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"An industrial capitalist society that does not recognize ecological limits but only perpetual economic expansion and has the profit motive as driver, will eventually consume and destroy itself."

"But we will all be taken down with it."

David Orton

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Thursday, March 31, 2005
In Space No One Can Eat Ice Cream!
That's right, in a couple of days I will be enjoying Killer Klowns from Outer Space via Netflix!

Chriss Kulp, in case you read the Blog, this one's for you:

FADPK approved

If you haven't heard, a compilation of last year's Record cartoon has hit local GC bookshelves. The work contains all 24 strips with commentary from the creators. It sells for $3.50. Contact Danny King to inquire about purchasing one,

writing it up in the empty computer lab
Oh man, nothing adds that extra kick in the seat of the pants to getting up bitch-ass early to write a paper like having to bike through the cold rain to do it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005
and god said: let their be community gardens
we got land. oh yar.
we got acres. oh yar.
we got seeds. oh yar.
we got energy. oh yar.
we got college debt. oh yar.
we got revolution. oh yar.

Me and Mr. Miyagi

Dubya-Dee-Fordy baybee.So my motorcycle, after working so beautifully on Saturday and yesterday, is being a bitch again today. And it's so beautiful out! My father suggests that the problem is water in the lines making it hard starter. I was able to get it to start yesterday by priming the cylinders. My father suggests using WD-40. I'll try that tomorrow. Hopefully I can get it going just once so I can take it over to Garcia to get it looked at.

In happier news, I dropped Gender Discrimination. While I'm sad because it would be a fun class to take, knowing that I only have 12 credits this fall is a great feeling. Four of them will be clinic, which will be very time-consuming but also fun.

Recently I'm dreaming about moving to the Puget Sound after graduation. Who's coming with me?

And coming up soon at the Black Cat: Amy Ray on a solo tour. I really love Stag so hopefully it will be more of that and less of Closer to Fine. Tickets are $12 in advance, $14 at the door. It's a $2 savings and I've been burned by sell-out shows before, so let me know if you want me to pick some up for you. Thursday, April 21.

Sunday, March 27, 2005
blogging from urban life center chicago
so, while sitting in the kitchen of ulc i was doing some research on austin, texas (for my own secret plan) and i came across this picture.

this is kinda cool

Friday, March 25, 2005

I hate you, Verizon. My phone and internet went out on Tuesday. It's now Friday. I had to go to
so I could email people and look up things online. How long do you need to fix a bleedin' line? The weather yesterday was beautiful. You could have gotten it done then. I swear, you're worse than the IDF.

A Monster, A Snake

Take a few minutes over your lunch or dinner break and read this powerful reflection on the Apartheid Wall in the West Bank, written by my cousin Eric Kennel. Palestinian names for it are "the monster" and "the snake"--an understandable description when you look at the picture. Eric and a friend, Dave Landis, both EMU graduates, are spending a year traveling around the world.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005
let the revolutions begin...
Chain Reaction: Goshen's Bicycle Collective
Goshen, Indiana

So yesterday we had a police officer come to Crim Pro, Brett Parsons from the Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit. He was amusing and told some good jokes. His biggest mistake was telling too many jokes because once you try to fit in that much humor some of it is bound to be bad. His presentation would have been slightly improved had he left out the bottom half of the jokes, but all in all I was impressed. His candor was refreshing. It's nice to know that, as I suspected, the large majority of the MPD would not be able to catch up with me in a foot race. Some people asked questions. Here is mine:

Often in trials where questions of criminal procedure arise, the resolution of a issue depends on conflicting testimony, a "he-said she-said" scenario. For example, an officer might claim that a defendant gave consent for a search of her hotel room, while the defendant insists that she did not. In situations like this, there are four possibilities:

  1. The defendant is lying and the officer is telling the truth.
  2. The officer is lying and the defendant is telling the truth.
  3. Both of them are lying. For example, the actual situation might have been ambiguous and both are describing it as though it were clearly in their favor.
  4. Neither is lying. That is, both have different recollections about the situation.
So I asked Officer Parsons what the proportion of situations is between these four options. He told me that obviously it is in defendants' interests to lie when they are guilty. He said that he has never known an officer to lie, such as by saying the car was red when it was really blue, but that often officers will tell less than whole truth or tell the truth slant.

I would say three things. First, I agree that is that defendants probably lie regularly. Second, if, in a trial, you are telling a story in a way that withholds information that the jury would want to know, then that's the same as lying. But third and most interestingly, I think Officer Parsons is underestimating the weakness of memory. I think that quite frequently the fourth situation crops up. Both the officer and the defendant believe that what they are saying is true because their memory of the event has shifted to a way that favors their case.

After class I saw Kate! She had come by to pick up some papers from the school library and called me. And then on my way to spend $26 on a semester-long motorcycle outdoor parking pass I got a call letting me know I'd gotten into clinic. And then when I got home I found $15! It was in an card that my grandmother had sent me for Easter.

Monday, March 21, 2005
Incidentally, I'm bourbon, which would explain why I hate myself.
Way to go Mike on the tournament. I need a good time like that.
Alisa, the opening was great, all five minutes of it. I need to come buy and check it out more. Oh, and there was this one ring that looked really nice, are you selling that?
Juicy, sorry. You'll get used to it.
In other news, I rocked everyone's collective ass as Frosch in the Opera. And I got a nomination for it. Out on a high note. Also today I learned the etymology of chingar.

My cousin is now married to a non-union carpenter named Eric.The only Polish Restaurant in Li'l Italy!

On the way out to Ohio my family and Celeste dropped in on Pittsburgh. Turns out that the house I am renting there does in fact exist. We didn't look inside, but at least the structure is there. I'm pleased with the neighborhood, too. Very cute. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to get my motorcycle out of the backyard, but I'll work something out. Maybe I can build a ramp out of a two by twelve.

Interestingly enough, Clarrisa Gaff will be the other Peggy Browning fellow in Pittsburgh, at the Steelworkers. Goshen grads locking up union summer jobs, apparently. Maybe we can start a club: Mennonites for Organized Labor. We can get t-shirts and have meetings. Awesome.

Find out what kind of Alcohol you are.. or something
This is a funfun quiz...
my results:
Congratulations! You're 127 proof, with specific scores in beer (120) , wine (66), and liquor (86).
Screw all that namby-pamby chick stuff, you're going straight for the bottle and a shot glass! It'll take more than a few shots of Wild Turkey or 99 Bananas before you start seeing pink elephants. You know how to handle your alcohol, and yourself at parties.

Damn you, glasses lens, for jumping off my face and scraping along the ground.

I am done! My show work is over! And people liked it. Of course the only thing that people defiantely wanted to but was my ring that I'm not selling. Those of you who were not there... geography is no excuse for missing art work. hehe. Last night was wonderful I got 12 hours of sleep; the same amount of sleep that I received in the whole week prior.

Sunday, March 20, 2005
the great settlers marathon!!
the results from the great settlers marathon are in! game play began at 10:15am and ended at 10:02pm, with 11 games played. deb won four games, amanda haggen three, and mike won five. games were played at the kitchen table, the side porch, flying star, buster's bagels, and blue dragon coffee house. we received four comments including one request to join in! the shortest game was 29 minutes and the longest game was 47 minutes, and there was one tie! all in all the marathon was quite the success! anyone ever played more games in one day?

Friday, March 18, 2005
Sippy cup of warm milk
So I took Rini's funfun test. Contrary to winding up as Mr. Roger's bedtime drink as I expected, I'm actually:


"Congratulations! You're 86 proof, with specific scores in beer (40) , wine (83), and liquor (34).

Bring on the mixers! Take something strong, add something without any alcohol and you got yourself a Cuba Libre, a Presbyterian, a Greyhound or a Whiskey Sour. You like your drinks strong, but with the flavors of your favorite colas or juices. You're willing to try something new, just so long as it doesn't give you a headache."

Proof that the next Star Wars will be the best:
George Lucas is not going to let us down! He has gone on record as saying that the next movie will be like "Titanic in Space."

happy st. paddy!
yesterday evening i went into java junction to buy coffee, and there was one of those nice campus social events going on, with lots and lots of young folks i don't know milling about in their brand new connector. half of me got all nostalgic for those grand old dorm days, and the other half of me wanted to shout "ha ha, suckers! i get to drink myself silly tonight without worrying about bill born!"

Find out what kind of Alcohol you are.. or something
This is a funfun quiz...
my results:
Congratulations! You're 127 proof, with specific scores in beer (120) , wine (66), and liquor (86).
Screw all that namby-pamby chick stuff, you're going straight for the bottle and a shot glass! It'll take more than a few shots of Wild Turkey or 99 Bananas before you start seeing pink elephants. You know how to handle your alcohol, and yourself at parties.

oh, and happy St. Urho's (16th) and St. Patty's (today)! two drinking holidays in a row, I love this month...

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Uncle Jesse's new show SUCKS!!!


Guess who just got the "best boy" position on this movie directed by Babar Ahmed. The DP is going to be linkText and the actors are Kumar Gaurav, Madhur Jaffrey, and the soon-to-be-famous Sheetal Sheth. Also, I'll be gaffing (hopefully) this limo scene with Ahmed Ahmed

But. Shhh, don't tell anyone! It's a secret.

Meg, are you aware that they are making over 2 million per acre? Bloody outrageous.
Anyway, happy assimilation-of-alien-culture-and-get-drunk day!

Oh, I'll be enjoying it just as much as the rest of you.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005
email me! I need to talk to you and my phone went ka-poey and now they kicked you off the stuff with the hey-hey and the what not. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Darn you, sadfhjksadfhlkjdsa!
So, I received an e-mail from sadfhjksadfhlkjdsa today on my Goshen mail. Evidently, this person has taken over my life.

Oh well. I'll just have to live with it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Oh! You shouldn't have!

It's just what I always wanted!

Monday, March 14, 2005
more adventures in cut and past coding.
With Robin Wenger!

shameless plug
so anyone in town this sunday should be at my show reception. 2-4pm in the Music Center gallery. That's right bring your money and buy my stuff, thus making it your stuff. Or I suppose that you could just look at it. but that wouldn't be as cool. Oh and there will be fondue!

2,206? counting and radical plans
is it just me or did blogger stop counting the number of blog posts? anyhoo. on to other more interesting, or should i say radical matters. trust me on this. follow through and we'll win.

who is planning on coming to goshen for graduation?
please respond to my yet-to-vanquished, goshen e-mail within the next week as i need to get a count. joelrf

meg and kate: please e-mail me your contact information asap!

"there's something in the wind and it smells like carrots."

[graduated], 5, the longtime email address
of Goshen College alumni, died March 14 at 10:30 AM of
fatal blow to the soul. It lived at

List of reasons why I'm bitter at Goshen College:
Bill Born
The 'rot
Four year residency
They took away my email
Mark Kelley's departure
(to be continued)

Goodbye sweet Goshen
Goshen was a blast, I must do it again...

P.S. Alisa don't kill me because I forgot to say goodbye, just visit Clark he'll console you!

it's that time...
for those who have done gradiated...remeber the hours and days spent writing, gathering, designing and producing the big one? the senior portfolio. oh yeah. beth martin birkey asked us in class last tuesday if any of us could try to hand our portfolio in early so she could show it to the accreditation people this morning. what with opera, record and compiling the portfolio, i've been, well, engrossed. i finished the majority of it and turned it in this morning after tracking down where the meeting was taking place. i first looked all around newcomer. then i went to the church chapel. i was determined to turn in this project. a very nice woman--my angel for the day--wandering in the halls of college church told me to go to the nursing building. then another nice lady told me the meeting was in room 214. she said she would deliver my portfolio to beth for me. i watched her enter the room.

i've pasted below the introductory essay to my portfolio. this past year i've enjoyed thinking and writing so much, i might try to make some money after college doing the same. fancy that.

going slow into the sunless day
The writings within are born of a life lived in the slow lane. Those who choose to go slow make the decision again and again, each sunrise and sunset, to speak with their body and actions for a different way of approaching the human experience. Going slow is as simple as walking to work, or taking an hour or two to prepare a meal for phriends or family. Going slow is simple and yet it is extremely complex, for the moment one decides to slow down you begin to notice the details in life, and begin to analyze what you see, hear, touch, know and feel.

For many people, winter is cold. This is a true statement. However, for those who walk or bike as their primary means of transportation, we know the small differences between 30 degrees fahrenheit and 38 degrees fahrenheit. The former requires an extra layer of clothing There is beauty in knowing and experiencing these small details.

Living slow and eating slow ultimately results in more time: to be with people, to think, to process the day's news, to find the connecting threads in our daily lives.

I've been going slow since june 2004. In the past ten months I've begun to connect my world travel experiences -- iridescent ponds in the banana plantations of southern China; the free trade zone factories east of santo domingo, dr; and fair trade coffee cooperatives in el salvador -- with my life in the united states because I've had time to think. It's built into my commute and lifestyle.

There is a common thread; it's me, the "consumer," one who has purchased products from these three regions. Each time I swipe my credit card or put a dollar down I'm voting "yes" and giving a nod of approval to those involved in the process of producing my product.

The problem is our daily economic votes are destroying the environment; ruining our relationships with family and phriends; and ultimately condemning ourselves and our happiness as we place our future hope in the dollar, social security and the stock market. Each of these three systems have either crashed completely, destroying an entire generation's life savings, or are nearing a critical point in their cycle: e.g. the dollar's future is tenuous as there is talk about dumping the dollar for the euro as the primary oil currency, from petrodollar to petroeuro; and social security is, well, not so secure to say the least.

As a young person who thinks critically about the systems in operation around me, taking into account history and what it teaches us, how society tells me i can find happiness and my intrinsic belief that the american lifestyle cannot be supported for generations to come, i'm compelled to stand up, take a stance against that which is leading us to destruction. What is this thing? It's the short term quest for profit; a desire for instant, personal gratification; and ultimately our collapse as a person when we watch all that we have worked and saved for dissolve before our very eyes. Capitalism, brother and sister, is all too happy to supply the products and capital to see that these two objectives are met, with each new day, and our continued economic votes in support of this system will lead to the result of such time, money and personal investments.

By the time you have read this essay, I will have completely divested my stock portfolio and cashed in my gold. Ethically and spiritually i cannot continue to invest in the market or precious metals as they place profit over people. Socially conscience funds invest in companies whose purposes are at odds with my desire to base all that I do and am on face-to-face interactions and living a sustainable lifestyle. Gold remains one of the most sought after metals, and yet, its production wreaks havoc on the land and it?s associated history shines a darkened red, with connections to apartheid, greed and countless of broken bodies.

Two popular companies often found in socially responsible portfolios include mcdonald's and coca-cola. The former seeks to profit, and does, from exploiting both human labor and animals. The latter is connected to human rights abuses in Columbia.

More progressive companies like "tom's of maine" do treat their workers well, give back to the community and produce with sustainable means of production. But I ask myself while brushing my teeth with my favorite tom's flavor, gingermint, "how many people can afford to spend 5 or more dollars on a tube of tooth paste?" The answer illuminates the differences between the "haves" and the "have nots". Sustainable products, healthy foods and strong bodies are available to those with extra money or time, both of which are born out of holding a job that pays enough.

But for many living in the united states, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not an option as they must work two or three jobs to support themselves and family. Essentially giving of their body and labor to support a system which is already balanced in favor of those who can afford expensive toothpaste and deodorants. That said, those who buy expensive personal care products also lead unhealthy lifestyles as they've committed themselves fully to a lifestyle that ensures they are able to afford the organic pineapple or imported extra virgin olive oil at the cost of relationships and awareness of themselves.

You are probably asking yourself now, "well, how do you plant to retire? do you think about the future and how you will support yourself?" My reply is a resounding - yes! To the seventh generation and beyond do i base my each decision i make about the future and it's a bright future if i may say so.

In our country we are trapped to live a life defined by the car, informed by a media concerned more about profit than international news and placated with trinkets and the newest "insert favorite product". Go slow and think!

We must begin living beyond ourselves. We need a radical, cultural shift away from a consumptive/industrial lifestyle to that which is sustainable. We must begin to work with, rather than against nature, empowering ourselves to feed one another both physically, emotionally and spiritually through "protracted and thoughtful observation of nature rather than protracted and thoughtless labor," claiming the words and ideology of permanent agriculture proponent, bill mollison, who studied in depth the practices of the indigenous people in australia and how they survived in the "outback".

"The difference is like that which exists between the [a]boriginal and the ploughman: the latter is seen as one who would cut open his mother's breast to obtain the milk; the former takes only what is given freely, and takes it with due reverence," wrote mollison in his book "permaculture two".

We must realize as a culture, a government, a people that our way is not best, but in fact, leads us towards famine as we continue to extract the fertility from our prairies only to flush them down the toilet in our homes, disrupting nature's cycle of growth, death, decay, and life. We must consider daily the cycle or circles we are involved in. But since so many americans are too busying paying for cars, too large of a home, they will never understand.

My college career draws near to a close and i believe with my entire body and spirit that i am called to educate my brothers and sisters about the path we are walking. The path is mined with countless uncertainties, each at the bidding of markets, analysts and resource consumption.

For myself, and hopefully for others, i will invest in another system, one that places nature, human beings and animals at its core. With the dollars i have divested i will reinvest them in that which is not affected by global economics. Rather than stocks, mutual funds, 401(k)s, permanent agriculture, a sustainable home and relationships with people shall be my investment. By doing so, I can assure myself that no matter what the cost of gas climbs to or how scarce natural gas becomes, or if another hurricane destroys a primary source of vitamin-c, i can say, with each rising of the sun, that my life will go on.

And if for some reason the sun does not rise one day, well then, we all have a problem to think about while getting to work or school in the dark.

Sunday, March 13, 2005
'intelligent design' is an oxymoron

After way too much time laying out our latest issue, this makes a lot of sense:

Fortunately, everything I need to know about graphic design I learned from the Schrocks. Thanks, guys! I also found this "designcore" band to help pass the time, even though the song names are way better than the music. Examples: "Punk Rock vs. Swiss Modernism", "CMYK", "Command+X Command+V", "You're Getting Paid To Make My Life Harder" and their alltime greatest hit, "I Don't Know Which I Hate More, You Or Quark." ‡ Respect ‡

ps: D-bo, can't wait to see "little Derek" in his film debut. Have you seen this Danger Mouse video? Rocking.

Oh Washington, D.C., I am back. You are there like you were before, flatter than Manhattan and warmer than Boston. I am glad to see you again.

But being back means that I will need to get back into writing my paper about gentrification and Columbia Heights. This is a daunting project because it's hard to know where to stop. Fortunately it's very engaging, if discouraging. It's also very personal. Last night I saw for the first time ever a house party of white people spilling out onto the sidewalk. Now, in and of itself I don't mind this at all. House parties can spill out onto the sidewalk on a Saturday night, that's fine. But when combined with the incoming Blockbuster and the new landscaping work, we all know what it means. And our neighbors to the west finally got lids to their trashcans so even the local rats are going to be displaced.

Saturday, March 12, 2005
if you like procrastinating...

add smarterchild to your buddy list if you use aim

Friday, March 11, 2005
My penis's DVD debut
Yes, my friends, it is happening. On May 31, seasons one and two of "Danger Mouse" will be available for the public to enjoy.

For more information, go to

Thursday, March 10, 2005
Why must we ruin "The Office"?
So, for the first night in over a month I decided to check out network television programming. Yes, it was dismal as expected. But, it got worse; I saw a television advertisement for a U.S. version of "The Office." WHY??? This is a hilarious BRITISH show. We don't need a shitty U.S. version when we will never get close to the original!

Check out the original "Office" DVDs. It will not get better than that.


Jenna Miller, 2003 Goshen graduate who now works for Equal Exchange coffee, took us around Cambridge, Mass. today. We visited such sites as Hahvaad Yaad, which was full of beautiful old buildings. We remembered how Goshen's buildings reflect a Mennonite commitment to aesthetic poverty. Why have carved stone embellishments on brick facades when you could just stick some blocks of concrete on the ground in Indiana?

It was a little strange to be on the Harvard campus, considering the degree to which the institution is revered in this society. I have expected all the people to look the way Gary Larson draws gods, with one eye and long hair.

We also sat in a pew where George and Martha Washington sat on Dec. 31, 1775. And saw the common on which Washington convened the continental army.

ny times login information...
for anyone who wants to read the ny times article and does not want to sign up, use my account's a tough one.

usrname: joelphath
pswd: bolivia

Wednesday, March 09, 2005
hong kong's radical stands strong...
so while kickin' it in new york with andrew and landon, i had this urge saturday night to stay up and outline some essay series about sustainable faith in the current social context. i set up the candles on menno house kitchen table, arranged the flowers so as not to cast a shadow on my notebook and then picked up my pen. but then, the cover of the new york times magazine sitting just arm's reach away caught my attention. i think i liked the brown cover with type print font. so, i reached for the magazine.

i began flipping through the publication and began getting annoyed with all the clothing ads and whatnots, and i thought to myself, "eh, i don't think there's anything of value in this edition" when i turned the page and saw a fellow hong kong organizer pictured. long hair, myself and others worked together to organize vocal and public resistance against the impending iraq war in early 2003. we successfully gathered over 1,000 people to speak out against the war. reading through the article at 1 in the morning, i was inspired by long hair's dedication to "living the change he wants to see in society" a theme that has become very important for me recently.

anyways, i just wanted to pass on the link for the article and say that i've found my life to be very fulfilling in the past months as more and more these moments of "what the!? how and why did that happen to me at this time?" occur with regular frequency.

Meg, that's totally innapropriate. Can you see the line? No? That's because it's behind you. Right there, right there, back where you crossed it.


Tuesday, March 08, 2005
vote away, little ones!

post script new york visits
I got myself so engrossed in getting those photos posted (and I still didn't get them arranged as I intended) that I passed over thanking all the people who have visited me lately.

Sasha and Tasara, thanks for your unexpected visit a couple of weeks ago. As expected, it was a ham and a half. Sasha, I'm always happy to do my Owen Wilson impression for you.

Stan and Joel, thanks for all the deep, philosophical conversation about life. And especially for your founts of enthusiasm. I certainly won't forgot our long-ass trek around Central Park through Times Square over to the Upper East side for a restaurant that is out of business. At least we got some sausage at that Hungarian Deli.

Thanks for making New York feel like home!

Blast you, New York. While the weather was so kind yesterday, allowing us to enjoy the sea lions, otters, and penguins at Central Park Zoo, today the wind and snow were so bad that I almost gave up trying to be outside. Fortunately we didn't have to be out very much. We spent much of the afternoon indoors at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum with a handful of other people who were in the mood to go to a museum on a Tuesday afternoon. That turned out to be other students on break and tourists from Europe. There was a great tour guide. I forget her name.

Afterwards we stumbled bitterly around Chinatown, finding a pickle place (horseradish pickles = not as good as they sound) and buying tickets for the bus to Boston.

So, in conclusion, many thanks to Angela Showalter for putting us up in her east village flat for a few days. Soon this will all be over and I'll have to actually go back to D.C. and get stuff done.

Thanks for the memories, boys

Stop trying to impregnate your sister!!!!

Stop by and see us if you have time! We miss you out here in SE.

Rock. Props to you Sara. I wish I had a nephew. You hear me, Juicy? A nephew. Or a niece, either one.
congrats, Sara.

holy shit! i'm an aunt!
i joined the ranks of aunt sara(h)s at 12:15 this afternoon.

no plans for getting creepy siamese cats or opening a pancake house as of yet.

i do plan on flying to dc/va for the weekend to hang out with tyler, gina and the yet-to-be-named-baby boy. (he's going to be called something eric wakefield. i think i'll call him eggy.)

wow. there's nothing like your baby brother having a baby to make you feel strangely old and young at the same time.

that's right I am right now blogging from my brand spanking new ibook. I'm so excited that if I wasn't currently in a keith graber miller class I'd be jumping up and down.

that's right I am right now blogging from my brand spanking new ibook. I'm so excited that if I wasn't currently in a keith graber miller class I'd be jumping up and down.

Monday, March 07, 2005
morning talk show circuit here we come!
so nyc continued to be rollicking, including highlights of walking to fuckin' jersey, recording lots and lots of subway sounds to hopefully use in making music, and getting locked in the bathroom on the train for a while.

in other news, dirty and will soon be famous. that's right, some extremely important, life changing events have occured to us lately: 1. adam met jon wye, who sells cool shit he designs on the internet. 2. jon wye decided our iacocca collecting competition was cool enough to be featured on his webpage. 3. rolling stone the magazine decided that jon wye and his website were cool enough to be in their magazine, so they are put in the current issue. 4 (forthcoming, for sure). adam and my phones get torrential calls from tv producers, all the major newspapers (including the international ones), plenty of hot babes, and the rolling stones the band because of the world's new discovery of our seemingly endless ingenuity, diligence, and coolness. the movie deal is signed, we turn down the chance to meet iacocca himself, loads and loads of endorsements roll in, and we retire at 23 and move to LA to be with our new hip movie star friends.

Sunday, March 06, 2005
What's going on in Goshen on Friday?
The only reason I ask is because I'm coming up from Louisville, thats right I've been emacipated from the south for the weekend so for those of you who care, I'm coming friday evening. For those of you who don't...well I still love you dammit. Alisa, this means I'm coming the 11th. So next time you have your "Clark After Dark" session in his bed, you can tell him too. Ginger snaps!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Check out
my mom's friend,
Joe Bok.
sweet-ass uber-eff-ing shit.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Val and I were throwing a ball back and forth in CVS because we were bored and we accidentally hit this lady who was like "you hurt me with that ball" and we were like "BALL-OF-DEATH STRIKES AGAIN!!!!!" and she was like, "how old are you" and we laughed and laughed at her and then she got super pissed off and complained to the manager. so we were like. "how old are you, tattle-tale lady" and then we ran out of the store and attacked other unsuspecting dum-dums.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Ray Suarez.Major props to Tasara for getting us in to a super event, to wit, the Academy of Hope Spell Bee, hosted by NPR's Ray Suarez and judged in part by Harvard House resident Tim Kennel. As my sister would say, "what what." As always, Reddekopp is the place to go for fun.

In other super news, that apartment is going to work out. I got the call last night. This is so exciting. A nice one-bedroom in a cool neighborhood right off the 86A bus line. I will have a truck and a job and a place to live. What more is there to ask for? Of course, the place will probably be pretty depressing: a used futon and a TV on a card table. It will be hard to justify more furniture for four months. But that's okay, as I'll be happy. Just won't be able to have many visitors.

Derailer broke on my bike today. Chain Reaction people say they can put a used one on for $20, including labor. Metal fatigue happens.

Over the next week I'll be on spring break. Lancaster for this weekend, then New York from Sunday to Tuesday, then Boston until the weekend. Let me know if you'll be around. Flying back on Saturday. Haven't been on a plane since October. I like flying.

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005
oh yeah nyc
yessiree, lando summed up interpol quite accurately - they rocked it hard and awesomely. they seriously rediscover the lost joys of things like the drone, the off-beat, the subtle rhythmic variation (especially thier drummer - hot shit!). oh, and blonde redhead kicked ass as well.

nyc is rollicking. this city is so fucking claustrophobic. today i took a shit in a public restroom and couldn't move my elbows without hitting the sink or the wall. that's the way this whole city is, just jammed the fuck on this island. other exciting and stimulating activities today included walking around wall street and gawking at the rich businessmen, eating a hot dog, and going back to a dark restaurant and crawling underneath my newly occupied table to recover the book i left there. how embarrasing.

props to mike for doing cool shit. give more details, please!

Rollicking fun in Manhattan!

Interpol rocked Radio City Music Hall last night. Having never heard the band and only Stan's description of them as "dark", "pulsing", and "heavy" I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Perhaps a delightful evening that would capture the soul of a salty Michael Shank, the newly established and brilliant music journalist. The concert did not disappoint. The rhythms were tight and engaging, the guitar ambiance stellar, and the suitcoat-clad drummer took to the toms like a wild and mad phsysicist would take to a laboratory of tittilating electrons. (I couldn't help noticing that the lead singer looked like Andrew Fairfield on a particularly zippy day as well.) An incredible night.

Meanwhile, the band was off to Europe to warn the world of impending doom.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tim, big ups for bringing the news, even if it is tragic.

The world music conference kicked pretty hard. Highlights include hearing the McGarrigle sisters [site, mp3!] accept some award and then break it down with Emmylou Harris; six Norwegian fiddlers fiddling (Majorstuen); the happiest Swedish musicians IN THE WORLD (Ale Möller Band) and awesome local gal Lhasa de Sela [site,mp3!].

Also: I'm Not Gay, but My Boyfriend Sure Is. Hot shit!

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