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"An industrial capitalist society that does not recognize ecological limits but only perpetual economic expansion and has the profit motive as driver, will eventually consume and destroy itself."

"But we will all be taken down with it."

David Orton

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Monday, March 13, 2006
It's 2am and I'm a little buzzed on coffee
I've spent the last few hours reading through Not a terribly impressive site, but there were a few gems. Notably:

Around 2am, bored and restless, I checked back at the shoup blog to see if anyone had posted between then and midnight. No one had. Searching for nothing, I arrived at the new 'lonesome jim' website. ha. It took all of a minute to get through the website. Unsurprisingly unimpressive. It did have one small glint: the "interview with steve". With questions on par with a middle school newspape and mr. buscemi's answers curt and mildly sarcastic, I enjoyed the brief moment of where I wondered whether he was being purposefully obstinate or inadvertently callow. More so, I enjoyed the following half-hour when I wrote this post about that moment. The entire endeavor ultimately resulted in:

      This post.
      Finding out that it is spelled "ulterior," not "alterior."
      A futile search for an antonym to "educational." (I'm not sure what I was thinking)

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