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"An industrial capitalist society that does not recognize ecological limits but only perpetual economic expansion and has the profit motive as driver, will eventually consume and destroy itself."

"But we will all be taken down with it."

David Orton

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I have a bariphonium now. :)

... it's a beautiful silver Holton.
I'm pretty sure it's an American Baritone horn, which is sort of a conical-cylindrical bore hybrid (so neither and both a bartione and a euphonium.. hence, as Becca has named it, a bariphonium, or euphitone if you like).
however, I'm sort of researching into it... mostly I found out that Holton started in Chicago...

however, instead of getting my gig bag... I was sent a wireless mic instead...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Recipe for Quesadillas

This was brought to my attention, 
originating on the label of a can of Spam:

"On a tortilla, place chopped Spam. 
Top this with slices of cheese, then with guacamole/salsa. 
Next follows this comment: 'Do not be 
fooled by the simplicity of this recipe. 
Yes, it is easy to make, but the flavor is complicated and exotic. 
Like something that fills your senses 
and pulls at your heartstrings and then 
flies away, wanting to be chased. 
And you will chase it, oh yes, you will.'" 

There also further evidence that the people who market spam are a few slices of cheese short of a spam quesadilla.

Monday, July 28, 2008
kate + julia

(still awaiting approval, check back in a few hours, of check facebook)

Thursday, July 24, 2008
Pittsburgh: the Chicago of Western Pennsylvania
So, that would be the slogan I came up with while making cucumber-salad-out-of-whatever-is-in-the-fridge.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008
the most exciting story, ever!

it's 10:05 p.m., we've just finished playing a little katamari damacy with the drummer for our wedding thing. we've worked up a bit of an appetite, we down 2 ears of corn but we still need chocolate, dark. so i grab two hand fulls of change and rain jacket and head to the giant g. first thing i see is snak pak, grab them. then the bakery section. chocolate cake? to expensive. brownie? looks nasty. ah ha, the candy isle. organic dark chocolate, score! in the same isle as the candy is the cereal, i pace the isle looking for something on sale - nothing. some of the lights in the store shut off, it's closing time. i get a $4 box of cheerios. on the way to the register i see i cereal display, 2/$5! giant brand frosted mini wheats. nice. on to the self check out. scan the snack pack, scan the chocolate, scan the cereal, punch in my phone number. save $1, score. finish & pay. $5.20! i start tossing coins in, not making much headway with the pennies, i just toss in the silvery ones, i'm through with one pocket $2.35, on to the next. all i've got left is pennies and $.77 to go. returning an item at closing time would be embarrassing. i find a nickel left in my pocket and start tossing in the pennies. 10¢, 9¢, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2¢, 1¢ 0¢!!!! yess! i make it! all that's left are two pennies, 5 centavos from republic de guatemala and 10 won piece from south korea.

btw, we've been married for 1 month this morning

my most visited page
i've been checking this like every 5 minutes

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The best part about this article is how the subjects are identified in the photo captions. The sad part about the article? Everything else. Or, if not sad, horrifying.

Okay, on to happier topics: watching 'Battleship Galactica' and making up your own lines! With TimN and Jim Beam!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

as predicted... I had already forgotten about wordle.. well, I remember it's existence, but lacked any care to use it again...

my new toy: Finale NotePad... and my new casio keyboard... which needs a usb cord so I can actually use it as a midi controller rather than just a stand alone keyboard.

Also... calling all Oedipus Funkers: ... 1) did you have sheet music/scores? 2) does anyone have copies they'd be willing to share with me so I can then share them with the (advanced) reading band that I've joined. (started by Mucca Pazza leader/organizer, Mark Messing.) we're mainly all brass right now, but that might change... and if you're alright with it, I might arrange whatever piece(s) I'm given to suit to reading band.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

a ... unique representation of this blog.

this is a new favorite toy of mine... it's glory will probably fade in a day or so.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

i made a video too, here it is! I made it on the Cannon PowerShot SD1000

I was working on this icelandic movie last week and we spent a day on a farm upstate somewhere. Made this movie while playing with my new toy, the Flip

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