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"An industrial capitalist society that does not recognize ecological limits but only perpetual economic expansion and has the profit motive as driver, will eventually consume and destroy itself."

"But we will all be taken down with it."

David Orton

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Thanks, Chery Sacha, for your lovely email to my account:
human motor letters?
wife principle bad explain is, nothing thus why did. carefully already companion not suddenly,
latter why explain motor.
somewhere why arms thats being black, disappoint why shining end suddenly studied.
sandwich bad is leader anybody immediate. money force back steps, prison end force.

the "lonesome" sweatshirt has been vindicated
Oh yeah MFs!!! Since losing my black GC soccer hooded sweatshirt I've been forced into wearing my "LONESOME" black hooded sweatshirt. It keeps my neck warm under my hoodless jacket, it's comfy, but it has LONESOME printed in giant pink letters across the front. I wear this sweatshirt a lot and get a lot of shit for it. complete strangers will come up to me and say unwitty things relating to the fact that I'm advertising my solitude in informal wear. I'll smile at the stranger say "yeah" and turn away. Trying to explain that this sweatshirt is not an emotional proclamation but a pruned film title is too tedious for the passing comment of a stranger. However, since landing in new york, I've worn the sweatshirt on numerous film sets and have felt the need to divulge the actual origins of the sweatshirt. Unfortunately the elucidation usually ends "...from my first feature, 'Lonesome Jim' - it's not out yet." I say 'yet' in hopes that they think film is still in post-prod while I assume that it will never see the light of a projector. But now, with it's appearance on, I can dispel the origins of my "LONESOME" shirt to anyone!!! I might just be able to say, "oh, it's some sweet swag from 'Lonesome Jim'" and everyone will no what I mean without question. YES, FINALLY!!!!!

(well, hopefully)

Meg, I love the fact that an apple store appears to remind you that you need to call me.

Moving to manhattan tomorrow!!
right to the restaurant supply district. I'm living with a music guy and his 16 y/o son. it's a sweet place with an awesome roof! and only a few blocks from the apple store!! that reminds me, I need to call alisa. I'm sooooooo excited!! and I have a new blogging widget and I'll have internet there!!! which I haven't had for a month and I take daily pilgramages to a coffeee shop 20 blocks away in brooklyn that has a La Marzocco 'spro machine and a fetco brewer and inteligensia tea, but they have this fucking auto tamper and the lady can't pull shots for shit, which sucks because the machine is really top-of-the line (next to the synesso) grrrr. but yay!

Dude, I totally climbed that Volcano
So I was looking through the gallery of photos from the trip of a lifetime when I came across this page and I was like "WTF! I recognise that!" and then I read "at the lake in the middle of a volcano in the middle of a lake in the middle of central america" and I was like "Woah! I climbed that volcano".

The Isle of Ometepe is the place I always name as one of my two favorite spots on earth.* I climbed Madera back in 1998 with Carl M, Janna B and Libby B and a bunch of hippies from the West Coast. We even hired a former contra as a guide.

I swear I remember this exact point in the path. It looks like you all are having an amazing time!

P.S. Weiss, interesting point on the cartoon thing. I guess its a reminder that mass outbursts of global rage don't lend themselves to strategic and logical thinking, no matter how much we'd like them to.

*My other is which also has a lake in an island in a lake.

Monday, February 27, 2006
wwwwaaaaaaazzzzzzzupppppppcccra (title truncated)

so we're here in san jose at casa jiminéz, getting ready for another fantastic meal and checking the blog and checking email and thinking about all the crazy things google does and how many different blogs all yall shoupers and foas have now a days and so i give you
dum dum dum dum dum!
add it to your webclips in gmail!
what more???
i dunno!
but thinking something along the line of a page with a bunch of rss feed from all the mutha fuckinn foas out there...
so DO IT... someone...
shoup fo' ev

Dude, so I saw the play yesterday (for free, yay volunteering) and Derek was fucking amazing. I should probably be telling this to your face Derek, but it was wonderful. And not just a "oh what an outrageously amusing character" wonderful, you did a really good job of creating a believable character; I was totally into the story -- I saw no "Derek acting" I only saw Te. And let me add, Te is outrageously amusing.
So for the rest of you's who gave up Goshen for fame, or glory, or whatever, I say:


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Lonesome Jim

Now on the Apple website

Posting: Schrock-Style!
One of my new and more harmless hobbies is collecting pictures of funny or cute looking animals.So yesterday I sat down on my couch in my room and accidentally sat on the speaker cord, pulling the speaker down on my head where it bruised my ear (sic) and gave me a big lump. I haven't been hit in the head that hard in years. For about two minutes I staggered around my room, trying to figure out what had just happened. Then I came to some sort of realization that had someone else been watching, it would have been pretty funny. I had to skip my typically Saturday afternoon nap because I was afraid that I had a concussion and would die. I later rearranged the cords so that this won't happen again.

The speaker still works. I guess I'm not as hard-headed as I wish I was.

This morning before getting out of bed I was reflecting on how babies before they learn language don't really think in the way that we do because from the evidence we have now it seems that it's not possible to think without language. So in a way, learning language is also learning to think. And I reflected on how, at some earlier point, I too had been a moderately-sized baby, gradually learning language and learning to think. I really wish I could remember what that was like, but there's the obvious impossibility of metacognition preceding cognition.

Okay, enough Sunday-afternoon navel-gazing. Time for me to be reading about divorce law and you to be reading funny stuff like this.

Also, some guy named Mike Shank wrote an article on Broken Social Scene that appeared in Hyperactive Music Mag this month that I thought looked particularly good (but isn't available online). Perhaps he'd care to post it here, after he gets back from the trip of a lifetime?

Friday, February 24, 2006

Some guy named Benjamin Beachy wrote an article that appeared on CommonDreams the other month that I thought was particularly good. That's all.

Thursday, February 23, 2006
Some guy named Ramzy Baroud wrote an article that appeared on ZNet the other week that I thought was particularly good, especially when you read it with an eye to the author's criticisms of Arab governments. In short, the author is critical of the Arab world for its sudden focus on Denmark, which ignores decades of hideous US and Israeli oppression. Where are the boycotts of Israeli goods, the diplomatic full court press against the State Department? (This is, of course, putting criticisms of the West to the side for the moment.)

Abunimah is on national television and it's understandable that he is trying to use his few minutes to get across the point that Arab rage is justified or at least explained by the oppressive actions of the West. But if we're going to talk about the issue in depth, I think we do have to wish that this rage was better directed.

Tim, what do you think?

The Cartoon Riots: A Case Study in Liberal vs. Radical Political Analysis
Watch the debate between Ali Abunimah and Fouad Ajami on Newshour with Jim Lehrer

Ever since I watched this clip three weeks ago, I've been meaning to do a thoughtful post. Instead of putting it of forever, I've decided to throw together a rough summary of my thoughts even though I don't have time to really do justice to the subject.

In the video, the radical analysis is provided by Ali Abunimah is a longtime activist who we hosted at GC back long ago in the Pre-9/11 days at the Pax Americana conference. In the video he points out the cartoon controversy has tapped into simmering grievances from Muslims fed up with discrimination, ridicule and disrespect from the west. He talks quite powerfully about his own experience growing up as a Muslim in Europe.

Fouad Ajami, on the other hand, provides the classic liberal counterpoint. The European muslims, he asserts just need to learn to tolerate European customs when they're living in Europe. They need to learn to accept being offended occasionally if they want to live in the West as that's what the freedom of expression and European liberalism means.

What do you think? Which argument do you identify with more?

My mention in The South Bend Tribune
An excerpt from Jack Walton's review of Antigone:

Where Derek Bontreger, as Te (Apollo in disguise), ran off with scenes last year, this time, he nearly hoisted the play on his shoulders and carried it. The only returning member of the "Ismene" cast, he proverbially held the other actors' hands throughout the performance. Bontreger's diabolical delivery and gestures made for a rare confluence of the deeply evil and entirely endearing.

After a slow start, "Antigone" burst to life with Bontreger's first appearance and maintained its momentum until the end.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Flash Drum Machine
Maybe you've seen this... it's awesome.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006
I loves my new job...
almost as much as I loves my gun. I spent yesterday covered with sanding and metal grit and investment. I came home with my hair sort of a matted gray color, me thinks that tomorrow is going to warrant a bandana. But I got to spend the day playing with POWER TOOLS. I love power tools more than I love my technically non-existent gun and who wouldn't? They're loud and cut metal and stuff! Ahh life is grand.

Friday, February 17, 2006
Teen drama tonight at New World Arts

More at the official Antigone blog. Break a leg, folks!

Thursday, February 16, 2006
Film Festival #2!
Sweet! Not only has my film made it into the East Lansing Film Festival, but I found out last night that it has been accepted into the Indianapolis International Film Festival!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

So I went out and bought Being There. Kind of felt like I needed it this semester. Better get that job in Chicago, though, given my CD purchases.

some pics and words...
i've finally got around to getting a flickr account.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006
happy valentines day everybody!
ah the things we do for love.
(arg, i feel like such an old man when i say that)

so today my boss (a rather attractive woman) and a liz, (crazy attractive), and i were making valentines baskets in the middle of our aisle (picture: yards and yards of red and purple ribbon, bushels of pink fluffy things, red sequin hearts, purple candels, etc). A young man starts down our aisle, stops dead, looks at us, turns around and walks straight back out of the aisle. a minute later, the store manager (a guy) stops by our aisle, with the young man sheepishly trailing about four yards behind him. our store manager then quietly asked us where the condoms were, and immediately we all involuntarily swung our heads around to see who was planning on gettin' some tonight. the poor guy looked like he was going to run away or throw up or both. i showed our store manager where the condoms were and then he showed the guy. afterwards the three of us and our store manager laughed for a very long time.

Monday, February 13, 2006
love is in the air: chapter one

photo by sasha

joel and rachel met at peace house in indianapolis. she's peace-justice/pre-med at manchester college. he's a sexy beast who knows too much. joel's guitar is named ananda. rachel's bunny is named ananda. they smell nice together.

currently on set with:


Funny. sacrilegious. funny. sacrilegious.

Be Excited People!
So my jobs are changing. Last Wednesday I got a call from the jeweler that I orginally moved here to work for. She has an opening... So I'm not going to run errands for Jeff Street anymore. I'm doing a day and a half at the Cathedral Heritage Foundation instead of 2 and I'm working 3 days a week a Motorhead Jewelry. Which is made even more exciting by the fact that now I am working on the side for Frog hollow Creations, the other jeweler that I work for and she pays me! I can start making payments on my credit card that will actually affect the balance. This is so amazing!

Saturday, February 11, 2006
Old Bagels


Happy Birthday, Ross!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Meg: Okay, okay. I was twisting language, a bit. I like your idea better. Perhaps I should have said "theoretically attractive" except that sounds insulting. What I meant was that although the people next to me were, objectively speaking, attractive, practically speaking they are not attractive, in that I am not attracted to them, or at least not enough to do anything about it, which is just fine since I have enough trouble with the people I already find attractive.
Nevertheless, I like the phrase "potentially attractive" and think it should be worked into the repetoire. Which gives me a great idea: Why not have a shoupblog dictionary for all our words that aren't in the normal dictionary. Please, please, blog powers that be, make this a reality for me.

Rob: What makes someone "potentially attractive?" I think I'd like to be potentially attractive, because then I could walk around looking like shit, and someone could be like, "damn, she'll look good sometime!" And then I wouldn never have to brush my hair or change my pants! (not that I do that anyway...)

Bad news: My t-shirt got voted off the island... I guess not enough people are grip geeks.

Some of my favorite comments submitted recently to the blog:

Alexander: site interesting and useful. Has come, was surprised with quantity of the information. Has added in the selected works, and I suggest you to exchange references. In advance thanks, write

Alex: What that problems.(I would like that you have corrected problems with scripts. And some menus do not work! del to it of attention. Thanks!

Bill: Greetings to all! Excuse for this message, but at you excellent design of a site! Very much it was pleasant to me, I shall come here very often!

Two Good Things, No Bad
Anyone, including Ben himself, have Ben of Nicaragua's mailing address? Can someone email it to me? My address is standard Goshen format (middle inital 'R') except

If you're on the east coast, you can come hear the kind of things I do all day.

Peabody Symphony Orchestra
February 18, at 8:00 pm

Johannes Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 1 in d, Op. 15
Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 in A, Op. 92

Leon Fleisher conducting. His student, Ben Kim, playing piano. Should be good. So good that it's going to sell out so email if you want a ticket.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Good thing: Listening to Björk's album, Medulla.
Dangerous Bad Thing: Listening to Björk's album Medulla through headphones in the computer lab next to potentially attractive people.
Why: The sudden start and half-glance when you think those heavy-breathing sounds are coming from the person next to you.

Quick!! Vote for my shirt on!! Submission - Don't Be Gel-less
Hey guys, so my shirt was auditioning for a chance to be printed on, so vote for it by clicking above!!!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Yeah MEG!
I'm excited for Meg, and as for visiting as soon as I have some spare change... so next year?

Coming soon: chat in Gmail

Looks pretty great.

And Meg, I will totally try to. Congrats!

Monday, February 06, 2006
I'm a New Yorker!!
Come up and visit me sometime, eh?

There was a dude sitting outside the office door today. He asked me for change while I plugged in the number and I said "no."

Later I was hungry so I dashed out the door to go to Subway. The guy was still there. At the subway, ham and turkey were $2.99 for a 6-inch so I decided to buy one for myself and for the guy. I assumed that he would like tomato and mayo, unlike me.

I worried that this might lead to him hanging around the clinic more, hoping for further handouts, possibly bothering other people entering the building. I dismissed that concern, deciding that it wasn't likely, or wasn't likely to be a real problem. I also wondered whether he would just be happier with the $2.99 plus tax, as he can probably get food from soup kitchens, but there are probably lots of little things he needs money for, like toothpaste. But I dismissed that again, mostly on irrational grounds as above.

When I got back from Subway he was gone. I looked around, but all of the homeless people who usually panhandle the fast-moving crowds at 7th and H were gone. Perhaps they were heading off to a soup kitchen for dinner.

I gave the sandwhich to Bernice because she was the first person I saw when I got off the elevator.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

"Just me and the Lord, please."

so... umm...
I'm going to South Africa over spring break to help with an MMN documentary about three partner churches serving as change agents in post-apartheid South Africa.

needless to say... I'm freaking excited!

In just this school year (my junior year), I will have been to three different countries and three different contenents.. all with GC too... (We're stopping in Frankfurt for a day on our way there...)

Jonny Meyer and James Weber are also going.

Friday, February 03, 2006
I'm sure most of y'all already know this:

Hallie and Suzanna's band, Boca Chica, was recently featured on NPR's web-only showcase, Open Mic. You should all check it out 'cause it's way cool!!!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006
The Bestest Book Report Ever!
How To Kill A Mocking Bird sort of by Harper Lee

Wednesday, February 01, 2006
Guess who's moving to Brooklyn this sunday?

Me!!!!!!!!! I'm moving in with this cool guy from the eng-land named Pip and this cool girl who is a break-dancer and buddhist! So next time you're in old New Amsterdam, you should come visit! wooot!

This also means that there will be a killer bon voyage party for me at 18th amendment (between 6th and 7th on penn SE) at 10 this saturday. Email me for details.

Also, trailers for some features I've worked on:
Lonesome Jim
Game 6
Pearl Diver


Last night I finished applying to graduate school in journalism. Then I went home and cut my nails so I can't bite them for the next month.

Don't call me, I'll call you.

To the left is a picture of me as a hardened journalist in 20 years.

Back from a shoupcation
So my life has been missing something recently and I realised this morning that that thing was Shoup. It's been a long time since I've posted anything substantive. Probably the longest since I started posting here. So here's a bit of what I've been up to recently:
So, besides worrying about friends still being hosted in Iraq under dubious circumstances, I'm good.

Oh, and confratulations D-bag! When will it be available for distribution/download?

In other news

Congressional staffers attempt to censor wikipedia and it blows up in their faces. It turns out that when the volatile anti-POV wiki-ethos combines with the slow burning OS spirit of anti-authority they combust with a suprisingly satisfying *whoooooosh* sound.

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