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"An industrial capitalist society that does not recognize ecological limits but only perpetual economic expansion and has the profit motive as driver, will eventually consume and destroy itself."

"But we will all be taken down with it."

David Orton

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Saturday, May 31, 2003


So I worked 14.5 hours straight from 8am to 10:30pm. I got hit three times in succession by a resident, but not very hard. I almost felt sorry for the guy. He really was trying to wallop me, but combined lack of strength and coordination made his efforts remarkably ineffective.

well katie.... I'm posting.

In this my inaugural post to the blog I give you but a link.

'Most Bloggers are Teenage Girls Survey'

Katie is returned.
Went to night of drunken revelry. Didn't drink.
Something must be wrong with me.
Boxed Justina. Both sober. Hurt a bit.
Friend of friend is pregnant by a thirty year old writer
Weiss points out this is a nice way of saying "unemployed"
I wonder.

I've seen london I've seen france! I've seen Sasha's underpants

Hello all! Sasha and Tasara and I just returned from a wonderful 5-day jaunt in Paris where the weather was wonderful and the cheese was stinky. We all (illegally) shared a two-person room at the very top of a teeny tiny hotel with many stairs and not many showers. After many baguettes, stinky cheese, nutella, a midnight strike, and no museums, we have returned back to London via the internet's favourite airline: EasyJet. Now I’m sitting in the FSU where we used to have classes, ahhhhh, it’s good to be home again. The last time we were in London, we saw an all male cast performance of Richard II at The Globe; to compliment that, we are off now, this afternoon to see an all female rendition of Richard III. Very Cool.

Tasara has hooked us up with a wonderful little flat near waterloo, fully furnished and with the additional bonus of food! However, this place is only available for one night and I still have 5 more left here in London. What to do! Oh! What to do! I’m planning on hiding in the FSU student lounge…we’ll see if that actually works. Further updates as events warrant.
cheers mates!

So, apparently I've taken to swearing in my sleep. A lot of the word "fuck." I'm embarassed, afraid that I revealed my dark secrets.

Friday, May 30, 2003

shout out to bruce

lets hear it for bruce the security gaurd who asked me today, as i dutifully replaced another umble light baliste (or was that while i was slacking off because i was sick of this phys plant shit?), how long the shoup web site would still be up and in use. what do we say? he checks on it regularly, and said he would continue till it is no more...
so there you have it. big brother is watching, and he thinks you're the greatest.

oh yeah. love my job. oh yeah.

since when did you become david cortrights bitch

just a few clarifications:
item: previous sexually suggestive blogs my have been alluding to the piercing of ones ear and may have been written by mike shank
item: yay for the beach idea, magdalen's wedding is at the begining of august, maybe we can work it with that
item: so is ho in guatemala yet?

quality of blogs these days

i just want to complain about the sexually suggestive posts on the blog of late. in my day kids posted blogs in line with the mennonite standards. plus we had to walk a mile to get to a computer so we could even blog! by the time we got to the computer we respected the blog and posted wholesome clean blogs of relevance!

mike shank
paid for by the clean up the blog campaign

an adult post-modern discussion

fuck does this hurt? yep. sorry. okay. says he takes it much to hard. is this what you're trying to put in? yep. very small. la la la la la. does this burn? no. yea! i made it! nice. bj. turn it over little man. take your glasses off. can do. woah! oh, damn it! i'm having trouble lining it up with the hole. yep it's a bitch. damn it! damn IT! i'm asking for it! you know if you just want to leave mine in it... now put mine in. what is this? you are a bitch!

Thursday, May 29, 2003

D.C. & The Beach

Well, Celeste and I made it back to D.C. safely, despite rain, cold, and not eating. But then they had a good time in D.C., involving as highlights eating dinner with Tim Godshall's household (where I hopes to live next year) and talking to a two-year-old in French, mostly about his falling down.

But looking towards the future, I would love to organize a beach trip thing. Not one of those big things where you rent a cabin and stay for a week because I can't take that much time off of work. Rather an overnight sort of thing where you cram lots of people into cheap hotel rooms.

Time for this would have to be late July or early August I think because I won't be in town until late July and I'll be busy at law school starting August 17. The big question in my mind is: can we pick a time when the Schrocks will be in town so as to increase our odds of seeing them shove industrial waste and/or dead sea creatures into their swim suits. So Kate and Meg, what are your plans for visiting your mother, and can we make them coincide with fun at the shore? And what of the rest of you? The more the merrier, that's what I always say.

p.s. Another highlight of D.C.: baby pictures of Becca Landis, Hadley Lehman, Celeste, Meg, and Kate.

katie ho is in quat city and it is now time for supper. cold and rainy. cold and rainy. long live vaga

i was just informed that the pronunciation of my car's name is a bit unclear. it's important to read the "g" as a hard "g" like "goshen" or "egg." not like "vagina," that's silly and wrong. oh, and the "a"s are like "ah". vagalina, hey.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

so, i finally decided to join in the fun and become an official blogger! a little late, yes, but here i am all the same. to add to the "phys plant sux" comment... summer jobs in general suck. especially trying to find one. after applying at a cleaning company, factory temp agency, flower shops, hotels, gardening centers, and greencroft, i finally have a "job." at least until friday. vagalina (aka "vaga the volksvagon") and i get to race down country roads loaded down with a butt load of phone books and deliver door to door. lots of interesting people and nasty dogs and chickens and men sitting on their porch with beer. anyone have ideas for next week?

phys plant sux

yep, it does. now my break is over

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Why yes Julia I would love to but I'll need picked up in PA, just look for me on the side of the road.

emily was too late. moldly cake consumed. anyone have any suggestions for road trip withdrawl? i'm doing everything i can besides sitting in parked cars for hours on end. i'm even listening to Cowboy Dan. maybe i can work it so i don't have to stay in one place for more than 3 weeks for the rest of my life. anyone want to go to D.C. with me sometime?

Hi. I finally "blogged in." Yes, here I am...blogging away. I'm not sure exactly what to say. I am currently at 534 house...will soon be at dam green. am going through my things, trying to throw things away. am torn over cuban books...i should keep them, but i cannot read them. feels not particularly smart. maybe i should just learn spanish better. ooh, must go. julia is about to eat moldly cake. must stop her.


Finally moved to the quads. Stop by when you get a chance ex-shoupers.

long live
shoup - which will never truely die.
brick - which might start soon.
phys plant - which i hate hate hate because i have to be there at six-o-fucking clock in the morning!

love to all, and see you at the phys if you're working there too...

Monday, May 26, 2003

we all need to let Ross know that his blogs are well appreciated or he will cease communication.

Sunday, May 25, 2003

oh oh my friends¡ we're gonna go with the upside down explanation mark since I can't find the other one. Live in Cuba is exciting. I can dance and have all the free boyfriends that I want.

What's this that I see on the website about shoupers getting lots of loving? no one sends me any... in the form of emails with my name in the subject line but just for the next couple of weeks.

eric and lindsay I swear I'm coming to your wedding whether you like it or not.

Weiss you have hell of a lot of problems don't you?

Oh and people never trust directions from your leaders to get you to your town study. I just might end up making you very very lost. Because gas stations are not the same things as theaters. And prostitues are not always women just because they look a whole lot like women, especially on calle 23 after 10 at night. I swear I'm gonna hit the next guy that grabs my hand, shoulder, leg or ass, especially if he askes me to marry him...

laters alisa

Memorial Day cookout at rubber house

anyone around this monday at 4 pm is welcome to come to rubber house for a Memorial Day celebration to honor all of those who have taken life and given their lives in the name of the many nations, tyrants, despots, and movements that they have fought for.

We'll have a grill, Stroh's and veggies to roast (bring your own meat/good beer if you want it ;-)

And don't forget a mask, too, in case of SARS or the odd chemical attack. You can never be too prepared.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

shoup is dead
oh my god oh my god

Hey all, we are here in Taizé, just kicking it with the Brothers and Tasara.
meg & sasha

Friday, May 23, 2003

trance, and darkness, obscuring reality
so much better then the party game
let them have their muses, let this be mine

school is out...what to do?


computers are slow

computers are slow. i am frustrated. school is over. yea or boo?
brick house is "busy" and i have no home
soon couches and phys plant wil call my name
sadly, foas and shoupers depart
yet gladly, many stay.
cook out tonight, and the many of tomorrow
i am burning.

bob jones?

i think so

jg ls, gqm ktrglu gl h.soav mshd nfk kjd vdtnsaoh g; sl x,dokte


Eric, what?
Hello to all those returned from afar. I can only imagine how much lovin' is going around tonight. Nevermind, I'm not going to do that.

Would someone shoot me, just fucking kill me.
I do this every few months, and I hate it, but I do it again. It's enough to make me seriously wonder if I wouldn't be better off doing manual labor.

Now, what you really have to ask yourself is, am I talking about school, or love?

It's school, silly.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

h.ppf l.y.po c-m yflcbi cb ekrpat rb a ',.pyf t.fxrapev jab-y frlg ,day c-m yflcbiZZZ ,df bryZZ EAMB UGJTCBI ODCY!!!

dear administrators (specifically sasha, meg, and kate): i am a concerned foa who would like to have my blog account activated but can't for the life of me figure out how. please, welcome me into the fold by re-inviting me or somehow activating my account.

and this isn't eric. it's eric writing under the auspices of eriic's account.




weiss, i would be very interested in reading your paper, could you email it to me? i am currently reading "No Logo", the "bible" of the anti-globalisation movement, in which Naomi Klein writes in great detail about the spread of the starbucks and it's predator mentality. i highly suggest you pick up a copy if you have not read it already.

29 Hours

Aha! I have just completed a massive, 22-page group paper. I now know more about Starbucks than I ever desired to know.

Today is also my last day at work.

I made potatoes for lunch.

And:two new developments in the living situation thing (not counting living with Carrie which came and went)! First, Ellen found another house accepting applications. Second, Jayne Thomas would be willing to split an apartment with me! Oh the scandal! Oh the excitement! I would enjoy it all. It's nice to have a back-up options like that. And what an option!

minor distractions
by Julia, Kate, and Katie O.

So we took a little detour to Moab, infuckingcredible. Granted utah is not on the way to Indiana, details details. THEN,... we looked at the map and noticed a great detour to from Moab to Johns sisters place, unpaved shmumpaved. No winter clearance? This is may, right? So 10 snow banks, and 1 giant fallen aspen tree later, with sticks as shovels and pocket knifes as saws, we concluded that 1/4 mile an hour was not particullarly efficient. As the Elks laughed at us, we solemn heartedly admitted defeat. And the world is beautiful, can we get an amen? ALWAYS MAKE EVERYTHING NEW.


Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Hey y'all, I'm back

and after a great night at the pub and a good sleep I am ready for my coming week of, I don't really have anything to do, so I'll probably just try to keep others from what they should be doing and other things that are often done at shoup, sitting around, uhh, sitting around.

Sarah, I think you should use Kate's Javalina song from below, accompanied by the picture.

so, if anyone wants to join me in my rousing week of sitting on my ass and probably throwing back a few, you can probably find me at shoup or rubber. or maybe not. whatever

Monday, May 19, 2003

In Which I Am Obnoxious Through Posting, Both in Content and Quantity

Sarah, I'm sorry I have no poetry for you. I hope that someone else does. I have written only one poem in my life that I feel proud of to this day and I have lost track of where it is written down, though it did get into LMH's literary arts magazine so I suppose one could dredge up back-issues and find it there, though why one would want to do that I can't imagine.

I felt compelled to post just now both to waste time while my mix CD hotly burns away and also to let you all know that despite a general aversion to the literary form, I did come very close the other day to writing a poem. It used driving as a metaphor for destiny in a way that I can no longer remember which is good because if I could remember it better I would probably hate it. Hatred is my general feeling towards my efforts at poetry.

hi. anyone have any poetry for the poetry box on the Arts page of the Record for this week? I know you wanna give me some of it (email: sarahep)...anyway, cool blog folks.

S. Phend

things i've learned in the past few days

-just because flouresent lights are cylindrical and look sturdy, doesn't mean that they don't break.
-the schrocks can be beaten at tetris (first position in the high score!!)
-having your pieces played is incredible
-having your friends go see your pieces being played is even more incredible
-daoism is awesome. (the contradictions make my head swirl)
-credit/no is also awesome

The Sun

So the sun broke in at about 5:15, waking me up. I'd gotten to sleep at 1 last night, and thus I was rather displeased. I suspect that the layout of trees and houses in the neighborhood creates a situation where, all of a sudden, the sun breaks in much earlier than before. This is stupid and bad because I want it to get light at 6:45, just before I have to get out of bed. Because of this I was in a pretty foul mood for most of the morning, then I realized that class was going by very quickly which perked me right up.

There remain only three days. I can't quite handle that. It's unbelievable. This is all coming to an end. Being as "this" means "May Term," I'm very pleased. It's not been the best time in the world, I'll tell you that, especially compared to spring semester which kicked my ass all over town. And I didn't get any hangnails during spring, either.

But Joel, I'm glad to hear about your garden. My mint that I planted at my parents' house two summers ago came up again this year, to my delight and squeeling. I'm looking forward to cooking mint curries this summer. I hope your garden exceeds your expectations.


today after a delicious lunch, i went to my garden, where i planted a variety of korean seeds a good phriend sent to me. korean cabbage for "kim chee", pumpkin and tomatoes now lay in healthy composted soil awaiting a sunny day.

soon i will be harvesting a crop of vegetables from the early spring planting. three large bunches of bananas will be ready in the coming week as well. last week, one banana tree blew over in a storm so i made "mangu", a dominican dish. ah, summer is such a blessing--though i could do without the plethora of bloodsucking insects.

happy graduation! and end of may term!

Sunday, May 18, 2003

That Part of the Night

And then it was that part of the night, the part where you think, "I'm not that drunk yet. A few shots won't be a problem." And then you experience the predictable result: lots of vomiting, cleaning it up with ammonia right away because it's much easier when its fresh and you're too drunk to care.

And then you wake up in the morning, not quite sure how you got that dress off. The dress, despite the fact that you were kneeling in it on the bathroom floor, is in remarkably good condition. Better than you.

But aside from that, it was a good time.

To AZ:
Wow, y'all are roping it up with real, live, cowboys. I'm impressed. Now how'sabout you high tail it on back to GC so we can all get back to partying.
P.S. Meg: You saw Lori Anderson?

oi katie, yer esapost is at shoup

ever thought to yourself, "hey, it might be fun to make this horse go a little faster by kicking it a little, it probably doesn't matter that my feet don't reach the stirrups."

Saturday, May 17, 2003


does anyone know what happened to my environmentaly sound air powered oil sprayer thingy?

yeah it is, he's a hoot! he asked if we knew you

Friday, May 16, 2003


holy fucking shit your with jason yoder!
tell that man a hello for me. he rocks.

surreal event of the decade award
ever seen those western movies (three amigos) where the cowboys are sitting around the fire, playing their guitars and so on?
picture this: in the middle of nowhere, fire crackling at your feet, horses surrounding you, dr. seuss plants dotting the landscape, the star speckled sky is lined by jagged rocky mountains. As you gaze in endless sea of stars (it's hokey for comic effect) you notice the moon working it's way into a full-blown lunar ecipse. then, off in the distance, you hear an unfamiliar sound coming from the lights to the east... could it be... yes... it's the sound of 16 women and a couple guys singing 606... they eating with out us (stacy and i) while we're left protecitng the state of arizona from a potential raging wild fire, bastards... ...surreal...

you can check out more AZ fun (and this time i think everything is working) at

Thursday, May 15, 2003


sasha and meg, what music have you guys seen besidse musical theatre? what's at the symphonies?

buddha's birthday celebration in the park, royal ballet, church at westminster abbey, max beckmann exibit at the tate, london symphoney orchestra at the barbican, ragtime, kensington gardens, national gallery, stomp, coventry, shakespeare's birthplace, his grave, lori anderson at the barbican, mexican wrestling at the tate, sexual perversity in chicago at some theater starring mather perry and hank azeria and minnie driver (not that good of a play, but there were famous people, I have pictures), another ballet: romeo and juliet at sadler's wells, heartlands (film), british museum, bomb-itty of errors, stonehenge, salisbury cathedral, russian ark (film), richard II at the globe, babelle hereuse at the barbican, hyde park...

For anyone who may need our assistance: Kate, Katie Ho, and Katie O all now know how to lasso close by, nonmoving, and/or dead objects. Preferably decaying cow skulls attached to the front of a hay bale. 17% accuracy mas or menos. The other cowboys scoff.

while you're thinking:
Jerry Springer Rocks London!

here's something to think about:

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

I went to mexico and met a heroin addict holding his intestines underneath a peice of gauze. He was young.
On the way home we asked peter if there was a god. He said "yes dear, and she loves you very much". Two seconds later we almost ran into another truck.


Where will I live next year?

On Lamont Street with a bunch of socialist professionals who have been living in a group house since before I was a gleam in my parents' eye? They seem terribly organized, which fits with me. Indoor parking for the bike. Funny rules about meat that would annoy me more than cramp my style. It would be a walk to the metro, but then, maybe I could ride bike there. Except when it rains...

With Tim Godshall and other assorted Mennonite-diaspora people on Harvard? Closer to a metro (three blocks) and also with a garage for the motorcycle. Two spots opening, but lots of applicants Tim says and I really doubt I have the social bulk necessary to secure a spot ahead of other applicants.

In a basement under Carlos and Daiesha's (sp?) house? Very close to a metro at only one block. I'd be living alone, a totally new experience for me. I haven't actually gotten anywhere on this. I'll make Celeste call them when she hauls her ass back here. (We're over halfway, which is very nice.)

Somewhere that David High, the tall, cautious-voiced, long-haired Catholic U architecture student I knew from church in Lancaster locates? My mother told me on the phone that she is doubtful about the depth and usefulness of his contacts, but he seemed reasonably secure in his ability.

Somewhere else? Ellen said she'd keep her ear to the ground, and she will, she will.

And now the smell of the curry potatoes curls up the stairs in salutations of fennugreek and coriander, ginger and garlic. Oh the time I wasted cooking that I should've spent researching the international coffee crisis. But I got to talk to Hallie about ants and people so that was good. I also talked to the ants. We all do.

Oh, and this: yesterday at work there was an old tub of strawberries filled with assorted crackers. Someone had labeled it in black marker, intentionally or unintentionally abbreviating "assorted" into its first three letters. Darla and I could barely hold it in. "Did you label these?" I asked Rosa. "It's assorted crackers," she said, looking in the tub and then waving it at me, seeming to believe that I didn't understand the abbreviation at all rather than much too well. "I don't think she gets it," I whispered to Darla later. Darla shook her head slightly and laughed back.

passport fun
okay, soon the way to mexico again this morning i spilled a good deal of water on my crotch, so, as expected, i took off my jeans and hung them out the window, completely forgetting my passport was in the ass pockect, so my passportspent the hot Arizona afternoon on the side of some dirt road somewhere.
fortunatly a guy found it, called my dad, and all is well in the world of passports. and then i found five dollars. and then i was stabbed.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003


i now have my own blog @
don't bother checking it out, because i'm not going to post to it and you can't either.
isn't that exciting?
we can all have a blog not to care about or post to.
(it's for class)

Monday, May 12, 2003

P.S. For anyone who doesn't know (and that would be almost everyone) I now have a radio show on Sunday nights with Alburn. It's titled "H.M.S. Tigre"

Ross, If I've written down I don't know where it is (the tube stop) but I can remember the setting. The stop runs through or under an office building, when you exit the Thames should be on your right (I'll hazard a guess that it's on the North side of the Thames), and to your left is a square. Go left and the Square leads to a small road that goes past the office building through which the train runs (I think you can look in through the windows and see the trains). Shops line that street. As you start up it there will be a park on your right, and then shops. The deli (lets call it a deli) will be among the first shops on your right, i.e. you don't have to walk far up the street. They have a chicken, lamb, and vegetarian samosa, all of which I'm sure are good, and they'll heat it up for you and it tastes delicious.

it's a photo i had to take for class. I had it on hand. I'll get a new one in there soon.
he's sitting next to me.

darren showalter?

just out of curiosity, who is robot tigre? I appreciated his/her advice but am wondering if he/she could be more specific about WHICH stop it is on the thames. Just yesterday we were trying to find a restaurant. Our directions were: Go out of the main Euston exit and it's "right there". Well, we did just that, but without my Lonely Planet book, we wouldn't have realized it was just outside of the Euston Square (yes there is a difference) and down an alley. But we got there and Andrea, Tasara, and I totally gorged ourself on a £5.75 Indian buffet. Had to sleep that one off.

Sometimes when I wake up, I think I'm getting high from smoke coming in the window from downstairs.

I can't wait for my mind to lose it, I wish it would hurry up and get on with it. It's going to happen to, I can't take the responsibility of being grown up or having moral uncertainty and ethical dilemas. I want to be absolved, I don't want to be held responsible, and I'm getting tired of dealing with it.

Well, that was more personal than I intended.


irrational thoughts of crazy people that i can actually laugh at instead of trying to help or something. you may be needy, depressed at times, and even psychotic (some of us hear voices and everyone dissassociates now and then) but never go on hard core medication, please! BLOG would cease as we'd all be snoring and boring. however, if you ever do need a place to check into for a few days, i do recommend oaklawn. especially for your anger-managment issues or addictions...mind you, detox sucks so think about it.

Sunday, May 11, 2003

so anyone who has either news or events that need to be gotten on the website give me a whoop whoop. thanks
- posted by eric @ 11:32 PM 0 comments

Happy Birthday Joel Fath!!

Because I don't actually want to do any work, and because I thought this would be really funny (though it gets less and less so the closer you get towards the end).
What their smiles say

I was just checking your website and I saw that robots are not welcome. I would be sad, if I could feel emotions

eric, change the "notes" section.
grab a camera from ITS, take a picture, put it on there. If you have no text to add there, take two pictures.



i have to say that i updated the site just yesterday afternoon. you have obviously lost the ability to think. no, concentrate, that's it.

Saturday, May 10, 2003



i have to say that i thought the soiree was a smashing success

I've lost the ability to think. No, concentrate, that's it.

I can't read, and I need to read, but I can't read, not for more than one page at a time. Dang it.

P.S. Your site needs new stuff. I'm bored.

And thanks to everyone who came to my soiree, I couldn't have done it without you (well, I could but that's called "alcoholism"). And you all looked so good, especially Paul with that leather jacket.

Now in Hypertext!(What else am I going to do, study?)
I'm two out of four for having previously been to non-goshen localities mentioned on the Blog. Now if I had only gone to Arizona and Hong Kong, then I'd really have something to say. As is, this:
Sasha and Meg - I had that breakfast so many times, but I still love it. My reccomendation is to mix it up a bit, ask for two tomatoes and no beans or ham, or vice versa. And I'm jealous of you being in London and getting to have all the great times that you no doubt are, I wish I was living there. See if you can find the little convenience store (it's just off one of the tube stops along the Thames) that sells
Samosas for 80p. So good, and a cheap lunch. Ah, I could really go for one right now. I also think it's great that you're all staying in the same hotel I did, I loved that place, I wish all hotels were like that. Well, most hotels at any rate. Say hello to my friends (Tim mainly). I'm so fucking envious.
Alisa: I'm also jealous of you, and incredulous. I can't believe that there are a bunch of americans back at the William Carey Center. I was there! My advice to you is that you find as many cheap food places as you can and really work your lunch money (not eating means you can save for other things, like clubs). And learn to dance as soon as you can. Also, there is a square across from the vegetarian resturant where kids sometimes play futbol, I'd be very impressed if you joined them. Get friends and go to the malecon at night, hear lots of music, visit the art museum in Habana Vieja (now I'm really getting jealous of you all, as I remember all this), eat lots of 10 peso pizza and batidos and refrescos, don't pay a lot for black market cigars (and check all the cigars, they sometimes slip in bad ones), and speak as much spanish as you can. I wonder if the college would employ me to visit you all. If you see my mother (Yolanda was her name I believe, black, medium height, no glasses, plenty of curves but not fat) tell her I say "hola."

sung to the tune of that camp song where you stand up and sit down
javelina, javelina, javelina, javelina.
looks like a pig.
javelina, javelina, javelina, javelina.
is not a pig.

looks like a pig.
is not a pig.
looks like a pig.
is not a pig.

oh woe is my connection speed
it's 2 am, and for some ridiculous reason i'm up, uploading pictures at 22k! i've spent the last two weeks of my life sharing a bed with julia, with julia and katie, with julia katie and andrea, with emily and stacy, a very confusing night with emily followed by stacy, and finally on a cold cement floor, not to mention two nights prior to AZ spent under the stars. i haven't woken up after 8am since i can't remember, sometimes before 6 so we can get a hike in before breakfast. but enough moaning, it's great to hear from all, i haven't been attacked by monkies, but i saw my share of mountain lions, bobcats, javvalinas, and so on at the desert museum today, not to mention the ever abundant rattle snakes and whip snakes around here. I did have frightening incedent on an afternoon hike up a washed out gully. simply put, climbing about 8 or nine feet above a rock surface/water and before i know it the dog has jumped on to my arms, throwing me backwards off the "cliff," some how i got myself turned around into a knee slide and all is well. yay.

mexico was crazy.
everyone speaks spanish there.
i don't.
consequently i watched a lot of TV with my host family.
not consequently,

I'm going to sleep in tomorrow, perhaps till 9.

Friday, May 09, 2003

yo i'm so happry for blog. keep writing when you can, dear people!! and i'm so so so happy to being joining shoup for a curry dinner tonight! haven't been living at the dear house because i'm stupid working full time and taking a Hell Term class with Jan Bender Shetler--haven't had time to move, yarr. But Jan gave much praise on my first paper and i am on could 9. too bad my social life sucks because of it. yarrrrrr.

much missing all the shoupers who are gone! to katie ho: i made your signature breakfast sandwhich this morning in honor of you.

Brick House has six!

Brick house has six people for the school year and during the summer! Tool has officially joined the group for the school year and Sandra Eby will be joining the summer group! Also rent is 785 instead of 800! And you know what that extra 15 bucks is going to, eh eh (add 5 or 6 bucks of course and then you've got thirty of something)

also, a soiree tomorrow at rubber, if yer around come and dress formally! (or like euro trash)

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Monkey Business

Hmmm, it's interesting that you should ask. Living roughly on the same moutain chain inhabited by a large group of monkeys does present the occasional problem. I live on the third floor of building owned by the CCA (Christian Conference of Asia) and on the first floor is our cafeteria. Last december a six-pack of beer mysteriously dissapeared out of the fridge, followed by my prized papaya from our admittedly sickly papaya tree, and then a banana i left on my balcony one night. oh, alright, the latter item was a test.

My concern lies with the babies however. HK families enjoy hiking on my mountain chain and in the process often feed the monkeys, even though signs forebidding such acts litter the path. Peronsally, I've never been directly threatened by the monkeys in our area. But the moment they go after my swiss chocolate, all hell breaks loose. You should appraoch Liz Hershberger and Sophie Charles about their experience being physically assaulted by a monkey in mainland china. In retrospect, I ought to have filmed it, seeing that I was with them at the time.

Since the beginning of the year, over 30 people have been attacked by the monkeys in our region. Honestly, I go to bed worrying not about SARS but rather a troup of monkeys attacking me while I work with my compost piles. What shall I ever do? Ask Paul.


Hey Joel Fath

Have any monkeys stolen food from you? Because, according to Paul's TESOL book, Hong Kong monkeys "take bread from babies" and go into apartments and "find cans of beer."

With much concern,

breakfast (traditional english)

eggs, "bacon" (ham), sausage, baked beans, a tomato, toast, cereal, orange juice, tea/coffee/chocolate

and I'm still hungry by 2:00

To sleep, perchance to dream

Yes, Eric, I think I speak for all of us when I say that we all, really, do care, just as we really care for all of us. In this vein, it has been just delightful to spend the last five minutes reading all these postings of love and finding out up to what all the Shoupers/FOAS are, scattered around the globe as we find ourselves. Thanks all for sharing your stories, what.

Personally, I found a bit of myself in peaceful Stratford-upon-Avon, in the church where Shakespeare is buried with wife, daughter and son-in-law. It was very different from the rest of the Stratford-upon-Tourist scene that suceeds in dominating the town, getting in your pants and sucking out all your pounds. Meg and I stumbled across the church as we were wandering along the Avon and had to climb a wall to get in by way of the graveyard. (This was after breaking into Shakey Willey's "birthplace," which turned out to be a fraudulent mess.) Wonderful day. Then, a stirring performance of that misogynist favourite "The Taming of the Shrew" that provoked lots of thoughts and laughs and had incredibly strong acting and production value.

But tonight I go to "Ragtime" (because I missed it awhile back) and an Evensong service at St. Paul's. This should be a big ornate Chruch of England thing, like the Mass at Westminster Abby last Sunday, so I hope I don't fall alseep. Likewise, Eric, don't fall alseep in class; Derek, (I mean, Mr. Bontreger) definitely don't fall alseep in your class; Joel, don't sleep during typhoons; Arizona folks don't fall (asleep) on a cactus; Alisa, sleep a lot because it helps the culture shock and Mike don't fall alseep anywhere unless it's part of an avant-garde art statement. Everybody else should sleep all the freaking time.

cheers (and see you in dreams),
sasha miguel

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I care

I really do.

not that you care

but i'm sitting in class again. i didn't break my glasses, but i didn't get much sleep either.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003


so in solidarity with meg i broke my glasses too. actually only one of the nose pads came off, but it's a bit uncombfortable so i'm using contacts.


I saw pete hartman in shertz lab today and would just like to clarify.
he was not listening to aphex twin richard d. james album,
he was listening to surfer rosa by the pixies. broken face.
uh huh. uh huh.

i've got no lips i've got no tongue i've got no lips i've got no tongue...

sup since I have limited time Im not going use most of the cracked out puntctuation on the keyboards. Derek I have your family. They are so awesome but I cant for the life of me remember the name of the mother and little sister. And Paul, oh my gosh Nancy absolutely loves you. Beth and Deb are with her and she showed them everything that you gave her last year and was like crying. she almost cried when I gave her the stuff from you. You are totally her son. Anyway its hot and all here. Wish I had brought chocolate for the families. Ill try to blog a couple of times before I get home. And if you all want to get a hold of me for right now its with my name in the subject line. kickin it here in Cuba alisa

Hey y'all, I'm just writing in from Iowa, The Arizona people are all having fun in Mexico now except me. I'm going to a funeral but I'll be back soon to see them again.

Monday, May 05, 2003

Typhoonesque Morning

Yesterday morning I awoke to violent winds and crashing rain. Sitting up in my bed, I immediately thought "typhoon!". But alas, it was not to be so.

I suggest, or rather, demand that all you Shoupers read Naomi Klein's novel "No Logo".

on * -joel

* 'on' is the romanization of the Chinese character which stands for peace. on, also spelled an, is a combination of two other characters: roof and woman. simply put, if the woman is in charge of the house, there is peace.

"My name is De-, uh, Mr. Bontreger"

So, I had my first in-class experience today and I must say that it was quite fun. I drove out to Shipshewana this morning (I had to be there at 7:30) with three other education students. I went to my classroom where Mrs. Lambright introduced "Mr. Bontreger" to the class. For the first part, I did not do much other than observe, but then I got to grade some papers, help some students with their reading and I also had some one-on-one time helping a student with some math problems (this is a 2nd grade classroom). Overall, it was a rather fun morning and it helped me to get over some of my fears. Some of the students were surprisingly upfront and not very shy, coming up to me and talking to me, asking my name, etc. There are also a fair amount of Amish students in my class as well. Quite a few of the students are already getting used to calling me Mr. Bontreger which is kind of cool (but also kind of weird). I really like the teacher I'm working with as well, so that helps out a lot. She told me tomorrow that I should introduce myself to the class and she's giving me 20 minutes to do so. So, I need to come up with enough to fill up that amount of time with (I hope they have questions). Anyway, I guess that it's a good sign that so far I have not been scared away and that I am already beginning to like the students. This also means some early mornings since I'm going to have to be out there at 7:50A.M. every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this term. (But, that also means that I get out of going to all of the chapels/convos this term since I will be in Shipshe.) Okay, enough blabbing...

while other arizona shoupers are off doing cool things:
-katie ho: driving to tucson (or as kate spells it "tuscon")
-kate: climbing rocks and most likely wrestling with katie o
-katie o: climing rocks and mo... well, see above.

... I feel I have to blogin to get my hourly dose of shoup. For my project, i'm doing plant transects with jon bon that were started by darren bender two years ago. ah, the history in this place. it's especially fun because if you say it fast, it sounds obscene. but katie's project kicks my butt. i kind of wish i would have gotten in on it when the getting was good. on a happier note, we go to mexico soon (tomorrow?)! and kate began the long, slow process of teaching me how to do a wheelie. love to all the non-az shoupers and FOAS.

I'm building a straw bale wall as my project. Its exciting.

goshen, oi

ere i am (h.w.) in goshen. i'm taking asian thought, which i like much despite not liking the actual class time very much. we're learning about hinduism right now; it's fascinating to see the variety in the hindu religion. my goal is by the end of the three weeks i'll be enlightened. yeah moksha!! break free from the samsara!! oi!

yeah, besides that i'm getting reading for the second annual new music fest, which'll kick arse and we're going to record it so all y'all out of towners can hear it, but all y'all in town better come or mike will be very upset.

well i have a meeting with kathy oye-r and then after that a rehearsal for my string quartet and then after that i'm rehearsing with pheobe brubaker for her senior recital (i'm playing some dowland). to all the out-of-shoup shoupers, i miss you and write often!!

that's where I am. yep.
maybe I wish I wasn't, but I am.

Sunday, May 04, 2003


-so I'm in london, yay! so are sasha and tasara and andrea and ross, yay!
-so far: a ballet, a church service, some galleries, and the london symphony...more to come
-I broke my, the screw didn't fall out; they're broken. as of now, they have a rubber band over the lense that is keeping the frame's swell
-still looking for super glue

eric, refer to your mail.

Saturday, May 03, 2003

here's to html tags
and here's to meg: what am i to do with anne hostetlers page, and where is what you've done? also, how do i access getyourshoupon to update it?

and here's to all y'all:
it don't feel like a house here without your dirty socks on the floor and dishes in the sink. i love you and want you to come home now. whatever i did, i'm sorry.

oh, and i'm staying in school. for now.

Friday, May 02, 2003

So stinkin' long!

Wow, I have not blogged in such a long time that even though at the present moment I haven't a lot to say (well, at least not much that I would be willing to blog about!) that I thought I would post something anyway. My major has officially begun and starting Monday I will be going to Shipshewana since there is an elementary school there where I will be observing and interacting.

A shout-out to missing Shoupers. You are missed.

so no one has a digital camera here, but you can check out pics katie o's aunt took at

Thursday, May 01, 2003

I guess this is goodbye colombia/cuba/germany/DR pals
you've been a perfect friend
I hate to see us part colombia/cuba/germany/DR pals
some day I'll buy you back (??)

I'll see you soon again
I hope that when I do

It won't be on a plate

click here for accompaniment

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