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"An industrial capitalist society that does not recognize ecological limits but only perpetual economic expansion and has the profit motive as driver, will eventually consume and destroy itself."

"But we will all be taken down with it."

David Orton

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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

oh dear.

"WASHINGTON - The FBI is warning police nationwide to be alert for people carrying almanacs, cautioning that the popular reference books covering everything from abbreviations to weather trends could be used for terrorist planning..." [read more]

Worst Concert: Godspeed You! Black Emperor at the 9:30.
What do you expect from a band that once compared rock venues to concentration camps? They're glum, pretentious and hate their audience -- or pretend to, anyway. Long and predictable dirges, minus vocals. Oh, and it went on for hours.
Read the Washington Post Article

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Alot is not a word.
it's misspelled a lot.

secret lovers beware

Unfaithful Italians betrayed by text messaging

According to a new survey conducted by Italy's largest private investigation company, Miriam Tomponzi, in 87% of the cases involving infidelity, it's the cell phone which gives the game away, and mostly during vacations.

"Alot of my clients are saying they discovered their partners infidelities during the summer holidays because of SMS messages sent on mobiles", says Ms Tomponzi, who believes mobile phone users should be more careful. The 24 hour contactability of mobiles makes it much harder for people to separate married life from affairs. [BBC]

Monday, December 29, 2003

celeste and weiss!!

doods! where are you?

Dream Last Night

In last night's dream a few of you were there. I was riding a commuter train with I think Eric and Lindsy. We'd gotten on and I'd placed my suitcases in the overhead rack, but then I decided I needed to get a snack from the vending machines in the terminal. It wasn't going to leave for ten minutes so I thought I had enough time. I got off the train and went to get a snack. But the train left. So I took the next one which was leaving in only ten more minutes. Sasha and Ben Beachy were on that train, though, as well as someone else I don't remember. We were all going to the same place, and I didn't have so much baggage that Eric and Lindsy couldn't just carry it with theirs, so it was all fine.

Also, I saw Sarah Rose Clune. The Feast of the Holy Innocents retreat is at a church just a few blocks from my house. I have to work on getting references together tomorrow, as well as some other things, but I'm going to eat lunch with her at least.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

The New Dollar Bill!

Check this out and call your senators!

Katie- I'm proud of you. Keep us posted on how the next days go.

I had to see my uncle the bishop at the Kennel Christmas gathering, the one that can't seem to accept that the good old days of the Mennonite church in the fifties, when women and gays stayed in their place, are gone. But I think they are, and further ever day. Fewer and fewer people want to be part of a denomination where prejudice and bitterness determine who is allowed to love whom.

Let's stay hopeful.

coming out

And I'm out, the parents know now. I wrote them a letter last night that they read while I was gone and now they know. The results are still coming in but they haven't disowned me yet so they probably won't. Dad told me he loves me. I'm going to church now. And that's the news from exciting Iowa.

Friday, December 26, 2003

Yay Family, part II

My Oma, Elfrieda Dyck, with her great-grandson, Daniel.

Also: Florida!



i got nashville made in china from my mom.

i saw a sign that said "there is no 'x' in christmas." it was on a church.

for the love of Xristos,

Hmm.. the page seems a bit too simple right now.

This image would be disturbing to have as wallpaper in a house.

Laura, it's nice to know I'm not alone. I would suggest that we swap feet, but I've grown accustomed to my own.

Chris Bartok

An untimely death.

feet gender
Jesse, if it makes you feel any better, I had to get men's boots because my feet are one size too big.

Daniel, or, Yay Family!

He's my kinda-nephew. He's the cutest. I love him. Tomorrow we leave for Florida in the hugest RV ever. Yee-hah!

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas, everyone!
I am currently right here, for those of you who like to be precise.

My parents bought me some nice boots, and I had to get women's because my feet are one size too small. It's kind of amusing to me that feet have gender.

Also, my brother has an amusing album featuring many cool people like Bonnie "Prince" Billy playing with a drum machine.

Cardboard iPod present
My borther recieved a cardboard iPod look-alike for christmas from his father. He rejoiced by creating a fake and trendy iPod ad.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Chris Bartok

So Dean Young emails us all to let us know that Chris Bartok was "found dead" last Friday night. No more details.

Chris sat three rows behind me in Torts. I never knew him very well. We talked at a party for a bit once. He always wore pink shoelaces and a gold earring. He did great spiky stuff with his hair. He had a Google shirt that he told me he got for free from somebody who worked for Google. I can't say I really know more about him than that and what the face book tells us. I didn't even remember who he was until I looked up "Bartok" in the face book.

Merry Chrstimas Eve, y'all

Music video director of the day: Michel Gondry.
Responsible for the Massive Attack classic "Protection" and Daft Punk's "Around the World".

Have fun at all your parties, yo.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Invitation to all those planning to be in or near DC on the 31st
We are hosting a petite soiree at our mothers house and then weill be heading out for a night on the town. a good time is guarenteed for all. (spelkling schmelling) so give us a heads up if you need a place to sleep. me mum's address is 2760 divonshire lane NW DC, it's on the red line. ok later!

John AshcroftOrange Alert

The Department of Homeland Security has announced, in time for Christmas, that the nation is on an Orange Alert and terrorist attacks may be imminent.

No need to fear, though, continue your holiday plans as normal. Consume much. Do last minute shopping at Walmart.

However, those who have already committed thoughtcrime should expect John Ashcroft, Tom Ridge and their fellow Thought Police to burst through the door imminently to carry them away to the Ministry of Love.

Monday, December 22, 2003

party in lancaster!!!

for anyone in the lancaster area on friday night the 26th (with some sort of Goshen connection or not)--there's a party at my mom's house starting around 8ish. She said no pot and no smoking but some alcohol is fine (just no extreme drunkeness). So bring your own or drink water. I'll maybe get some stuff for mixed drinks if i feel like it. The address is:

1961 Glendower Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601

and email me if you're coming so i know...

Evil Santa!

Xmas Loot to Date

  1. Serving bowl of that mediumish size our house so desperately needs
  2. Catseye Bicycle Headlight
  3. Candy cane
  4. $25 cash
  5. Cartoon History of the Universe II
  6. Miles Davis Jazz Play Along

So anyway, I'm back in DC now. I'll be up in Lancaster on Thursday and Friday, but Saturday we should go to Asylum, no? I don't think we needed to get tickets in advance for Black Cat New Year last year, just $20 at the door. Yeah, I'll sure miss that.

The Knower-of-All-Things-Bloggity speaks:
To see the new blogs, it the refresh button on your browser window.


35.8% (178946)
55.9% (279438)
8.3% (41513)

Hey everyone, while you're home, tell your friends to vote and pass on the fun. Some sort of strange satisfaction comes from this. I feel like I'm fighting homophobia and also like laughing at them for losing on their own damn poll. Raise your right fist and tell your friends to vote.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Can someone tell me why when I go to the shoup site and click on blog, it still shows December 13th and that red truck? I have to log into blog to look at recent blogs. What the blog is blogging on? Bloggedy blog blog.

Too much information

As some of you know, I was informed that they were going to change Commie House's locks just a little too late and, therefore, took not one thing out for Christmas break. CD's, clothes, backpack, books, everything--still inside my house. This is just a roundabout way of saying: I'm not wearing underwear. I have gone through the few pairs that I had left here where my mother lives--they're currently in the wash. I am no longer boxers or briefs (well, actually, I was never boxers), but I am now swimming trunks.

do some more voting at moveon. there are some great anti-bush adds and you get to vote on the best.

pop quiz
who is this man and who is his fashion consultant?

AFA poll update: oppose 37.13%, favor 54.55%, civil union 8.31%

you're telling me we won't see any green fairies? why th'fuck would we want to buy it then?

Weiss - we'll be in DC on the 24th, I think... until later... yeah... when are you kids leaving the district?you said you weren't goin to be there for new years, right? also... are tickets required to get into the black cat on new years?

Saturday, December 20, 2003

"Epoxy on both your houses!"

So I broke a shoelace and have a hole in my boot between the sole and the leather upper that lets water in too quickly when I tramp through slush. I so bought new shoelaces after dropping off my sister and fixed the hole with epoxy that my other sister uses for art classes. She's going to be an art major when she comes to Goshen. Great stuff, that epoxy.

And Schrocks, when will you be in DC?

Well, there's a 700ml bottle for 37.75$ and a 750ml bottle for 49.75$, although these are from France and probably don't have the godawful taste/hallucinogenic properties of the real stuff.

Also, I'm leaving for PA tomorrow so there's really not much time.

Also: Man, breaking up is hard to do.

aren't there any smaller bottles or cheaper varieties?

Absinthe 'R Us
The Green Fairy is legal in Montréal, but expensive. Any orders before I head off?

oh man...
miles: 3,541
states: 7
states with snow: 6
american flags: 751
rations left: pretzels, peanut butter, pistachios, reece cups, and one fruit roll-up!
beds we've slept in: 6
houses we've gone to: 5
hours left 'til we arrive in home sweet goshen home: 7

Home Again

I'm back at my parents' house, improvising poppy stuff on their so-marvelously in-tune piano. I bought them all gifts last night. Only my little sister is home. She opened the door wearing a bathrobe, smiled, and ran back upstairs to finish her shower.

I'm only home for this weekend, though I'll be up again for xmas day and then we'll all go out to Ohio again over New Years. Up and back, splitting time between Lancaster and my home in DC. My home in DC.

But anyway, as I'll be in the midwest for New Years, is there any chance any of you are going to be at Addie's party in Indy? I'll be there [sic]. I got a ride there from my grandparents' house in Ohio with Anna and someone she knows and hey, it beats falling asleep at 11:34pm after watching a PBS special on the kelp forests of the Pacific Northwest coast. Yeah. I'll meet new people

Also, the Washington Post does it again, this time sticking it to Apple.


yesterday morning i get a phone call from my dad who wants me to come over and eat lunch with him because he just got some teeth pulled too and wants some company. so i walk the two blocks and go slurp mushy bean soup with him. we talk about red-bellied woodpeckers (which, have red heads, not bellies), living off of $3,000 a year with a family of five and the expectiations of GC faculty when it comes to drinking alcohol. interesting.

we get on the topic of me moving out sometime in the near future and i realize that that means i need to clean up a total of four rooms within the next couple of months - two at valesco and two at my parents' house. it's disturbing that i have that much junk! so, i get started on my my sister's room that i took over when she moved out. since both sisters and their "significant others" are coming home in a couple days, i figured i better at least get one room ready to be slept in. but instead of going through the stuff in the closet or the shelves, i get into my filing cabinet where i have EVERYTHING i ever wrote, drew or picked up from elementary school until now: a paper on how to take care of a goldfish, journals from summer vacation, a random sketch of a vodka bottle intermixed with watercolor paintings of sunsets and mountains, a book report on cheaper by the dozen, all my middle school id cards, love letters, pre-calc notes, an empty bag of zuko fruit juice from panama, a program from the blue man group and one from the nutcracker, papers on cistic fibrosis, the u.s. health care budget, gorillas, charlamagne, afghanistan, the connection between christianity and islam, women in high qing china, city parks, the progression of the moon and a ton of other stuff that brought back all these crazy memories. twelve hours later and all i did was get through two drawers. dang.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Just an update on the poll, including my vote--pro gay marriage 49%, homophobes 42%, and civil unions 8%. That must really suck for the pro-family folks to be getting their asses kicked so badly. I'm also stunned at how many of us are anti-family.


I have a new cell phone! Merry Christmas to me!


Yesterday two people called me "ma'am," today three! And I've only been working 4 1/2 hour days! I'm thankful to the one gentleman who said, "sir."

another survey
another survey this time it's john ulmer's 2004 legislative survey. i got it in the mail, addressed to the "shank household." y'all should tell him what you think too. oh and when i put in my response to the afa poll gay marriage supporters had 47 percent to homophobe's 43.

jacksonville is a weird weird place
It is so nice to have this blog here so I don't feel so much like I've entered an alternate universe set in the past. I have been going places and seeing people I haven't seen in years and it can be a bit sureal. I also feel old because I no longer enjoy the places I did when I lived here. I couldn't get drunk enough to enjoy my old favorite emo bar. On the up side, I get to wear t-shirts and sandals everywhere and laugh at the people freaking out over temperatures in the 50s.
Happy Hanukkah!

new prof
my uncle meet the new gc english prof (who just happens to be another of my uncles/aunts/grandparents that work for this fine institution). he's the one with the circle and arrow, the name bobby, and the male figure and clothing. he's an english proffesor with a specialty in old english lit and good reviews from former students. he also drinks coffee like a mad man. i like him.

America's Poll on Homosexual Marriage
as conducted by america's leading anti-homosexual organization

I oppose legalization of homosexual marriage and "civil unions"
(126205 votes)

I favor legalization of homosexual marriage
(120973 votes)

I favor a "civil union" with the full benefits of marriage except for the name
(19671 votes)

They can't even get a decent majority on their own damn website!

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Want to annoy the American Family Association?

Sure you do! Go to this Web site:
to take part in a little poll that they're conducting. I will not tell you what the right answer is; I'll just say that it's obvious.

Adam Sandler

I don't know, Eric, I also liked The Wedding Singer.

One frog helping another
Close call, but Jass and Pants are safe! Also: things are looking pretty ixnay on the ublicpay ealthay angle. Everybody's saying do med school first, than rock the public health. Good news is that Université de Montréal doesn't require MCATs for MD admission (but deadline is Jan. 15!) So the adventures continue, and looks like I'll definitely be home next year.

What has everybody else been up to?

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

question answered

here goes two in a row
i fixed my home up some.
check it out.

punch-drunk love

i watched it, i loved it, i own it.

you should watch it too. the first good adam sandler,
another good paul thomas anderson, and
as always a stellar performance from phillip seymour hoffman.
also well acted by emily watson who was also in gosford park, angela's ashes
breaking the waves, and (get this) mill on the floss in which she played maggie tuliver.

i'll be damned.

Is It Wrong to Post Twice in a Row?

Jules says no.

So the Onion put out its Best Albums of the Year, and frankly compared to last year my personal participation is pretty disgraceful. As compared to last year where I actually purchased two albums which showed up repeatedly on the various lists, this year all I've done is download some MP3s of the Decemberists and Death Cab for Cutie, as well as intended to go to but ultimately miss one show of the former. Oh, and I guess I did go see Gillian Welch, but she only shows up once.

Though way back over the summer I remember listening to Stacy's Mom by Fountains of Wayne on Philly's best radio station and thinking that it was okay, that the whiny humor balanced out music that managed to just push past mediocrity.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

One to Go

Three exams down. Crim law went okay. I had a good time in the policy question sending a shout out to Pennsylvania for its development of the concept of grading murder.

Go Pennsylvania!

if y'all is bored...
check out the oedipus site for updates. if you live in goshen check out the final installment of the qatsi trilogy playing at brick house (for show times call 537-0866). or on wednesday night play the famous name game at brick at around 9:30pm.

Monday, December 15, 2003

and a happy new year.

Hot Damn!
Dear Sasha,

I am very pleased to inform you that your paper, "Physicians, Pharmaceuticals, Profits and Ethics", submitted to the Undergraduate Ethics Paper Competition, was one of seven selected for presentation at the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics Thirteenth Annual Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a winner, your registration fee for the Annual Meeting has been waived (although you will need to pay for any meals for which you register.)

Your paper will be presented in the session below on Friday, February
27. You will have up to 20 minutes for presentation of your paper and
10 minutes for discussion.

Friday Afternoon
1:30-3:25 Session II
II. F. Undergraduate Paper Competition Winners
1. "On Defining the Moral Status of the Embryo" Kristen Carey, Villanova University
2. "Physicians, Pharmaceuticals, Profits and Ethics" Sasha Dyck, Goshen
3. "The Shield Association: To Preserve and Improve Our Law
Enforcement," Ramon Jimenez, San Jose State
4. "An Argument in Favor of Selfishly-Motivated Service" Patricia
Devlin, University of Richmond

Please confirm, by return e-mail, your intention to present. You can
find more information about the Annual Meeting by visiting our web-site:

We look forward to having you at the Annual Meeting.


Brian Schrag, Ph. D.
Executive Secretary

Association for Practical and Professional Ethics
Indiana University
618 East Third Street
Bloomington, IN 47405
Ph.: 812-855-6450
FAX: 812-855-3315

CO is flat!

dude, clinton's powerbook is like so 2001

Sunday, December 14, 2003

people eating people, yeah, that's funny

saw delicatessen last night. felt *slightly* guilty that i was the only one in the room laughing. but really, once you get past the fact that it's twisted and wrong, it's quite chuckle-worthy. only the french could make cannibalism funny.

in other news... i'm getting all four wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow morning. applesauce and jello for the next few days. anyone in goshen have some good videos/dvds i could borrow?

fuck you if you can't let me take your criticism
what the fuck is wrong with my home page?

and how was the movie?

fuck you if you can't take some criticism
resume is nice. home page still sucks.

Who are these people? Will you work with them? When did you scream on American Movie?


Red Room Ale, the house brew, isn't bad at $11 a pitcher. Probably the thing to get if you're getting a pitcher.The Joggers cancelled last night, we found out as we waited in line for the ID check. Blast. Instead we bought beer and shouted at each other about drug policy. Somehow the rest of the crowd there seemed more mainstream than usual. Not sure what's with that.

But Girlyman is at this place called Iota tonight so maybe that will pan out. It's near a metro stop, which is looking more and more important as the weather here sucks. Slushy slush. Ick.

Eric, I think your resume looks great. You might want to add a link to a printable version if you're serious about it.

And I gave up on the truck. I don't know what I'll do.

please note that i have completed my resume and updated the design. i hope it meets your standards. let me know what you think.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

I want a bigger bed, so I need one of these to move it.

It's good to have Celeste around again. She's fun. Last night we went to a ballet recital. Lots of prancing around and jumping. It made me hungry.

It's a b1tch to rent a truck around here! You have to be 25 to rent from most places, and you have to know way way in advance. I'm hoping that Tasara will let me use her Flexcar subscription. It's a huge favor, though, and I'm not quite sure what I could offer in return.

Friday, December 12, 2003

i mean
so i was deleting old emails and i ran across this. isn't this hilarious?

Hey Mike I just have a couple things to say. First I think you are the Shit! Second my band wants you to record a track on our album, you seen like an interesting character and we believe that you would meld with us exceptionally well. Third when you screamed on American movie i just about shit my pants. I couldn't believe such an awesome scream came out of such a soft spoken person such as yourself. Hey man if you want to check out our band check out this site.
Hey man it's been great writting to ya. Later
Derick Kapteina

Thursday, December 11, 2003

updates have been made to the oedipus web site. check out the news section for details.

and then
i found my bike discarded on the ground outside the computer lab. it had disapeared about two months ago from out front of our apartment on 8th street. since it was taken off campus, i sure didn't expect it to show up on campus. it's in pretty bad shape. a special christmas thanks to whatever motherfucker accidentaly returned it. you dork.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

My great grandmother

I think Elizabeth Fisher, my Amish great grandmother, would have at least had the decency to correctly spell masturbation.

But if there's anything I fondly remember her saying, that one time we talked when I was tripping, it was, "That Tim Curry is a fine piece of ass."

My great grandmothers

Men signing contracts.

I have spent most of the day studying for Contracts. In other news, my housemate Jeff is back from Brazil with many funny stories.

I appreciate the large amount of blogging. Thanks to all of you for helping distract me from studying.

Now I am going to buy gift-wrapping paper as I suddenly realized that I don't have any.

Well, five years in college leads to a disoriented sense of disconnection from the world around you but on the up-side it can also give you a bonus. Oh boy!

i'll be fucked
god i'm blogging a lot. but there it is.

I have just been selected by the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival as one of six student directors for the ten minute play festival in normal illinois this january. I have also had two plays chosen (each play is one of six in its category to go on to the festival) Daffodil MF and Dr. Catharsis (the play on which my original short film was based). I have to choose between Daffodil and Directing because both are part of the Ten Minute Play Festival in which I can only be entered in one capacity. Dr. Catharsis is in a different competition and will compete regardless.

I don't know the level of competition in the directing catagory, but in playwriting both my shows were chosen (separately, by completely different judges) out of all the plays submitted in our five state region of colleges and grad schools.

i think i'll be taking the plays and looking into directing as an option again next year.

and i watched jesus of montreal the other night and loved it.

phaedra mf has been posted

GC Name of the Day:


Also: If you're reading this, you're probably invited to Brick House tonight ('round 10:30) for a little Christmas party. The evening will be peppered with Interesting dandelion wine, eggnog and baking. Oy oy!

so on the exam there wasn't a single question about the coen brothers collaborations with sam rami, or even the fact that Dr. Strangelove was James Earl Jones' film debut (he's the mechanic on the airplane with Slim Pickins). Instead they wanted me to know that an ekkyklema was a greek rolling platform used to bring the dead back on stage (since they obviously couldnt actually die on stage) and that shakespeare broke all the neoclassical rules (how could he even consider himself a playwright?).

What a dumb exam.

Dear Chris and Ann,
some thoughts on your course, now that it's all said and done. I really enjoyed your course, especially the late night study sessions before your lovely Quests, never before have I felt such camaraderie with my fellow classmates. However, if i were to make some changes, I would broaden the timeline we cover from pre-humanoid to maybe 3,100 c.e., and then maybe compact the course into 2 or 3 weeks and make it worth 6 credit hours. As far as the text book, I'm glad we had a chance to read and discuss the chapters on Eastern European traditions, as well as art from the far-east, mid-east, and Africa. The novels we read, Jazz, The Girl With The Pearl Earring, and The Tempest covered a variety of cultures that I hadn't seen in any of my other classes until now. And finally, thanks for the guest lecturers, they were ok!
Thanks for the great and enlightening semester,
- kate schrock

My exam schedule has gone bitchcakes!

OK, so I guess to celebrate Day Three of exams, they've given me three exams for today. I have a two-hour exam, followed by an hour lunch break, followed by a two-hour exam and then concluding right after that with a two-hour exam. I want to collapse just thinking about it!

As Celeste's great-grandmother once said:
procrastination is like masterbation; it's all fun until you realize you're fucking yourself

part of crimewave takes place at the "hudsucker penatentary."

oh my god. these guys are brilliant.

oh, dear
since december 3rd, we have had 50 posts; we're pathetic

not only is crimewave a colaboration between sam rami and the coen brothers, but do a search under evil dead (a rami horror classic) for "joel coen" and see what you find. exciting!

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Debby Scott's dream for the campus is dead.

Let me first quote Emily Hershberger's record article from a while ago:

Yet both Scott and Gascho feel that the formation of the Eco-grounds committee is an important step. "What's helpful for students now is just the awareness of what's being done," says Gascho. "It's important to recognize that because of Debby's speech, the administration did respond. I thought that was exciting to know that the speech and signatures did generate a response."

So, I think I asked the right questions...

Me: What progress has already been made? How are we planning to continue to work
toward a more ecologically healthy campus?

Clay: Nothing. You can work on it yourself if you want, kid.

Is it the student's responsibility to teach the Physical Plant how to work? I have a lot of respect for Craig and I'm glad they're training him and trying to keep him safe (I mean, they better, it's required by law). But I think budget constraints have everything to do with priority.

I'm gonna be off in Chicago next semester, but I hope some students keep this issue moving. It's only going to change with student pressure.

At 12:39 AM 12/9/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>I am student that has been working on the grounds crew this semester. I am
>concerned about the use of pesticides and herbicides on our campus. I am aware
>that an Eco-grounds committee was formed in response to Deborah Scott's
>speech, but haven't heard anything since then. What progress has already been
>made? How are we planning to continue to work toward a more ecologically
>healthy campus?
>Thanks for your time,
>Jesse Miller

Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 08:15:46 -0500
From: Clay Shetler
Reply-To: Clay Shetler
Subject: Re:
To: Jesse B Miller


Thanks for your note and I too am concerned about safety and the use of
pesticides and herbicides on the campus. We do however, have as a campus
community expectations related to how the campus looks and how the grounds
are maintained. We make sure that Craig Johnson is getting the kind of
training he needs to apply these chemicals, is licensed, and precautions
are taken to protect Craig who is at the most risk in applying these
chemical as well as doing the applications when possible when there are the
fewest people affected. We also announce to the campus when these
chemicals are being applied so those who have some sensitivities to
chemicals can avoid these areas, etc.

You may find it interesting to know that based on a survey that both the
campus and Merry Lea participated in recently, we found that many of the
products that we use as needed on campus are also used at Merry Lea. Both
Merry Lea and the campus here are always interested in the other optional
products out there that will work but both face the same budget realities
and have limited staffing.

If you have suggestions of options that you feel we should be considering
please share these either Craig or myself and we will take a look at what
you are suggesting.


and what a well designed web page it is.


My brother just finished Double Barrel Darrel's website. He made it as payment for them playing at his wedding. It's a little slow for dail-up.

mother fucker
what the hell, I wake up a whole hour early to cram-study some reserved reading in the library, and whaddayaknow? th only book I need is gone!!! questions 32-37 are going to be left blank on my take home exam. who the hell is brown, and can somebody please identify the three discrete stages of violence!! I'm so fucked. fucked fucked fucked. dman damn damn damn, noooo, ahhhhh, heeeeelllllllplppppp, craaaab, peeeo - ple, craaaaaab, peeeeo - ple, taste like craaaab, taaalk like peeo-ple, craaab, peeeo - ple, craaab peeeo - ple


Derek, that's ammmaaaaazzing, I felt like I was really messed up but I was just watching Christina talking in three places at once. what a trip

Freaky Cristina!
If you go to the following Web page and make all three Cristina Cruzes talk at the same time, it's really freaky and a lot of fun!

hey derek how about this hunk of hollywood star:

or this one:

heh, heh

so, guess who just finished college... oh, yeah. it's me! (okay, so i have one more *itty bitty* exam on wednesday - just creating for the web, though, no biggy right?) soon i can be a part of a world with no class lectures, mindless books, b-s papers, and trying to spit out what someone else thinks is important for me to memorize. all right, i'll stop rubbing it in.... good luck to all of you still studying hard... suckers! :)

I'm so with Weiss on this. Buffy rocks. My brother got me addicited whenI got back from Cuba. He even buys the DVD's of the seasons.

Monday, December 08, 2003

oh, best shows on TV ever? Nickelodeon's roundhouse, Clarissa explains it all, hey dude, Pete and Pete, Salute Your Shorts... i mean seriously where has television been since the likes of mobile lazyboys, alligators named elvis, ferg-wads, and Mr. Freezy have left our glowing boxes of happiness?

Observations from the revolution will not be televised:

Most members of Chavez' opposition shown were white, blonde, and wearing lots of makeup. Made me think how lucky they are to have a president that lets them march in the streets in opposition to him, with enough security to be able to stop periodically to reapply their lipstick. In Miami, we got shot by the police with various projectiles with little warning .

Well done documentaries have an amazing ability to change the perspective of their viewers unconciously. I realized while watching the presidential guard take back the palace that I had never seen military officers, in full camoflauge carrying rifles, in a positive way before. I found myself cheering them on.

Observations from recent blog posts:

Kate and I counted 16 blog posts for today. We be some lazy bi-ah-tches who don't want to study for finals.

Seinfeld? Come on, Weiss. The characters are neurotic and don't make any particularly good insights. It's too bad you don't get South Park. It is the Rubber House craze.

My final note, from the hallowed South Park: Crab people, Crab people, Taste like crab, talk like people.

Back to my beer and Botany.

Braun Coffee Grinder

Oh beautiful coffee grinder, how did I ever live without you? The fragrances you unlock from the whole spices I feed you set my heart to beating like a butterfly flapping its shimmering wings. (Mine is the cute black one on the right.)

Mike: Yes, those are the first two I thought of.

Derek: I remembering hearing about NewsRadio, but I've never seen it. I'll make sure to rent it when it becomes available.

My idol!

Thank you Sasha for posting a picture of one my idols! Isn't he cute? And, yes, I definitely remember "The Kids in the Hall"!

Guess Who?
From the Gospel Herald, December 24, 1991
Kate and Meg Schrock

  • Earlham trolling for our Chemistry majors...
  • The Revolution will not be Televised in AD 20 at 7:30pm, but the failed Venezuelen coup will be
  • Also: NewsRadio! Dave Foley is a genius! Who remembers The Kids in the Hall?

The Last Samurai

Kind of what I thought from viewing the trailer:

"[M]ost critics are letting loose with a barrage of arrows aimed at the movie, particularly faulting it for -- like many other epic films of the past -- depicting a white American as a formidable presence in a backward non-white culture. Ty Burr in the Boston Globe calls it 'the latest in that oddly neurotic genre in which an American hero validates himself by becoming an alien culture's great white hope.' 'Movies set in Japanese history should not be about handsome white people. It just feels wrong and, in the end, leaves in your mouth the taste of desecration,' comments Stephen Hunter in the Washington Post."

(And Weiss, my vote for "good" TV show: "NewsRadio." Seasons one and two on DVD sometime in 2004! Terribly underrated absurdist-humor sitcom!)

my computer is back with all files still intact.

i think my home page is perfectly compact so shove off.

i'll work on the resume though...

i mean...
well. sorry to anyone who is offended or to those whose names i somehow misspelled. but, in my defense i had to do 25 review-blogs on websites. i don't know 25 websites. so i went to and reviewed the interesting websites that were linked to.

weiss: seinfeld, simpsons, ... um... law and order?

not cheap, just dumb

after some investigating, it seems the green sweater wearing friend of erin was my fiend sarah who is quite absent minded. they realized their faux pas after leaving that evening and feel very bad. you can expect a better late then never tip coming in campus mail.

Thanks, Mike

First, I want to thank Mike for not reviewing my page which I slapped together a long time ago before I knew much HTML and I haven't been able to delete because I haven't been able to get any ftp clients that will let me log on and delete it.

For the record, I did not describe Buffy as "good," I merely said that it "rocks." It's funny in a way that hovers between intentionally and unintentionally. And I like a little suspense every once in a while. Maybe it would get boring after a second viewing.

I tried to think about shows that I would actually call "good." I've come up with three, four if you count South Park, but I don't because we don't get cable. A prize to the first person who can guess all three, though the third one is a doozy. And a smaller prize the first person who comes up with each good show that I didn't think of. (Prizes to be awared during my spring break which is the week after y'all's.)

All of these shows are on English-language US broadcast networks and were in production during the '90s or are currently in production. Prizes will only be awarded to Shoup Blog members.

The Pimp/Gay Look

I think the P/G Look could be more accurately described as the Blacklight Look (or the Nightclub Look). Also, is "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" actually rock that much? I've never seen it, but since Jerry Peters is a huge fan, then it may well be worth checking out!

Speaking of sleep...
here are some other ideas for a technicolor site:
this one has some of katie ho's ideas
and this one eric refers to as the "pimp/gay" look, but it was actually inspired by a menno simmons poster

sleeply sleepy

Despite earlier predictions, I will be sleeping tonight, if only for a few sweet hours.

you were right about smeg
mike shank, after a long conference with paulmr, we descided that you are now worthy of administrator status and you may pick and choose any sidebar items to remove at will, enjoy!

the link and img were intended for any of our html illiterate friends who would someday like to post an image or a link on the blog, but didn't know the code - i was only trying to help their dreams come true (sigh) where is the luv people

also, this way, even if you do know what you're doing, you don;t have to type as much

Sorry Meg, don't know what's up with the Anna jpeg. I got it too, and then it tried to follow me home. WTF? Mike's been kicking our asses all semester. Scroll down...

I know. Ouch. [Dude, I made that our first year!]

Anyway, back to baking and Physics.
Update: Snack Attack @ the 'Fraker!

My Day

Spent most of my day legal observing. Met Mara, of ANSWER fame. Yep, she's an attack dog alright.

Spent an hour napping, then an hour eating, then two hours kicking ass on a torts practice exam. Go me! I am the queen of torts!

After that I drank a martini (no olive, we're out) and watched Buffy. That show rocks. I don't know why I never watched it before.

Good to hear from you again, Alburn. You're great. Come to DC. There's more to do here than in Goshen, though of course you won't be able to do any of it with me because I stay inside all day and study.

Meg, are you drunk again?

Sunday, December 07, 2003

I opened up my new-blog-thing and this picture of your sister praying was already in the text
Does anyone know why this is
Weiss and Katie O
Here's a picture of the old blog page so you can treasure it and hold it close to your heart
Because Technicolor RULES!!!

bon jour tous mes amis. C'est mon blog premier. After years of anticipation I received an unsolicited invite. Did you know that Einstein's brain was smaller than the average person's?

Dear God! Say it's not true!!
your brain and beer--not the good combination it was once believed to be

matt mullet
so matt gave me alink to this really bizarre website check it out. so far i've looked at and parts of the record review section. the best review so far is of norah jone's recent album: "oh man i'm drunk."

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Ooh, ooh, a Philosophy of Biology.

(Written a half-hour before Senior Sem)

Also: thanks for the Apple porn.

SnowAin't that just the cutest thing?

It snowed about an inch at the Pentagon and about six inches up towards Baltimore, putting us at just the right spot for a charming little coating on the trees in the park. It was beautiful like a cemetery during my morning run: cool, contrasted, and motionless. The sun came out and will probably melt it all by this evening. Ang and Tim1 put plastic sheeting over the windows while I stayed in my room, reading the note cases in the Contracts book.

Gosh, I feel all Christmasy...

Alburn still needs a blog invite...Kate? Somebody?

Friday, December 05, 2003

happy! happy! joy! joy!

So, a while back someone mentioned that I never blog, so here I am!

I just finished my research paper for Conjecture and Proof that's worth 30% of my grade and I'm so happy that I want to run around the computer lab and hug everyone in here (all 5 of them). But I won't because they probably already think I'm crazy enough.

te extraño
where's snood when i need it?
where's wilco when i need them?

thank god for, brie and jerry peters who all contributed tremendously to last nights first annual what-the-fuck wine and cheese party. and you should all watch vanya on 42nd street which i now own.

After the biochemistry test, part III

Dan Smith: "So, how'd you do?"
Me: "I don't know, Dan. Maybe you can tell me."
Dan Smith: "Well, I don't see any blank spaces!"
Me: "Were any of the answers supposed to be blank?"
Dan Smith: "No."
Me: "So, umm...
Dan Smith: "Well, have a good weekend!"

A GC student's prayer:

Dear Jesus,

If I ever make you vomit, I promise to hold your hair back and put a pillow under your knees when you are crouched over the toilet. I will gently put you in a cold shower, Jesus. And then I will feed you bread and water, until you say stop and have to vomit some more. I won't make you drink honey.

In the morning, I will bring pain relieving capsules of your choice, more water, and black coffee to your beside.

Because I love you, Jesus, baby. I'll be a sunbeam for you.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

And then there was light, and it was good

That is so 2001

I mean, just take a look at the stuff GC leaves lying around on its webserver...

Blood on the SheetsWell, you shouldn't be assuming!

So I had a bloody nose last night. Good grief. Makes me feel like a little kid again. Also makes me think of Erin Brockovich.

I've divided this Reading Day into 2/3 goofing off and 1/3 studying for Criminal Law. And some smatterings of volunteering to wear a funny hat and failing to help Grant with his wireless card.

Are the little lines coming out of those characters' heads supposed to be legs, 'cause I always assumed that they were ant-like jaws.

Also, I miss Photoshop.

A sweet e-wish
yay! so much fun with cheesy e-cards!

word of the day: ghey

the other drinky-drink comic


Wednesday, December 03, 2003

i was hoping for that award

cheap people of the year award
this year, goes to Eerin Sieieigler and her green sweater wearring friend who didn't tip their waitress tonight when they ordered desserts tonight at the soda shop, me!

oi oi go to the show
everyone! come to the show! saturday the 6th! starting at 9:30! going till midnight! featuring former shoupers and foas! it's only 3 bucks for 5 bands!! it'll be great! tell everyone you know about it!!! bring all your housemates, friends, relatives, co-workers, etc.!! yup.

i think
that gay marriage ought to be between a man and a woman.

and that NWP is holding auditions for our first show of 2004.

Our Choices Are Scarely That Narrow

Sylvia sez - One of our main goals now is to destroy the Human Rights Campaign, because I’m tired of sitting on the back of the bumper.Dude, I can't make this shit up. And the people who run the HRC actually wouldn't be behind a lot of those combinations, despite what they'd like their constituency to believe. And for that we say, fuck 'em. Ahnold sez - I think that gay marriage should be between a man and a woman

yes, it's 6am and my humanities paper is finally finished!
and here it is, for all to read:

"katie, i dare you 3¢ to stop writing your paper right now..."

4:35amRubber house, I'm just starting the fourth page of my Humanities Shit paper. Bull shit assignments call for bull shit effort, on the other hand it is 4:35 and I'm A. awake, B. doing this, so um, damn, I'm even taking this credit/no, why am I putting forth effort? I dont' even know, I just don't know how to underachieve. I've always tried to get A's and it's difficult to judge how little I can do and still pass, so I err on the side of overachieving and then get pissed off when I get a good grade on a credit/no class.

my world!

i guess we have a choice to make

man + woman

man + man or woman + woman or man + transman + woman or transman + man or transwoman + woman or transwoman + man

the color scheme is quite John Blosser power point presentation-esque, is this what we want?

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Good articles there, Sasha.

I've certainly got no love for Mayor Williams. read 'On the Take: From Petty Crooks to Presidents' by William J. Chamblis

I don't really care about the colors on the blog, but I do care about D.C.'s right to vote! I hardly have a patriotic bone in my body, but I get all misty eyed when I see the red stars of the D.C. flag, and hear our anthem, "Get the fuck out of my city, you elitist government bastards."

The AIDS benefit concert was great, except the one moment when the speaker, Dr. Klaus, made a ludicrous and offensive equation of Shariah law with the AIDS epidemic.

Shariah law, the Islamic legal code, is as much capable of creating true justice, and as open to misinterpretation by religious extremists, as any system of law rooted in a religious philosophy. While Shariah law makes no mistake about the illegality and immorality of slavery, we can't say as much for the Bible or the Torah. And far worse than cutting off hands for stealing was done to our Anabaptist ancestors by "Christian governments." Just ask Michael Sattler where his tongue is.

not lili taylor...but close

l333333333333333333t!Hey, get your l33t on.

Also: Weiss, I am so looking at you about this ballot-stuffing thing. I mean really! There are only 36 people registered on the blog, and apparently 38 of us have already voted. I mean, I know you don't often have the chance to vote, but still.

And is Ben Friesen going out with Lili Taylor or what?

Personally, I care so much about the future of our blog that I voted THREE times. Has anyone else realized the loophole in the blogpoll system and have taken upon themselves to express their opinion multiple times? Right now the count is even.

Monday, December 01, 2003

BeFr + LiTy


Saul Alinsky used to tell a personalized variation of the joke about voting. In his version, he was a participant in a debate in Louisiana where his opponent was trying to denigrate Alinsky's sense of public duty. "And Mr. Alinsky here," said his opponent, "only cares about the future of our state enough to vote one time!"

damn french elitists, posting articles in french without a translation

Click heels three times...Montréal picture

Just some great post-autumn Montreal pictures.

Also: turns out my neighbourhood may have the highest rate of nonmarried cohabitation in the western world. Kinda exciting, and explains alot about me as well.

Finally: looks like a bring-your-own-pot café has opened in my area. Police came and arrested a few people, but organizer says "Only about two or three people left because of the police, the rest are still there." Classic.

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