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"An industrial capitalist society that does not recognize ecological limits but only perpetual economic expansion and has the profit motive as driver, will eventually consume and destroy itself."

"But we will all be taken down with it."

David Orton

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Friday, October 31, 2003

Cosmic Poop

I just thought it would be a great name for a band.

Katie Ho., Alisa and I just finished watching Requiem for a Dream. The playful antics of the protagonists filled me with joy, laughter, and belief that the world really is a great place after all.

No, wait, that was A Smurf Family Christmas. The unbelievable self-imposed suffering the drug addicts in Requiem for a Dream put themselves through made me want to crawl into a hole and die. Or just drink myself into a stupor, yelling, "it's a terrible world after all. Happy Halloween!"

Hutterites DO have more fun!
So I was emerging from the radio station this afternoon when I found myself face to face with six very large, striped-shirt-and-suspenders-wearing, pseduo-Amish looking men with strange accents. Despite it being after 5 on a Friday evening, there were all these things they wanted to do. Like get a hold of Leonard Gross (an archives guy) and see the Mennonite Historical Library. Being a 2 according to the ennagram personality test, I did what I could and called Mr. Gross at home who is now probably meeting with the six large men even as I write this. Turns out they are Hutterites from South Dakota and just here to take a look around. Anyway, they were pretty fun to hang out with for a while. Called me ma'am, talked all at the same time, and joked around with me. Kinda like Amish that know how to party.

After the biochemistry test, part II

Dan Smith: "How'd it go?"
Me: "Not bad. It was a much better test."
Dan Smith: "Oh, so you think you did better than last time?"
Me: "No, I mean, the actual test was better. But yeah, I feel good about it."
Dan Smith: "Oh. Well, have a good weekend!"

Oh, wait. How about art noveau, or art deco? I would love to live in an aparment like that.

H-ow-sing (emphasis on "ow", and not "sing" which I didn't really intend to be there but the word isn't interested in acting in my word play)
You know with all the recent interest in the Matrix, I think what the generation of tomorrow wants is sleek modernism. Not in the way that High Park was sleek modernism of the sixties filtered through a Mennonite frugality aeshetic. I mean modernism like I find in contemporary architectural magazines, or GQ.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

So all of you read about the facist four year plan in the Record? Well, I can't do anything about that, but I DO get to be on a committee that decides what the new upper-classperson apartments might look like. So if you have any ideas or strong opinions, let me know.

Yeah, I wish I'd seen the Decemberists, but I didn't make it. I think I will get to New Model Army next week, though.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Becky Horst and the easiest $5 ever

I feel like there is a tad of resentment towards everybody's favourite Associate Academic Dean underlying several recent posts to this blog. I think it might be helpful at this time to recall some wise words from Ms Horst herself:
"We endure suffering. We do not seek it out, even though it often brings us closer to God. We are not medieval monks in hair shirts. "
Well, there you have it. We sure aren't monks in hair shirts [sic], and until we are we just have to shut up eat what the second floor of the AD building gives us and tell them we like it. Tell them we love it, and could we please have seconds.
I'll set your red sun, boy
In unrelated news, Johnny Eicher offered me five bucks to ask visiting S. A. Yoder lecturer Li-Young Lee whether he has ever "made love under the red sunset". After a long, wistful pause, the answer: "No, but I have kissed under the sunset." Thank you Li-Young, thank you Eicher, good-night. Drive safely.


weiss, did you go to see the decebrists on monday? (i believe it was monday) and if so, what did you think? pitchfork likes them. also, i mean for fuck's sake, how do accidently id someone as being native american when they aren't? doesn't it seem like that's something you'd, ya know, want to check out?


I didn't go to the show, rather went to the drag race. It was so crowded and rainy but a glimpse Princess Di made it all worthwhile.

But I'm still pissed off that I got a B- on the memo. Goddammit!

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Just because it's worth repeating:

Everyone: Leo Hartshorn, who will bring convocation on Friday, is not Native American, but he is a drummer. My apologies for the misinformation on the printed convo-chapel schedule.
--Becky Horst, convocation coordinator

Choices, choices.

Drag racing? Might be more fun than my other plans for the evening...

Also, the nice lady in Student Accounts Services seems not only to be named Mary Kay but refers to herself in the third-person as she apologizes profusely for losing my requisition forms and hands me a new one to fill out.

Being alive: Man it's great

When I was in Taizé with Tasara & Meg there was this couple that played a great song on guitar with harmonies. Then they played it again. And again. Ok, so it was their only song, but it sure was a good one, and it took almost a whole day to get tired of it. I present to you... The Scientist. Classic.

Also: Vance George Speaks!

mike: Ok, Mister I-edit-my-blog-postings-to-make-Julia-look-like-she's-on-crack! I refuse to indulge you!
weiss: You should check out the video for the Coldplay song. Actually pretty interesting for a pop group. Can been viewed through iTunes. Check with Kate for details.

Monday, October 27, 2003


julia, what in the world are you talking about??

Really Jules, what's wrong with Bethlehem, Pennsylvania? But more seriously, I'd go with Bethlehem, Palestine over India because I think it would be a more powerful experience. Actually, a lot of it could depend on the program taking you there.

Also, thanks to Google and having heard it on TV over the weekend, I now know that the tune running through my head all summer is Coldplay's The Scientist, despite the denials of my little sister who I took for an expert on Coldplay, being as she has all their albums. "I think it's Coldplay," I would say to her, after playing some of it on the piano. "No, I would know if it was," she would say. Hah. What does she know?

And yes, a shout out to Christina who I often forget is my oldest friend that I still keep in contact with. Locust Grove middle school, oh yeah.

Yeah, happy bird-thday to christina too, you little sparrow!
So i've been talking to both Emily Hershberger and Rehanna and I'm taking votes. Where should I go next year:
India or Bethlehem, Palestine?

happy birthday christina!



Sunday, October 26, 2003

So I'm back from New Jersey. It was a good time and I got my asylum memo outlined. Though it might need more work. We'll see. It's good to spend time bonding with the housemates. International A.N.S.W.E.R. can get along without me for once.

Saturday, October 25, 2003


So, with nothing much to do (aside from "homework") I realize that I actually only take about 30 minutes to do all the things I do on the internet. Read this blog here, that one there, check my email, etc.

Friday, October 24, 2003

So I'm walking down the street and dude! it's my roommate from Oregon Extension! Turns out he's staying with the Sojo interns because his old roommate from Gordon is there now. So I talk with them for a while and then head home, shaking my head in astonishment.

And Jules, make sure that other people hear Emily say that she's trading you the banjo for the piece of paper so you can prove it later. If she really wants to trade it you've got what's called "consideration." As long as both people come together and agree to the exchange, then it's binding. All the stuff you learn in law school...

Banjo Madness

Not only will Emily Rodgers be in town this week, but she has agreed to let me keep her banjo! And get this, the only thing she wants for it is a little slip of paper with her name and some numbers on it! Oh man, isn't life great? Everyone do me a favor and pretend that this is a logical and fair exchange until she leaves and realizes that you can't play a piece of paper.

We'll miss you too, Weiss. Have fun in Jersey.

So this Monsanto & GM food thread prompted me to go back and read this thing I wrote for Bio Princ in first year. It was supposed to be a discussion report but I got a little carried away. Man, was I really that fervent? The passion, the anger... that was such a long time ago.

Have a good weekend, y'all.

Where am I going for the weekend? New Jersey! Yeah! Jeff's grandfather has a beach house there and since of course no one wants to go to New Jersey in late October, we get to go for free.

I will probably spend a lot of the weekend working on school stuff, but at least I'll be away. Though I am disappointed about missing a good deal of general hell-raising that'll be going on in town, as well as a chance to see my cousin who will be here for the hell-raising.

oedipus and pet rock

everyone come to the show! 9pm!! new world center for arts!!! yeah!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

So, working for grounds today, I had to remove all of the flowers for winter and clean out the flower beds. It's kind of a sad thing, but I only really felt bad about it when Merrill Krabill's cute daughter with Down's syndrome pointed at me and said, "Hey, the man's killing the flowers."

To Celeste in regards to Monsanto being a mother fucker:
yeah, that stuff about screwing over starving people, yeah... that kind of shit really makes me wish I had a warm gun.

From The Onion, the best horoscope:

Capricorn: (Dec. 22—Jan. 19)
Doctors caution that you cause extreme negative reactions—including rashes, vomiting, and hysteria—in women who may become pregnant.

And, dude, mine totally came true.

Cancer: (June 22—July 22)
After traveling for months, Nashvillian monks will appear at your door to
announce that you are the latest incarnation of the Dolly Parton.

This morning, while I was in the shower, the monks came to my door, but Kate
answered it, demanded her laptop, and shooed them away. Actually, it was the
Fedex delivery guy, and he was there to deliver Kate's laptop. But you never

brick house's favorite beatles rip-offs, sloan, did a live medley combining canned heat with stereolab. isn't that funny?

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

This morning in Botany our professor, Lisa-Renee, went on a ranta about Monsanto. It was great! She showed us how to look critically at the studies they produce, and how to prove that they are lying. She described how Monsanto and similar corporations threathen their employees' jobs if they don't come up with new products, which drives scientists working for them to skew their data to suggest their products are more successful than other breeds or growing materials. She got herself worked up, too, with all kinds of righteous scientific anger. "They lie," she said. "They are inethical, they skew their data, they threaten employees with lay-offs."

Not to mention, I would add, they screw farmers in developing countries up the ass by patenting plants that have passed down culturally for hundreds of years. A few years ago, YES! magazine had an article about how U.S. bio-corporations have genetically modified and patented the breeds of chickpeas grown in India, and made them sterile, so that poor farmers have to buy seeds from Monsanto every year or starve. Yeah for multi-national corporations!

ever wonder what would happen if you type "fucker" into GC's search engine?
a work of art - that's what!

sweet elliott smith

elliott smith died today, an apparent suicide. this is very sad.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Funny words with "cock" in them:

cockade: (noun) an ornament. (Not a beverage!)
cockaleekie: (noun) a soup made of chicken and leeks.
cockapoo: (noun) a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle.
cockchafer: (noun) a large European beetle.
cockshut: (noun) evening twilight.
cockshy: (noun) a person or object taken as a butt (as of criticism).
cocksure: (adjective) feeling perfect assurance.
cock-up: (noun) British. mess.

Dictionaries are fun!

Well this is embarrassing. And just who the hell is this Little guy to define what rock should be? Okay, he has some points about not being stuck-up, but get real, rock is far too big for this guy to handle. You just can't run around spouting off what rock is and isn't and who does and doesn't fit. So you can quote Frank Sinatra on rock to back you up. But frankly I think Joe Strummer is a much better authority and I expect that were he around to comment he'd be on my side.
Plus, if we're going to go around slashing at bands let's go after people whose musical inabilities do far more damage to rock than Ian MacKaye's puritanism.

The S.S. Martini
Yesterday, as well as the day before, the S.S. Martini could be seen floating around the mill race with a band of pirates on board. Sunday's ride included a couple of beers and some boones. Monday's ride included a bout on land and a disagreement with a bridge. Let us hope for more warm weather.

Monday, October 20, 2003

How I Managed to Score Both Free Beer and a Free Hard Hat

After the midterm exam (kicked ass on personal jurisdiction, dropped the ball on rigorous pleading requirements for misrepresentation) we went out to McFadden's. The deal was that you pay $10 and get a bracelet that gives you all-you-can-drink. But Guilarme and I, after an aborted attempt to go to a benefit concert ("can we just give you ten dollars?" I said, really wanting to help Brian Avery) were too late to get the bracelets. So what did we do? We just hit up Anne who had a bracelet (imagine Jesse Miller, except she looks like Celeste, reads The Economist and is very drunk, almost to the point of heading home with the guy she's talking to when I interupt her) to get us free drinks. So I score three free beers off McFadden's.

Later Guilarme and I go upstairs to see if Liz is up there. She isn't, but we see a box of hardhats with a building project written on them and a bunch of people in ties milling about. "Dude, we have to get a hat," Guilarme says.

When I'm leaving at about 8:30 the box is gone, but several hats are stashed behind messenger bags and portfolios. I snag one and run out the door.

So that's how I got three beers and a hard hat by sticking it to the man.

Dear K-te,
I just thought that I'd point out that anyone searching for any of the words in your entry would find this page. Also, has a direct line of "linkage" from the college website.

I have to admit that I sometimes read your blog.
(kinda takes me back, except we didn't have blogs)
Had a friend at EMC (it was not EMU then) who transferred to a "non-menno" school.
They questioned her negative GPA: she replied that she lost points for missing chapel.
I don't think they admissions people could keep it together.
anon. for now.

John and Kate,

Since you did not return to chapel after your "restroom" trip this morning, I have asked the registrar's office to delete your attendance. In the future, if you get to chapel and discover that you don't want to stay, do the mature thing and just be honest about it.  I, and any other attendance scanner, would understand.

Rebecca B. Horst
(574) 535-7206
Director of the CALL project
Associate registrar
Goshen College, Goshen, IN
The CALL project encourages students to explore their Vocation as a response to God's call to become servant leaders for the church and the world.

What I Accidentally Left In My Review of Wendell Berry's Book Life Is A Miracle That I Already Emailed to My Prof:

Oh dear...Conclusion:
“I’m calling you out, E. O. Wilson motherfucker. I might not see you or know where you live, but I’m fucking calling you out right now, you determinist atheist reductionist motherfucker!” (p. 27).

'Ima get you, E. O. Wilson motherfucker!  Arrrrr!'

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Good News:

  1. A visit to Tasara scores both an Avalanches CD and the information that a few visitors might be here in DC to party with over Thanksgiving.
  2. I don't have to get up early because my midterm is at 2 p.m.
  3. I'm sure I can get at least a "B" on the midterm.
  4. Tasara might go see The Decemberists with me.

Bad News:

  1. I still have to take the midterm.
  2. I'm afraid that I'll be so nervous tonight I won't be able to sleep. And I really don't want to get back into popping pills again to cope with that, though maybe just this once...

so aphex twin has a song out titled "avril 14th" I am only assuming that this is French for April 14th, but if I am correct, this is my birthday. Its a great song, the soundtrack of my life, please hum it evertime I pass you by.

The best part is that my good friend Antoine's mother is from Braganza, and still carries the name

So, is there any crazy fool out there interested in going to Lancaster, PA on the 25th (and only the 25th) of this month? and I do mean someone who has a car.

Shameless plug

 Funkers, 24-10-2003 at CEC

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Tim answered the phone. "It's for you," he said and he handed me the shiny new pea green receiver. "Hey," I said, expecting Celeste or Tasara or maybe crazy Emily from school. "Hey, guess who?" said the voice. "Katie O'Hara?" I suggested. It did sound like her voice, but why would Katie be calling me? And making me guess isn't her style.

But it wasn't Katie. It was Sarah Rose Clune, my second-oldest friend that I still think of myself as in contact with. She's back from Europe now, at her parents' house in Binghamton, NY. She didn't tell me about why she's back here and why Anke (her girlfriend) is still in Germany. But that will come in time.

She says she'll be in Binghamton for a few weeks, but that she's moving to Jonah House soon. That's in Baltimore, so I'll be able to visit her on weekends, I hope.

EMU is taking advantage of our music grads!
(please note, this should be read with a moderate amount of indignation)
okay, so the big news at EMU this week is the new school hymn (whoop-de-doo!) anyway, so the have this press release and a place where you can download an mp3 of the song and a pdf version of the music. the thing is, nothing about the hymn came from EMU, jean janzen, who's ties to EMU are limited to half a dozen or so artist-in-residences, wrote the lyrics. and the person who wrote the music lives in Valparaiso and graduated from GC's music department.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

So, I'm rather dissapointed that the post from "Fall Break 2003, Baby! Boogie Woogie Woogie with me" didn't make it up onto the blog and I'm hoping that perhaps one Kate Schrock could do something about that, but I'm guessing that it's actually impossible without her brother's computer. But let me just say, it was funny. As was the break.

Today on 20th Street between I and K I saw the world's only Isuzu Trooper with an AK Press sticker. Oh yeah.

Happy Worldwide Anti-McDonald's Day!

Monday, October 13, 2003

Missed Calls

So I missed hanging out with a lot of you on Saturday night, which is just terribly unfortunate. But I'm sure I'll see you again, at the very latest over by spring break when I'll be in Goshen. One Julia Hershberger told me that it would be okay if I posted twice in a row, something I'd been trying to avoid but might indulge in more now.

Also, my two favorite songs in commercials are "Mickey" in the Subway ad and "Pictures of You" in that ad for the digital camera. Ang and I sing along with Robert Smith in the latter whenever we see it.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

"They Got Lost," um... did.

I was looking through my collection of CDs the other day and, as chance would have it, the only one that I could not find was appropriately titled "They Got Lost." I actually still cannot find it. I didn't leave it over at Brick, did I? I have the CD case actually, so I'm just looking for the disc itself.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Zechariah Betchy

I like how the name "Ben" translated into Redneck is "Zechariah."

Take California In Three Easy Steps:




Oh dear.

sittin' in g psych
oh yes. and having more fun than you, i am sure.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Vell, Sesha thees cuoold prufeede-a foon fur yeers. Um gesh dee bork, bork! I vunder vhet heppens vhee ve-a "deeelectize-a" deeelect? OoOh.

SO 1T TURNS OUT THAT TEH STAFF AT TeH AU BON PAIN PLACE ACORSZ TH ESTREET ARE IVORIAN. something new eVery day!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~ lolol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~ OLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOL!!!!!!!!~~~ !!!!!!!!!!!1

Sasha, this is all your fault. Though it's mostly forgiven for the cute picture and jammin' tune below.

Dialects and such
Somebody at the [totally kicking] Shoup reunion meal asked about the site that translates pages into dialects... I give you, the Dialectizer! Create such fun combinations as the NY Post... in jive, etc.

Also, thanks for coming to the meal. It was great to have you all, and to see you all together in one place again.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Diners Club
No, it's not just a half-assed credit card anymore. Check out this ditty for percussion ensemble and hear the fresh new sounds in percussion. Chamber music festival, anyone? Come to the first informal percussion ensemble meeting, Wednesday at 6 in MC 150 (the percussion room, natch), if you want to bang some plates. Ooooh yeah, banging plates.

[To all of you wondering why I suddenly care about percussion, I don't have much to say. These things just happen. I don't understand it either.]

NO! i work

Bent -n- Dent
a car will be leaving from brick on monday at 4:00 to go to the bent and dent.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Puerto Rico v. District of Columbia

So not only did I hear this weekend that Puerto Rican labor unions are crazy militant, which I knew, but that because their labor laws are the same as the actual States, which I did not know, so I could actually go there and practice. I'd have to learn Spanish, but I could do that. It's a long way off, but hell, I'm young and what else is there to do but dream big?

Friday, October 03, 2003

Happy Birthday, Katherine.

4 Useful Definitions
Source: Generation X, by Douglas Coupland, 1991

ULTRA SHORT TERM NOSTALGIA: Homesickness for the extremely recent past: “God, things seemed so much better in the world last week.”

OPTION PARALYSIS: The tendency, when given unlimited choices, to make none.

LESSNESS: A philosophy whereby one reconciles oneself with diminishing expectations of material wealth: “I’ve given up wanting to make a killing or be a bigshot. I just want to find happiness and maybe open up a little roadside café in Idaho.”

OVERBOARDING: Overcompensating for fears about the future by plunging headlong into a job or life-style seemingly unrelated to one’s previous life interests; i.e., Amway sales, aerobics, the Republican party, a career in law, cults, McJobs…

Love, Katherine (who does not personally relate to any of these definitions but who just thinks they are interesting ideas)

okay, so i'm cheap, we're all cheap. this generally is not a problem - unfortuantly, today, it led me to make some rather unhealthy descissions.

the results have which are prohbationg me from being fully comprehensible, so i'm shrtinging my story to 7 words

all free:
coffee, coffee, emer'gen-c*, shaking, crackers, mas coffee

*a drink mix you can get for free in our college bookstore!

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Buckminster Fullers, Junior Edition
blogging sasha style (note all the links):
The Buckminster Fuller (#3) intramural outdoor soccer team team lost again, today completing it's 4 game losing streak. Today, we had the additional support of a horde of little tiddlywinks (ages ranging from 4 to 7) running around the field with us. After a few minutes of non-stop ass-stomping action, our newest recruits left to go to their own soccer practice.
additional news: I am now missing part of my finger and part of my toe. The first casualty was suffered last night while battleing ONION MONSTER at the south side soda shop. The second happened during todays soccer game when I kicked the ball, sockless, and lost part of my toenail. Fortuntly, I grabbed some repair-o-tape from the training room and finished the soccer game. as a side note: I had forgotten how little focus I have during sports. Also: tomorrow, at 8, is the women's soccer alumni game, kate and I will both be playing as alumn.

actually, i couldn't answer my sister because i couldn't remember the specific scene clearly enough. i can remember a few others, but not that one. maybe i should watch the movie again.

mike- then why not use apples
derek- my mom said no such thing...but mainly because the phone is always busy when I call

parents of the world- get off the freaking internet so your poor college aged children can call you.

microsoft fucking sucks

so i'm finishing off a webpage to hand in today for Creating for the Web. i think, "what if i spelled something incorrectly?" so i decide to load the page in word and spell check it. i think to myself, "you are clever, mike. way to go." after i make the changes i load my page in mozilla and it's all fugged! i go to my trusty wordpad to find that microsoft word put in a whole bunch of shitty codes over-riding my beautiful css and other layout choices!! and this wasn't just different code, it was shitty code! so now i've spent an hour fixing it up and it still won't go back to normal. this just further reinforces my belief that microsoft is pure evil. sigh...

"Can the funicular hide the spring?"

Everybody should come to the one acts this weekend. I'm excited about them and I think they should be really funny. There are three one acts in total and it shouldn't last much more than an hour. I am in two of them, Eric Meyer is directing two of them, Robin Wenger is in two of them, Alburn Binkley is in one of them, Ben Friesen is co-directing one of them, Sasha Dyck is the spotlight operator (and even has a couple of offstage lines!) and Your Mom says that you should go. Actually, the one acts have come and gone. Thanks for coming and showing your support! Why are you reading such an old Blog, anyway?

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

A touching, awkwardly beautiful picture, full of history and emotion. A+

News of the day: P. Diddy to run NY Marathon for charity
"I would like to win it, but I don't think that's possible due to my schedule and the time I've been training."

On a totally unrelated note, all former Shoupers are invited to a potluck supper at Brick House (1613 Main), Sunday night at 5pm. We can't wait.


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