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"An industrial capitalist society that does not recognize ecological limits but only perpetual economic expansion and has the profit motive as driver, will eventually consume and destroy itself."

"But we will all be taken down with it."

David Orton

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Three dead in Oaxaca
Protesters carrying crosses march towards the main plaza of the city of Oaxaca, Mexico on Monday Oct. 30, 2006. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)

"You cannot govern or control the city with the police. The police, yes, can kill us. The police can come and occupy with all their weapons, with all their tanks. They can occupy one plaza. They can occupy one specific point, but they cannot control the city. They cannot govern the city. They cannot govern our lives and our conscience. We are in control of the city and in control of our lives. And we will surround these police with our bare hands, and we will still control our lives, not the police."

- Gustavo Esteva

Need a Halloween Costume Idea? Here Are Some I Came Up With.
  • "A mouse, duh." A la Mean Girls (see illustration). This one is for the dudes only.
  • Something from the Onion's Top Halloween Costumes, Women 18-34. I'm not able to come up with a good visualization of Mother Teresa, but the bus driver has way potential. It's just so inscrutable.
  • Also from the Onion: Worst-Selling Halloween Costumes. Do you have the creativity to pull off Internet Service Provider?
  • And as a final general category: various characters from Homestar Runner in their costumes from various Halloween episodes.

So you'd be correct if you pointed out that I'm taking these ideas from other places. But what I think makes the ideas worth sharing despite their non-original origin is what is unique to this post: the suggestion that you actually use them.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Many many months ago, when I first move3d to new york, I made a little list of things to buy once I put a certain amount of money in the bank. After having long since passed my goal, I finally went out and bought one of the things on the list. SIMCITY4!!!!!! oh how I've missed you little buildings and roads. I will soon be the most anti-social mannahatanite due to this little game's addictiveness. it's like binary heroin. I'm so happy!!!!!

Friday, October 27, 2006
DF kicks serious nalgas
weiss, when you go to mexico city, you should stay here. its about $10/night, including 2 meals, and its right on the central square (zocolo!) and only a metro stop or 2 away from garibaldi square, where you can drink pulque and giant litros of beer with lime and hot pepper and listen to mariachi music and chill with the other drunk people at all hours of the night. and you can get tres por dies hot dogs for lunch right outside. highly recommended.

the rapture. woo hoo!

Thursday, October 26, 2006
Woo South Africa
so.. last spring I went to SA to work on a documentary... it's FINALLY premiering.
so if you're going to be in the Goshen area, you should check it out.

Weds, Nov. 1-- 7pm, NC 17. (there'll be snacks)
It's a 30 minute documentary with discussion + Q&A afterwards..
"Dreaming a New South Africa"

Love the moby video, Meg
How did you do the roller skate segment?

Also, if you ever wondered how Shoup posts would look surrounded by lots of earnest Anabaptist theology, the answer is very funny.

and on top of that, i had just bought that bike a new rear wheel and a lock ring! fortunately it's pretty easy to return things if i work where i bought it from is to at i me and.
speaking of which, i just realize di'm off of work for 2 days in a row! omg, where should i go? what should i do??

Wednesday, October 25, 2006
some jerk-faced douche-bag stole fixie at 4am thismorning while I was wrapping cable. I had just set her down after taking a quick trip to the honey wagon (trailer mounted toilets and offices) and somebody yanked her. I'm very sad because she was awesome and she was by sister's and I had just bought her new toe-clips. I'm going to miss her. who steals bikes at 4 in the morning on a film set? only stupid-heads. grrrrr. now I'm tired and grumpy and sad after working 13 hours only to have my poor beautiful bike stolen so I had to walk home. thieves are dumb.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It took CGKS a while, but she eventually picked up that when I get really excited about plans that don't quite make sense, it's best just to agree patiently until the idea passes. My father is the same way. Ultimately it's a good thing, I think, because it can make me very optimistic about big changes that might otherwise be intimidating. On the other hand, it could be seen as involving a lot of wasted time researching possibilities that won't ever come to pass.

(As an aside, I'm not sure whether the internet makes the time-wasting aspect better or worse. On one hand, it is easy to look into even fairly obscure ideas that I might otherwise let go of. On the other, it saves the time of running to the library. Except this time it didn't.)

The great idea for today: a vacation in Mexico City. I went so far as to check out a travel guide from the greatest public library ever. I'm going to read it now. If you want to know what it says, you can ask. If you want to be persuaded into spending a long weekend looking at museums, riding the world's cheapest urban rail system, and ruining your lungs, just mention that you might be interested in going with me. Direct flights from O'Hare run about $350.

Moby: New York, New York

About a month ago I worked on this video. I thought it was hillarious and had a good time working on it. We spent 2 days filming and went to over a dozen different locations. We finished shooting in times square with a giant crowd. The Director is the exhibitionist at the begining, the DP was a cool guy with some razy ideas. The steadi-cam guy's name was parris and he wore cool 80's shorts, the gaffer was this awesome dude named michael barrow who I had worked with before, and I got to be3 the best boy electric! Moby didn't do much in the video except pretend to break-dance. I think I ost enjoyed shooting on the staton island ferry. I shot on there last week too on the new movie I'm working on, "The Visitor." they serve $2 PBRs on the ferry and it's free to ride. how awesome is that? ok, that was my little update.


Monday, October 23, 2006
Thanks Weiss You like totally rock
I also got to participate in my first managment today when a girl tried to attack her dorm staffer. Yeah!?! I got to make sure she couldn't slam her head so hard into the ground as to hurt herself while others were assisting her. Managment and assistance are basically words for physically restraining the girl. woo-hoo first day.

re: So umm can someone help me out...
Decided to take the late train to work and lend you a hand this morning. All references now replaced with either "ajh" or "Hizzartzler." It will take a few days to come off of google blog search, however.

Sunday, October 22, 2006
So umm can someone help me out...
I start my shifts tomorrow at this lovely little residental home for teenage girls and they will look me up on the computer. So could someone with admin privledges delete the only post that has both my first and last name. There are enough other people out there with my first name that it's not a huge deal but I just don't need them finding out this. plus I'll probably be telling stories about little blond girls who tell me I can kiss their black ass. or telling me "fuck you, what don't you understand the n or the o" hehe those aren't my stories. just ones I heard from my trainers.

Saturday, October 21, 2006
If anyone needs something to do January 11, 12, and 13th, I highly recommend making a trip to Baltimore. Because.......I'm playing with the BSO! Yes, you read correctly: Select members of the Peabody Symphony Orchestra (PSO) are doing a side by side concert with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. I just found out today that I'm one of the people selected to play! We're doing Strauss "Alpine Symphony" and
Stravinsky "Rite of Spring". So all ya'll should come for the Sunday afternoon concert and we'll have a big party that night. No need to fear a hangover because the next day is MLK day. It will be a "Hurray for music and civil rights" party.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Meg and Kate! I wish I could make it. I'm sorry that I suck.

Saturday, October 14, 2006
Plan and you will succeed!
Best medical journal abstract ever:
Pain is unnecessary. Effective tools are available to help doctors evaluate pain in their patients. Unrelieved pain should be treated just like any other vital sign: with aggressive measures. Effective therapies are available to treat pain. Use guidelines to develop a rational plan to relieve pain. Side effects are manageable. Anticipate side effects and treat aggressively. Addiction rarely occurs. Trust your patient when they report pain. Tolerance and physical dependence can occur. Plan and you will succeed. Take the initiative and focus on relieving pain at your hospital. Your patients depend on it.
Now there are some take-home points that you can actually take home! Anyway, that's all. This is my life these days. Whoo-la!

Thursday, October 12, 2006
happy birthday meg and kate!!!
you are twenty-four!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

semi-disturbing and semi-funny

I'm totally going to the party. y'all best be there or I'll be mighty sad.

a formal invitaion to be really really cold, maybe

Sunday, October 08, 2006
Race to Find a Cure for Frank Lloyd Wright Disease!
Thanks to everyone who sponsored Celeste and me for our participation in the Race to Find a Cure for Frank Lloyd Wright Disease! Thanks to your help we raised over $300.00 to find a cure for this tragic architectural illness.

Many of you might not be aware of it, but Frank Lloyd Wright disease affects thousands of houses every year. As you can see from the picture, Frank Lloyd Wright disease can have tragic consequences.

But it's not all bad news! Scientists are hard at work to find a cure for Frank Lloyd Wright disease. Everyone who contributed to or participated in this event can have the satisfaction of knowing that they helped to bring closer the day when no more houses will suffer from Frank Lloyd Wright disease.

And remember, while there is as yet no cure for Frank Lloyd Wright disease, many treatments can alleviate the symptoms and help houses suffering from the disease to live virtually normal lives. But early detection is the key! Have your house checked for Frank Lloyd Wright disease at least once a year.

Again, thanks to everyone who sponsored us. Together we can find a cure! of which...
will some one please call my phone, like meg.
i can't find it as usual.
people should come to baltimore this weekend.
its my birthday, and meg's too.
there will be cake! and booze!
and then maybe camping! woo! chili!

Saturday, October 07, 2006
Just one of those days
I didn't realize my underware was on backwards until 3:00 this afternoon.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Apparently you and Charletta will be at the Oct. 10 missions banquet.. as will I!
I'll see if I can get the tapes to dvd before then..
See you then!

also, sad news
my stepmom is getting worse (she has breast cancer).. so along with emotional issues-- I will be postponing my trip to Lancaster (scheduled for fall break).
If anyone's heading out there in the next couple of months, I'd like to tag along and help cover gas costs... just let me know!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Congratulations Weiss!!!!!
you're the coolest lawyer ever!
Hey, can I ride in your yacht on your 32nd birthday? ha ha! hey it's possible. any shoupers planning on becoming investment bankers?

on a completely unrelated subject: I spend all my days off this week playing dozens of games of othello and drinking whisky while hanging out with the coolest person I know in new york, who, by the way is working right now on a movie that ellen kuras is DPing!! yay! ok, well, off to battle the bedbugs. grrr.

Monday, October 02, 2006
Ik ben nu terug jongens!
Hey folks I'm back. And by back, I mean in the U.S. of A. or more specifically in Sioux Falls, South Dakota staying with my parents for the moment. Actually I got back on the 12th of September after surviving perils of travel I did not think were possible.

The Dutch and their country were rad and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. If you see me I'll be sure to tell you a bunch of stories. I mean... if I see you. If you see me from a distance and just sort of spy on me I probably won't tell you any stories at all.

Also my brother just got married on saturday which was exciting. I was the best man and I looked pretty snazzy in my tails if I do say so my self.

But wait! The news gets even more fantastical. I plan to make a trip out to Goshen on the 14th of October which is in just two weeks. I then plan on sticking around for a couple of weeks (and making a trip to Toronto) before heading off to other things.

I don't know how many people who read this actually still live in Goshen, but I figure at least some of you folks must. Hopefully I'll be seeing you then. I'm sure it'll be good times.

On a related note I'm looking for place to stay in Goshen from the 14th of October until early November. Does dork house still exist? How about those folks over at brick? I have no idea who all checks this.

Ik heb nu geen idee wat anders ik wil zeggen. Als iemand Nederlands kunt lezen zal hij dit grapje leuk vindt.
"Geef mij maar een joint, zei de goudvis, dan word ik haai."

Email me at my posting name (also my old goshen username) but at

Ten Seven Hundred

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