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"An industrial capitalist society that does not recognize ecological limits but only perpetual economic expansion and has the profit motive as driver, will eventually consume and destroy itself."

"But we will all be taken down with it."

David Orton

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Wednesday, November 26, 2003


note all the alcohol, and TURKEY!

Tuesday, November 25, 2003


Yeah, I've been listening to it quite a bit, too, and just earlier today I sat down and played through the whole album with varying degrees of success.

And Mike, thanks for calling Neil on his shit regarding those orchestral bits. I mean, really, what was he thinking?

I'm going home for the weekend, though, and I'm going to give the CD back to my dad. I've got it copied onto my hard drive, along with the top half of my CD collection. It was his to begin with anyway, and how is he ever going to develop good taste if I continue making off with every good CD he buys? I'm not quite sure when I grabbed this one, but it's time for it to go home and join Car Wheels and Boston, huddling together, holding back the tide of Campus Chorale: 2001 and various other assorted pieces of mediocrity that my parents have bought out of compulsion and ignorance.

New colors: boo. Old technicolor: yay.

Exellent reviews. The difference between Neil Young and Dylan is interesting. I don't quite hear Walt Mink being more that dog than Green Day.

Irish person of the day: Groundskeeper Willie.

Willie Deegan

hey blog post
so the hey cd reviews site is up and running. a new review will appear everyweek day, exluding national holidays and days when i do feel like updating the site. oh and please don't sign up for updates because i really only put that there to get a better grade on the website (by using php).

also, i agree with katie - technicolor was great

also there's oedipus news!

Poo on the new colors, I liked technicolor better. I want technicolor. I want technicolor now.

some soa highlights

Things That Make Me Feel Like I'm Living Large

  1. Wireless networking at Harvard House.
  2. A Thanksgiving break that includes Wednesday.

Only one pink line

For those of you who are interested, I got my home pregnancy test results. It came back negative. It's kind of disappointing. We were hoping. (I didn't like the whole pissing in a cup thing, though.)

Monday, November 24, 2003


Hey, get your Philosophy of Science on.

Y'all gotta follow this stuff.

And Jules, the film makers got the footage because they were filming a documentary about Chavez when the coup began and well, it quickly became a documentary about the coup when they got swept up in the events. I heard them talking on the radio the other week.

This is terrible, but also kind of terribly funny

Weapons of Math Instruction found!

Also: Tony Blair gets his reward after all.

Yup, it's also a great song [mp3 format]. I like the AMG description of "Tones: Confrontational." If anybody wants to borrow the CD, come on by, I got it for Christmas a couple years ago.

And speaking of Christmas, how 'bout that holiday snow today! Warm me to the bottom of my cold Canadian heart.

The Revolution,... well, it WAS televised, actually.

Let me recommend to all a great documentary made by some Irish folks, entitled The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. It essentially is the entire attempted coup against the Venezuelan government under Chavez on film. How they got all this footage, I have no idea. Those Irish are amazing. Anyway, see Landon Yoder or Joel Fath to borrow it.

P.S. I believe the title comes from a poem of the same name by Gil Scott-Heron, which I also recommend exploring, by the way.


wait derek, you mean that wasn't you in bed with alisa the other night? and you weren't the cause behind ann's good mood today? hmmm, well then, yeah boo on bob.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Dude, our very own Elise, in print! (The Goshen News, Sat. Nov. 22)

Also I'm very pleased with myself for so masterfully adapting that pic. to the webpage. You have to understand, my web skills are limited to Netscape composer and reading other people's source code.

Friday, November 21, 2003

That does look like my sister! Oh, I miss her. Plus those cops really are very menacing.


Boo for bob for blogging shit and starting false rumors.

THat is Susan, and I think Jodi, though her back is to us, and maybe Thad, its hard to tell.

ajh? ashley hegerfeld? aubrey helmuth? alma hernandez? anna herdeck? andrew herstam? andrew histand? amanda hooley? anita hooley? ashley hooley? adrian horst? andrew horst? alice houston? april hostetler? ann hostetler?!? annie hall???

p.s. that does look like alburn, and, my best guess, some lancaster folk... do i see a susan wenger in there?
p.p.s. meg is still in goshen, at least until this evening (referencing andrea's post)

love, true love

db + ah
congrats, derek

Dude, that is definitely them. Or, at least, definitely people standing around a man who looks exactly like Alburn Binkley and is wearing a WGCS t-shirt:

GCers in Miami?

Yeah, check out the main page for the orginal, and there's a nice gallery from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel as well.

Also, news:
+ nice & concise
+ BBC is comprehensive
+ AP wire story
+ Indymedia rundown

as i was sifting through info on the craziness happening in miami, i came across a picture that appears to show some of the gcers (alburn, meg and others) with a mass of other people! since i can't figure out how to post a picture on the blog...

it's the seventh picture, titled "The union march at it's end." look for them on the right side...

has anyone heard news from the group?

hey bitch, you can take your national holiday and shove it up your ass.

Also: just kidding.

Also: There is a national holiday coming up (in many ways...), so what are people doing? How will you show your Thanksgiving?

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Fuck Cage, Fuck Cunningham, Fuck modern art.

Eriiiic I was disagreing, disagreeing, disagring (fuck "dissagreing") with your definition of pretensious, pointing out that it basically means everything, not just art, is therefore pretentious, which may be true but then we're left without a definition for pretention, which we need for those really uppity artists.

Also, Fuck my brain which is forgetting how to spell.

hey bitch, i sent you the invitation, where's my national holiday?

sasha is ahhhhhsome. he helped me with my NEW account AND took my sage advice. whatta man.

Yes, it's all about the nanotechnology, all the time!

you should rename the "mothership", "mothershoup"
oh yeah, eric, please show me how to make my own username and password, i'm takin' over this s**t.

-j to the mf'n e.

*disclamier: take everything i say with GOD-size grains of salt.

soa group
katie o, katie ho, kate, meg, alisa, landon, christina and paul, as for as shoupers go. other folks who you might know include, joel fath, julia, val, sarah phend, Andrea Milne, sean kauffman, Ben Beachy, nate pellman, Alburn, Charletta and Tim, Micah Jost, cory scott, and rosanna
and then there's also Brett Burnham, Sondra Eby, Veloris Hess, David Glick, Andy Horst, Scott Lehman, Jeff Bauman, Julio Joel Beachy, Emily Hershberger, Abby Trollinger, Katie Yoder, Joel Miller, Adrienne Laws Landis, Ryan Peachy, Miriam Miller, Rachel Derstine, Sarah Swartzendruber, Jesse Stoltzfus, Kristin Gautcher, Miriam Mohamed, Jon Martin, Beth Bender, Erini Shields, Erin Williams, Hilary Mayhew, Kareem Lehman, Ebony Goodwin, and Claire (Sarah's friend)

Thought I'd pass this along to Eric. I'd hate to see him have to deal with a fine.

Also, who all is going to Ft. Benning? Find me on FRS channel 9 or in the black hooded sweatshirt that I got from the lost-and-found at LMH and wear obsessively.

ok, y'all can't hate cage. period. he's white yeah and maybe he did live in germany most of his life. but germany is pretty awsome (even though i've never been there) because they have those kinder-whatever things where it's like, an egg of chocolate and a fun prize inside that's sooo much better than any cadbury shit. ok, whatevs, so germany isn't all that bad. but have you ever heard "movies for the blind". he's one twisted mutherfuckin' rapper! sure, he raps about the usual shit like killing, and sex, and all that but who doesn't!!!! huh??? and he did time in a mental institution. serious. yeah, and he worked w/ RJD2 so of course he's the shit.

-felonious funk

What I'm doing with my day.
Well, that and worrying. Goodness, how do people with family in the military in Iraq deal with this every day? Maybe you just get used to it.

okay, so i got home and crouched over my computer which is sitting on the floor to write an e-mail and the cat crawled on my back, and there it's been sitting and purring for the past half hour.... oh what to do...

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Isn't a big discussion about whether or not art is pretentious a little pretentious? Because, I mean, you are wasting my time with your long discussion about pretentiousness. Is it even worth the pretentious virtual space the discussion takes up? Is anything worth the space and time it takes up? This all reminds me a little of the pretentiousness of the American Dog of years past when I wasted my time there. let's all play the pretentious game.

- Iraq
- conservative vs. liberal
- the Mennonite church and homosexuality
- relationships to parents
- open heart surgery
- the krebs cycle
- the human genome

- masturbation
- your mom
- bricklaying
- innocence
- toast
- MacOS X
- spending money

anyone got more? :-)

life is complex. rainbow colors rock.

yet another thought about art

when goat island came to the college they said in a q and a session that they thought art should be complex because life is complex. while i agree that art should imitate life, i believe that life doesn't have to be complex, and is better when it is not (buddhism anyone?). i think cage says this as well.

Cage is a motherfucker

I agree with him completely. My problem is with people who try to distinguish between "pretentious" art and art that isn't. if any art is pretentious - it all is.

especially mine.

I'm sitting here running lights. boy am i enjoying this show! I think I'll take it with me!


i agree with mike; i think john cage would disagree with accepting art as pretentious. others might say he was pretentious because he did experimental, challenging things, but one of his goals was to remove himself and emotional coercion from his art.

the colors remind me of a Meg hat--maybe a little too much to handle for long, but amusing at least.

and eric, you're always number one on my image search.

art you big fart

eric, art being pretensious assumes artists have something to say. to quote john cage, "i have nothing to say, and i am saying it." in a q and a session with cage somebody asked, "if the process is that easy, anyone could do it." cage responded, "yes, but they're not." cage also said that children have been modern artists for years.

i like the colors. yummy.

i am jealous of weiss. gillian welch... yummy

Art Theory #2

who cares? what makes a bit of pretention so bad? and there is a way out, besides the one mentioned by my dear robot friend.

Pretention is pretense. If you admit to it, it's no longer a pretense.

it's nothing to kill yourself over. the point is that you can hardly worry about the possible pretentiousness of your art and still produce any art at all. you just have to accept the fact that most likely your art is no better than the tree you killed to produce it, get over it, and go on.

it's only if you can't get over it that you are stuck in robot tigre's death spiral.

baisically it's an argument against that damn paralizing middle class intelectual existential perfectionism that we all have a tendancy to fall into in our happily cynical way.

and kate, it isn't that secret of a secret. do a google search. while you're at it: check out #1 on the image search.

and i like the new colors. chalk one up for yay.


... Wow. ... That's really all I have to say.

ohhhhh, pretty colors

Welch v. Sleater-Kinney

Well, at first I was kind of miffed, thinking that as Ang had just become too sick to come that there was no point spending $25 to go to this show as I won't be able to use it as leverage to drag her along to things I want to see, but then it turned out to pretty cool. And I do really like Tim Godshall and Bronwyn, even though there's no hope of ever dragging them along to see something louder and faster. And I supposedly met someone, but I can't remember that very clearly.

But what really turned the night around was My Morphine. I don't think I've ever heard that song before but damn, I'm in love. Other highlights included Jimi Hendrix and a good old-timey sing-along. And seeing someone else play guitar and harmonica at the same time.

And getting away from the books, thank goodness. Though I did miss a phone call.

I want a banjo for xmas.

the secret world of eric meyer

Kate,this just about knocks my socks off.

Between your psychedelic colours and Meg's drunken ramblings it just feels like an opium den and a half in here.

ohmygod! what have they done?
Ha ha, just kidding, i'll put it back, just thought i'd share with you the beauty of color for a couple of hours :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

posteriity., burnt lips, wrong ends

its amazing to think that not one hour a oI was sober, more: why talking, huh?

time to sleep

oh man, I just read the bl0og, not really, but I atleast tlooked at the page soooo gunny, I must be soo drunk, maybe I'lll just make oooooooos, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, and again, ooooooooooooooooooo, silly, oooh, this is so wierd, fucking chamagne, I hope I get t o paint soo, wher eare the fucking airleine tickets, tehe smile keeps disapearing, is this understandable, I hare spelling. silly speeling, silliy small keys, hurray for the backspave key, t does so much, it erases the past, you never knowew what exited before hand, but I bet you're wondering, nothing, nothing,m it was all made up. I got a fuckin A minus on a piece of shit nothing work, what thie hell, fucking profs, fuckit I hate it, what happened to pucuation aaywa, what happened for accountability, time t o stop, time to lay down on the flor, val aske d if I should be bloging, I say no, but for the case of psych, I sya yes, good bye.

gfatst pee, so many sober people, in the lab, it's amaxing that I made it there, I was able t o lock the door, I'm not sure if I should be typing this, maybe I'm sobeing up, I hope I get to paint soon, l\et's hope for the best, nfast ppeee, that was wonder full, sooooo may sobe people, papers papers paperse, I'mm all done with thsose, in the finder ,, silly, open apple shift N it's reall y easy if yo uwant to cvreate a new folder, I hope we get to paint soon, delete you bastart, I'm so excited that I locked the door and unlocked it, it was really quick, what a long blog, I hope it wil be funny, silly silly silly, it's a good thing the puncuation stil ewonrks, not ledgible, funny how typing a nad hand writing are not, ok, this is the end, time to sit and stare, byw agian

oh, I burnt my lips on a cigarette, we can do it, but my lips still hurrt, see, she was drunk too, and she was drunk , so we have to figure it out, hope fully, funy funny funny, mock interviews, what's that mean, no one can miss the last few days, I havne no idea. you can always get a ride, it's always poosibe, as I posted in my b;log, it's for sure, dued, for sure, the qestion is: oh yeah, back to the start. I hope we get to paint sune:L val, time is just so tiny: baybe t's type is so tiny, the, times new roman, arial, halvetcva, fuck times new roman, I ;ike arial the best, obver sude, helvetical has sentimental value, I can't believe ?I'm still typing, maybe Iu'll send this blog too. bye!

posted again, I wonder if the last one made it, I clicked it too soon, I wonder if it will work, I'm not sure, amvber is drunk too. ok, so the date was wrong. silly drunk. ok, post again!!!!

continued post
I'm not sure if I got the syntax right, but this is fairly amusing, for some reason, it's not checking the mail. I sent the post because ti went to the mail sc4eeen, through auto -rab, isn;'t safari great. I'll help val now. pause, are you sure you had sent it, no wone reallt know, I hipoe this is fairly amsuing, I"m trying to figure out my state, wehere as we were just l,isteneing to spice, girls, I'lll keep writing and hopefully I might remember this tomorrow, maybe not, readd the bottom first, I'm not paying attention. fucking microsoft, I hate it, it su cks. give it the old damn-damn-boozal, and you'll find out, who plays with foozle, like a fanoodle, you'll be happy, when the people, find the slappy, don't do the slappy, you're a meanie, waht the hell am I typing feemy, maybe I' won't send this patootie, because it'a a song fanootie, well you can respond faniddle, then you know why we play rhe fiddle, we don't like the silly flam flam, like chicag it's a slam slam, and you will kow what all the shit is, like the big, shi-fazitle. Iso those wereds weren't real real. I'm not sing ing any more mre, damn dongs stuck in my head ead, damn email won't work work work work work wrok wrok wokr , sill typing, it is fun-nnt, iy is not like the onky, silly gibons at the zoo, may a loud racket, not like you you. whay a strange blog, this has been been, can we help her, will we win win? good, we figured it our t and my ear itched, hopefuly we can paint soon, what's with this plkuralization, I'm not sure sure. sill y song it should stop now, okay, it's done, just toping, enjoy the revelry, I had to think about that wod, typing, maybe we're done now, we're sone, noepe not really. in a bit, it has to due with the fifth of january, when registration starts DON;T FOGET, we'll use this for later reference, so I know when classes start again. I can't blieeve that this semester is almost over. ooh, it's colf play again, always cold play, manybe I'll post this now, I can always manage/edit it later, yay slash marks!

Realize: I'm Drunk
ut always amazes me ow much you can remember when your're drunk, I'm finding this very funny, forisnatnce, they keys, work, amaxing, alsso, I can remember how to type, kind of , also, I was able to sign in, it's amazing, I think I will enjoy looking at this tomorrow, this will be a verry funny vlog, when I'm dober, I'll give it, maybe two points, but only that, because, I'm sure, not everyone wll find it funny, last time I did this, I forot to subimt the blog, still laughing, I wonder if I'll submit it this time, only you or I wil olow, I'll know if I don't submit it, you and I will jnow if I do, funny kieys, so white, I ''m mnot really sure what my hands are doing, rythmic percussinon, I'l just keep typing till we're ready to go to,, t o the art bukiild ing , I' hope you'll all have a good laugh of this, because I a right now, man , this is a funny blog, I wonder if you the reader) will seeit, I['m still laughting, man , it's amazing what a bottle s of chmagne will do i you, a bottle of campagne, like the french work for ch room, man , I hope I submit this , I hope you'll have a good laugh, so I will tpp, why won't it check the email, we're not rea;ly sire, why no, whay the hel's wrongwith it, I dpn;t think it's making an sense an y more, sill com=-pu-ta dor-a, you are silly, I wonder if

Well, if you do the math ($23 an hour x 2000 hours a year) it only comes out to $46,000. That's still $8,456 short. And 2000 hours a year is pretty stiff.

Yes, DC does have a gun ban. Doesn't mean a whole lot, obviously, but I think it's nice. And for the record all but one of the shootings were in Maryland, not the District. And the one that was in the District was really close to Maryland. The prevailing theory behind this is that there aren't many wide open spaces in the District that facilitate sniping.

In other news, what did I hear this crossing the patio? "You don't need botox! You have like no wrinkles!" Jesus. How about "You don't need botox! You're not even 30!" or "You don't need Botox! There are starving children in Ethiopia!" or "You don't need Botox! You need facial expressions!" Jesus. I do miss you guys.

Bets on when the cost of war in Iraq will reach be over 100 billion?

p.s. I realize that it isn't that hard to figure out.

Dude, Montréal cost of living is way cheap. And where else can you get a 33cl bottle of beer for C$1.50? Well okay, in the States, and Pabst isn't that bad as long as you keep it in context with other American beers, but still...

As for guns, ask Eric about that. Besides, no guns in D.C.? Wasn't there something about a sniper not long ago...

$23 an hour? Don't forget that's Canadian which comes out to what, like $17.54 an hour in US? You can't raise a family on that, especially not in Montréal.

And what's wrong with Pabst? And there aren't any guns here in DC, either.

Re: Pretension

Eriiiic, I feel you've set up a definiton of pretension that can leads to this: I assume my presence is worth continuing.

So, it's either be pretensious or kill yourself (although that's probably pretentious as well: maybe it would be safe to just do nothing, but where are you going to do nothing? Are you really entitled to doing nothing in that spot?).

Just some gorgeous pictures of Montréal here. Enough to make you wonder why you're here looking at American grad schools brochures. Then you read about the MTC transit strike and suddenly guns, Pabst and sky-high tuition don't seem so bad.

Still. Here's my street and corner store:
Thank you,!

art theory#1

Art is pretentious.

Being an artist is pretentious. Rene Magrite was pretentious. Mary Oliver is pretentious.

Many new artists start with the idea that they have something worth saying. They go about art as a method to say these wonderful things. Sometimes it works, but often it doesn’t. In any case, isn’t it a bit pretentious? You assume that your idea is worth the paper or canvas or clay that it is conveyed through. You also assume that your idea is worth the time it takes me to look at it or read it. Let me assure you, your idea just isn’t worth that much.

More experienced artists will tell you that the idea comes out of the process and is a result of the clay, paper or paint. The idea is not the goal. But isn’t that a bit pretentious? Don’t you think? Now you are assuming that your art is worth my time even though you don’t have any ideas. Now that’s pretentious.

So being an artist, or being one who observes art, means being OK with your own and others pretensions. You have to let down your pretension guard and let the art come out – as pretentious as that may be.

Without a pretension, there would be no art.

(hey, it's a theory)

from costa rica. so everyone stop by the art building and giver a big hi-dee-hoh!

And kate, I'd give it a yay!

Kate: thanks for the tip, but when I try to do that I get a "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error.

Wait, David Bowie is leading a movie club here at Goshen College? Count me in.

events motherfucker (Tuesday.11.18.03)

this is just to say

there will be
an open mic
the game room

you will probably
to go to

you bitch.
it's at 8:00
and i'll
be performing

at 10:00 we are watching The Sting in the yost room. It's for anyone who wants to get in on a new movie watching club - led by our own D-Bo.

be there.

Monday, November 17, 2003

new look
new look: good
color scheme: bad (visited links get lost, too many colors)

how to publish to the web
go to oncampus and then in the :: more web services :: menu scroll down to "'M:' drive via web" and click go. or go here. i'll let you figure it out from there, it's fairly intuitive...

Can anyone help me with upload things to my GC web page? I always used ws-ftp in the lab back at Goshen. What can I use from the GW network? I tried downloading ws-ftp, but it doesn't seem to connect.

Basically I want to post this 11mb file somewhere on the web so Tasara can download it.

and the fun faces winners of today are the andrews

PC Bricolage


Also: I'm a big fan of the all-CSS new look. We can change the side content really easily, you know...

I liked the old look better...

The weekend passed by tolerably. A good article in the Post Magazine about why we all should hate the MPAA. And a Torts outline.

Also, Meg, I apologize for my parents. I will make them sit in your section next time, though contacting my sister about this may be more effective. I'll bring it up with them at Thanksgiving. And then I'll let you know what they say.

And hey hey, who am I going to get to see at Ft. Benning? Chime in, y'all!

what are you doing wednesday january 5th at 9:30?am

how about international folk dancing?!?!?
c'mon guys, it'll be fun, a little 1 credit hour RFC fun!!!!

oh, story:
so i was taking a mid morning bike ride and over the hill i see ken pletcher running. as i ride by i hear "hi schrockee!" it was great.

also, if you follow jesse's link, about half way down the page there as a link back to our page, cool, huh?

no really...

OH! and what a life

More Nigerian spam fun.

no really... The secret life of Mr. Richard Alburn Binkley.......

Eighteen million five hundred thousnad United states Dollars

ok, so I was organizing my email (next task:my room) and was getting ready to trash my trash, when I thought I should look to see exactly what I was trashing. Here are two emails from Chief Egobike Madu and Jason L Smoker, respectivley:


This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have received this email in error please notify Chief Egobike Madu . This message contains confidential information and is intended only for the individual or the coperate entity named. If you are not the named addressee you should not disseminate, distribute or copy this e-mail.

Dear Sir,
I am Chief Egobike Madu,Executive Director with Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation(NNPC).Please accept my apology for using this medium to convey a transaction of this magnitude, but this is due to the confidentiality and prompt access reposed on this medium.Be informed that a member of the Nigeria Export Promotion Council who was a member of government delegation to your country gave your enviable credentials/particulars to me.I have decided to seek your co-operation in the execution this deal described hereunder, for the benefit of all parties and hoping you will keep it as TOP SECRET because of the nature of the business.

Within the NNPC (where I work as a director),and with the cooperation of four other top officials, we have in our possession as overdue payment bills of Eighteen million five hundred thousnad United states Dollars which we want to transfer abroad with the assistance and cooperation of a company/ or an individual to receive the said funds, via a reliable bank account.Quite frankly,we are handicapped as the Nigeria civil service laws strongly prohibits us from owning/or operating a foreign account hence your importance in this whole transaction.

This amount Eighteen million five hundred thousnad United states Dollars represents the the balance of the total value of a contract on behalf of my corporation by a foreign contracting firm which we the officials involved deliberately over-invoiced. Though the actual cost have been paid to the original contractor leaving the balace in the tune of the said amount which we have in principle got approval to remit by Key Tested Telegraphic transfer to any foreign account you will provide by filing an application through the justice minstry here in Nigeria for the transfer of rights and privelages of the former contractor to you.

I have the authority of my partners to propose that should you be willing to assist us in this transaction by way of providing the required account to receive this fund, your share or the entire sum will be Thirty percent amounting to Five million five hundred and fifty thousnad United states Dollars, Sixty precent amounting to Eleven million United States Dollars for us and Ten percent amounting to One million Eight Hundred and Fifty thousand United State Dollars will be used to settle taxation and other miscellaneous expences in the course of transfering the money to your account. The business itself is One Hundred percent foolproof and safe, as long as you mantain utmost secrecy and confidentiality.Furthermore your area of specialisation will not be a hindrance to the successful completion of this transaction. I have reposed my confidence in you and hope that you will not disappoint me. Should you be willing to assist positively with a common goal, endeavour to contact me immediately .If you are not interested, please also indicate so that it will enable me to contact other foreign partner with recommendation to carry out this deal.

I want to assure you that my colleagues and I are in a position to make the payment of this claim possible provided that you can give us a very concrete assurace of the safety of our share. Please, always treat this matter with utmost confidentiality, because we will not comprehend any form of exposure as we are still in active service. Time is of essence in this business, so kindly act fast.

Note: I advise that your contact with me should always be via this medium for secuirity purposes and successful achievement of our our primary motive(i.e. successful realisation of our aim of this transaction without hitches). I await in anticipation of your fullest cooperation.
Chief Egobike Madu.

{Virus?} facial recipes

Hi! How are you?

I send you this file in order to have your advice

See you later. Thanks

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Dude, I like it. I like it a lot.
Great work.

Except maybe not the ff5555 background behind the Quick links...

okay, what do y'all think, if you hate it i can put it back

wow! the blog is changed! Interesting set-up. Although the colors kind of fight with each other and hurt my eyes. Other thoughts?

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Soda Shop Sightings
In the Soda shop today, accompanied by one or more of their offspring, I spotted Nicole's Brenneman's parents, Weiss's parents, Aaron Dusk Lehman's parents, and Rachel Eisenstat's parents. If one of these wealthier-than-a-college-student couples would have sat in my section, maybe I would have made more than $25 tonight.

Ross and Greta who? Bay? Kauffman?

Friday, November 14, 2003

Supervisor question of the day:

"Derek, are Ross [Bay] and Greta [Kauffman]...?" (She does this thing with her hand where she puts her index and middle finger into the air.") Not exactly sure what she's asking I respond, "What do you mean?" The rest of the conversation goes as follows:

Marge: Are they together?
Derek: Are they dating each other?
M: Yeah.
D: The Ross and Greta who work here?
M: Yeah.
D: Uh, I don't think so.
M: Oh. They're just really good friends?
D: I guess. But who knows? I'm often the last to know things.

Ok, I'll give whoever wrote the amg review "precision and repitition," but there's no Sonic Youth influence that I can hear. Black Sabbath and I would add Metallica are a lot more like it. And "post rock?" No way. It's all rock and roll.

amg says:

Stinking Lizaveta's instrumental post rock draws as much on Sabbath as it does on Sonic Youth or Slint. By combining a metal edge with the precision and repetition of math rock and the blasting assault of early Black Flag, Stinking Lizaveta comes on with a sound all their own.

The Philadelphia trio formed in 1994 when guitar player Yanni Papadopoulos and drummer Cheshire Agusta recruited Yanni's brother, Alexi Papadopoulos, as their upright electric bass player. In 1995, the band released three 7" records, including a split with Greg Ginn's band Gone. Their insane guitar debut, ...Hopelessness and Shame, was recorded by studio guru Steve Albini in 1996. Slaughterhouse followed in 1997. Their third album, III, which includes Gloria Justin on violin and John Schenk on analog keyboards, was released on Fugazi member Joe Lally's Tolotta Records in 2001.

Stinking Lizaveta rocks, man!

Dude, that was an amazing show.

Imagine taking all the bad parts out of heavy metal: the flashy instruments, the obnoxious performers, the bad instrumentals, and all the words. Replace this with gratuitous wailing into the pickups. Also replace the bass guitar with a strange, skinny sort of fretless stand-up bass. That's Stinking Lizaveta. And you get to keep all the devil/hard rock hand signs.

I knew I was in love when the title of their first song was "Sketches of Cain." Like, ohmigod. And then, for the closer, the guitarist climbed on top of his amp for the whole song.

And the openers were really swell, too. They would've been good just by themselves, actually. "Hello, we're The Izzys and we're here from New York to play some rock and roll for you." So they play good old Southern-style guitar and rock out. "And now we're going to slow it down some to give you some to to reflect." And they rock out slower. And then they pick it up again.

Anyway, a great show.

Yo: - This is just kind of fun.
Also: Don't worry Derek, there are ways around the whole "Mom" thing. Check it out.

And Celeste, I really hope nothing too bad happened. Let us know ASAP. We also are there for you.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

I just got a phone message from my cousin Kristen, the one who lived with my family while I was a teenager. She said she assumed I had heard the bad news, and she was there for me if I wanted to talk. I'd graciously listened to her talk about bad things in her life I lot, she said, and she wanted to be there for me.

That's all very loving, the problem is I have no idea what she's talking about. And my parents aren't home. So I don't know what's going on. But I assume no one's dead, because she said "See you at Thanksgiving" not "see you in a couple days."

mike, some feed back on your site

1. i would recommend using a sans-serif font, it's much easier to read on a computer screen
2. what is that arrow thing for - kinda confusing
3. i like how the link roll over is the same color as the menu stuff
4. the "z" hits the edge og the frame
5. the reviews are a little wordy, maybe have like a star system at the top of the page for those of us who are illiterate
6. i'd probably change the color scheme, it's like so 1995

Beware of what you Blog!

We should all be made more aware of the dangers of Blogging. If you would like further information there is an excellent article at a very reputable Web site, Just be careful. ... And don't Blog drunk!


i changed the graphic size and then something happened where the rollover arrow was bigger and i thought that looked kinda cool so i kept it. also here's another idea i had. then the letter would be a yellow rollover as well. maybe the same 10% bigger deal as the arrow. what do you think

kate: the robots are way cool, but it feels like their signs are going to be links, and then they're not. also on the photos page it wasn't immediately apparent to me that they were links, cause it's in javascript and so the mouse doesn't change over it like it does html links. i'm curious why you went for java script opposed to html links. or maybe if the text under the photos changed to bold when you on click or rollover.

The Velvet Lounge v. Mi Casita

Yep, it's true. There are fun people at the law school, but y'all are better.

So tonight while you're boozing it up at Mi Casita make sure to say "hi" to my sister and think of me. I'll be at The Velvet Lounge, drinking PBR and counting trucker caps.

Number 1 Reason To Move to New York: People are finished with wearing trucker caps there, at least that's what I hear.

Mi Casita - y'all better be there

p.s. i added a little somethin' somethin' to the blog page...

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

speaking of balls...

i made a website tooo! yay, i'm special.
check it out
give me feed back

Just because we haven't got anything to say, nor because we're too worn down by homework doesn't mean we shouldn't blog. So I'm blogging, to get things going again. Except now I see that Meg already got the ball rolling, so really I'm just trying to kick a ball that's rolling away from me. Oh well.

Chicagoo, in AD 28, a time-and-a-half. Dodging security, small turnout, and a lot of songs (maybe too many)

rob, mike - #4 is too symetrical, but it is also the most proffesional. If mike is going for proffesional, #4 looks the best, it may not be the most creative, but it at least appears proffesional. and mike, I agree with making the arrow smaller...what does the first page look like?

Monday, November 10, 2003

The Matrix: Revolutions was a waste of time

Do not, I repeat, do not waste your hard-earned cash on this movie. It's going to cost you what, like eight dollars? You could buy a six-pack of Goose Island IPA for that and still have a dollar left to roll up and snort cocaine through. Trust me, this would be a lot more fun, and probably have better dialogue. "+snort+" See? Doesn't that just kick the ass of, "You know what it is that you need to do."

Why do I let my housemates drag me to stuff like this? I swear, next time we're going to see Love Actually where I won't spend half of the movie with my eyes closed because of the blood. (Do you think I can get half the ticket price back because I only saw half of the movie?)

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Dude, is so last summer.

Like kittens:
It's kinda confusing that neoconservatism and neoliberalism are both evil.

check it out

Saturday, November 08, 2003

another thing i've thought about is making the arrow smaller. perhaps full size for the main page and then smaller for the other pages, although this might look awkward. opinions? (umm... i think they were like kittens, and i was definetly giving them away (a lot of people like to quote this on blogs))

You know, I'm really going to have to disagree with you on this one. I know that you're the art major Meg, and you do great work, but I disagree. I find the symetrical and complete border of #4 to be too static. I'd say #3, with it's slim border is the most professional looking. I still like the assymetry of number one.

Mike, go for sketch #4, it's the most professional.

Friday, November 07, 2003

Three important things I learned from reading Newsweek (11/03/2003):

1. Babies are EVIL!: "'Biting between young children is not uncommon, but I have never seen anything like this.' Sime Vuckov, head of pediatrics at a Rijeka, Croatia, hospital, on a 1-year-old patient who was attacked by 14 babies in day care. The children bit him more than 30 times after a nanny briefly stepped outside a playroom."

2. Actually, I've already known this, but I believe it now more than ever: Bill Cosby is cool!

3. Britney Spears is a dumb*ss!: "Q: What effect do you think your steamy performances are having on kids? A: It's a visual thing. That's why I'm here now, because I dreamed of these moments. Kids need that. If they don't dream, they have what? That's what makes you feel spiritual, connected with God. ...." WHAT? She also stated that she's "been into a lot of Indian spiritual religions," but when asked if one of them is Hinduism, she replied, "What's that? Is it like kabbalah?"

You know, Mike, I like the main site you used; I don't think it's too heavy on the left side. The big arrow makes sense when you are actually looking at a review, but when you're just going through the lists it seems a bit out of place... it keeps pointing down but there's nothing there.
Oh, and I always want new stuff on the Oedipus site. What, you think I'd rather be doing homework?

Médecins sans frontières is pissed about the FTAA
To the trade ministers gathered in Miami,

Medicines are necessary to save lives. In trade agreements, health must be
protected over patents.

The Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) negotiations on intellectual
property threaten to further restrict access to medicines in the Americas.

To ensure the protection of public health and the promotion of access to
medicines for all, there should be no intellectual property provisions
included in the FTAA.

Trade Ministers of the Americas, I implore that you uphold your obligation
to protect public health by rejecting intellectual property provisions in
the FTAA.

Sasha Miguel Dyck

Frente Mennonitica de Liberación Nacional (FMLN)

City:                   Country:
Goshen, IN             United States

You can do it too!

the secret lives of Sara Wakefield

by day, bluffton college's head basketball coach.
by night, actress, presenter, voice-overerist.

Happy Birthday Sara!

Mike - Nice work. I kinda like sketch 4; it definitely solves the problem of it feeling to heavy on one side. The color of the "hey cd reviews" box is slightly off from my the background color on my browser. Also, I thought It Takes a Nation came out in the 80s. :)

Thursday, November 06, 2003

mike makes websites

so i made an oedipus page just for fun and i'm making a website for creating for the web. it's a cd review website. the design isn't done and the reviews aren't proofed or edited. but i could use some opinions about the design. i have some variations on the design (go to the bottom of the previously linked page to the "sketches"). so far my personal preference is sketch two. tell me what y'all think.

also, it's sara's birthday. happy birthday sara!

"Well I Hope That You Die"

I feel like I'm always talking about shows that I should go see but that I never actually go to them. So I was happy to get out and see New Model Army last night. I went with Guilarme and his new girlfriend, Josephine. He'd been saying she was really great, and she turned out to be.

I was kind of disappointed that the whole band wasn't there. Only the frontman, Justin Sullivan, was there with a lead guitarist/keyboardist who looked like the cartoon store guy from the Simpsons and played competently. But it turned out to be okay. They did the second-best cover of Masters of War that I've ever heard. They do their best stuff while rocking out.

The crowd was small but pretty intense, screaming out songs and singing along. It was the first night of New Model Army's first US tour in ten years, so I guess that's to be expected.

Anyway, they're worth seeing if they're only a few blocks away but I wouldn't travel across state lines to see them.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

You know, I could edit my blogs, but I just feel like I've reached a level of comfortability with you that I just don't need to....

The results are in:

Goshen re-elects Kauffman, gives Dems majority on Council. Personally, I think Jesse Miller would have made a great representative for the 5th District, but that's just one man's opinion.

How about Mermaid? You can edit posts, too, to correct mistakes.

But anyway, the place to look for news is, as always, ZNet. This article in particular seems to be exactly what you're looking for. I think it's also published in Z Magazine this month, which the Good Library does subscribe to.

ZNet also has a large number of "Watch" pages where articles relating to specific topics are organized. Try the Terror/War Watch for more articles.

Another thing you can do at the library is check out Alternative Press Index. It's located with the rest of the indices in the reference room, near the beginning because it starts with "A." In fact, it's always a good place to start when writing any paper that has a political element. Unfortunately the Good Library only subscribes to a handful of the many excellent publications indexed, but you might very well find useful articles in the Progessive, the Nation, In These Times, or more in Z Magazine.

On a personal note, you might want to include a section on how the Bush administration is doing nothing to deal with what is almost definitely the most serious threat: a terrorist attack using nuclear weapons. Biological and chemical attacks get a lot of press, but really those haven't been very effective when used in the past. Modern medicine can easily control even the nastiest diseases and you need an enormous amount of chemicals to kill more than a handful of people.

While it would be difficult for terrorists to get their hands on a working nuclear bomb, if they could do so they could use it to devastating effect. It wouldn't be that hard to rent a van, put the bomb in the back, and drive it towards the White House. Personally, I'm counting on the IMF and World Bank monoliths to protect me from the blast. This is a very real threat and by invading Iraq Bush has made it all the more likely to occur.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

yeah yeah, I know how to spell address.

Since I can't find your email address I will adress you here, But I welcome others input as well. I am writing a paper with the subject "Bush's foreign policy fuels terrorism". Now I have some info, but not enough for a six page documented argument. Could you offer me some areas to research so that I may make the "retired" but not really, expos Prof. Wilber Burky feel content, and fufilled.

Also, to everyone: check out Billy Bragg's Mermain Ave. album. It is my new obsession.

Who scored in the top 1/6th of the class on the Civ Pro midterm? Oh yeah oh yeah it's me!

Well, it seems that I really haven't been snubbing Rita Siemion as much as I thought I was. She doesn't seem to have noticed. She keepings bopping along to chat with me about the big memo that I'm mostly done with but that she's skipping classes to work on. Today I decided to give up on trying to snub her. I'm no good at not liking people. I can hate people pretty well, but just not liking them isn't something I can do very well. They tend not to notice that I don't like them.

No prob, Rob. Just thank my Jewish ancestry and overall chutzpah.

Also: Note the two new links on the left. One is in solidarity with Troy Yoder, Alisa's pilot friend who is still in critical condition. The other is just kinda neat. And speaking of neat pilots, the Kanags introduced me to the NGPA the other day. Yes, the National Gay Pilots Association. Boy, those gay pilots. What a bunch of jetsetters.

cheers, y'all.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Shit, I am definitely signing up for that shiznit. Thanks for the reminder, Dyck.


Dear Ms Yoder,

Thank you kindly for the invitation to the Persident's house for the annual Etiquette Dinner. I gladly accept, and look foward to the soirée for the following reasons:

Will you be joining in the formalities as well? I sure hope so. My stomach is growling already!

See you soon,
Sasha Dyck

Update: Etiquette, part II

So glad you can make it, Mr. Dyck. Our little party will no doubt be enhanced by your graceful presence. More information will be sent forth next week, but get that tux pressed now.

Ms. Yoder

The Weekend

Got hit on, which always makes you feel good. Passed out on the living room floor, which doesn't. Damn.

But in funnier news, I'm now heavily invested in Clark.

Also, hopefully I'm going to make it to the concert Wednesday. New Model Army.

And wow, the costumes below certainly trounce my limited efforts to be an early Bruce Springsteen.

Michael Moore and "The Simpsons" getting sued?

James Nichols said that Bowling for Columbine "maliciously portrays him as the poster child for what is wrong with America today and falsely accuses him of being one of the perpetrators in the second-worst act of terrorism in the history of the United States." And Fox News Channel is upset with "The Simpsons" for making fun of the crawl items that are superimposed over the channel's newscasts: "Do Democrats cause cancer? Find out at ... Rupert Murdoch: Terrific dancer ... Dow down 5000 points ... Study: 92 per cent of Democrats are gay ... JFK posthumously joins Republican Party ... Oil slicks found to keep seals young, supple. ..."

One of these Tools is not like the others,
One of these Tools just doesn't belong,
Can you guess which one is not like the others
By the time I finish this song?

Well, can you?

p.s. sasha, has anyone talked to you about Jewish ancestry?

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Ya know sometimes you really want to believe in the existence of God. Like when someone that you've known your entire life is in a bad plane crash and has a major chance of surviving it, unless he contracts infections or something from all the surgey. And with modern medical treatment Troy Yoder could have a lot of fun going through airport security with all those metal rods in him. Especially since he's a pilot.

A real Toolset and a nice, hot ham.

Men suffer from so much satyriasis!

Although, it often seems to be others who suffer the effects.
Satyriasis: abnormally intense sexual desire in men.

ok ok, not the same at all.

I realize its not the same, but its kind of the same.

what about philandering? It seems to only reference males.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Women are such nymphomaniacs!

I didn't know this, but maybe this is just common knowledge to everybody else. All of the dictionarys that I can find state that "nymphomaniacs" have to be female. Is there a male version of this? And if so, what is it called? ("Man"?)

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