine that GWU party will be real swank. I love that shit. And you, I love you.

I mean, if a robot tiger had emotions.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

So how about her LSAT score, Sasha? You know that's what I'm interested in.

And tomorrow I go to court. I show up as a witness, Stephanie accepts the pleabargain, and I go home missing any chance to be obnoxious in a court of law. Or maybe it'll be all high-powered legal shit and I'll have a real story for Friday's back-to-school party sponsored by the GWU Student Bar Association. is in the air, trumpets and earthy communal women and such. but why aren't the chickens laying any eggs? and why, airport boy, are you too busy for me?

here ya go

 :   C'est bien elle, ma Katherine   :
- - - - - - - -

a freakin' trumpet!

i, like sasha, am in love. however, i'm in love with an inanimate object, and will soon not be in love with referenced inanimate object. okay, so maybe i'm just excited about buying a frickin' trumpet!! fi'ty bucks from the abebe's. oh baby, i love the way you sound when i blow on your mouth piece, and the way your valves slide under my fingers... umm... what?

(yes and sasha, pictures are a must (of yer girl))

Excellent report, Sasha, on both parts. You should post pictures of Katherine, too. I always wonder what folks look like. And if you get a minute, ask her exactly what her score was on the LSAT.

For my part, the campaign that began yesterday continues its efforts to prevent me from developing any sympathies towards people who work with papers and procedures even as I become one of them. While Dell did finally get its ass in gear and send me a confirmation email, the doctor's office just wasted and hour and a half of my life insisting (incorrectly) that my MMR immunizations are up to date. My mother is calling them to yell at them. Hopefully this will work. Failing that, the copy of the Smithsonian in the waiting room with the article about Bonobos in a Dutch zoo could be rolled up into a club.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Dyck Report, Part II

1. Protest
We got up at 5:30, made it down for 6:30 and waited an hour until we were about 300. Then we took off through downtown towards the Sheraton Hotel (site of the mini-ministerial). Tom & I met a cool guy named Marc, and together had fun toytoying and chanting down the streets. Our march met up with another 400-strong march, and together we faced the security perimeter that had been erected around the hotel (two days before). The Sureté de Québec were in full effect, and I chatted with them a bit. It was too early and sunny for any real violence, so the march turned and followed the perimeter. About a dozen Black Bloc types put roadblocks in the way of the many police vans following us. 5-0 weren't too happy, especially when protesters tipped over dumpsters and made our own perimeter. So then we were between our barricade and theirs. Lots of singing and dancing, and Tom & I helped a CBC cameraman whose gear and van had been beat up. Then the Montreal riot police swarmed out and chased everybody up an alley. Tempers were raised, and that's when I had to go to class and Tom went to work. Five minutes later, we found out, the BB boys smashed some windows and cars, giving the police a pretext to declare the march illegal and all protesters arrestable.

Too bad they didn't tell anybody.

Jaggi Singh, notable activist, was arrested immediately even though he was blocks away talking to the media at the time, and my friend Marc Stamos was dragged in, too. But most of the people dispersed and some made their way to the "Green Zone", a safe area dozens of blocks away. Two hours later the police showed up there with paddy wagons and started indiscriminately arresting people, including passerbys, journalists and whole families. Latest word is that 340 were taken in, kept for eight hours without food/water/toilet/lawyer and charged with illegal assembly. Obviously, these charges will be tossed out, but it still sucks. (Why were we protesting? Here's some WTO background.)

2. Love
Oui Mike, je suis tombé en amour avec une jolie fille californienne nommée Katherine. She's wonderful, smart, works with helping refugees and recently rocked the LSATs. We get along well. She loves French absurdist theatre, communal living and me. And she's cute as a button. ALSO: She writes letters to the editor. Often!


First, Sasha, excellent job raising hell. All the rest of you are welcome to crash at my place in DC next year as hell-raising opportunities present themselves.

Just got back from the beach, Kate, Meg, and Celeste. Lost my map when I forgot it was in my hand and decided to rest my elbow out the window. Whoosh! And there in the rear-view was a reflection of my good ol' Delware-Maryland-Virginia-Washington, D.C., map bouncing down highway one by the Dover Air Force Base. I'd had that map forever, and it saddened me to lose it. But Celeste was right and Delaware rest stops do offer up amazing state maps. Unfortunately, their maps only cover Delaware, thus forcing me to sacrifice crucial Maryland and D.C. coverage (I can't remember the last time I was in Virginia).

Dell sucks, I swear I ordered that laptop, but it did not come in the mail, I did not get a confirmation email, and when I called they had no record that I had ordered anything ever. So I ordered again. Still haven't gotten the confirmation email, but hopefully that'll come soon.

Tomorrow I work a lot and get a measles, mumps, rubella shot. Apparently the District thinks I need another one.

And Rachel Hoover will be back in Lancaster very soon, for those of you who are interested.

Monday, July 28, 2003

Dyck Report, Part I

text (biased pro)
text (even-handed)
text (biased con)
T&S photo I
T&S photo II (talking to police)

qu'est-ce que fuck?

dyck, you're in love? qu'est-ce que fuck man? il faut dire.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Re: fucking shit up

Yes Weiss, it all goes down tomorrow. Phillip's Square, at 6:30am. Today was loud and friendly, but served as warning shot across the bow... Tomorrow we block the conference (then go to 9am class, if not arrested). We were supposed to have three billeters from Ontario staying with us, but they never showed up.

And for those of you who know my parents, Tom will be fucking shit up with me while Rebecca works at the music camp. They are doing well. Misha is home, but sleeping, and won't wake up tomorrow. My calculus II final is on Thursday, which is even scarier than riot cops (and makes me want to cry like it was tear gas) but I'll beat that shit. Besides, I am in love, so right now life is just varying shades of wonderful.
   is it ever! whoo-boy!

My friend's dad works for a recording industry and is currently on tour with Cher.
So last night I attended a Cher concert and hung out back stage and on the bus that several of her crew live on.
It was a bizarre, highly entertaining night. Sorry David I was unable to give Cher your number but for you men out there looking to meet men, I highly recommend a Cher concert.

Friday, July 25, 2003

First, I'm back to work which is okay except that Shar's daughter just had a baby so she wants off tomorrow but everyone else is in Montreal raising hell so Gail is going to take Ed and I'll have to hang out with Fred and Dennis myself. One to two is a lot less than two to three. But Susan volunteered to dropped by and hang out which will help. We'll go see a movie, probably Spy Kids 3D or Johnny English, depending on which Fred likes more. I hope he picks Johnny English. Oh dear god please.

Second, Sasha, you're in Montreal. Go out and raise hell, okay? And then tell us about it.

Third, just two more days and I get to see the Schrocks. Oh baby yeah.

Okay, "Bob" you're now posting your emotions under my name. "Robot" i.e. non-emotional. So, be careful in the future. I would be mad, if I got mad.

"Big Brother (4)" is watching...

, but I'm having a hard time watching it. Does anybody know how to hook the T.V. up at Brick House so that CBS comes in clearly? As of right now the reception is horrible. Any help would be appreciated. If anybody feels the need to beat me up after reading this, I completely understand.

why won't he call? he said he would...well...maybe not, but i left a message

Floatilla the Hun!
Being the race of independent craft from the bridge at Waverly to the next one downstream.
1. All craft must be made from found objects, with the following exceptions:
a. construction materials, i.e. nails, screws, duct tape, etc.
2. Each craft must hold 1-2 passengers, no more, no less.
3. Paddles, oars, and sails are acceptable forms of propulsion. Motors are flat out.
4. Each craft must have a name and flag.
5. Capsizing is an instant disqualification.
a. Deliberately capsizing others is an instant disqualification.
b. Being capsized by a foreign force (not including inanimate water bodies, i.e. rocks, logs) does not disqualify a team.
6. All judication will be carried out by a pre-determined board of arbitrary arbitrators.

p.s. This is a first copy and up for review.

Landon: don't bank on it
that and when will you be arround again?

The rest: you probably shouldn't bank on it either, but that party y'all threw for me last night was pretty tight. love you.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

happy bday eric meyer

oi oi! shouts to e-meyer for surving until the age of 21.
if you'd like to get tight (english for drunk) with eric to-nite come to brick at 7. there will be food and drinks, but more drinks never hurts...

anyway, oi

My mom sent me an email last week that I felt needed to be passed on.

The President took the nation to war based on his assertion that Iraq posed an imminent threat to our country. Now the evidence that backed that assertion is falling apart. If the Bush administration distorted intelligence or knowingly used false data to support the call to war, it would be an unprecedented deception.
With a crisis of credibility brewing abroad and the integrity of our President and our foreign policy on the line, we need answers now. Rep. Henry Waxman has introduced legislation to create an independent commission to investigate the Bush administration's distortion of evidence. Please ask your Representative to pledge his or her support at:
A President may make no more important decision than whether or not to take a country to war. If Bush and his officials deceived the American public to create support for the Iraq war, they need to be held accountable.

Let your Representative know that you don't support Bush's lies!

yo meg,

I tried to use your form but it just wants my email program to start up! Qu'est-ce que fuck? So I checked out the code, and here's what you should put instead of <form name="shirtform" method="post" action=""> (note cool checkboxes so you can keep track as you go):

<FORM method=POST action="">
<INPUT NAME="recipient" VALUE="" TYPE=hidden>
<INPUT NAME="Form Type" VALUE="Shoup Shirts" TYPE=hidden>
<blah di blah>
<blah di blah>
<blah di blah>
<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Submit">
<blah di blah>

That way, the college's CGI script will send you all the values from the various fields through their webserver (but as an email). It is sweet-ass.

Also, I want a shirt. But maybe with a small logo over the heart, instead of all those header things from the site. But the back is nice.

Keep rocking it!
sasha miguel

Sasha M Dyck
Production Coordinator, Shoup Productions

PS: I was going to email this, but realized that the blog can always use something fresh. Hey y'all!
PPS: That code should help the Cedar Point page, too. And the graphics are fugged (don't roll over...)
PPPS: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Shout out to me and my tuition discount!

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate me!! It seems that although I thought that my mother no longer worked at Goshen College that she was just taking a little hiatus. She will be working in the financial aid office next year taking Marti Thompson's place (who is now working in admissions). Actually, she's just taking the job because today is Eric Meyer's birthday and Eric wanted her to return (Eric would rather go to her to get FAFSA papers than to get a colonoscopy).

Landon: I have seen that movie. It was okay. Keep an open mind.

Robot Tigre is all alone. We worry about Robot Tigre. His mother worries about him getting married. Poor Robot Tigre.

Does anyone want to play poker?

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

why won't he email? he said he would...but he hasn't... why o why?

Whoa! I've been so outta things lately. Clearly Shoup spirit remains alive on the blog. So, greetings from Landon in Chicago. I've been having a good summer, but I really miss all you folks and I can't wait to see everyone in about 2/3 weeks. The most exciting thing I'm doing tomorrow is seeing Crocodile Hunter at the movie theater with 11 middle school campers! Hot diddley damn, eh! But hey, maybe one of those crocs will actually get a piece of Steve Irwin.

Blessings, Landon

ha ha I rule
Woo hoo! Look what I can do. Hey, ok, so some people have emailed me about shirts , but we still don't have enough intrest to make it worth the money to get them, if you want one fill out the form or
email me
so we can get some!

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Guilty links
Yes, definitely wear this to the Goshen Wal-Mart; I'm sure they'll love it.
Apologize around the world.

And while we're doing risky links, upset the racialist in you by checking out • and

That is some provocative shit right there.

Good luck with the play, Andrea, Michelle, Derek and Robin. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

sasha miguel

em·bar·rass   Audio pronunciation of "embarrassed" ( P )  Pronunciation Key  (

tr.v. em·bar·rassed, em·bar·rass·ing, em·bar·rass·es
  1. To cause to feel self-conscious or ill at ease; disconcert:

    Meeting adults embarrassed the shy child.

  2. To involve in or hamper with financial difficulties.

  3. To hinder with obstacles or difficulties; impede.

  4. To complicate.

  5. To interfere with (a bodily function) or impede the function of (a body part).

[French embarrasser, to encumber, hamper, from Spanish embarazar, from Italian imbarazzare, from imbarazzo, obstacle,
, from imbarrare, to block, bar  : in-, in (from Latin. See en-1) + barra, bar (from Vulgar
Latin *barra).]
em·barrassed·ly adv.

It's all good!

That's all right Andrea. If it makes you feel any better I didn't figure out that Michelle was your sister until she mentioned that her sister posted something about the play on the Blogger. But, then it all fell into place. (So I'm fine, but if I were you I would steer clear of Robin, he's not taking it too well!) And, yes, there are two R's in "embarrassed."

Monday, July 21, 2003

dude dude dude dude dudes
My parrot also talks like a pirate, motherfuckers. Funny how those rhyme, enit?
Avast ye mateys! Had to let everyone--especially Meg--know that September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Here's what the creators have to say about our favourite word:

"Arrrrrr! - This one is often confused with arrrgh, which is of course the sound you make when you sit on a belaying pin. "Arrr!" can mean, variously, "yes," "I agree," "I'm happy," "I'm enjoying this beer," "My team is going to win it all," "I saw that television show, it sucked!" and "That was a clever remark you or I just made." And those are just a few of the myriad possibilities of Arrr!"

Aye, I know what we'll be doing two months from now. Talking like motherfuckin' pirates, that's what! Arrrrrrr!
peace ya'll.

Also: Mike, that's a great joke; Fath, come home already; Andrea, I really thought your last post was from someone else. Can't wait to see you all soon.

i'm back, i'm back in goshen again

[sing the bolded heading to the aerosmith song entitled back in the saddle, but please don't hold it against me]

as the title suggests, i am back in goshen. already i miss the mountains, not doing work. sigh... the trip went well, the highlight being backpacking and what i call the post-backpack glow/high. i also came up with a joke: what do you get when you cross a philosphical camel with a depressed emu? Camus! ha!

realization of the morning:

just like it sucks to be the only sober person in a room full of drunks, it also sucks to be the only drunk (or one of a couple) in a room full of sobers.... hmmm.

wow. i'm a bit embarassed. (are there one or two "r"s in that?) just found out that both derek and robin are in the play too. oops! sorry for not including you guys! no offense. just didn't know. anyone else that i didn't mention?

Sunday, July 20, 2003

if you EVER have the chance--go to taiwan. while there, make sure to visit the one of the two "cold springs" in the world (the other is in italy). the water temp is roughly 10-13celcius, but the natural carbonated water forms a layer of bubbles 2 cm thick over your body like a warm blanket. incredible.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Home Again

Guess where I am? Yes, it's true, I am at home. The motorcycle-riding portion of my life has come to an end. I'm worried about my ability to readapt, but this is balanced by a return to the ordinary pleasures that the trip did not afford me, such as good food, charming company, music of my choice, email, and staying dry.

Mike, I am sorry I missed you while you were in Goshen, but you're in a better place now. I'll see all of you at the wedding, yes?

oh! and francis miller and wendell miller are playing music for the show (mefausto)! sweet-beauty-goodness!

addition to the announcement about lotus benefit concert:
besides lotus being a kick-ass band and all, the really cool thing about them is that they are doing this to (ahem) *benefit* the play being put on at new world players this summer. "mefausto" is directed by brian falcon and michelle milne, and stars scott huston and tom kelley. the show is going to be in GOSHEN (aug. 7-10) and CHICAGO (aug. 14-23). price is undetermined so far, but it won't be much. yeah for really good (cheap) entertainment to enlighten goshenites! tell everyone you know to get their butts to these shows!

in other news, as of noon today, i no longer have any responsibilities to lacasa. it was a great two months, but i can't help being really happy that i don't have to think about earned income tax credits anymore. from now on (until classes start again) i intend on spending my time gardening, reading, baking, sleeping, biking, singing and in general just breathing and smiling a lot. if anyone wants to join me, come on over or give me a call at valesco house!

No, no, no!

Come on now! Have you ever seen Robin wear a skirt? Replace Annie Hall pictures below with Annie Hall picture below:

Now, who would wear such uniquely stylish clothing other than Diane Keaton or Robin Wenger? (Why do I get the sinking feeling that I'm going to regret some of these comments some night when Robin and I pass each other in a dark alley?)


Thursday, July 17, 2003

So, I hear that Derek is making fun of me on the Blog. Well Derek I want you to go right ahead because as you can see, I am a robot. You can't hurt me. I just don't get it, but if you're having fun, well... Okay.
P.S. You have my eggs.

Yay! My first blog, I am so excited. Not much to say, but felt like saying something. And by the way, anyone who lives in Brick, don't let me sleep on your couch during the week, I don't seem to make it to work in the morning.

Monday, July 14, 2003

re: life is an improper integral


1. I am also very tired.
2. I hate math. I fucking hate it.
3. I'd love to come over tonight.
4. I'd love to read in Paragraphe with you tomorrow.
5. I have a huge-ass assignment for Wednesday night.

While desires (3) and (4) are still differentiable on continuum [1,2], assignment (5) is nonetheless constrained within these limits. This creates an improper integral wherein (3) and (4) are unfortunately discontinuous at [1,2]. Since the limits of tolerance for this shit approach 0 as hours spent on it approach infinity, a convergent integral results which means that I am pretty much out of commission until Thursday noon. Also, Rebecca's hosting a dinner thing tomorrow for Johanna and people to which I have to go. The only exception I can find is at x=lunch after class tomorrow, but this has a resultant y=me being tired, pissed and nervous so it's probably not the best.

I have to go to sleep. I had a great weekend. I'll see/call you soon.

take care,
sasha miguel

did you know that hot dogs have 23% of your daily value of fat? that means that you could live on just 4 hot dogs a day, (if all you needed was fat) isn't that great?!?! yay!

also, val and I are hosting, at brick, a sing-a-long sound of music on wednesday of this week sometime in the evening. bring schnopps (spelling?) if you want. (ps it's a good idea, damn it, I know you want to come)

Sunday, July 13, 2003

sidenote to anyone who cares (or who is reading this blog out of sheer boredom): don't drink week old milk shakes from the chief that have sat in a fridge for that time with a 12 hour power outage in the middle

Hot dog!

I don't understand why we freeze hot dogs. Doesn't it just make them harder to pry apart when one wants to eat them? (And yes, I have nothing better to right now than to Blog about hot dogs!) Also, personally, I'm fine with hot dogs being house food, but I would really question cereal being house food (unless the four boxes of cereal aren't house, then nevermind).

HELP! I need some excitement in my life. I had a nice little conversation with katie o the other day. it was a nice break from my normal day which has ben reduced to three clearly defined parts:

1: simcity 3000/calvin and hobbes/moulin rouge/or at the computer lab (this is the part of the day when everyone else is at work)
2: bob evans (this is the part of the day when everyone is out doing cool things that I either imagine are happening or are actually happening)
3: sleeping (this is the part of the day where I wish I was doing something but no one is ever around or they're sleeping)

REMEDY REQUESTED! Someone should plan something, anything. (that "someone" might include me, but I think I have lost all creativity due to the massive amounts of substances I have consumed this summer (kidding, only kidding....well, kind of))

Friday, July 11, 2003


yes, well, i'm in Pittsburg, not at home, look i'm special too! Actually, does anyone know Elliot from Pipers or Wade or James Eash or Lucas Miller? I think they were a little ahead of my time, but i hear they are all GC grads?

Heading Home ... to the mountains

i am also heading home to wyoming in the wind river mountain range, more specifically to the circ de towers. i will be leaving tomorrow at 5:00AM. and getting back the following sunday. (to leave my home, such sorrow). but i will miss my temporary home of goshen and more specifically dear old brick house. yes, well, um... ahem.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

damn cars

today i got hit/nudged by a car for the second time this year, the guy gave me this look of complete dumfoundedness (word?)

heading home---from hong kong

i will be arriving in goshen on the evening of august 6th. that's a wednesday. i'll leave a wednesday morning (HK time) and get in wednesday evening (G time) and NO a week will not have passed, but rather a VERY long wednesday. the plans to travel with my phriend are on hold for now, but i needed to book a ticket before the special prices disappeared. i got a ticket to south bend for 580US$. cheap. very cheap.

until then...

july 18-20 i am visiting a phriend in taiwan. july 21-25 i am in bangkok for a meeting.

ok, that's all for now. fath.

Monday, July 07, 2003

Heading Home

Tomorrow my father and I leave Vancouver, BC, and head home. This is sort of a turning point because right now I am the farthest away in terms of distance from Lancaster that I will be during this trip. And it's time to get back. My father and I are talking about trying to ride hard and get ahead of schedule, but it'll require some hard riding just to stay on schedule, so I don't know if we can manage that. We'll see.

Friday my uncle took us out to the nicest restaurant I've ever been to in my life. There was a bottle of wine on the list for 10,000 (sic). Now, that is Canadian, but that's still several months of law school right there. It's an Alsatian from '45, which explains the price if you think about it. I had a seafood appetizer that arrived looking like a miniature tower of Babel with a shrimp at the top. I managed to eat the shrimp without looking stupid, much to my surprise and delight. I ordered a sea bass entree. It was also very good. I showed my parents how to eat bread properly. All this was accomplished by the powers conferred on me because of my wearing of a Sleater-Kinney t-shirt. All things are possible in Sleater-Kinney.

atlanta. backstreet (not backstreet). why not?

Thursday, July 03, 2003

oh oh the irony
So I was pulling out of the brewers outlet parking lot, in a car driven by a minor, and....... god struck us. Well, it was actually the car of a woman in fatigues, who had just gotton off of work at the local army base. And it was our fault/theperson who motioned us through the lane, but oh the symbolism. take this as a lesson you'll.

1. guiness good/bad
2. the U.S. army is one of gods many tools

true story
text taken from an e-mail i wrote
okay, so as i was kneeling down to close the gate to the garden i hear this huge thud and it feels like something dropped on my head, but nothing is around. "what was this' i asked 'that sruck me?' the softest bullet ever shot?" nope, i electrecuted my head! isn't that funny? okay, i guess not. it felt wierd though...

Oh, well, guess where I am? That's right, sucker! I'm in my room. By myself.
oh, help.
But soon I'm leaving, on a jet plane. I'll be in AZ and it will be hot, that will be nice since I'm tired of being in a place unlike myself. I'll dance, I'll drink, I'll buy more cd's than is advisable, I'll hike and maybe even find a rock to climb. Man, I love summer. And most of my life, except for some parts. Like romance, that just hasn't been working out for me. Go figure. I can't understand it. So, bye. I'll see you all next week. Keep your knickers on.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Guess where I am? That's right, I'm in Seattle at Rebecca Allen's house! And her mother has peculiarly scored a huge quantity of thawed salmon from a strange Mormon neighbor, so I'll eat well tonight. Rebecca is fun, as expected.

GW finally put out the information about the laptop I'll be getting. Golly it'll be hot. I'll soon be the proud owner of a Dell Latitude D600, certainly fast enough to run the few video games I still play, most of which are left over from high school.

And I did stop in Olympia to get a picture of Sleater-Kinney Road.

lot's o people protest

here is a link to the BBC News article covering the Anti-Article 23 demonstration. make sure to check out the Q&A section of the page if you need to know more about the issue. the south china morning post ( put the number of participants at 500,000, the police stated 350,000. public transportation was overtaken by the people traveling to the protest site. conjestion in the rail system resulted in my inability to reach the venue and sparked demonstrations within the train stations.

this link offers a few photos.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

fun times w/ dilbert

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