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"An industrial capitalist society that does not recognize ecological limits but only perpetual economic expansion and has the profit motive as driver, will eventually consume and destroy itself."

"But we will all be taken down with it."

David Orton

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Sunday, February 29, 2004

my spring break events:

I got very lost trying to find the undisclosed location.

I dressed up for an interview with a man who had a huge semi-patched whole in the ass of his pants.

I watched the carthegineans

watched the oscars

didn't really get anything done today, but that's okay because I'm pretty much wrapped up on the brief. took a nap on Celeste's bed while she talked to her parents downstairs. ate dinner with the housemates. talked to my sister on the phone. might catch her at the black cat tomorrow.

continuing the spring break updates:
nothing terribly intereating, but i've had a great time! meg and I spent the entire day "urban backpacking" with my dad. we intended to wander through neighborhoods and trails between maryland and the kennedy center to catch the free bobby mcfarin show, but only made it to dupont for some beers. i'm exhausted, next up, NYC!

returning to the mindless state of boredom
out of all the things I didn't pack, why did my ps1 have to be one of them?
Muncie, Yorktown, and Ball State are still boring as all out. Also, found out I'm only really spending two full days in Arizona. At least it's a slight break from Indiana..
here's what's happened so far:
-Went to watch Peter Cook at BSU for Deaf Awareness Week
-Went to favourite coffee house (which was packed unfortunately due to a concert, and well, it was a bit too chilly to stay outdoors, so couldn't stay for the concert)
-Wandered my friend's dorm trying to find her room (managing to get everywhere without a BSU ID card to get through security)
-Visited my older brother & his 18 year old fiance
-watched a lot of children's programing on the Disney channel
-and found out my mom's boyfriend's daughter has been arrested.. she sent a girl to the hospital..
oh and still no call from the production assistant about the internship...

I think I'm going to go back to reading Why Men Rule by Steven Goldberg.

From the APPE:

Number of times "Our neighbours from the North" were brought up as societal ethical role models : 3
Percentage of people who were balding like motherfuckers: 45%
Sessions I went to: 5
Sessions I skipped: 1
Sessions my Catholic friend (who drove my out there) skipped: 3
Time it took debating with him before I remembered that he's an ultra-ultra-Catholic: 20 seconds
Good, ethical conversations I had: 6

Also, just for fun, here are the other undergraduate presentations that won:
"On Granting Moral Status to the Embyo"
"An Argument in Favour of Selflishly-Motivated Service"
"The Shield Association: to Preserve and Improve our Law Enforcement"
"Global Government Through Global Economics: A Practical Guide to a Just World Government"
"A Social Contractarian Approach to Capital Punishment" and
"The Case for Humanitarian Intervention."
I'm not even kidding.

In other news, Happy February 29th! Have a good time, and do something crazy.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Delayed victory

I also made the penguin bounce 593.5 feet, and if I knew how to post screenshots I'd prove it.

Meanwhile: What does one wear to an important interview? I'm scared.

spring break so far
eating at san marcos - descovering they have a new menu and new prices (3 bucks for a quesadilla! - however the cashier charged me the old price)
2/3 of a 40 left a brick drank at rubber.
2-3 beers
drunken argument with ben friesen on the merits of the play carthaginians (not the performance)
drunken dancing with rob and kate to the rapture
sleeping on a couch a rubber
waking up at 6 to eat waffles, watch the sunrise, watch cartoons
going back to sleep at brick
having a nightmare about my senior recital, which included me not having any pants for a while
waking up at 1:30, finishing vineland by thomas pynchon
playing adventure - a text adventure game - on the mac
having my contact come off of my iris and because i had been wearing my contacts all through the night it stuck like a motherfucker and hurt like fuck to get off and when i finally got it off it left a red outline

not bad so far

This boy's life among the electrical lights
There is nothing better than new porn in the morning.

don't refrigerate
don't use metal bowl or spoon for mixing
if air gets in the bag, let it out
day 1 squeeze
day 2 squeeze
day 3 squeeze
day 4 squeeze
day 5squeeze
day 6 add one cup flour 1 cup sugar one cup milk squeeze
day 7 squeeze
day 8 squeeze
day 9squeeze
day 10 in large non--metal bowl combine batter w/ 1 cup flour 1 cup sugar and 1 cup milk Mix w/ wodden spon. pour 3/4 cup starters into sepatate 1 gal. zip lock bags give the four starters away, MF
to the remaining batter add
1 cup oil
i cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
3 large eggs
1/2 teaspoon
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
2 cup flour
1/2 cup milk
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 large instant vanilla powder
2 tsp cinnamon

in separate bolw, mix 1 tsp cinnamon and 2 tsp sugar and sprinkle into 2 well-greased loaf pans before pouring in the batter. bake at 325 for one hour

Friday, February 27, 2004

So I had this dream last night that I was driving through New Mexico and all the rocks were red.Why I Haven't Written More

Sorry Jules. I've been very busy. I feel like I have nothing to talk about.

Though I have started wasting time by reading the GW Law message board. People were arguing about gay marriage. I threw out my argument of "the problem isn't that Massachusetts giving gays and lesbians marriage licenses isn't that it will break down the traditional family but rather that it won't break it down enough." No one picked up. They were too busy talking about how this is/isn't/could/couldn't lead to people marrying Golden Retrievers.

And now they're all onto that new Mel Gibson movie. But hey, as someone once pointed out to me, if George Washington University won't make you anti-Semitic, nothing will.

I am refusing to leave my room until one of these three things happen

1. I find my ATM card
2. The production manager of Lonesome Jim calls
3. The bank opens

I think my best bet is the 3rd, see you all tommorow morn


The presentation was given. It rocked the ethical house. There were many questions, they were nervously but intelligently answered. Copies of the paper were requested and sent out. Backs were patted all around. It is over. It feels so good. Now I can sleep in peace in my little Sheraton hotel room and go back to being a little weird and out of it. Because really, I have two post-docs less and twenty fewer years than your average ethics confence attendee (but three times as much hair!)

and i wasted the entire happy-go-moinkaly lucky shpadoinklely...dayyyyyy in the fucking mac lab finishing the card for my stupid senior show and it sucks who's getting sloshed tonight john's in i'm hungry this two cups of water for breakfast and toast for lunch thing is bull shit i'm getting me some hearty top ramen for dinner and for the record i am formally boycotting punctuation and linear thought till break is over. shit

Wait a minute!
Julia, are you saying that my blogs aren't interesting? Might I suggest the procrastination game posted in the wee hours of thursday morning?

What a shpadoinkle day!

The sky is blue and all the leaves are green.
The sun's as warm as a baked potato.
I think I know exactly what I mean,
When I say it's a shpadoinkle day.

This song's been stuck in my head all day.
Because it truly is a shpadoinkle day and maybe because I've been watching Cannibal! The Musical over and over and over again.

Dammit, someone post something interesting on the blog! I'm getting to the point where I actually have to write my spanish paper for lack of interesting distractions.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Funky Flibbertigibbet

The mac lab stunk today; everyone who entered, commented on how much it stunk. "Oh man, I haven't taken a shower in days, My clothes are months old and my socks stink." I didn't say anything though. Instead, two other people volunteered their own putrid feet as the cause of the skankiness. Score!

Here's a good article about the obvious movie. Have a good time during your break in Goshen. I'd suggest you come visit me, but it would just end up with me being bitter, overworked, and unpleasant. I'll see you all soon enough.

"Recrudescent;" it does have a use! (semicolens? I still don't know how to use them)

"As I imagine the possibility of a recrudescent winter, I have found myself unable to enjoy the wonderful weather and am therefore curled up in front of my computer in the corner of my living room next to the wall where the phone line connects. Fucking poo."

Shit! People are going to be pissed with me!

Just so everybody knows, I made a mistake in The Communicator today. Student tickets for Carthaginians are $10 for students, except for Thursday and SUNDAY when they are $7! (Friday admission is still $10.)

and then sometimes i eat some some crack for rugglets and it went poof

Funny you should mention it...

I just got back from a critic's screening of The Passion of the Christ in downtown London at the Odeon (the movie doesn't open here for another month or so). We were handed this folder with production notes in it which quote Mel Gibson as saying, "My ultimate hope is that this story's message of tremendous courage and sacrifice might inspire tolerance, love, and forgiveness." It also says it took seven hours each day to put on James Caviezel's incredibly gory make-up every day. And it shows. For most of the film, Jesus becomes little more than a gory lump that leaves bloody smears all over the place as it gets dragged from one torture chamber to another. He is the ultimate object of redemptive violence.

Its hard not to see this particular take on Jesus as a reflection on the omnipresent violence in our society. By isolating the most action-packed 12 hours of Jesus life, Gibson has created an Xtreme Jesus that fits well along side every other Xtreme product being peddled these days. Jesus's life and teachings are marginal, fragmented into flashbacks that give little context to the horror we see on the screen, let alone a coherent vision of "tolerance, love, and forgiveness." The vicious anger and condemnation we see from the Pharisees and the Sanhedrin seems unwarranted to the point of absurdity and there is no hint of the radical Jesus that threatened the power of the Jewish and Roman authorities.

Though Gibson may have been trying to get beyond the romantic, sterile, and even saccarine portrayals of the crucifiction so common in Jesus movies, he ended up with a portrait of Jesus that is just as dangerous. We end up with a neatly packaged divine scapegoat sent by God to be beaten, punched, kicked, scourged, whipped, gouged and battered for our sins. A bloody sacrifice and nothing more.

Jesus Christ!

It's absolutely ridiculous! It makes my stomach twist. When people talk about "The Passion of The Christ", you'd swear that they thought it was actually the Son of Man on the silver screen instead of Mel. Fucking ridiculous.

Charlie Charlie Smells like poo; Charlie Charlie Just like you.
oh man, this game rules!
(I made it)

"I mean, I feel like..."

"Untrained in logical analysis, ill-equipped to develop and construct formal arguments about issues, unused to mining texts for deposits of factual material, the students fell back to what they could truly call their own: what they felt about things. When feelings and attitudes are the main referents of argument, to attack any position is automatically to insult its holder, even to assail his or her perceived 'rights'."
-Robert Hughes, "A Culture of Complaint"

That's right MFs, next time you hear another fucking millennial start a sentance with "I feel..." now you know who to blame it on.

Joel Fath "feels like shit"

I feel happy because we had pizza, doughnuts, pineapple soda, and Lotsa Cola. Es Bueno.

Charlie Charlie, Chuck Chuck Chuck
Went to bed with three wee ducks.

Charlie Charlie went to sleep;
Three wee ducks began to weep.

When the sun did greet the morn,
Three wee ducks they all were gone.

-Greta, "The Cartheginians"

Is there a light in the darkroom?
-Ben Beachy

"I am the carrot of life,
those who eat of me will not go blind.
And if you eat of my orangeness
you shall see forever, you shall see forever.
And I will be a baby carrot,
and I will be a baby carrot,
and I will be a baby carrot on the la-ast day"

Ah yes...sleeeeep

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

"If amethysts could sing...they would sound like Judy Collins."

me me me
I'll be here. That's right I'll be here saving my boss' ass. I'll work everyday of break except the first sunday while he is in Flordia. God my life sucks.

Oooh me, me!!

the joy of travel
so here I find myself sitting in Kidron, OH with nothing to do and bored outta my mind! the joy of admission travel... why am i here?

I will also be living it up in the mid-west, so much for juvinile trips to New Orleans, or say the sunny Dominican, for now on my spring breaks are right here, if for no other reason but to symbolize my adultish maturity. My ability to stay in one spot. To settle down. Thats right folks, I am prime marriage material.

Actually I just don't won't to risk losing the internship. Since I have no experience, I figure I'll up my chances by at least being existent.
ho hum


After I get back from my ethics conference it's all G-Town, baby.

spring break in goshen!!!
so who's going to be around goshen for spring break?

The two sides of Mr. Robin Wenger

look at those dreamy eyes...ssoooooooooooo Nosely!

44% Yankee, um, yeah.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

who is actually aboard the USS Shoup?
Alburn Binkley, erin bontrager, Tim Nafziger, meg schrock, Jesse Miller, ajh, sara, Christina Cruz, laura reist, hallie pritts, johnez fo-sheezy, Soooo Nosely Sausage, andrea milne, Ben Beachy, Valerie Amstutz, Emily Rodgers, hideat tewolde, kate schrock, Adam Derstine, Sarah Shirk, paul horst, lauren metcalf, celeste grace, sean kauffman, mary beechy, sarah phend, sasha, Erini Ypparila, eric diener meyer, katie Hochstedle, joel fath, tasara redekopp, Lo Tigre Mulleto, wanabanana banana, mike shank, julia hershberger, friend, Ross Bay, Landon Yoder, Katie O'Hara, eric kanagy, Sondra Eby, and Derek Bontreger

Robin, this is for you.

Hey Jeremy B Yoder, I think we went to highschool together (LMH)
explaining my mutual interest in Lancaster.

Meg, you are the greatest. This woman would like to thank you with a giant yellow card. I would like to thank you in a rather more sensible way.I Love Meg!

Everybody, Meg has agreed to pick me up from the train station in Elkhart on Tuesday morning, March 9 becaue she's just that cool. Please kiss or hug her when you see her next, as appropriate.

Dude, I can't wait to see you guys (esp. Meg)! Mostly because y'all are so great, but also because by that time I will be done with all this work.

thank you daddy
my new toy came in the mail today... it's a iPaq Pocket PC. I definately feel spoiled since I merely mentioned it and then dad just gave it to me, but really don't care. Been having fun making themes for it... also installed Sega games... just another distraction from my edumacation...

Failure of a stick man

() = head

__l__ = arms and torso

l l_ = waist extention of left arm

/ \ = legs


It hurts
() <--- here too
I want this so bad it hurts, ow........right here -----> __l__
l l_ < and numb here
/ \

(sigh of a barely audible "christ" goes here)


"You blew a good thing."

What David Letterman whispered into Harvey Pekar's ear after his last appearance on "Late Night."

i'm 57% (Dixie). Barely into the Dixie category.
alternate score: 70% (Dixie). A definitive Southern score!
who was it that didn't know what a brew thru was? haven't y'all ever been to the beach?

Four more chances

If you haven't had a chance to support your local (starving) theater, you still have four more chances: this Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. See what one of our biggest fans (aka Eric Diener Meyer's mom) had to say:

To all the good folks at New World Players:
It was a great show the other evening - I'm still thinking about it, and all the levels at which it touched me.  Thanks for bringing this kind of theatre to Goshen.
Brenda Meyer

EMU says, "hi!"
This is Jeremy B. Yoder of The Agora, just writing to thank all you wonderful Shoupers for linking to our little corner of the Internet, and for putting the link in the company of the one to The Onion, no less.

This is also to say that we haven't been doing absolutely nothing for the last three weeks; the second issue is now online. I think I speak for the entire Agora staff when I say that this means we've put nearly twice as much work into this little vanity publication as we had when we'd only put out one issue.

Yo, it's on.
By Bonnie Britton, Indy Star
"Lonesome Jim," an independent feature directed by Steve Buscemi and starring Liv Tyler ("The Lord of the Rings" films) and Casey Affleck ("American Pie 2"), starts pre-production in the northern Indiana city of Goshen on Monday.

The low-budget movie, a comedy-drama about a dysfunctional family, was written by James C. Strouse, formerly of Goshen and now a New York fiction writer.

"Lonesome Jim" is described as a man (Affleck) who returns to his Indiana hometown after failing on his own in New York. While living with his parents, he's faced with "crippling family obligations."

Because a winter setting is required for the film, shooting is expected to begin the second week of March and conclude by the first week in April.

Buscemi, currently seen in "Big Fish" and as a semi-regular on "The Sopranos" on HBO, is producing with Manhattan-based Plum Pictures.
Got resumé?

Monday, February 23, 2004

Kratz 4 Panty Night

Look what else is making the news in Lancaster.

Kerry Makes Whistle-Stop Tour
From Deck Of Yacht

And elsewhere

Englishwoman In Trouble For Registering Cows To Vote

Deer Vandalizes Hot Tub Business


Topless Coffee Shop's Prospects Not Percolating

What they're protesting in Lancaster these days
Watch Elizabeth Bontrager's dad doing his best as a voice for the voiceless (or at least those who refuse to use their voice for religious reasons).

Shapiro are cool. And they're all so young, that's the weird part. The guitar player is like, 18. I told them to drop out of school and work on making it as musicians. They're better the Ben Folds, and he did it.

But now that I've blown off the weekend, I'm going to be very very busy. Very busy. So I won't be posting much. But I'm writing now to let Katie know that when you graduate they send you a card asking how you want your name on your diploma and what year you want to be associated with for reunions. You get to pick. It's pretty cool.

Are you perhaps trying to get rid of munch money? I might come anyway, gotta eat.

Who's going to come eat with me in the Fraker at 2pm? Anyone? Anyone?

Sunday, February 22, 2004

From the News Desk of The Guardian:
Doctors alert Australia to perils of Barbie pill. Its side-effects include an artificial tan, increased libido and weight loss.

US soldier on frontline in battle for refugee status. Family moved to Canada after private refused to fight in 'dehumanising' Iraq war.
Hell of news cycle. In other news, my grandmother is unwell. Let's think of her.

46% (Yankee). Barely into the Yankee category.

Yep, that's what I got. Just made it. I think if I had known the word for a drive through liquor store (which I have seen before) I would have made it into the south.
Also, I reccomend a new poll to find out what I should do with my hair after the play. Although I suppose the answer is obvious.

Just so everyone is informed
That cute little boy that we call "Ross" and the kick-ass-cool girl I call Erin Zaleski (or wife of Ross's best friend Ben Erb), were, at the time that picture was taken, not ONLY Teens of the Month but ALSO student counsil presidents. Can we say "success monopoly"...? (This coming from the bitter salutatorian who graduated 8th in her class, paritially because of those two.) Just kidding, though. Comforting elbow hugs all around!





Damn, looks like my four years in the belly of the beast have taken their toll (at least linguistically): according to this test, I am "66% Dixie. A definitive Southern score!"

as ross would say in a truly ross voice:
"snaps for the cast of carthagininans" and then snap some.

by the way, ben, you make a great puff


I am excited, or would be if duane wasn't screwing us all over. That's what part 1 was about.

Part 2 was about the possibility of other things being exciting as well. I would never try to quell anyones excitement, just add to it.

part 3 is about jim strouse, who really gets me excited.

part 4 is that my last name is Meyer.


stop. we are allowed to be excited, hell, ecstatic about this. you would be too.


1: no you may not have real life experience. if i allowed you to have real experiences everyone else would want them and then i would be lonely. i don't want to be lonely. i want people to listen to me and love me. even in march. ah march, how i love you.

2: if steve doesn't want you on the weekends, I'll bet there would be some other good places to get some real life experience in communication and the arts. maybe some local places even. maybe even places that need your help more than steve fucking buscemi.

3: Jim Strouse cartoons rock!



I'd like to talk with Bryan. My understanding is that students would only
be involved if they could do so without missing classes. I'd be very
uncomfortable seeming to bless requests for missing a month of classes. I'm
going to need to require attendance in class  as always, or there would
potentially be a substantial exodus from my classes during this month. The
best bet would be to see if you can help on a part-time basis, say late
afternoons and evenings, or weekends.

I do hope it works out for you and many others to participate. What a great
experience it would be.


In True Schrock Form
As it usually happens with those of us who have spent our college years the middle social echelon, I spend last evening wandering from party to party being either thoroughly bored or making a giant ass of myself. However, the excitement of the evening took place hours before the festivities began when Sara and I made a stellar batch of 28 "kenyan" samosas. The preparation of the hour and a half long meal would have been excitement enough if I hadn't decided to up the ante by sticking two of my fingers in the boiling hot vat of oil where the samosas where supposed to go. After having spent the night in wrapped in gauze and in critical condition, both fingers are doing much better but remain bright red from mid-finger to the tip and are still tender to the touch. Oh God, the typing, the typing, it's me death, oh the pain, the pain...ha ha, I can still type, nothing will stop me from typing on my computer, it's mine, and I love it and we will have many babies together. MINE!!!

p.s. fuck you steve buchemilienimineevee, how the hell am I supposed to give up from 10-8 for a whole fucking month if I plan to fucking graduate, I hate you, I want you, I hate you, damn you STEVE!! I hate you. ARrrggg, I'm so torn. I could have been involved with an independed film production company, my dream, my desire, the perfect job, I would have fucking sone anything for you, I hate you steve, but, God, I'd love to be a part of your fucking film. just let me be a camera intern and a graduate, that's all I ask.

p.p.s. Isn't "aposer" a funny non-word

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Report from Settlers of Catan Tournament#1 Question about this graphic: what is with that woman's top, okay?

So I went to the Settlers of Catan Tournament in Palmyra, placing 17th out of 28 competitors. It was about the most fun I've had for $5 in a really long time. Though I guess it was more than just $5 because I'll have to kick in a few bucks for Harvard House's snacks tomorrow.

Jeff, "Team DC's" star player managed to come in fourth, but was unable to secure any of the three coveted trophies for the event.

But now I'm at home. My parents have gone to bed. I'm staying up because my little sister just called and said she's on her way home. I'm sleepy because of my new vice: chamomile tea with lots of milk.

i guess that answers that question.

is this a new css style trend that will end after a relatively pointless poll involving sailors, or did someone forget to close their strong tag?

Celebrate Scholar Day!
In honor of this fine day I'm going to work on my paper.


No, really , I'm starting right after this blog.


Graduate at 25, it's even better. But honestly being a baby sitter in a foreign country is probably worth it. Becoming a transient student is debatable; how much do you like the sophmores?
Oh, and surfing? Dude. Although, do they have serious waves in Spain?

Maybe it's the seasonal affective disorder speaking, or the late hour, or hell even the shroooooooooooommmmmssssss (just kidding........seriously guys) but I was thinking....

1. I want a baby
2. I want a euromale
3. I want out of Goshen
4. I want to learn more Spanish
5. The Jackson Five are really good, hmm, too bad their dad was an ass

Putting 2 and 2 together, and excluding 5, I came up with a grand idea...

I should skip a year and become an Aupair in Spain.

Don't worry, I know this brings up a lot of issues

1. Rubber has my commitment, so if I were to make this decision I would need to find a hot man to take my place (I got your back Eric)
2. Would I have to start paying back my loans before I graduate?
3. Graduate at the ripe old age of 24?
4. I want to go to reunions with my current class, actually with the class before me, but I'll deal.
5. That makes the day that I never have to live here again even further away.

BUT A BABY! Small, warm, bundle of unending love!

Plus maybe I could live near the ocean and learn how to surf like the chick in Blue Crush.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Say my name, bitch!

So I don't go out. Guilherme doesn't pick up when I call his phone so I decide to stay in. We're going to Lancaster early tomorrow morning for a Settlers tournament anyway. And while I'm packing Free Speech Radio News is on, and I realize that it's the last day for the pledge drive. So I call in and give them $35, money I maybe should have saved for visiting all of you, but hey, I need to be able to vote in station elections. It was good that I called in during FSRN because we need to show that we support radical news programs especially now as some folks are making claims about white radicals taking over the station. Take a look at some pictures of those white radicals. Where does Marc Fisher get off?

But anyway, they promise to say my name on the radio. I call Ang over and make her listen with me, but it goes on for a while without any luck. I yell at the radio some, but that doesn't work. Finally they do say it, but they mispronounce the last name in the usual way. They also refer to me as someone who is "involved with the community." I swear I'm not making that up. Maybe because I refered to DC Justice & Unity by name. But how couldn't I? Dude, Darby is so cute.

feelgood picture of the day:

kids and cellos! motherfuckin' yeah!

boffee clog update!
link now...

Q: What's creepier than an ordinary creepy dream?
A: A creepy boy-girl-boy three-way sex dream involving people who don't really even know each other in real life.
Q: Wow! That's pretty creepy. What's a lot less creepy than that?
A: Dreaming that you transferred to a law school in the Florida Keys.

Past and Future Cuban SSTers

First of all, I would like to say that I realize that this is the worst idea ever, but I think it would be fun anyway. Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights comes out next week and I think it would be fun to get a group together sometime to go see it. Whether the movie looks good or not is irrelevant to me; I kind of feel obligated to see it just because I lived in Cuba--and more specifically, Havana--for a very short time. (And I realize that it was actually filmed in Puerto Rico, but it would be interesting to at least see how they portray Havana.) If people are interested, we should do it; if not, then I'll just order it on NetFlix when it comes out.

Movie Still Frame

Dude, we sooo rocked back then.

p.s. celeste is the one with the pony tail, hadley is the one in the back, kate has the super cool old navy vest on, and I'm the one with the floppy-moppy poo hair.

In the news

My day has arrived. When I got to Merit, the alternative high school where I work, yesterday I found I had made it onto the much acclaimed "Merit in the News" bulletin board next to articles from local papers about the program, and Hadley's wedding annoucement (Hadley Lehman Bachman, who grew up with me, Kate, Meg, and Magdalen Hess, got married this summer and now lives in cape verde. She told me about the job at Merit.)

Anyway, I felt very honored that they put up the picture from the South Bend Tribune. And it's a good picture, unlike the ones from Model UN where I look drunk. I love me some Bolivarian Revolution, and some Flor de Cana.

When I tried to find a picture of Hadley on the web, my search was fruitless. Guess she needs to go to more Sojourners poetry readings.

Breaking the 5000 barrier

It's official, AdBusters now has more than 5000 preorders for its black spot sneaker and you don't have to choose between the lesser of sweatshop shoe evils anymore. Isn't it ironic?

So i'm listening to WGCS and the female voice (Regina, Susan?) has challanged people to go on dates outside of their "groups" and if they do, she may pick up the tab.

Jordan said he will get four "girls" from theater to go with four "guys" from the sports team next weekend, so theater ladies if your him on up.

warning: it seems to include a good night kiss.

Oh, and Julia use your imagination, I've come up with several ideas.

The Ushering Position
To gain the position of "usher," one must call after a certain "eric d m."

The Ushering Position

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Meeee toooo!

How does one go about acquiring an ushering position?

(Hmmm...I wonder what exactly the "ushering position" would look like?)

Mi Casita is closed...I went to El Camino Royale #4 with Katie instead
Score, I'm going to see Carthiginians ons Sunday as an usher. I rule!!

dollar beer dollar taco?
i thought mi casita closed down. did it open up again? (is chedda' a synonym for money?)

No Joke... except, yes actually, a joke, but a true one.
Titles of books in the Good Library Juvenile collection:
The House That Crack Built.
First French Kiss and Other Traumas.
Magnus Powermouse.
Bing Bang Boing.
Jock and Jill.

ken ay git a oi oi fer consumerism? oi oi!
there isn't much/anything there yet, so e-mail me and i'll send you the password 'n' stuff if you have some designs you wanna sell, oi oi

Mothe Fuckers
The time has come on this hallowed day-before-friday in the year of our lord jesus christ who is up in heaven looking down for all good men (and women) to come to the call of your country. DOLLAR BEER DOLLAR TACO night!!! ring-a-ling the cave (533-0151) if you need a carriage, for I wilt not imbibe the spirits this eve due to a drought in the chedda' 6:45 MF!!!!

I've sold my soul to Ben & Jerry's.

Last night I purchased my fourth pint of B & J's ice cream for the week. Not only that, but Thursday night I found myself eating their coffee ice cream, browsing through their Web site and contemplating for a half hour what new flavor I could suggest they start making.

In the daytime I'm Mr. Natural, just as healthy as I can be, but at night I'm a junk food junkie; good lord have pity on me.

Somday I'm gonna be famous
(but it's because I can sing)

I sang this on my bike ride to school today:

To God be the glory,
Great things he hath done;
So loved he the world
That he gave us the sun.
Come out from the shadows,
Come frolic, have fun!
Enjoy the warm weather;
Thank God spring has come!

Last night after the Record, I made up an angry song about tampons; it's a little less lyrical:

I hate you fucking tampons of death!!!
you fucking vagina eaters
your rayon sucks, your dioxides suck
and you suck suck suck suck suck


You're made with cottton from the field
it's got pestasides, kill the earth, kill me
your cotton sucks, your dioxides suck
and you suck suck suck suck suck

Funny that: I didn't finish composing that before I got home, I actually stayed awake in bed for a while finishing it. It's amazing how gone your mind is at 4:00 in the fucking morning

Want a great way to not fall asleep?

Erini, you should just join The Record staff. Guaranteed sleepless nights, at least once a week!

Also: Isn't this just the sort of thing to break your heart?
A reprint:
Poetry Corner: Hallie is Dancing
by Aaron Liechty

In the fall night the smell
of oak and maple
lies heavy. leaves gather between the steel tracks
that run south out of sight, and in the brick chapel
that stands near the rails, jacob is wrestling
with God. downstairs
in the lab, ayo is typing
rahul is printing out graphic design
nearby, in gray d, jesse is spilling warm cider
and rachel is walking in leaves

adam and kristina are earnestly seeking
truth (under leaves)
tim and lalo are falling (from the trees)
and someone is shaking behind Yoder hall
someone is shaking with mental disease
but hallie is dancing out by the fountain
hallie is dancing with luke tonight

a girl in a dark room is silently drawing
a hunched man sleeping in a winter night
and hallie is dancing out by the fountain
hallie is dancing with Luke tonight

the only music is out by the fountain
sweet swing music in the amber light
and Hallie is dancing
out by the fountain
hallie is dancing
with luke tonight.
I love you all. Goodnight.

what gets me through record night?
an entire bag of grapes and six packets of crushed saltines.

so i'm revising, but I'm not sure where to go from here. any comments?

Millennial Mennonite Goes to College
-apologies to Julia Kasdorf, David Wright and the rest

I do not dance; I sing bar songs that I learned
from my Dominican host family and down at the Courthouse Pub.
I wash my feet in the shower and wish I could go back to bed.
I only clean up disasters when I can get out of class to do it,
and pray that supper will be provided.
I eat the Lords Supper every chance I get: Triscuits with Brie and a Stroh's
because I can't afford the wafers or wine but you're bringing the cheese.
I suffer for the cause like Keanu Reeves and Felix Manz
because The Man wont let me drink on campus and
quizzes me over the reading every Wednesday.
I don't have a recipe for Borscht or the time to make it.
I drink another Stroh's and know I will never be perfect as Lebowski is perfect,
as White Russians and Nihilism are perfect.

My heavenly father is dead or napping but The Dude abides forever.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

and one time at band camp....

youins, read now...

fair trade @ gc & fair trade blog @ gc

hey ya'll. so, here's a little project i want input on. part of my work this semester is continuing the information stream regarding the gospel of fair trade coffee. as you can see the college has signed on, granting the project webspace. in the coming months a website in addition to the blog explaining fair trade and offering more information about the recent media trip to el salvador will be posted. plans are for a flash site and a text-only site.

i want your ideas as to how we can best use this space to talk about fair trade coffee, globally and locally. as articles are released from our media team i will post them on the blog with photos. i would encourage you all to e-mail me links to articles you come across in your web browsing.

i envision the blog as a space where students can be kept up-to-date on the progress of the new coffee shop being planned for the infill.

here is a visual breakdown of the file structure i am considering...

roar! i don't like how this rendered. list tags. bah. help...

any input is welcome. anyone wanting to play around with styles and colorings let me know. i am currently in the design stage of choosing colors and thinking about the look of the, and want suggestions and ideas.

this project, although austensibly being organized by myself, should reflect a broader range of ideas than just my own. as the college commits to installing a new coffee shop and considers the fair trade question, let us use this blog and webpage to further the education of persons on campus and in our community.

sigue adelante

In Other News
Howard Dean announces he's quitting the race and his loyal bloggers respond at a rate of 7 comments per minute in the first hour.

I wonder what the record is for comments per minute.

wednesday nights are open mic at dembufskys and oedipus will be playing one of their classics. come out and see them if you can.


Just a reminder that the New World Players season starts this week. Come see Carthaginians this Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as next Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Since you're a student, you get a discount! Come see Ben Friesen, Nicole Miazgowicz, Robin Wenger, PR's Rachel Lapp and me attempt Northern Irish accents. You also get to see Friesen in drag, Wenger with a mullet and me with some Skanky McNasty hair. (For more information, look for posters around campus or go to

Language and adult material may not be suitable for children.

ShapiroWell now, it seems you *are* going my way, doesn't it?

So my second cousin Joel is coming up from EMU on Sunday. His friends have a gig at The Warehouse Theatre. Check them out. They're pretty interesting. I'm excited to catch up with Joel.

this is just to say

I have heard
that the movie
directed by steve buscemi

and which
they were maybe
going to film in goshen

is happening
in goshen
in march.

would you like some coffee? photocopies? there are some things that are worth a "w".

The people have spoken

dirty sailor!

Also: just for the kenags, this.

Oh goody goody goody! I saw an un-named chapel scanner lady (coughecky coughorst) actually running (coughwhichmustbetoughconsideringthesizeofstickshehasshovedupher coughass) across campus to report the busy-bodied students she caught skipping a well intentioned reflection chapel because those hard-working students probably had some library reading they needed to get done or something. heh heh, fortunately i saw the capture iin action and stuck out the other door, wee hee hee!

wow kate, that's great.
omg, the last 12 e-mails i've sent have been to people who's names start with "j"
and to no one person more than 5 times. crazy.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Vote early and often
Uh, in case you didn't notice you can vote as many times as you want in the poll. And yes, I voted three times just to test the loophole thoroughly...

bah, sleep
So.. I've got an EEG on Thursday.. and well, they're only allowing me 4 hours of sleep before hand.. and no caffiene.. anyone have any ideas on things to waste my night away on?? I've already rejected a Star Wars marathon..not that I don't like the flicks, but my goal is to stay awake.. movies = sleepy erini. Also, I refuse to spend that time studying.. if anyone has a video game system that they'd be willing to let me borrow, you'd be my hero.

CoffeeCeci, ce n'est pas une tasse de cafe. Also, y'all really have to start using alternate text. It's so cool.

I usually avoid this stuff, but I needed to get some work done this afternoon. I have to admit, I think I'm really getting what's going on in Civil Procedure.

But hey yeah, it was great to get to see all of you guys. Y'all are fuckin' fantastic and I am fully reminded of that now that I'm back. Though people here do go on dates and worry about when to call or when they should worry about not being called, which is amusing. But y'all are much cuter.

Anyone who I didn't see, or didn't see as much of as I should have, I am sorry. However, keep hope alive! I will be back in Goshen for the week that follows your spring break, as I mentioned to many of you. During that time I promise that I will make a greater effort to hang out with everyone who I didn't see enough of this past weekend.

Metro justice is delighted to be linked to your noble shoup endeavor! We especially like the dirty sailors.

And, Sasha, the Pearl editorial staff would gladly suck your ass in the case no worthy conservative blog can be found.

First off: Girls eating sandwiches!

The Whos down in Whoville liked this country a lot,
But the Grinch in the White House, he really did not.
He didn't arrive by the will of the Whos,
But stole the election he really did lose.
Vowed to "rule from the middle," then installed his regime.
(Did this really happen or is it a bad dream?)

Didn't listen to voters, just friends he was pleasin'
Now, please don't ask why, no one quite knows the reason.
It could be his heart wasn't working just right.
It could be, perhaps, that he wasn't too bright.
But no doubt the most likely reason of all,
Is that both brain and heart were two sizes too small.
In times of great turmoil, this was the bad news,
To have a big gummint that ignores its Whos.

There's more. Check it out

Finally: Conservative blogs can suck my ass

Monday, February 16, 2004

So here is this nice little contribution that I got today form a certain GC faculty member... enjoy!
While suturing a laceration on the hand of a 70-year-old Texas rancher (whose hand had caught in a gate while working cattle), a doctor and the old man were talking about George W. Bush being in the White House. The old Texan said, "Well, ya know, Bush is a 'post turtle'."

Not knowing what the old man meant, the doctor asked him what a post turtle was.

The old man said, "When you're driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that's a post turtle." The old man saw a puzzled look on the doctor's face, so he continued to explain, "You know he didn't get there by himself, he doesn't belong there, he can't get anything done while he's up there, and you just want to help the poor stupid bastard get down."

Goshen College Sapometer predicts March 10 as first day of spring;
Punxsutawney Phil protests, then joins efforts

Also known as: "Ben Friesen makes an ass out of himself while people freeze nuts off; shits and giggles had by all."

Sunday, February 15, 2004

it's ass cold
so you should come to rubber
'cause there's a fire
in a good sorta way
at 8pm
rock on
fire on
and bring something to eat or drink, you know, something to keep you all toasty like inside

Comments son finito.

Sailors, however, are just getting started.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Questions for a music major
Can somebody please define for me (in musical terms and related to the infamous Charles Sanders Peirce) what it means to "stress the primacy of continuity in phenomena." I'm at a loss.

we were debating if the comments were a good thing or not, so we decided to try them out until there were any major objections, then we'd remove them, so they're gone now... bitch :)

in other news:
this weather is amazing! if your not out making snow angels or bike riding or snowboarding or taking a walk with that special valenitine of yours or whatever, you are missing out, damn that's fine sun... bitch...
on the other hand, if you are not doing any of the above, then your nipples probably don't hurt like mine do, damn it's cold
oh yeah, happy valentines day

How the hell do you sell a shirt with an animated gif on it?

Like, is it random which words you get printed on the computer screen? or did they some how figure out a way to put animated gifs on t-shirts. this is very disturbing. I want an animated gif t-shirt. and I am painting right now, in case anybody cares to save me from the horrible monotony of creation.


Rundown: Concert was great. Mirror was great. Science Olympiad—also great. Conducting workshop=awesome. 'Comments' feature on a page where everybody just blogs their comments already: awful. I'm putting a new poll up about it (Jo-Ann Brant won the last one by 43.2% over Johnny D's 38.6%), but I'm pretty sure this is going to have to go. In the meantime, check out the shirt! Only $15... and "Makes a great gift for conservative parents to give to their misunderstood loved one's!"


He lies like a bastard! With pretzel-retching action
"Dishonest Duubya" Lying Action Figure

This just in:
In an attempt to cross culture boundaries and expand communication skills, Meg Schrock, a senior at Goshen College, joined an expedition team heading towards an ruthless and chronically inebriated culture called College Party: Mirror House. In an attempt to assimilate with the foreign culture, she adopted traditional garb and applied ceremonial face paint. She also removed her glasses which are considered taboo by the foreign culture. The evening took a turn for a worse when Schrock, unable to recognize herself, attempted to begin a conversation with her reflection in the mirror-wall. Authorities attribute the confusion to the loss of glasses and chemicals seeping into the brain via imbibed substances and leakage from the massive amounts of makeup.

i'm pretty sure this is illegal, but thanks to david housman:
here's a list of GC students by their first name?
and by their phone?

My crotch

I thought it was just that I had been really forgetful lately (after all, I am pretty stressed); but in reality these U.S. Polo pants that I'm now wearing has a zipper that slowly unzips on its own.

I have the hic ups, woe to me. Party was boring. I'm int&xica#ed. Good night.

Friday, February 13, 2004


Okay I am in Goshen now. Anyone planning on sleeping in Celeste's bed tonight, be warned, I will beat you around the ankles and wrists with a stick until you leave.

Re: Noose & tie

Cocky answer #1: There's a difference?
Cocky answer #2: Neither, it was a tie!

Orchestra concert tonight, y'all. Plan on seeing you all there.

None of you are answering my question!

It's ok I asked around at pirate last night, and here are the results

Sean K. - Dead certain that the tie came first

Peter H.- Dead certain that the collar came first

and today I will be wearing a shirt that thwarts the cliche response, (but whats a collar, without a tie (sean), though I am sure that in this case it is more just a result of fashion evolution. Any who,

This is a lame attempt to blog, and feel like I am contributing at least something

NExt Question:

What came first the noose, or the tie?

Sarah Kate and Ashley: Where are you, fools? Y'all were all like, "Let's leave at 5am!" And I was like, "If you show up at my house before 5:30am I'm gonna throw things at you and go back to bed." So they were going to be here at 5:30. And where are they now? No where to be seen, that's where. Fools.

Eating at Steak 'n Shake alone at 5 A.M.

So, the past three nights my bedtime has been 4:30 A.M., 4:30 A.M. and 5:30 A.M. because of my crazy schedule. Last night I needed an extra boost to continue working--even though I didn't have that much more to do--so, I rode uptown at about 4:30 looking for food. Of course no place was open (not even Taco Bell) so I went out to Steak 'n Shake and, at 4:45 A.M., I ate eggs and bacon and sausage and two pancakes with syrup and orange juice. It was a pathetic sight, but it was satisfying and gave me the energy I needed to continue. It is now almost 2 on Friday morning and I have a five-pager that's due at 9 (haven't started yet), but I just finished my two chalupa clubs and I'm eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's so I'm ready to go. The question remains: Why am I blogging instead of being productive? I do not know.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

As I sat in the rot, watching lavender jazz, in their lavender ties (all except the one woman, who wore a lavender belt) I found myself pondering this question, to which I found no answer (even eicher was unsure) so I thought I would ask my wise friends (yes, you) for perhaps you will hold the answer.
and so, here it is

Which came first, the collar, or the tie?

Yes I realize it is similar to the chicken, egg, thing, but differs in that this one probably has a answerable answer. Garden of eden, shmarden of schmedan.

got bored with the penguin...

Season Tickets!
Yay! You were just asking yourself how you were going to get into all those New World Players shows at a reduced price, and now there's a way! Thank God and Eric Kanagy, they are available just in time for the first show of the 2004 season!

Season Tickets: for four shows...
Regular (Fridays or Saturdays): $55 Adults, $35 Students and Seniors
Matinee (Thursdays or Sundays): $45 Adults, $25 Students and Seniors

This is a great price for 4 shows, especially compared to the show-by-show prices, which would add up to quite a bit more.

I have to sell 20 of these by next thursday, by the way... I'll be taking orders by phone (534-3425), email ( or and even at the Union (probably on Monday). Let your friends know so they can get in on the cheapness as well.

Shoup kills porpoises
Read the full story. I couldn't believe it myself. But apparently Shoup was running mid-range sonar tests which killed some innocent sea creatures. For Shame !!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

This is my Civil Procedure professor. He looks even dorkier in real life, but can be very funny, especially when giving the West Coast in general and California in particular a well-deserved ribbing. He is a really good professor. His name is Professor Smith.

Not much of a day, but I feel I should report anyway. I got called on today in Civil Procedure, which sucked because I hadn't read the McKenna problem very carefully, but didn't suck because I understood the choice-of-law principles behind it. I managed to get off one good laugh from the class by replying, "Um... yes," to a very long and convoluted question. It was, happily, the right answer.

The day was largely boring I suppose because it involved lots of working ahead so I can miss Monday class and see you all. I'll be rolling into town around 4 or 5, first priority probably being catching my sister at the radio station.

Oh, I guess the other interesting thing is that I asked a lot of people who had been to India about whether they too thought that street violence isn't a big threat in various Indian slums, despite the immense poverty. Michael Albert thinks so. They all said that they felt very safe. I then asked them why. They mentioned a lot of different things, but all of them mentioned that there aren't any guns. Which, while I didn't push them on it, doesn't make a lot of sense to me. If you read the police blotter, only a handful of the muggings in DC involve a gun. Most don't even involve knives. It's a lot of pushing, grabbing, and shoving. So I still don't feel like I have a good answer to my question.

Thanks to Sasha for the invite..

Just curious.. did any of you eat at the rot tonight? and if so, did you get hit up to voice your opinion for or against cheerleading at GC? I didn't. Of course, I was at a table full of females like myself. So yeah.
I don't know what to think of this. I'll admit to wanting to be a cheerleader at one point (mainly thoughts of doing so in college)... but I really don't think this is something for GC. I can understand the desire to get more people to go to basketball games or volleyball games.. I'd just rather see the whole GC community go out there and cheer them on. A group of guys and girls in uniform yelling at me is not going to make me have school spirit. Not to mention, where is funding for this going to come from?

hey y'all,
meg, kate and i (and possibly katie o.?) are going to see hedwig and the angry inch (for free) at notre dame tomorrow evening (thursday). john cameron mitchell will be there and will do a q&a afterwards. (we're excited.) there's still room for 1 or 2 more people in my car and we'll be leaving around five from rubber.

and again.

to all those who are wasting away their wednesday hitting penguins:
I would like to issue an official weekly reminder that kate schrock does work at the soda shop on wednesdays, and we seem to have an unusual small number of GC kids show up with the exception of kirsten peterson and the music dept. so drag your ass on over fools!

Once in a weektime oportunity
To anyone who appreciates funny movies: (at least dark funny movies)

there is a showing tonight of the movie "Cold Blooded" in Yoder lounge at 10pm.

Cold Blooded stars Jason Priestly and is co-produced by Michael J Fox. And co-directed by one of the more preeminant writers for the Simpsons. It is dark humor like has never been made before and since, and it is likely that if you don't watch my copy of it, you'll never see it. It is not easy to come by. I believe I owe two years of late payments on it from a certain video rental store in Crete Nebraska.

I suggest it to all who are cool. It is possibly my favorite movie of all time.


Best part of the HO/YDL227C gene presentation this afternoon:

Me: So, because of the spontaneous mating-type switching, in the lab we have to keep this gene from being expressed.
Stan: How do we do this?
Me: Um... gene repression... I think. Pimps up ho's down?

Also, do you just want to join, Erini? 'Cause I can get you the hookup.

593 not a rumor.

It bounced!

press briefing
i was actually watching a rerun of the briefing on CSPAN last night before i went to bed...the press secretary was just so ornary--he kept saying "the records prove" and then they'd ask more questions and then he'd say "the records prove" and then he stopped taking questions on the topic and they all laughed at him. He was just so damn smug with his little smug smile.

In other news: 553, although some have rumored to have gotten 593

Look, this payroll proves he worked. You get paid, therefore you worked. Looky, right here! Payroll records. Look.

Rabid White House Press Corps

Have you ever wanted to see the White House reporters stop being so polite and really stick it to Dubya? Well, Michael Moore seems to have really gotten them going by pointing out that Bush was a deserter. Normally, I'd be all in favor of skipping out on Guard duty, but of course Dubya turned around and sent National Guard reservists to their death for nothing. And suddently the media seems to be taking notice. Yesterday's press briefing is a particularly pleasant read (strangely enough, the video link doesn't seem to work).

all i want to know is:
will janet jackson please give me a call when she arrives? I miss her so much that I am tempted to download all her albums. 534-3425.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The Corporation

Have you ever wished that someone would make a documentary about the inate evilness of massive corporations? Not just about one big bad corporation, but a movie that really showed just how destructive hundreds of immortal greed-motivated "persons" wandering around the earth could be? Well if you made it through that last sentence with enthusiasm intact, then check out the trailer.

(concerning janet jackson coming to goshen)

inhaler? where are you?
green hooded sweater? where are you
black cosmopolitan underwear?.......

Oh, I must simplify my life, but meanwhile if you find any of these objects, you shall be the object of my affection for many years to come. Though I may be confused as to how you came to find my underwear.


O - for those who don't know which K this is. (this has been a complaint before)

poor emily with the broken foot....? I hear a story coming. I want a story. In fact I demand a story to leave us hanging here would by unhumanitarian.

forgot how to log on as self on this here blog thing...anyhow, this is emily rodgers. for some reason, i just remembered that this particular blog existed--i think after reading an onion article that poked a bit of fun at blogs. anyhow, i read this shoup one and saw that julia had noted that i had called from philadelphia. interesting as i am in pittsburgh and, prior to speaking with me, she thought i was in goshen. oh, julia. anyhow, i'm in pitts-town, folking up the city of lost steel mills. you all are so interesting. i had forgotten the gc wit i'd left behind. hmm...i'm not being as witty as the rest of you. except here's something....wasn't sure if "wit" had an h in it, so looked it up on and it suggested i insert the word "whitey." no, that was not what i was going for. well, i'm going to stop writing now as i really have nothing to say. ...except a long and sordid tale involving drinking, falling and foot mashing, which has left me in the broken foot state i am in today.
i shall write again later.

just to clear things up
i win.

Dance of the plastic bag
cat in the bag
Last evening the wind was blowing bristly down the streets of Islington as I walked home. I stopped to watch a plastic bag soaring and dancing in the sky. Of course I thought of American Beauty. I realized I could respond in two ways:

1. How horrible, corporate pop culture has commodied everything, even something as innocent and pure as an empty plastic bag.


2. Wow, that movie really helped me appreciate the simple things in life. Even an empty plastic bag has transendent meaning and beauty.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Tonight is a good night for:
A: Watching the stars.
B: Mr. Merlot.
C: The apex of Mr. Umble's focus.
D: All of the above.
E: and don't forget the love.

So, who's up for a jaunt to Oberlin on sunday? Leave at eight in the morning, spend three blissful hours crossing the frozen midwest with me and all the Irish drinking songs/80's music a heart could desire, lunch in Oberlin and three hours with me as I practice/sleep/worry my ass off, 10-20 minutes of sitting in on/out of my audition, then a maddening pace back to GC directly following. I mean, it's like a dream date, right? Honestly though, there must be some one of you who isn't doing anything else this Sunday. I could even take three.

I'll give you cookies.

'EMU's marketplace of ideas'

Check out The Agora, EMU's new marketplace of ideas.

The HO/YDL227C Gene and Homothallic Switching Endonuclease, by Sasha Dyck

The HO/YDL227C Gene and Homothallic Switching Endonuclease is in the house!

what wcsc where? food?
in true form, former shoupers rocked the free pizza tonight, accounting for at least a quarter of the attendees.

It's Bad News Bears for Sarah Moyer.

Unfortunately for her, I heard her admit (while I was passing through the 'Fraker today) to watching this film last week.

A bad foot year

I renewed my deep love and admiration for Bill Kinsey, the college's physical trainer. Again, he took pity on a certain student with a proclivity toward foot injuries who is uninsured in the state of Indiana. My left foot, which I injured in a hostel in El Salvador while staying up to play poker with a group of pastors and social justice activists, does not have a broken big toe, it's just badly sprained. Therefore, I will have to massage my feet or prey upon others to do so to alleviate 3 weeks of old swelling. Unlike bad foot circulation, Bill Kinsey is awesome.

yeah! I'm so excited not to be vaguely annoying. And Rob you are not the only one to have stopped doing all homework. Screw 5-6 page long papers about crap otherwise know as aesthetics

I mean...
I feel like i kinda want to know what happened at the 20%, 50% and 100% level

Tiny and James

We are clearly sooooooooooooooooooo nosely. Consider yourselves warned at the 10% level.

Next up: Recipes for sausage!

Sunday, February 08, 2004

What we've been up to at Brick House this weekend

brick house, feb 2004

A similar can of beer is available free in Washington, DC!Free Beer!
Seriously, there are three cans of Busch Light just sitting alongside the road. I kicked them and they seemed full. All three are still in the plastic six-pack holder which, much to the detriment of the local small animal population, has not been cut. I didn't have a knife along, or I would have done so. Actually, if I hadn't been running I would have taken them with me.

It's official salty week at rubber house. We've just all been so salty recently, we decided to make it an official function of our house. So come get your salty on and help us get ours on. And by all means, eat some salt, MF.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Homosexual loving: The way nature makes it
Love that dare not squeak its name
My lingering question from the article: Assuming, as I've heard, that only humans and dolphins have orgasm, can same-sex dolphin couples get each other off? Do have the same sexual practices that human do? My onomatopeia for a dolphin orgasm: "eee. eee. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE."
These young male penguins are in love.

So, apparently I've just decided to stop doing any work at all for my classes. Who knew?

don't you just hate it when yer professor tells you that i'm sure you could write much more than 5-6 pages on this subject, but please try keep it to six as i have 30 papers to grade and you only have 4 pages and can't think of anything else to say and you've already rambled on for at least a page and are procrastinaty by desperately trying to find something interesting on the internet so now yer blogging. i sure do.

Finally, someone has told me how to think. Apparently I really like this Kucinich dude, but in close second.... my man Al!
See, the one thing about their survey was the question at the end, where they assume you either don't care or that you want your elected official to have served in the military.

Friday, February 06, 2004

first, what's so sticky? no, nevermind I don't want to know.
second, why am I in the physics lab at 10:30 on a friday night? because math is fun, i think. . . .sometimes

and mike, thanks for the directions, but I am so computer dumb that it didn't work.

why so sticky??
why are they so sticky? why do they need cleaned? who's going to clean them? i'm certainly not...they're sticky...and why that position? does it work that way? how? why? oh, so sticky, so sticky...

Motherfucking Steve Buscemi
Unfounded Rumours!
  1. First Bona at the Truth,
  2. Then the Beeb picks it up (bottom of page)
  3. Now imdb...

    This could be big. Check next week's Record (oh wait, I haven't written it yet).

  4. Also here,
  5. here,
  6. and, strangely, here.

    And if you can handle it,

  7. French.
  8. Portuguese,
  9. and Italian.



My results: Kucinich: 100%; Sharpton: 97%; Kerry: 88%; Dean: 85%; Clark: 82%; Edwards: 82% and ... Bush: 8%.

Compare the two and then try it yourself.

Birthday Boy

Okay, so Ross' Birthday is tommorow February 7th, but he will be in Chicago partying his ass off as he does, so make sure you tell him happy birthday today and make him happy and if you can't find him, call his cell phone 574-903-9455 and wish him a happy happy gay ole time!
Happy 22nd Big Boy!

my response to essay question #20 after two hours of god-awful music history test:

"new and special"?! WFT! How in the hell am I supposed to figure out what work/style you are referring to when the only hint you give me is "new and special"? I mean, isn't everything we study supposedly revolutionary and unique? I mean, why the fuck else would we study it? I mean, I pretty sure people forgot about the "old and boring" composers a looooooong time ago. Or maybe I just missed that class period. Shit, even the phrase "new and special" doesn't live up to its ideals. Bad, bad question, Matthew. This goes into the same category as your other horrible question: "Tell me everything you know about J.S. Bach." I'm disappointed in you.


fuck you, duckon top of things, hell, i'm so on top of things it's like... um... well i'm really super on top of things
i know exactly what i'm doing for my stupid stupid stupid senior show, not only that, but i'm almost done and i'm excited about what i'm doing! yay for me, see every one is happy. what about your other classes kate? WTF? other classes, well, i love that special one we have in the MC, and art history, they should just give me a test on the whole book right now, it's not like i haven't already read the book half a dozen times through! and your papers? oh, my papers, i love writing papers, some times i write a paper, and then write another paper to counter the first, just for shits and giggles! yay for being on top of things and having a happy-go-lucky life, some times i frolic. wow kate, sounds like you sure are on top of your academic life, and that frolicing thing too, how about your personal life, aren't on the record, aren't you ever tired? ha ha ha, tired, no, i sleep well and long, my bed is warm, the sheets are fresh, i find it helps to take some time before getting ready for bed (you know showering, brushing teeth, shitting, all things i do regularly) to have a warm cup of milk, or some prunes, or a nice swift kick in the face (it adds color) yeah, how about a big fat kick in my big fat face, that would be great, that would just about top it right now. God kate, WTF? it sounds like you've been drinking, calm the fuck down a little. drinking?! bitch, i've got shit to do, i don't drink, i'm too poor to drink, stop fucking bothering me, i keep dying... damn, i lost another copter, shit, i died, not even in the high scores...

i'm so on top of things
i fixed that text graphic years ago (around 11:30pm) and I have added a happy fun page just to prove that not everything is as bleak as we think it is! It's happy and fun! I'm happy and fun! You're happy and fun! Yeah for happy fun people like us! here's a link to another colorful and not-bleak site!

And: Nice work on the community thing web page, Mike, it's looking real nice. ditto with weiss on making those top links more visible, but I think the placement is cool. I also like the oedipus site. simple works well for that one.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Oooh, how exciting... my very first blog. yeehaw kate. good job... more to come :)

my brain

I plead insanity. Really, if you don't sleep for a certain amount of time, can't you be certified as insane? Or is that just is you do a lot of acid and then don't sleep for a week?

I swear I am not responsible. It was my foul master, Recordatron, that sullied my mind and lured me back to its cave, the innocent car left vulnerable to demon parking ticketers in the handicap space.

Our saving fortune: the owners of the besmirched vehicle will only be on campus for three more months, and should be able to avoid future attacks. Though, if such attacks should occur, I will use my checkbook to defend against them.

Backpack come home!

What happened to you, backpack? We were all hanging out together in the Hub last night, having a good time and then you disappeared! What's up with that? I know I was a little rough that one time when I got some papers out of you, but I was just excited about the record poll, really. I swear if you come back I'll treat you right. I'll oil your little zippers and brush off your tight little black body. How much I miss your mountain-bike racing decals already! Please come back to me tonight so I can study for my Physics test tomorrow. You have my book and notes.

Life just isn't the same without you, backpack. Please come home!

and honey too
okay, so like last night sometime, feleste* borrows our car for something, i dunno, i wasn't involved, anyway, so she parks in in a handicap spot, because i think feleste hates handicap or something, i dunno, anyway, so the ticket lady man person comes around and is like, "gee, dey dunt haf ah geecee perking teek'it er nuthin' and dey in ze handikapp place si i give dem a teek'it, ya," so like meg comes out of da hub a 5am and is like, "o god damn mother fuckiner expletive expletive etc. etc. i got two fucking tickets" or something like that, again, i wasn't there.... yeah, so the point of this story is that on the back of this ticket it says:

Faculty, staff and students: if you git a ticket give us 35 bucks bitch.
visitor: visitors** don't get fined, we'll just be passive-agressive-ass mennonites and give you a bunch of tickets or something or nothing, whatev' man, here's a joint, we love you, you should enroll at GC or give us money, or better yet, i'll sell you my soul

score! or at least i hope so.

* names have been change to protect the innocent
** does it make me a visitor if i don't have a sticker?

new world
eric, i like the site and everything is well done (except the carthaginians text graphic). however, it is pretty dark and heavy to look at. is this a permanent design, or just based upon carhaginians? also for the titles i'd put new world players - theater, music, art, etc so that when you're tab browsing you see new world instead of theater music art.

and while you're critiquing new world's site and oedipus' updated layout you can also check out a site i made for the music department. it's for the community school of the arts. everything's pretty much done, although there will be more in the news section and i want to put a random picture generator in where you see the music building.

Because I care...

I wish I could make it to the "Take back the College" night at the fraker. I'm itching to hear what kind of stuff y'all are going to stir up. Can we all have a report from the great gathering of creatures (or whatever)?

It's an orange pear!Ericdienermeyer, the New World Players site is beautiful. The sub-pages switch smoothly with the orangey pear template, except for the news page, which twitches a pixel or two to the right from the others.

It's nice to see that the blog already has four posts at this time in the morning. That's a record setting pace if we can keep it up all day.

You. Tonight. Fraker.
And Beachy said, "Hey.  Just a reminder that a heckload of cool folks are gathering tonight at 9:30 in the Fraker to talk about what we should be proposing to the Board of Directors to increase student involvement in future decision-making.  Please come if you can, and bring all your friends who give a dang.  See you tonight." And all the creatures moved along the ground according to their kinds. And Beachy saw that it was good.

because you care

i have updated and will continue to update It is worth looking at.

If you are inspired you can tell me why it sucks or how inspired you are to help the arts in goshen and will donate your time/money/toenail to the cause.

about mike's iTune Meg...
well mike.. I know who meg on iTunes is.. and she is very flattered by your comments.
and no, I don't have the honor of saying it's me.
too bad she's too shy to say something here herself (and she'll probably hit me for saying that).
ps- you need to get ahold of me in regards to doing something video-ish.. (well, everyone in Oedipus actually..)

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

three in a row!!
hello all. i added the ogg files from the oedipus ep to the oedipus page. i also did a little redesigning with the media section. tell me what you think. read about it in the news.

in order to post your image you need to first publish it on the web. to do so on any pc lab computer go to start - gc web utilties (or something like that) - publish w drive. then open up windows explorer copy the image from the p drive and then drag it on to your w drive in your my pages folder. then the image should be at . or maybe you already knew this.

robin you forget that i didn't go to the b and s show
the end

Mike, isn't the top of the list the most obvious choice? I mean, she went to the B&S show in Chicago.

Michael Bronski gives it to you straight. Er... yeah.

  1. Small victory for today: Convincing the clerk at Copenhaver to let me exchange executive-size resume paper (7.5 x 10) for letter-sized resume paper, despite the facts that I didn't have the receipt and that the box was kind of banged up. Go me!
  2. Spanish speakers: Is there a word in Spanish that sounds like "preparty?" Because if not, some embassy personnel are definitely borrowing it from the English.
  3. Interesting Event:Lambda Law is holding a demonstration Saturday during the interviews. The law school association is not allowing recruiters from JAG (military law branch, also my initials) on campus because JAG does not allow sexual minorities to join. At first JAG lashed back by getting Congress to cut off federal funding to law schools. Big whoop, we don't get any. But now with the Soloman Amendment Congress is threatening to cut off all federal funding to not just the law school but the associated university. Bad news for GW Medical Center, for example. So at first I thought it was nice that Lamba Law was actually doing something. But then I was like, wait, what the hell? What's next, gays demonstrating to join the KKK? At least the Klan has the decency to kill people one and a time or in small numbers. Anyway, as always Michael Bronki says it best.

OK, so I'm not the best at this blogging thing, I'm trying to figure out how to put some of our graphs that show how alcohol effected our subjects' reaction times, but it obviously didn't work. So I'll say this, our data was completely consistant with other studies that have been done as well as facts about how quickly senses react to stimuli and made beautiful curves with very small errors.

nice blog
It's not me, although I wish it was; Caitlin Wade once complimented me on my choice of Reindeer Selection, but it wasn't my choice, it was Ms. Imposter-Meg's. I have heard rumors that the said Meg resides in the dormitories, but other than that, I haven't the foggiest who she is. P.S. Yesterday I was listening to Oedipus Funk, it rocked my world.
The page has been added, but I would invite you or anyone else to follow the link and add the shoup blog to any category you feel fit. it's exciting, I did it yesterday with Ross, then I peed myself.
I hate you, you siren of procrastination. Damn you, damn you to hell.


meg on iTunes
meg, you're not meg on iTunes, are you? who in the world is it? someone who not only has an extensive modest mouse, spoon, and velvet underground collection but also has oedipus funk!! (gush!) i looked up meg on the picture directory but recognized no one, save our meg of course.

in other news i had an odd dream this morning concerning the blog. i dreamt that kate programmed some virtual reality thing that could be accessed via the blog. it was designed to be sort of like shoup house but different. it was really trippy and great. thanks kate!!

so, uh, have we been added to the spirituality page? Cuz we're all just so religious. I vote urine therapy for our heading.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Tortoise playing chess.


Um, okay, so here's an idea: y'all come to DC for April 24-25. You can join the Mobilization for Global Justice demo, catch a Tortoise show ('cause they ain't gettin' any closer to you), and see me! Of course, it would involve skipping commencement, but hey, if Jenna can do that, so can you.

Well, I could be wrong, too

You know it's been a heck of a day when you get an email from Financial Aid that starts off "Sasha, we think you are graduating, but we could be wrong." In better news, the SAP photos are up and Emily Hershberger still breaks my heart.
I mean, it's from the Beep so it's got to be true.

I turned my intended one hour nap into a five hour nap and dreamt that L.A. film students came to Goshen to record our every move in the upper left quadrant of campus, and.... They were all buff, bald, metrosexuals, highly ammused by our "laid back" style. Nice guys though, really. They kept on filming me because I carried around a small brown puppy.

Later on I rode a real live ice sculptured elephant back from Rubber House,......boy was it pissed.

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