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"An industrial capitalist society that does not recognize ecological limits but only perpetual economic expansion and has the profit motive as driver, will eventually consume and destroy itself."

"But we will all be taken down with it."

David Orton

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Monday, August 30, 2004
Who would a thunk it
Rehanna has a blog! and she has left for India! score for her. so hopefully she'll be keeping us all updated on her adventures through

Sunday, August 29, 2004

  1. When we were kids my sister would always lay out the clothes she was going to wear on the first day of school the night before. I stop myself from doing this now. I stop myself from making a neat stack of books that I'll need. If I get started I'll never stop. Spent a few days in Goshen, then a night in Pittsburgh. I still knew a handful of people in Goshen, and while I didn't know anyone at the party we went to in Pittsburgh, neither did Hallie, Emily, or Suzanna, really, so we just sat on the front step and drank the unknown people's beer.
  2. Saturday I stopped for lunch at my grandparents' house. The meals my grandmother makes are simpler than they used to be. I think she is too tired to cook as well for herself anymore, and doesn't realize that it's carrying over to what she serves others. There were still enough meatballs, though. I was worried that they would feel slighted by my departure after one short hour, but by the end of lunch my grandmother's eyelids were drooping and she said, "If you need to take off now, that's okay."
  3. I rode home through the center of Western Virginia. A few miles from the Virginia line I took out the map, turned it over to the Virginia, and neatly refolded it to display Virginia when placed in the clear plastic map pocket. I got back on the bike and started riding. I kept riding and riding, but the junctions and towns that I was using to chart my progress didn't come as quickly as I had been used to. The scale of the map had changed.

"Folks, I have an announcement to make."

"An announcement?!"

"Aaaann announcement..."

In the tradition of the musical band "Mary And Alisa Are Mad. Real. Mad.," we'd like to announce that Mary Beechy And Tristan King Are Engaged. Real. Engaged. So have a baby elephant race to celebrate! We sure will!
Tristan and Mary

Saturday, August 28, 2004
The Pearl Diver trailer:
The Pearl Diver trailer isn't actually a trailer. See, the Director of photography, John Rotan, has all the dailies from Pearl Diver and a sweet little mac and final cut, I think. So he has the ability to take the images he shot and put them together. Some other person, we'll call her "editor-lady" has the audio. That's why there is no dialog.

A run down of what you are seeing
(just in case you were curious)

The first scene was taken on the first day of shooting at merry lea, the little kid is emily stultzfus, duane's daughter. after that comes the main actors, cool russian dude, some cornfields, all taken in goshen, most of them out around CR 40ish and CR 17ish at various farms, some with llamas, some with swings, and some with really old ladies. Most of the indoor shots were taken on purl street, kind of near the cave, and others were taken way over on 10th street heading towards downtown, right before the road curves. They are supposed to be shots of the interior of a farm house, but we ussually cheated by not shooting windows or by blowing them out with light. I think there are a few shots actually taken from within on a farm. the little kid who is wearing the yellow handkerchief is mattie, for the rest of the movie she has a gauze all over her head because in the film, she gets caught in a bailer. you can kind of see the bandages in the scene where she is with her dad near a lake (also at merry lea).

As for IMDB
I like the crew listing. It's very funny how inaccurate it is. First, Daniel Lowe was not a producer, at least as far as I know. In fact, he got paid for doing this. The only producer was Sid (and maybe his mom). Also, I like how Jenne Lee is listed as a grip. I mean, she was a grip, but she certainly was not in the top spot. I also like how they left out the production office (all two of us). The cast is also great as jim bowen appears on screen for a total of one shot (at brick house). and eugene, while a cool guy, wasn't one of the two main characters. (also, jim was the props master for lonesome jim, in case anyone wanted to know.) I would update it, but I lost my contact sheet to a logicboard failure.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

So, I watched the trailer for Pearl Diver in the Schertz lab where I didn't have headphones, so I watched it again here in the music lab only to discover... There's no dialogue! Sheesh. Also I didn't see any of brick house, or any other Goshen locations, but that little girl looked familiar. I think I've seen her in Goshen and she is the cutest little girl I've ever seen.

Con Air
Derek, I really liked Con Air, especially Mr. Buscemi's performance. If you want a bad example try Escape from LA.

Also, I'm happy to be back in Goshen. Can we please buy some food?

pearl diver

Hey, if anybody wants to watch the shitpile that is Trick, then feel free to borrow it when I get it from Netflix. The Kanags thought it would be funny to add it to my queue without me knowing; and today, I learn, they're sending it to me.

Goshen Hospital


George Washington Hospital

So I called GW Hospital a while ago about needing to get a cholesterol test so I could get discounted health insurance. "Just walk in," they told me helpfully. Well, figuring that the rules would be the same everywhere I figured I would just get it done while Celeste was in class. No such luck. Goshen Hospital needs a doctor's order.

They were very nice about it, and I guess I understand the liability reasons. But really. All I want is for them to check my cholesterol levels. I'll pay in cash. I even skipped breakfast for this. Maybe my father can figure something out if I call him. He knows everything about health insurance stuff.

Perhaps the worst bit of it was that I am always so nervous about getting blood drawn and here I was all mentally prepared and then it didn't happen.

Also, check this out for the world's most offensive clip art.

Pearl Diver finally listed on IMDb.
I also clicked on the link that showed how many films have had scenes shot in Goshen; PD and LJ didn't come as any surprise, but Con Air? What the fuck? It says that scenes from Con Air were filmed in Goshen and Elkhart. Weird. Hopefully, Buscemi's second film in Goshen will work a little better than his first.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Now, I didn't really bother reading too much about this blog, but I gather you're all Indiananananananans from Indiana. Very nice. *nods sagely* I never turn down the opportunity to make (normally un)welcome posts on other peoples' blogs. So, without further ado...

Do you ever get the urge to write some fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine (half-)white homeboy rap? Yeah, me too. It was theme song day today. We have a guy who likes to go by an online nick with the initials ZMP so we made him a nice little theme song out of P.I.M.P. Gets recorded next week, should be good.

"I ain't no 50 cent, I'm fifty dolla!"

Talk about nepotism!
Yeah, I just wanted to use that word. So, not only has my brother been accepted to Goshen (barely), but he will also be working at the switchboard; now all three of the Bontreger siblings have had the privilege. I just trained him today from 3-5 and he did pretty well. So, if you recognize a new voice at the switchboard, it just might be Scott. (Actually considering that all females work there except for Scott and me, if it sounds like a male voice it is my brother.)

I'm in Goshen, for those of you who don't already know. It's very weird, I don't really know anyone anymore. Thanks so much to those of you I do know for still being around.


Sunday, August 22, 2004

Soul Coughing: Irresistible Bliss$1AThis purchase gets its rating from its low cost, high quality, and coolness of purchase. It falls short of an A+ only because the album is not one of the greatest albums ever and I feel like A+ should be reserved for finding something truly spectacular at that price. Somthing like Kind of Blue, for example.
Reveille for Radicals$0.50A-Again, a very good purchase, but once again the higher ratings must be reserved for yardsale purchases that truly deserve them.
Secret History: The CIA's Classified Account of its Operations in Guatemala 1952-1954$0.50BA very good price, again, but not a truly great book. It'll be nice to have around as an historical reference, but I don't know how I'll really use it ever.
A blue foldable cart, like the ones that people use for grocery shopping when they don't have cars.$5BSomething of a strain to the rating system. The system is of course at some level dependant on my preferences. However, this item receives its completely average grade because, while it is very nice to have right now as Ang is leaving and my access to cars is greatly diminished, it is really only worth $5 with its oddly-cocked wheel and I feel that the ratings system should be independent of events in my life.

Also, I'll be arriving in Goshen on motorcycle on Tuesday evening and staying until Saturday morning I think. Sadly, fewer good people will be there than during my previous visits, but there should be enough.

I'm going to clean the bike now.

This just in: Alex also loves Blast From the Past!
So far, I love living in my house! I am living with Bryn, Alburn, Alex and Robin; and it's fun times, so please stop by 534 House any time you'd like to hang out. I must say, though, that so far the highlight has been when Alex and I were talking about our DVD collections last night. We both discovered that we have a love for the romantic screwball comedy Blast from the Past. He was even so excited about the fact that I own it that he jumped up and gave me a high five (and no, he wasn't mocking me!). FINALLY, a friend who doesn't look down on me for owning that film, but instead appreciates it for all its glory; Christopher Walken at his comedic best, baby!

Saturday, August 21, 2004
I'm a stupid shit.
So, yesterday I managed to lock my keys in my car not once, but twice. The first time, it wasn't even 8 A.M. yet and I had already managed to do this ... with the car running, even.

Anyway, I would like to recommend a great black-and-white 1957 Stanley Kubrick war film that I bet not many people have seen: Paths of Glory. It's at the Goshen Public Library; watch it.

Friday, August 20, 2004

This is the cover. Last year it was green. From year to year it largely contains the same material, which may be good or bad.There are several reasons why I'm guessing that, at most, there are about thirty 1Ls at GW who would be interested in the National Lawyers Guild and only about ten of those would be interested in becoming really involved. GW is remarkably corporate, even for a big top-tier school. So there's not going to be much interest in leftist organizations. "Public interest" is about as much as you get, and that term is about making me ready to chew my hand off at the wrist. Public interest seems to mean providing shoddy legal advice to poor people while expecting them to be outright deferential. Seriously, the classist attitudes here are incredible. I'm not about public interest, I'm about revolution.

As such, I should not have given out so goddamn many Disorientation Guides. Those things are expensive, even if we can get them for free from the National Office, and I shouldn't have handed them out like I was one of those freaky kids always foisting handbills on Capitol Hill, Seattle, passersby. No, I should have saved them for later. Because only thirty people in the class really would have deserved one, and I'm guessing only about half of those thirty actually came by. I expect that at least twenty of the poor blue books have already ended up in the trash.

newsworthy hangover: bearing it the hard way.

in other news, john yordy is now the interim president of goshen college.

Thursday, August 19, 2004
back in GC
So far I'm the only one in my house.. Kulp West..
people should feel free to stop by. I might feed you.
the offer for the possibility of food stands for the whole year too... I've found I like cooking for others...

anyway, come, visit.. I want to hear about others' summers.. and I'll share more about Cedar Point...

record rapid transit: oh, oh, i'm there! i'll see you at spring break when i come out east. ;0

Who will be my record whore?
Oh man, I need some record! Just a little bit of LP in my life. C'mon, won'tcha gimme just a little sweet piece of that vinyl?

Yes, I'm offering money (i.e. $25, a tank of gas. I'm willing to negotiate.) to travelers between Goshen and D.C. who can bring me my records. There're in Steve Schrock's basement right now and there's about an orange crate full of them. Ideally, the bearer of the vinyl will drop them off in South East D.C., enabling me to pay them right away as well as enabling them to come visit us at our new apartment. But a pick-up can also be arranged. Let me know if you're interested!

bike power meets ingenuity in this human's quest to voice opinion

joshua kinberg melds techonology and pedal power in this project. watch the
movie to see his bicycle in action; spreading the word while riding through new york.

g-mail? any takers? i have five
invites to give away. send me a note and i'll send you an



Wednesday, August 18, 2004
ever wonder who else has your phone number?
I share mine with

Orange County Medical Association
Auto Service & Repair, Chesnee, South Carolina
Sandra Chavez. Office / Operations Manager. 5200 Lankershim. North Hollywood, CA 91601
Ronaldo da Silva Botelho
Netfang Haraldur Egilsson Pálmholt
Angelone Edgar Phd 32 Ross Cmn Ross CA

Tuesday, August 17, 2004
Waiting on the rain
It's raining in Malcolm X Park, and I can't go home yet, as I would surely be drenched if I stepped out of the Sojourners office building. I came to finish writing the reports required by the people who gave me money this summer to go to Colombia and work for Jubilee: Plowshares and Service Inquiry Program. I'd rather they asked something creative, like "stand on your head for 2 minutes" or "recite the lord's prayer backwards," rather than describing the strengths and weaknesses of my experience, and how my goals were met or not met.

Alisa, my mom that you were sweet for giving her a tour. I'm sorry she woke you up. I hate it when that happens. For everyone who won't see me in a week, I'm almost nearly completely healed. Except for the teeth thing. A good joke, if I ever tease any of you: "You're just jealous because I have all my teeth."

I wish I were a shark, and my teeth would constantly renew themselves.

yeah, charletta asked me to send y'all this movie of julia in the kitchen at work and this one of me in the kitchen, and a video of biking in dc and being chimps outside the national geographic building and another one of playing in the rain and lunch with celeste and my mom and julia and some other folks from ohio and katie oh in an elevator. Yay!

Bush leads the opinion polls when it comes to the question, "Who can best protect the United States from terrorism?"

But what effect would another attack have?

Would it send the voters rallying to the president? Or prove that George Bush hasn't made them safe?

The answer, of course, is that it's up to the television stations and the critters that own them. In fact, I expect that the television's response to the next explosion will probably determine the election.

But to lighten your day: Yesterday our house got a letter. It was from a collections agency in upstate New York. It was addressed to one Ment Configuration M. Mister or Miz Configuration M apparently owes Sherman Acquisition LP the sum of $882.01. I decided to call them to make fun of them as a way of exacting vengeance for the trouble that a collection agency caused Celeste and her mother. "Um, don't you think that this is a little odd," I said. "Didn't you guys notice that you're sending a letter to a seemingly fake name?" But she wouldn't do anything except agree to delete the address.

Ray Suarez, journalist and resident of D.C. writes about living under constant worry in this BBC news article. The article is longish, but well worth the read. perhaps, other d.c.ers could comment on what he says. i particularly was reminded that residents of d.c. have no say in the increased security, as they are just "wards of congress." another question also comes to my mind: where are we going to find 1 trillion dollars, as calculated by suarez, to pay back the debt accrued in the past few years?

Sunday, August 15, 2004

yeah, charletta asked me to send y'all this movie of julia in the kitchen at work and this one of me in the kitchen, and a video of biking in dc and being chimps outside the national geographic building and another one of playing in the rain and lunch with celeste and my mom and julia and some other folks from ohio and katie oh in an elevator. Yay!

You know, like Rob.
Yeah, I'm single. Single like a mingle, when you get that funny tingle. Bitch.

Saturday, August 14, 2004
Charletta making sushi
Charletta asked me to post this movie of Charletta making sushi to the Shoup blog (it's a 30 meg .mov file). So now I have.

Also, much love goes out from both of us to Celeste. We were thinking of you a lot when you were in the hospital. And thanks for the postcard.

Virginia Beach
  1. My mother and I are talking on the shore. She's telling me about an article she read in TIME or something about how polarized the country is. She tells me she doesn't understand the part of the population that is so intolerant. She thinks that they lack educational opportunities. I point out that poorer people are less educated but also vote Democrat. She doesn't seem to hear me.

  2. My parents and Anna have gone into the store to check out bike rental prices. Abigail and I are waiting. I tell Abigail that I don't like this town. I don't really like any beaches except Lewes and Atlantic City. I try to explain why I like Atlantic City. She doesn't get it. She talks about the time she was there and about how it's a good thing for everyone to go to, how it helped her realize the opportunities she has.

    Later I'm standing on the back deck of a bus made to look like a trolley and I finally realize why I like Atlantic City. Atlantic City recognizes that everything is tired. Nothing is really novel anymore. The glitz is a half-hearted attempt to invoke decadence to ward off boredom, but even decadence is boring now and Atlantic City knows that.

Friday, August 13, 2004

New CIA Chief?

Thursday, August 12, 2004
Umm... shit
So today as I was almost asleep someone knocked on our damn straight door, so of course I got out of my cozy little nest on the couch and went to answer it. Unfortunetly they wanted the apartment in back being the helpful sleepy person that I was I told them how to get there and went back to my nap. Ten minutes later knocky-knock again. Seeing yet another person that I don't recognize I think oh apartment in the back. And being a little tired and slightly bitchy about this almost sleep waking up thing again, upon opening the door I immediately tell them that 707 1/2 is in back up the stairs with out even a hello. Whoops oh it's Celeste's mom... ummm Hi.

So I have been extremely unfriendly and rude to my future housemate and good friend's mother. Not to mention the fact that I have been in her house, she fed me, perhaps gave me beer, and is a totally cool person. ummm Celeste please tell your mom I'm not a complete prick and I'm sorry about being the behead bitch.

Jodie Foster
Jodie Foster held two pair,
Bach had three of a kind;
Gandhi said, "With my full house
I will blow your mind."

Au contraire, Mahatma, hate to rain on your parade.

Monday, August 09, 2004
My bike and me
Ah, friends, it's me, healing and with my poor cut spleen still in my body. As splenic injuries go, mine was a fairly minor one, a "2" on a scale of 1 to 5. But still enough to land me in the hospital for 3 days.

I'm glad Weiss kept you all up to date, but I should correct a few items:

1. I was not hit by a car. My body hit a car, but our vehicles didn't collide (which matters for the car driver, who can't be charged for a hit and run accident.) I was on my way to work, gaining speed while coasting down a steep hill, and looked up to see a car with its left turn signal facing me in the intersection directly in my path. I clamped down both brakes instinctively, which sent me flying face first into the ground, then flipped me up to ram my shoulder into the car's fender. A kind woman helped me to the curb, and called the ambulance. I saw the driver before I blacked out, and he said, in my memory, "I thought you would swerve." At the time, I responded by bleeding some more onto the pavement. When I thought about it later, it struck me that "I thought you would swerve" is not a fair reason to get directly into the path of another vehicle that he admittedly saw. And it pisses me off that, even if I could have lessened the severity of the accident myself by biking more slowly, for his part of the responsibility he got to drive away, and I spent three days in the hospital.
2. I don't recall lying at all during the medical history. Even with my parents in the room. I answered "occasionally" to drinking, which was easier to respond than "about half of the nights in a week during the summer, and less during the school year."
3. To everyone who finds this a good time to let me know they already thought biking was silly and too dangerous, I say bah to that. I'll be back on a bike as soon as I'm medically allowed! Bikes are the superior way to travel!

All in all, I'm super super glad to be home, and many thanks to everyone who came to visit me, or thought of me, or lit a candle for me or any part of my body. And I'm glad Espree, my beautiful bike, made it through ok.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Spent most of the day at HUH again. After the see-tee scan Celeste got moved to a new room on the third floor. Helen was there when we arrived so I excused myself for some lunch. I ended up buying the worst chinese food in the world. It was "beef" and brocoli. While the brocoli definitely was the described vegetable, even if pathetically limp, the "beef" could only be mistaken for cow meat were it to be depicted in a black-and-white film. The color, texture, and taste were all wrong, all leaning towards a diabolical combination of boneless chicken and silly-putty. I am never going to that place again. You know, what with all the time I spend on Georgia Ave.

The hardest parts of the day were the every-six-hours blood tests. The tourniquets would make the scrapes on her wrist and hand burn to the point where she would cry, and you know she doesn't cry easily. I could only hold her head and wait for it to be over. I couldn't look; I would have passed out.

I hated myself for not doing something. I imagined myself chasing off the phlebotomist, my hands flailing and my voice raised. Why can't I stop them from hurting her?

Eventually I came home. I rented Swimming Pool, which is very good but fails to win the coveted "As Good As 'Lost in Translation'" prize that I am waiting to assign someday to some movie sometime.

In about a half hour it will have been six hours since the last blood test. They'll wake her up and make her cry. I told the nurses to give her morphine right before so it wouldn't hurt so much. I hope to god that they remember.

Friday, August 06, 2004
all spleens go to heaven
light a candle for celeste.
I lit one for her spleen. (My dad lost his spleen (or part of it) in a bike accident when I was a kid. I thought it was the coolest thing ever because when they stitched him up, they kind of messed up and he ended up with two bellybuttons. we have two pages worth of pictures in a photo album of my dad holding up his shirt and the kids all standing around him looking absolutely delighted.)

NOT more importantly
I just wanted to let all you small people know that I'll try not to forget about you.

The latest big faces on the set of GAME 6:

This is really funny. These guys over laid two nickel back songs and they line up exactly, it's funny. they really suck.

Update on Celeste
She'll be fine. She's in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICK-you, charmingly enough) which means that they want to keep an eye on her and have her right next to an OR if they need to cut. The concern is that her spleen is lacerated right now and if it would rupture she could bleed to death fairly shortly unless they cut her open and pop out the spleen. (You don't really need your spleen after childhood. It helps with the processing of dead macrophages [a blood cell that performs an immune function] but isn't essential and can't be stiched up but must be removed if it ruptures.) So she'll be in the SICU until Monday probably when they expect that she'll be healed enough to go home.

When the doctor asked her those million-and-one questions about her health history she only lied once, and it wasn't really a bald-faced lie.

If you want to visit come by Howard Hospital on the hour. They only allow visitors in on the hour, and while they're stretching the rules a bit for her because she's in pretty good shape, it would be easiest if you just came by on the hour. Oh, and they only allow two people in at once.

Celeste Hit by Car
(So, there's my effort at a headline.)

At about 9:15 this morning Celeste Kennel-Shank struck a car turning at the intersection of Florida and 13th Street, NW. The car was driven by a man who gave his name as Vernon Jascoe. Emergency personnel arrived on the scene quickly and took Celeste to Howard University Hospital in an ambulance.

Celeste's injuries appeared minor. Her upper lip was bleeding and she appeared to have lost a tooth. The bike seemed undamaged.

Police appeared on the scene and spoke with witness Soumya Vishnu. Mr. Jascoe left the scene before the police arrived, but left a phone number with witnesses.

Thursday, August 05, 2004
Why I am more deserving of a scholarship to the NLG 2004 convention than any of the 20-odd other Burns fellows, none of whom I have ever met:
I am excited about attending the National Lawyers Guild 2004 Convention in Birmingham for two reasons: (1) I?m interested in bringing attention to economic issues among Guild members and among the left more broadly; and (2) I hope to learn how to inspire potential Guild members to join and become active participants by hearing from the successes of other chapters.

Among the left there is an increasing recognition that our organizations need to embody the values that we advocate. We try our best to avoid replicating (for example) sexist and racist dynamics, and (again, for example) individual male leftists calls themselves feminists and individual white leftists call themselves anti-racist. This is of course a very good thing and a definite improvement over even the fairly recent past.

What concerns me is the lack of similar awareness of class. Certainly many left organizations mention class and express concern for workers, but there is often a lack of awareness as to how our organizations reinforce class oppression in a way that we would never tolerate for race or sex. Noam Chomsky notes that while his speeches are almost always attended to the point of worrying the fire marshal, the two exceptions he can recall were a speech on welfare reform and a speech on labor unions.

Awareness of class issues is perhaps an even larger issue for the National Lawyers Guild than it would be for other left organizations. The legal world is filled with classism and can be very removed from the lives of working people. If we?re honest we can see that the very law itself is largely structured to disadvantage working people, not the least by being so incomprehensible and even downright counter-intuitive that working people need a lawyer if they are to have any chance at the limited justice the law offers them.

I believe that the Guild needs a greater recognition of class issues. I?m excited to see that a panel on workers? rights in planned for the Birmingham convention. The Bush administration?s imperialism abroad and repression of civil liberties at home are drawing attention from leftists, as well they should, but let?s not forget the administration?s war on workers, or the classism in our own organizations.

Second, I?m interested in learning from other Guild chapters what strategies can be successful in boosting Guild membership. The four Guild student chapters in D.C. are collaborating this summer for a D.C.-wide Disorientation event in September. We?re hoping that an event early in the year can inspire law students to join the Guild and become involved in its activities. I?m hoping that the Birmingham convention will be a time when I can learn how to get students involved in the Guild and how to best leverage new members to boost the profile and activity level of the National Lawyers Guild in the D.C. area.

I?m very much looking forward to the Birmingham convention. I think I have a lot to bring. I may be young, but I have years of organizing experience. I also know that I have a lot to learn. I?m new to the Guild, and I?m interested in learning about organizing strategies that are effective at mobilizing potential Guild members. I?m sure it?ll be a great time. If Angela Davis recommends a town, how could it not be?

thanks: cs monitor and mr. bennet

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

appalachia photo gallery ready for viewing _________________ \/

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Tom Ridge illustrates what he believes to be an accurate measure of his remaining credibility. He's being optimistic.I'd like to pause now to make fun of a few people:
  • Tom Ridge

    Who was it saying just yesterday that while terror attacks are certainly going to come at some point, if they do arrive during terror-alert Ernie it will be sheer coincidence? Oh, oh, that was me! And, now, the Washington Post.

  • The Fetzer Institute

    Actually, no real need to make fun of these people. They'll do it for you: "The Fetzer Institute's mission is to foster awareness of the power of love and forgiveness through research, education, and service programs. Current work includes research on altruistic love, compassionate love, and forgiveness; recovering the 'heart' of various professions, including teaching, philanthropy, law, and medicine; and exploring the nature of forgiveness, compassion, and love." That, and the brilliant idea of putting a high-compression jpg of text on their main page.

    Why can't this kind of shit be concentrated in California rather than being dangerously located somewhere I might actually visit someday, i.e. Kalamazoo.

I never thought the day would come
When I would hear major breaking news first on Shoup. Look like the Star's picked up the ss resignation story already. Tribute's anyone? Speculation? Intrigue? Who's the heir? Or maybe we don't care...

In other news

The trailer for Team America: World Police looks thoroughly absurd and thoroughly funny. It's like South Park, but with puppets!

Monday, August 02, 2004
For those who have not yet heard:
Shirley Showalter resigned.

Sunday, August 01, 2004


Frankly, I can't see how it took Ridge so long to catch on. Suicide truck bombs in major cities - a pretty obvious strategy, you'd think. Though I'm pretty skeptical that we're going to see this in D.C.; the IMF and World Bank really aren't the sort of think Islamist terrorists seem likely to target. I'll admit that I was briefly glad I'm working from home, but then I realized that any relief was based upon the assumption that Tom Ridge's color-coding actually means jack shit. Suicide truck bombs? Very likely. But I really doubt that they'll arrive on Ernie.

The ironic thing about all of this is that, with the proximity of GW Law to the Bretton Woods twins, my childhood fantasy of school being blown up might finally happen.

Also, the red line train in front of us broke down, preventing Celeste and I from getting to The Village at Union Station on time. So instead we loitered around the exhibits in the National Building Museum for a while, then hiked over to E Street Cinema and caught Maria, Full of Grace which you all should go see immediately.

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