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"An industrial capitalist society that does not recognize ecological limits but only perpetual economic expansion and has the profit motive as driver, will eventually consume and destroy itself."

"But we will all be taken down with it."

David Orton

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Monday, February 28, 2005

I had some time this morning while walking from the bus in the snow to reflect on my life. I like it. I have a lot going for me right now. I have a good house with great housemates. I have about the best girlfriend for which I could ask. I have a super summer job lined up. I love DC, though I do worry about terrorists blowing me up. I have motorcycle and a bike and I don't need to have a car. All I need right now is for this apartment to come through and a battery for my laptop. I thought about all of these things and I was smiling a lot in the snow. Then I got to school and had forgotten my locker key.

The first issue of Hyperactive, a new slightly lame music mag for the southwest, to feature Mike Shank has just come out. Yeah, I know, only two small pieces in this one. But I get to do a four page feature on Spoon for the next issue, which includes an interview! I mean, for fuck's sake, Spoon!

blogging from the, hooded men
so while napping on the italian leather couch at el ol' breew, a nasty mean booy walked in, threw his hat at the sleeping man and woke him, resulting with a flurry of obscene words and many grave looks. never, ever, sleep a waking vagabond. er, yeah. you get what i mean.

Sunday, February 27, 2005
More on Massacre
So this afternoon a teammate and I went over to the Peace Brigades International house here in Barrancabermeja. It turns out that PBI is accompanying the The San José de Apartadó Peace Community as well. They're understandably stressed out right now as they wait to hear from their team mates in the area.

They also told us that there were actually eight killed. The government investigating agency has only opened one of the graves thus far. The second grave is still unopened nearly a week after the massacre.

News google shows only one article reporting the massacre.

Fulbright India Update

Surreal Party Moment of the Evening
Listening to Italian Leather Sofa by Cake as a teenager told me how the paramilitaries had killed his father and forced his mother and the rest of his family to flee. Now he and his mother work for an organization that works with displaced people like himself.

Quince tiros he said.




Saturday, February 26, 2005
oh man, the funniest thing ever happened yessterday!
i was riding my bike in the bike lane on columbia rd. and not really paying attention to what i was doing when all of a sudden a car pulled out of its parking spot and i hit it and fell to the ground. i guess the car didn't hear me or the drivers reaction time was awful 'cause it kept on rolling over my arm. that hurt a lot. i quickly stood up and hopped on my bike bike. everyone was yelling in spanish and some guy across the street kept yelling "police!" unfortunately my instincts were to get on my bike and ride off. so i did. my arm worked, it just kinda burned a little. ha ha :D

Colombiann Army massacres Peace leaders and Family
This morning during team prayers we talked about the massacre in San José de Apartadó and when I checked out the blog and saw Robin's question, I figured I should write a bit about it here. This information comes from a release from Red Hermandad y Solidaridad, the website of Peace Community of San José de Apartadóon.

Monday, February 24, persons identified as belonging to the Colombian National Army's 6th Brigade killed peace community leader Luis Eduardo Guerra, his partner, Bellanira Areiza Guzman, his 11 year old son Deiner Andres Guerra, Alfonso Bolivar Tuberquia Graciano, Afro-Colombian leader and Peace Council Member, his partner, Sandra Milena Munoz Pozo and their children, 2 year old Santiago Tuberquia Munoz and 6 year old Natalia Andrea Turbequia Munoz.

San José de Apartadóon is on the west end of the Atlantic coast of Colombia, see this map for an exact location. The Fellowship of Reconciliation has been supporting these Peace Communities for a while. According to their website, the Peace community at San Jose is one of about 50 around Colombia that have declared themselves neutral and refuse to support any armed groups. You can read more about that here: I'm guessing that was how Luis ended up speaking at the SOA protest (that's him speaking their on the right).

This massacre is especially significant because it was carried out by the Colombian army itself. And the Bush administration is getting ready to give a whole bunch more money to the Colombian military, not just for the "drug war" but also for explicitly fighting the civil war, which is blatantly targetting civilians.

Friday, February 25, 2005
the same old fucking shit continues.
I just got an email about LUIS EDUARDO GUERRA being assasinated. Do you have any information on that?


Thursday, February 24, 2005

For those of you who don't hang out near the White House, there's a place on Pennsylvania called The Bread Line. It annoys me that a bougie breakfast/lunch/catering joint should have a name and decor that tries to invoke the Great Depression. While walking past it on the way to school this morning in the heavy snow I passed a homeless man. He glanced briefly into the garbage can. There wasn't anything to eat in there, but I had to applaud the irony.

Yesterday I got a free lunch from the School of Public Policy and Public Administration. I was there for a session to hear about NeighborhoodInfoDC and Dataplace, both nifty websites that will provide you with lots of information, though perhaps not exactly what you're looking for. But man, check out Dataplace. You can make all these cool maps and stuff.

Congrats and Photos
Sasha, congratulations on your new career choice. Way to go matrilineal! I was a little disapointed not to make the congratulations list, but thanks for the link to the Ismene review. The South Bend Tribune lovew NWP!

In other news, you can now check out photos from my time thus far in Colombia here: Highlights include a bunch of water buffaloes I accompanied, zen and the art of cooking with your eyes closed and an "unidentified" man covering his face. For the whole story, subscribe to my bi-weekly email newsletter from Colombia.

Oh and I have 50 gmail invites to give out too. There seems to have been some significant inflation since the days when people were selling them for 20 dollars on ebay.

salut à tous

Thanks for rocking this blog shit so hard for so long. Even though I haven't posted in ages, I still catch up on you all here every once in a while. Congratulations on all your various accomplishments (Derek, Ismene and Today's Special :: Jules, givin' it to the Peabody :: Joel, starting a bicycle collective :: Kate, not getting killed :: Meg, being yourself :: Lanny, your fighting spirit, even if it might be time to move on :: Erini, reclaiming dorkdorm for females :: Mike, staying up on the psychogeography tip :: Rob, finding your glasses, hopefully, and getting chatted up by amazingly hot Bulgarian women)!

To celebrate all this, I'd like to welcome all you old users to the wonderful world of Gmail! I have 50 invitations left to give, so send a note to [myfirstname].[mylastname] and get hooked up.

In unrelated news, Lando, Redekopp & I rocked it NYC-style last weekend. Good times. Pics:

clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right...   only for the bravest

la règle de trois   wha gwan

And lastly, I wanted to let you all know that I am currently applying to the Masters of Science in Nursing program at McGill University. If I am accepted, I will start in the fall and go for three years. I think it will be a great way to get to where I want to be--working for an international health agency--quickly. It is also a good step towards a Master's in Public Health. The classes look pretty awesome and are tailored to people (like me) who have no nursing experience whatsoever. And it's exciting to think that I will join the proud tradition of my mother and grandmother! So that's that. In the meantime, the classical music magazine is still going well, and so is my little brother. We cook food and go skating, mostly. Oh, and this weekend I'm going to a world music conference to hear some fresh new sounds.

Take care, y'all.

ps for you creative types: make your own font! Also good for procrastinators.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Remember when you were three and your dad wanted you to learn how to swim so while you were watching the sun glisten off the surface of the pool he just pushed you in with his foot? Okay, that never happened to me, but if it had it would be a good analogy for how I feel about losing my goshen email. Yahoo spam filters are better, and when I try to explain how my secondary email is from a little college near Notre Dame no one ever understands.

Something happened today that has never happened before. My cell phone went off in class. Fortunately, I keep it set of "BEEP ONCE" so no one noticed because it only beeped once then buzzed quietly for a second. I didn't recognize the number and the caller didn't leave a voice message so I won't call back. But it's nice to know that I was correct that the "BEEP ONCE" setting will protect me from classroom embarrassment.

Also, I went to this meeting today where I got a free sandwich and learned about this website. I haven't looked at it enough to know if it's as cool as it sounds.

"That's what it's like to be kissed by a god. That is what immortality feels like."
This weekend is your last chance to see "Ismene" at New World Players. If you want to see me play an evil and sadistic god, then you'll want to see the show on Friday or Saturday at 7:30 P.M. or Sunday at 3 P.M. If you want to see me as an evil and sadistic person, feel free to talk to me whenever.

As the South Bend Tribune so excellently put it: "Bontreger's dynamic performance brings howls of laughter from the audience."

I think it sucks that we have to give up our accounts. And on such short notice. Shall we petition? I think we shall. I will write the first email asking for an extended grace period. Who's with me? Write emails and sign the petition. We won't go down without a fight!

Fortunately someone has already created a petition!

Let us keep our email addresses at least until August.

We need more time to make the transition.

Thank you for being considerate.

Sign the petition!

I will email this petition to Vickie on the 27th of Feb. Please email all the graduates you know and refer them to this link:

Kudos, Julia, on rocking the Peabody. I hope you continue to rock it, by which I mean, make it in.

Damn, why, why? Why can't we keep our Goshen email accounts? Bastards!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005
hey kids, just thought i'd let you know julia made call backs today at peabody, which is cool cause it was 9 out of 30

and then i ate ICE CREAM, thanks lex luther!

Mihail, my little bulgarian film friend called on sunday and was like, "hey, I'm in DC, we're going to go see le tigre and hang out with them afterwards" And so mihail and some friends proceeded to watch "the l word" with members of le tigre on sunday while I made espresso. I got his message this morning.

damn you cellphone and your fucking late messages.

If you haven't yet gone there ...

If you remember the show, then please go there and fight for the cause.

Monday, February 21, 2005

keep your fingers crossed...
I find out tomorrow about if I can move out of my house.

Where is my mind?
OOooooo. oooOOOoooo, ooo, oo. OOOoooo.

No, wait, there it is, analyzing shit like an analytical mother-fucker.
The real question is, where is my heart?
you probably got tired of that... at least it wasn't on "loop."

revolution, bikes, and punk rock

i've been reading lipstick traces on a cigarette, an excellent book connecting various philosophical movements including the violent munster anabaptist rebellion, dada, lettrist international, situationist international, and punk rock. joel's post on revolution and biking reminded me of the situationist international who thought that the way cities are set up radically effects citizens' behaviour (psychogeography). most american cities are set up for and ruled by cars, and besides polluting the environment i think it also negatively effects community as joel said.

the situationists also talked about the revolution of everyday life, saying that boredom is the real revolutionary question. life is built upon two things: work and leisure. for most work is draining and soul-sucking. and leisure is nearly entirely based on spectatorship. (instead of doing one watches others doing). this doesn't apply to just tv and commercial entertainment. the same is true of art. the academic institutions of art dictate who can make art. technique becomes a central issue in art and all who don't have it feel insecure about their ability to create beauty. even much of 20th century art which rejects technique still has an aura of inexplicable genius, in other words the art is still held aloft to a point where only certain people can create. (this may or may not be the artists intent, but it is what often happens).

in conclusion, i don't know what the hell i'm talking about and lets all go make a community, bike, create art, and stick it to the man. viva la revolution of the everyday!

Sunday, February 20, 2005
Where are my glasses?!
bzzzbzbbzzzbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzBZZZZZBBZZZZZZ. Bzzzzzzzzzz, Buyzz. flibit. bzzzzzz.

"Fraggle Rock" is already coming to DVD.
There are a few different "FR" DVDs in the work, Andrew -- including the complete first season!

alisa. i have a copy of "the revolution will not be televised". let me know how to get it to you and i'll do so.

kate. yes, i concur with your philosophy about anger and traffic patterns. the saying "i've learned more on my bicycle than i ever did in school," rings true in my ears every day as i commute or ride for fun. it's not worth getting pissed at cars and internal combustion engines. rather, i've taken to approach the matter with a positive outlook. one that readily seeks dialogue and conversation with drivers next to me in the lane. on my road bike i've attached a wooden crate to the back. on this crate i've written in large black letters, "be free. ask me how." it's amazing as to the number of people who stop and talk to me about this saying or the other two i've posted: "viva hugo y cesar chavez" and "$0 per gallon".

bicycles through and through, speak for a different way of structing community and our lives. they break the "little boxes" we've been socialized and encouraged to live in. this is one reason i'm so excited about our bicycle collective, chain reaction, that has started in goshen. we meet on monday with a local couple who own a building downtown. they've contact our group about the possibility of us using the empty building just south of the window and north of the dew drop inn. here's a fist up for the revolution.

for the record. . .
that post that says feb. 18, 9am, actually occured at feb. 20, 3:29am. this one will probably show up wrong too. its now feb. 20, 3:33am.

also for the record, the cab driver was named benny, and you're right lando, he was the coolest. always showing up out of nowhere to save the math nerds' asses. . .

bikes macs and blogs
ive given up punctuation for lent

andrew you can change the time of your post and the date or at least i can check it out im posting this at 233 this morning ha not really i was way asleep then

alright as someone who spends well over 8 hours a day five days a week in traffic on her bicycle as a professional document expeditor i feel like i should be able to weigh in on the whole bikes versus suv thing cause it's one of those thins i have to think about all day but is pretty hard to put into words unlike the only other things i think about all day which are 1 im hungry 2 i have to pee 3 my fingers and toes are cold 4 i hate wind
earlier this summer on my way to work i spent a lot of my energy getting mad at stupid drivers stupid buses and stupid taxis cutting me off or pulling out in front of me opening there doors using up my bike lane turning right in over across my path turning left when i have the right of way going way too fast or what ever then again i don't stop at stop signs i run red lights and some times i'll even go the wrong way down one way streets i'm an incredibly aggressive biker after a while i realized i was wasting my energy getting pissed at cars not seeing me/doing stupid shit and gradually after this realization i began to let things go and became less frustrated and i just focused on what i was doing and only got mad at myself for doing the stupid shit
since this summer i have learned to treat traffic as a predictable and mostly stupid obstacle that i have no control over i only have control of my bike and myself and the best i can do is be as predictable as possible for the cars and defensive as possible for me

mac labbin
i would also like to add to fond memories from the mac lab
one day meg and joel came up with a great song called "i dream about your headphones at night" which they sang all over campus one day they were in the mac lab together and started singing this "song" and thought it would be fun to record it so the did then they spent the next hour or so recording themselves banging on the tables and making indecipherable noises afterwards they burned the headphones song onto a cd and called in their single and burned the rest of the music on to another cd meg made up little sleeves and sold them separately for 25¢ or 2 for $.50 in the union i think it was parents weekend anyway we listened t this album the other night an it was pretty damn funny
if anyone is interested in a copy of this amazing cd please send a check or a blank cd s to 1620 c st SE apt 11 washington dc 20003

Saturday, February 19, 2005

just wanted to say a little hello from DorkFest 3.0... it's still going on... 1/2 the people left... but DDRmax2 is off.. so it's nice... or at least quiet...
This year, Fallon and I were the only girls to bring computers...

Friday, February 18, 2005
What I want to know...
Is why we got 192 referrals from "Get Your Shoup on" in the last 24 hours (see bottom of this page) when the page hasn't been updated for almost two years.

blogging is screwed up
first, i post, and the date shows up as sometime in june. either blogging is screwy or i entered a time-warp blackhole momentarily without my knowledge. then, i go in to edit it to get the date right, and the entire text gets deleted. harrrummpphhh. anyway, thanks for the pointers, derek. after square one, i'm taking on fraggle rock.

Thursday, February 17, 2005
Andrew, here's what you do:
1. Randomly run across one of the stars' e-mail addresses online and e-mail her. (Ask her to send you an autographed picture).

2. Find the company that originally aired the series and bug them to pieces.

3. Ignore the people who e-mail back and say, "We no longer own the rights. We can't do it. It's too expensive. Quit bugging us." (I ran into people at TVOntario who were very annoyed and others who were EXTREMELY supportive and excited.)

4. Start a petition online (e.g. at

5. Go to as many Web sites that you possibly can to spread the word (e.g. IMDb, fan sites).

6. Wait a couple of months for them to reply to you with good news.

7. Brag about it WAY too much.

8. Insist that they include your name on the DVD on the "Special Thanks to" section. (I haven't done this one yet.)

Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Memories from freshman year

This is Steve Hage. Alisa wanted me to share a scene from the mac lab that I was reminded of today. I love this lab. I rarley get the homework done that I intend to tho. Anyway: I was pulling an all nighter to finish some paper or other, and Meg, Kate, and Alisa arrived in the ML sometime very late/early, having been at a party. They all had homework, and Meg (I think) had to write a paper about the Dada movement for painting. She perched on the back of the chair and made up a song about Dada, which she proceded to sing while filling a couple pages with random things, mosly "dadadadadadadadada." It took her a while, but it was it hilariously entertaining. Did she turn it in? I don't know. I know I didn't get my paper finished. Here's to being tipsy in the Mac Lab.

Hey Landon
Do you have The Revolution Will Not Be Televised? Or do you know who does? They ran out of the copies they have and can't get distrubting rights so I can't buy it and we would like to show it on campus. Plus some of the kids in ND peaceco would like to get a hold of it also.

Monday over Tuesday, any time, any place

Confession: my sister and I would at times, in our youth, pretend to be George Frankley and Kate Monday and pull out calculators for some wickedly quick multiplication. Also, I was really disappointed when Monday was replaced by Pat Tuesday, but they did have the cool cab driver in New York.

props to derek

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bad things that happened to me yesterday:Also, while pulling my bike out of the garage on Sunday two men in a car told me that they were looking for bikers to start up a bike messenging business. I told them I wasn't looking for work, but gave them my card and told them to call me and I would pass the news along to my friends. I figured that they already knew where I lived and my home phone couldn't do anything. It was really weird. I haven't heard from them.

Monday, February 14, 2005
I may have singlehandedly brought my favorite children's show to DVD!
Hi Derek,

I just wanted you to know, that I hand delivered the TVOntario DVD
proposals last week. They are currently being budgeted as to how much
these DVDs will cost to re-commission. It is definitely going to be a
long-term process (2 months...just to budget!).

However, you may be pleased to know that your petition has been shown to a
number of possible "key" investors who have shown interest in producing a
Today's Special DVD. The good people in Sales and Marketing are trying
their best to find an affordable solution, so we're gonna have to give
them time.

Anyways, once again. I must thank you for the wonderful job that you did
with the petition. You've created quite the buzz at TVOntario ~ as well
as support! I will let you know of any further developments.

Take care,

Speaking of asshole like cars
have you all seen the newest urban assault vehicle? It's a brilliant one. Two times the weight of the Hummer so that now when it hits you, in a car mind you, instead of just being dead on impact you can be so horrible mangle that even your mama or your baby mama can't identify you. That's right kids it's a truck really a 3.5 ton mini semi and horrifically ugly. However for only $750,000 you can get the NBC version that detects and blocks, by over pressurizing and filling with clean air the cab, nuclear and biological weapons fallout. Than when everyone else is dead you can proclaim yourself king and die of dehydration because there is no longer any clean water.

tired thoughts from work, 4:30am
hey y'all. greetings from goshen. as joel said, we're coming to the big fucking apple, so if you are in the area, stop by manhattan landon's place. i'm stopping in dc on my way there, approximate dates are feb.25-mar.1, and i know where some of you live, so expect an unexpected knock on your door.

i think joel is absolutely right on biking safety. we bikers have an obligation to be careful, yet we also have the right of way. sometimes i feel that stupid drivers won't see us no matter how much obnoxious bright clothing we have on, because of their radios and cell phones and snotty kids and huge cars that eliminate some of the need for safe driving. drivers need to be aware that roads are not just for cars.

while i'm on the subject of annoying things cars do, i get pissed when cars get super-paranoid and crawl behind me even when there is plenty of room to pass, waiting for the opportunity to do a full-scale merge into the other lane to avoid any chance of accident (or lawsuit), which causes an enormous build-up of traffic behind the paranoid driver, making all of them pissed off, and then when i want to turn left, i have to sit on the side of the road and wait for all of those fucking drivers to pass while glaring at ME for stopping up traffic. i mean, i appreciate the concern for safety, but you can pass safely and efficiently when the biker is in the shoulder.

viva la revolucion. vodka, whiskey, lemonade, coffee liquer, and rum never tasted better together.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

If you were a mouse, would you be mad at the cat who tries to eat you? No. As a cyclist, you have to live with the fact that you are smaller and less visible than a car. Mice are wary of cats. Bikes should be wary of cars. Always. You aren't going to change the world by being hit by an SUV (as much as I would like to believe it myself).

If the SUV had seen you and proceeded anyway; then can you be angry.

Unlike the mouse, you need to make yourself visible. A car (or SUV) can't be blamed if it can't see you. If the SUV would have seen you, it probably would have stopped. Use lights, wear light-colored clothing.

Cars dominate small towns. Bikes and pedestrians are scarce, making them less expected. It's the town that you live in, not the SUV. Good luck and keep your eyes open and on the road. Being on a bike doesn't give you leniency to chat with friends. Drive as carefully as you would if you were in a car. Fortunately, on a bike. you have a very quick response. If you had been in a car and the SUV had done the same thing, you would have collided.

Just some thoughts.

Joel - How long you gonna be in New York for? Celeste and I will be touring the East Coast over my spring break and we'll be getting to NYC on Monday, March 7. We'll be leaving on Wednesday. Let me know.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

I hearts my momma.
today my mom treated me (and herself) to a 1 hour massage... I smell like a certs mint... oh so happy.

anyway.. I want to hear about the Toast to Communism party at 534. thought about coming back up to GC for it, but time is a big factor in that one.. anyway.. how'd the communial alcohol thing go? or taste for that matter...

fucking suvs
the saying, "you'll probably die less than a mile away from your house if a car is involved," nearly came to pass this evening.

while riding home from san marcos this evening after a fine meal and almost my last, a jeep grand cherokee started to pull out from an alley, the one that crosses plymouth just west of the intersection of 8th and said street. i yelled obscenities and biblical curses as load as i could...they the middle of our path. my roommate and i thankfully had space and reaction time to brake prior to BUSTING UP their vehicle. looking back, i kinda wish i did. we both felt the inner urge to run up and break the windows anyways. we refrained when the back window rolled down and a little kid asked " are you ok?" errrrrrrrr. using the child for protection. harsh.

for anyone in new york during the weekend of march 4 and such, let me know cuz stan and myself will be in town.

So fine.
Oh, wow, oh heavy, heavy, heavy (but in a good way). The amazingly hot bulgarian woman just asked me to wait for her after the concert tonight. It probably doesn't mean all that, but for now I'm enjoying the fantasy. Oh, wow.
[dream sequence]Me and my hot bulgarian girlfriend.[end dream sequence]

"last week was bad for our health"
this is the elkhart truth's main front page headline for today.

it cracked me up all morning at the laundromat. i mean, it's called winter, people.
good news though, our collective health is predicted to improve steadily over the next three months,
culminating in four straight months of relative well-being (summer).

though i have to say, last week was really bad for my health; i smashed my finger in a door
and got a vile chest cold. my kitten, pigeon, has been sneezing a lot too.


Friday, February 11, 2005

My knack for leaving things in my pockets after I take my pants off has claimed its largest casualty (discounting a paycheck from the doll factory in high school because I got them to write me another one when I brought in legible fragments). Water resistant up to 30 meters/100 feet got it through the washer, but not through the dryer. Yes, it's the end of the Fossil watch my grandmother bought me for Christmas 2001 (I think). I should have been more suspicious at the clanking sounds from the dryer which sounded rather more substantial than the usual fly button tap-tap.

But how do I know it was the dryer and not the washer that killed my watch? It stayed in the pocket during the transition between the two. A prize to the first person to post the answer, though it's not that hard of a question, I admit.

but I'm also Gandalf.

Thursday, February 10, 2005
Alisa be a Freak!

Check this out for making all your dorky sci-fi dreams come true!

P.S. Alisa you be a freaky deaky Gandalf

Might be going to the black cat tonight with fun folks from school. The new ones that I met this year, the cool ones. Strike Anywhere are fun, adorably young kids from Richmond in the Old Dominion. Hardcore. Let me know if you want to come.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005
I want to learn.
I know this sounds silly, but I would love for somebody to teach me how to burn songs from online (e.g. from Kazaa) onto a CD. I don't know how to burn a CD in general.

Monday, February 07, 2005
Speaking of which....

Condi the Champion of Liberty

I had my first meeting with theUS State Departmentlast Wednesday. Clearly, I gave them a piece of my mind about this sorry State they're running where pagans are free to drape their heathen sins across our Godly hilltop cities...and then I preached to them about the good news of Jesse Miller. Sorry that I didn't seen those of you in DC. I got up at 4:30, caught the 6 a.m. train, had 6 meetings in 8 hours and was home by 9 that night. I also didn't meet any famous people or serve them a latte, as our esteemed colleague Margaret has a monopoly on the market.

was he Jesus?
so I was in the mac lab looking at the blog and the little comparison chart that Jesse's brother worked up, which is evil by the way, and I joyfully shared with the whole mac lab.
when someone asked me who Jesse Miller was?
I struggle.. how to explain... is there a picture somewhere?
Then she says Jesse Miller... was he Jesus?
Yes, Yes he was.

If you haven't already found this, it is high time that you did. Also, kudos to Meg for serving a famous person.

An update on my Niece
Guen vs. the Cats: a Basic Skills Comparison

Sunday, February 06, 2005
I don't usually post responses to lame-ass blog-quiz posts
but I thought it was really funny that I was blogger. kind of funny how I'm posting now, isn't it?

Jenna Bush likes Murky Coffee

Or at least she liked the shots I pulled for her today when she came in for a latte.

Friday, February 04, 2005
Spooky clever blog quiz
I don't usually post bloggy quiz things, but I saw this one on bona's blog and it seemed to provacative to pass up. And then I took it and the result was spookily accurate:

You are
Which Website are You?

I'm totally addicted to Snopes. Although I must admit it got the rocket car thing wrong. But my brother made a pumpkin launcher and that's kind of similar

On SpongeBob and Marriage
If y'all want the fair and balanced version of the SpongeBob story, check out this article by an up-and-coming journalist. Also was published here.

Also, Tim and Charletta, and Paul and Sarah, I'm glad to hear you're getting married the way God intends, as the conservative Christians I've been interviewing would say.

But seriously, congratulations.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005
So, The Onion decides to take a dig at dumpster divers. Well, the cans of free Pabst in the fridge are telling me not to pay any attention to The Onion.

Other news: Tonight is the State of the Union adress. Are we playing?

Other, other news: I've moved on to dream girlfriends, and it's still not working out.

Widescreen MGM DVD: an oxymoron
Despite the fact that my Producers, This is Spinal Tap and UHF DVDs say they are widescreen, they are not. Despite the fact that they have the black bars on the top and bottom of the screen, they are still not widescreen.

Also, if you own Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi or Y Tu Mamá También, you may not own what you think you own.

Istead of being TRUE widescreen versions of these movies, many of them are just the standard versions with part of the picture taken out.

There are about 500 DVDs which are messed up and there is a proposed law settlement where we may be able to trade in the fucked-up DVDs for another DVD or for $7.10.

For more information (or to see if you own one of the bad MGM DVDs), go to

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

It is all about the machine.

Man, I wish I could compete in a Barista competion. Of course, I'd probably fail miserably. At least according to ...


I blame it on the equipment, not my technique. Of course, I probably couldn't make 16 drinks in 15 minutes. I mean, I'm esspresso, but not esspressissimo.

And the plural of "barista," is "bariste," not "baristas,"! Fuck!

It's Official
Over the weekend, Murky Coffee took first, second, and eighth place at the southeast regional competition.

"The Southeast Regional Barista Competition encourages and recognizes the professional achievement in the art and skill of espresso beverage preparation and service. The competition is open to baristas living in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky and Florida. Contestants will prepare one espresso, one cappuccino and one specialty coffee drink for each of the four judges in 15 minutes."

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